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MEPs approved on Wednesday afternoon the size of all Parliament’s committees and subcommittees. Their composition was confirmed by political groups on Wednesday evening.

The Committee on Culture and Education will consist of 31 MEPs. The list of full members is available here.

The complete list of full members of all EP committees and subcommittees is available here. The political groups have yet to communicate the lists of their substitute members in the committees.

Chairs and vice-chairs will be elected at committees’ and subcommittees’ constitutive meetings. The constituent meeting of the new CULT committee is foreseen to take place on Wednesday, 10 July 2019 (tbc).

Rules on the composition of committees

According to Parliament's Rules of Procedure (Rule 209), the composition of its committees and subcommittees should as far as possible reflect the composition of Parliament as a whole.

The proportional distribution of seats among political groups must not depart from the nearest appropriate whole number, with the Conference of Presidents (i.e. the EP President and the leaders of the political groups) resolving any disputes between groups on their proportional weight.

The political groups and non-attached Members decide internally on which of among them to appoint to each committee and subcommittee. Seat trading between groups is not allowed.