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Lux prize 2013 - European film in the spotlight

Culture 29-10-2013 - 15:27 / Updated: 20-02-2017 - 16:17

Every year the EP awards the LUX Film Prize to films that promote European cinematography, values and social issues and in 2013 The Broken Circle Breakdown by Belgian director Felix van Groeningen won the honour. (Read more: Watch, vote and enjoy the best of European cinema )

"The Broken Circle Breakdown", a musical love story about a Belgium couple coping with a tragic loss, won the European Parliament's 2013 LUX Prize. Accepting the award from President Martin Schulz, director Felix van Groeningen said: "The LUX prize is a great initiative - it makes you watch a film that you otherwise wouldn’t have." The LUX Film Prize is awarded every year to films that promote European cinematography, values and social issues. (Read more: The Broken Circle Breakdown wins 2013 LUX Prize)

Everybody loves films, but we rarely find out the story behind their creation. Luckily, for the three films short-listed for this year's LUX Prize, EP's award to celebrate the best of European cinematography, we are able to reveal what inspired them and what proved to be challenging. Directors Clio Barnard, Valeria Golino and Felix van Groeningen shared their secreats with the LUX Prize official website. Read on to find out the background and inspiration for some of this year's best films. (Read more: Behind the scenes: meet the three directors vying for the LUX Film Prize )

The finalists for this year's LUX Prize have been announced: Belgian film “The Broken Circle Breakdown”, British film “The Selfish Giant” and “Miele”, an Italian and French coproduction, will be battling it out for the top honour. The LUX Prize is awarded by the European Parliament every year to films that promote European cinematography, values and social issues. The winner will be determined by a vote by MEPs. (Read more: Lights, camera, action: EP reveals finalists for 2013 LUX Film Prize )

One event can make the difference between endless happiness and deepest sorrow. How the two often mix and overlap in magical ways is shown in "The Broken Circle Breakdown", a love story about a Belgian couple coping with the loss of their child. The film directed by Felix van Groeningen won the Parliament's 2013 LUX Prize. Following the award ceremony, we talked to the director about the film's success, the LUX Prize and the importance of music. (Read more: Broken Circle Breakdown: "Walking a thin line between comedy and tragedy")

It is one of Europe's most prestigious film prizes and a chance for the winner to gain more exposure. The European Parliament awards the LUX Prize each year to help promote European cinema and stimulate debate about European values and social issues. The contenders for this year's prize have now been revealed at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic. Read on to discover which films have a chance to win the prize. The three finalists will be selected in July. (Read more: European cinema: find out which films have been nominated for 2013 LUX Prize )

Its moving love story set in the Venetian Lagoon earned Io Sono Li the European Parliament's 2012 LUX Prize. But it's more than just a romance: the tale about Chinese migration also acts as a mirror to Italian society. Director Andrea Segre reveals to us the film's message and its influences. (Read more: LUX Prize winner Andrea Segre: "Differences reveal who we are")

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How it works: Lux Film Prize

Crossing borders and moving Europe: Each year the EP rolls out the red carpet to reward the best of authentic European cinema.

The Broken Circle Breakdown

The winner of the Lux Prize 2013


Italian and French film by Valeria Golino, competing for the LUX Prize 2013

The selfish giant

British film by Clio Bernard, competing for the LUX Prize 2013

Backstage: The making of the Lux Prize

Lights, camera, action! The Parliament awards a prize of subtitling in the 23 EU languages to a European film every year.

When we start to discover other people and their habits - and this asks lot of courage - we immediately reveal hidden aspects of ourselves. Andrea Segre 2012 LUX Prize winner (Read more)
Interview: Andrea Segre

Andrea Segre won the 2012 Lux Prize with "Io sono Li".