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Top story Budget 2017   EU budget for 2017 Parliament priorities: young people, growth and migration crisis   Top story icon   Climate Change Taking urgent action to tackle climate change and its consequences   illustration   Eurobarometer survey People's priorities for Europe   Top Story icon   Migration: a common challenge EU in search of response to refugee crisis   Tax rulings   Work on fair and transparent taxation The fight against secrecy and aggressive tax competition   top_story_eu single market   Digital single market Boosting growth and competitiveness   EYE2016_Logo_EN   European Youth Event 2016 Together we can make a change   Data protection Top story icon   Data protection Safeguarding your privacy   top story icon PNR   PNR: Passenger Name Record New measures to tackle crime and terrorism   top story icon IWD2016   International Women's Day 2016 Women refugees in the EU   top story icon   Ukraine What lies ahead   Syria illustration   Syria The conflict that is tearing the country apart   Top Story Icon   Sakharov Prize 2015 Raif Badawi   Budget 2016   EU budget for 2016 Parliament priorities: migration, growth, paying bills   Guest photographer TST icon_   2015 guest photographer contest Theme: European Year for Development   ICON_Lux Prize_TOP STORY   Lux Prize 2015 Some of this year's best European films   Top story icon   TTIP: risks and opportunities The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership   Top Story icon   European Year for Development Our world, our dignity, our future   Biofuel top story cover   Biofuels Towards real emission cuts and greater food security   Top story icon   International Women's Day 2015 The importance of education   logo EYE2014   European Youth Event Ideas for a better Europe   Budget 2015   EU budget for 2015 A tool for investment   Lux Prize_Vignette   Lux Film Prize 2014 Celebrating the best of European cinema   Top Story Icon   Sakharov Prize 2014 Denis Mukwege   TST icon   Pope Francis at the Parliament "A Europe of leadership"   EC President TST icon_   The new European Commission Parliament elects new European Commission   ICON ebola top story   Ebola A global security challenge   top story interview   Priorities for the new parliamentary term Group leaders on EU politics after the elections   Erasmus Top story icon   Erasmus For an education without borders   EP leadership icon_   The leadership of the European Parliament EP bureau 2014-2017   Choose who is in charge TST icon   Choose who is in charge The importance of voting   Banking union   Banking Union Restoring confidence in Europe's banks   borders NEW   Frontiers of the EU A journey through Europe   Troika   Troika inquiry Parliament investigates the decisions that have been made   top story icon   International Women's Day 2014 Towards true gender equality   Tobacco top story icon   Tobacco products Manufacture, presentation and sale   TST icon   Getting the economy back on track Jobs, growth and sustainability   Top Story - Passenger rights   Air passenger rights Parliament fight to improve existing rights   Quality of life cover top story   Quality of life: the vital ingredient Know what's on our plate   Money   Money - Let's make it count Benefits from the EU budget   CAP   Reforming the Common Agriculture Policy Farmers, rural areas, food prices   Sakharov logo - text version   Sakharov Prize 2013 25 years of promoting human rights   Budget Top story icon   The EU's long-term budget Find out what will change   EU in the World icon   EU in the world Aid, human rights and democracy   Lux_prize_TopStoryCover   Lux prize 2013 European film in the spotlight   Crim Icon   Organised crime, corruption and money laundering Crime knows no borders   Women on board icon   Equality in the boardroom Introducing quotas for women in the workplace   Jobs  icon   Employment Let's work it out   Political Parties icon   European Political Parties A short guide to what they do   Map of Europe   This time it's different Act React Impact