How are the Vice-Presidents and Quaestors elected? 


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After the election of the President, Parliament will elect the other two main political bodies necessary for the functioning of Parliament's activities, in the following order: the 14 Vice-Presidents and then the five Quaestors.

Nominations are made on the same basis as for the President (Rule 15). The 14 Vice-Presidents are elected in a single ballot by an absolute majority of votes cast. If the number of successful candidates is less than 14, a second vote is held to assign the remaining seats under the same conditions. If a third vote is necessary, a simple majority is sufficient to fill the remaining seats. (Rule 17)

Vice-Presidents take precedence in the order in which they are elected and, in the event of a tie, by age. If voted by acclamation, a vote by secret ballot determines the order of precedence.

The election of Quaestors follows the same procedure as that for the election of Vice-Presidents. In practice, the political groups aim to ensure that the Vice-Presidents and Quaestors broadly reflect the numerical strength of the groups and take into account the results of the President's election.