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Komunikaty prasowe


Plans to lay down clearer rights for patients to seek healthcare in another Member State - and be properly reimbursed - were beefed up by Parliament's Public Health Committee on Wednesday. These rights have been confirmed by European court rulings but are not yet enshrined in EU law. MEPs also want patients to be properly informed about their rights when being treated in another Member State. (Read more: An EU citizen's right to get medical treatment in another Member State )


A European Heritage Label to highlight cultural treasures

CULT Culture27-10-2010 - 16:16

A new European Heritage Label could be awarded to monuments, natural, archaeological, urban or cultural sites that have played a significant role in European history and culture or in European integration, after the EP Committee on Culture and Education voted unanimously on Wednesday to back such a scheme. (Read more: A European Heritage Label to highlight cultural treasures )


The European Parliament delegation at the biodiversity convention in Nagoya, Japan, is pushing for 20% of the world's land and seas to be protected as nature reserves. MEPs are calling for a comprehensive agreement to be concluded, as the basis for practical measures to be presented at the next convention in two years' time. (Read more: MEPs push for nature reserve protection of 20% of the world's land and seas )


Save Europe's bees

AGRI Agriculture27-10-2010 - 13:22

Bee mortality is rising while the number of beekeepers in Europe is declining, all of which could have a serious impact on food production since most plants and crops are pollinated by bees. The EP Agriculture Committee therefore wants the EU to step up support to the beekeeping industry when the common agricultural policy is next revamped. (Read more: Save Europe's bees )


In a discussion on Tuesday with Ukrainian foreign minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko, MEPs voiced concern about transparency and fairness in the upcoming local elections, the recent restrictive law reforms and the growing lack of media freedom in the country. (Read more: Ukrainian minister defends "consolidation, not monopolisation" by his government )


Globalisation Fund: MEPs back aid for Irish workers

BUDG Budget27-10-2010 - 09:41

An application from Ireland for EU funding for 850 workers who lost their jobs in the aircraft maintenance industry in and around Dublin was approved by the European Parliament's Budgets Committee on Tuesday and now just requires final approval by the full Parliament and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: Globalisation Fund: MEPs back aid for Irish workers )


MEPs back relaxation of visa rules for Georgia and Taiwan

LIBE Visa policy26-10-2010 - 16:17

Georgian citizens will be able to obtain EU entry visas more easily and Taiwanese nationals will need no visa at all to enter the EU, under proposals supported on Tuesday by the EP Civil Liberties Committee. MEPs also gave their backing to an agreement with Tbilisi on the readmission of irregular immigrants. These measures will be put to the vote at Parliament's November plenary session in Brussels. (Read more: MEPs back relaxation of visa rules for Georgia and Taiwan )


Parliament braces itself for economic governance debate

ECON Economic and monetary affairs26-10-2010 - 15:58

Parliament's rapporteurs on six proposals to beef up economic governance set out their preliminary views in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee on Tuesday. They stressed the need for Parliament to take a strong, united stance on setting up a deficit surveillance mechanism, debt levels, and economic imbalances in the eurozone. (Read more: Parliament braces itself for economic governance debate )


On Tuesday the European Parliament's Energy Committee gave its green light to an agreement with the Council to free up €146 million of uncommitted funds to finance energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. (Read more: €146 million for energy saving, efficiency and renewable energy projects )


Energy efficiency should be a key priority of Europe's energy strategy for 2011-2020, said the Energy Committee on Tuesday. MEPs urged the European Commission to exploit existing EU energy legislation and projects to the full. (Read more: Energy efficiency: a key priority of Europe’s Energy Strategy 2011-2020 )