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Volunteers are building a pan-European, grass roots campaign to get more people involved in the European elections and encourage as many as possible to vote.

The platform was launched by the European Parliament in 24 languages. It supports over three hundred thousand volunteers in all member states, who signed up and are committed to persuading people to vote in the European elections on 23‑26 May 2019. is a non-partisan community, dedicated to raising democratic awareness: “it's not enough to hope for a better future: this time each and every one of us must take responsibility for it too.”

A people-led campaign

Parliament is asking Europeans not only to vote, but also to spread the word and to mobilise their families, friends, neighbours and communities to do so too.


They use social media channels and organise events to promote their campaign for European democracy. They bring people together, discuss issues that matter to them and look to the future of Europe, in the knowledge that it will be shaped by the outcome of the European elections.

Local debates

Parliament’s liason offices in all member states act as information hubs tailored to local needs. They support public debate by offering local platforms, easy-to-access online tools, seminars and information material. Quick-response services such as What Europe does for me, Ask EP, FAQ on the European Parliament, #EUandME (by the European Commission) are available in all languages. The new Citizens´ App provides mobile access to a wealth of relevant information on the European Union.

Getting Europe to the ballot box: activists and businesses gear up

DHL staff EE19 voting campaign 

More than 2000 events organised by NGOs, businesses, dedicated individuals and European Parliament partners have taken place over the past months or are set to be launched in the run-up to the 23-26 May elections.

Events organised by activists and NGOs

Activities by VIPs and influencers

Activities organised by businesses

In your neighbourhood

Meet the most active volunteers where you live. All upcoming events are listed on a map provided and updated by

Thistimeimvoting Events set up by volunteers 

How to vote

Detailed national voting rules, deadlines and useful links to national government websites in each member state are provided on the EP elections website.

New EU Quiz

An online quiz to test and compare knowledge about the EU is available to the public and can be shared and easily embedded on third-party websites.