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Lux Prize 2015 - Some of this year's best European films

Culture 17-07-2015 - 09:45 / Updated: 20-02-2017 - 16:20

What do the European parliament and European cinematography have in common? The Lux Prize, an annual award given by MEPs to promote European films, values and social issues. This year's winner is Deniz Gamze Ergüven for her film Mustang, a French, German, Turkish and Quatari co-production. (Read more: Follow the new edition of the Lux Prize and celebrate European cinema )

President Martin Schulz announced that Mustang had won the 2015 European Parliament LUX Prize for cinema at a ceremony in the Chamber in Strasbourg at noon on Tuesday. Mustang tells the story of five sisters who have been promised to husbands through forced marriages but who, determined to live their own lives, break the yoke of tradition. (Read more: Mustang is the winner of this year's LUX Film Prize )

The winner of this year's Lux Film Prize will be picked by MEPs on Tuesday 24 November. The three films that have reached the final stage of the competition are Mediterranea, Mustang and Urok (also known in English as The Lesson). The Lux Prize is awarded by the European Parliament every year to films that promote European cinematography, values and social issues. Follow the award ceremony live on our website. (Read more: And the 2015 Lux Film Prize goes to... Follow the announcement live online)

Coming soon to a screen near you: the three films short-listed for this year's Lux Prize will be shown in more than 40 cities all over Europe, subtitled in all of the EU's official 24 languages. During the Lux Film Days film lovers will have the chance to watch them for free and pick their own favourite. Meanwhile, the winner of this year's Lux Prize, chosen by MEPs, will be announced during the plenary session in Strasbourg on 24 November. (Read more: Lux Film Days: check out this year's finalists in a cinema near you)

The finalists competing for the 2015 Lux Film Prize have been announced: Mediterranea, Mustang and Urok (in English: The Lesson). The three films deal with current social issues such as immigration, position of women and girls, education and economic problems in society. (Read more: Lux Prize 2015 finalists)

The 10 films competing for this year's Lux Prize have been revealed at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, including five by first-time directors, a mix of genres and the selection's first-ever Icelandic film. The European Parliament awards the prize to the best European film every year. At the end of the month it will be announced which three films have been short-listed for the finals, meaning they will also be screened all over the EU as part of the Lux Film Days. (Read more: Lux Prize 2015: the ten nominated films have been revealed)

Mustang won the 2015 Lux Film Prize for its moving story of five Turkish sisters who, determined to live their own lives, break with tradition. "I wanted to say with quite a sense of urgency what it was to be a woman, something which was even more acute and urgent in the case of Turkey," said director Deniz Gamze Ergüven of her film. Describing herself as "immensely honoured" upon receiving the award, the French-Turkish director said Mustang was a film that promoted European ideals. (Read more: Lux Film Prize winner: Mustang is about aspiring to freedom)

The Lux Prize not only gives recognition to some of the best European films, but also serves as an opportunity to show them to cinema lovers across the EU. Join the conversation on social media, enjoy the films and learn more about the Lux Prize and the people whose creativity and passion brought us this year's finalists: Mediterranea, Mustang and The Lesson. (Read more: Lux Prize 2015: Let's talk about films )

Parliament's 2014 Lux Prize was awarded to the Polish/Danish film Ida, directed by Paweł Pawlikowski. It is a story about a young novice nun, who meets her aunt and goes on a road trip to discover the dark secrets of her past. We talked to the director after the award ceremony to ask him about the film, its success and what he thinks about European cinema. (Read more: 2014 Lux Prize winner Pawlikowski: "I tried to make a film that is about universal things")

One event can make the difference between endless happiness and deepest sorrow. How the two often mix and overlap in magical ways is shown in "The Broken Circle Breakdown", a love story about a Belgian couple coping with the loss of their child. The film directed by Felix van Groeningen won the Parliament's 2013 LUX Prize. Following the award ceremony, we talked to the director about the film's success, the LUX Prize and the importance of music. (Read more: Broken Circle Breakdown: "Walking a thin line between comedy and tragedy")

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