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Eurobonds: MEPs voice reservations about Commission proposals

Economic and monetary affairs - 24-11-2011 - 15:09 Frissítés Important.

MEPs gave a cautious welcome to the three options presented by the Commission for introducing Eurobonds when they met Commissioner Rehn on Wednesday in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. The committee will draw up a resolution on the options tabled. This debate followed another on Tuesday with Commissioners Almunia and Barnier, which focused on draft EU rules on credit rating agencies and plans to recapitalise banks.


EU-ACP Assembly: Libyan weapons threaten security in the Sahel region

Development and cooperation - 23-11-2011 - 19:47

The Joint Parliamentary Assembly of MEPs and MPs from African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries condemned the violence in Syria and Egypt and voiced concern that Libyan weapons in al-Qaeda hands could pose a threat to the entire world.


EUROLAT: President Buzek focuses on human rights and the Internet

Development and cooperation - 23-11-2011 - 18:50

EU-ACP Assembly: indebtedness, Somalia, Arab Spring

Development and cooperation - 23-11-2011 - 18:16

MEPs unwrap structural funds reform package

Regional policy - 23-11-2011 - 17:27

Public access to documents: towards more transparency in the EU

Citizens’ rights - 23-11-2011 - 14:31

Urgent call to reduce food waste in the EU

Agriculture - 23-11-2011 - 14:02



Ratification of Parliament's 18 additional MEPs completed

Institutions - 22-11-2011 - 11:47  Frissítés

With the vote of Belgium's Joint Community Commission (CoCom), the process of ratifying the protocol allowing 18 additional Members to join the European Parliament has been successfully completed. The 27 national ratification procedures started on September 2010, following a decision by national governments in June 2010 to adopt a proposal modifying the EP composition.

Ten facts about the EU budget

Budget - 21-10-2011 - 10:28 


Sajtóközlemény - Ifjúság - Magyarország - 01-06-2011 - 14:32 

A mai napon negyedik alkalommal hirdették ki az Európai Ifjúsági Károly-díj nyertesét. "Európa és én", az európai fiatalokhoz szóló angol internetes magazin nyerte a díjat ebben az évben. Az Európai Ifjúsági Károly-díj azokat a fiatalokat célozza meg, akik olyan európai szintű projektekben vesznek részt, amelyek elősegítik egymás kölcsönös megértését Európában.

Sajtóközlemény - Információ - Magyarország - 20-05-2011 - 09:48 
Sajtóközlemény - Ifjúság - Magyarország - 01-04-2011 - 10:11 

Sajtótájékoztatók Szerda 23/11/2011

  • The EU's role in the UN climate summit in Durban 09h30 Brussels, Paul Henri Spaak building, Room 0A50 - "Anna Politkovskaya"
  • Stem cell research and EU research funding 10h00 Brussels, Paul Henri Spaak building, Room 0A50 - "Anna Politkovskaya"
  • The vote on the Civil Liberties Committee on public access to documents 12h30 Brussels, Paul Henri Spaak building, Room 0A50 - "Anna Politkovskaya"
  • Conference on CAP reform proposals 18h30 Brussels, Paul Henri Spaak building, Room 0A50 - "Anna Politkovskaya"