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Press releases


The results of the EU’s one-year-old deal with Turkey to manage refugee and migration flows will be assessed by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs and EU Commission officials this afternoon. The Commission will also report to the committee on the financial aid so far provided to Turkey to assist refugees. (Read more: Migration: MEPs to assess cooperation with Turkey and return policy )

Conference of Presidents after the UK government’s triggered of Article 50 TEU  

The Conference of Presidents endorsed a motion for a resolution drawn up by the leaders of four political groups and the Constitutional Affairs Committee, in which they set out their conditions for a final approval by the European Parliament of any withdrawal agreement with the United Kingdom. The draft resolution will be debated and voted on by the full house next Wednesday. (Read more: Brexit: MEPs set out conditions for approving UK withdrawal agreement )


Article 50: how the future of EU-UK relations will be decided

Others Future of Europe/European integration / Constitution / Institutions / Treaties29-03-2017 - 09:04
infographic illustration  

The UK government announced today it is invoking article 50 of the Treaty of the EU, which serves as formal notification of its intent to withdraw from the Union. Starting today the UK and the EU have two years to negotiate a withdrawal agreement. In addition the two will need to start determining the future trade relations, though this is expected to take significantly longer. Read on to find out more about the procedure and the role played by Parliament. (Read more: Article 50: how the future of EU-UK relations will be decided )

Press statement by EP President Antonio Tajani (R) and London Mayor Sadiq Khan (L)  

“Even though we may leave the European Union, we are not leaving Europe,” said London Mayor Sadiq Khan visiting the Parliament on 28 March. “For issues from security and defence to finance and culture, we are still going to be a part of the European family.” Khan met Parliament President Antonio Tajani to discuss issues such as security and Brexit. “It’s in nobody’s interest for London or the UK to be punished,” said Khan. “Not in London’s interest, not the UK’s interest, nor the EU’s interest.” (Read more: London Mayor: “We are still going to be part of the European family” )

LIBE committee  

Only days after the terrorist attack in London the civil liberties committee discussed the EU's security situation with German Interior Minister Interior Thomas de Maizière and his French counterpart Matthias Fekl debated on 27 March. Both ministers spoke about the need to secure the EU's external borders, to better share information between EU countries and to address the new challenges of radicalisation and terrorism. (Read more: Security: "We need to work quickly and effectively in order to combat terrorism" )


Plans to make it easier to move money around within the EU’s long-run budget, to help tackle urgent challenges such as the migration crisis, strengthening security, boosting growth and creating jobs, were backed by the Budgets Committee on Monday. Parliament has long fought for greater flexibility within the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF), which would apply for the remainder of the 2014-2020 MFF. (Read more: Budgets MEPs back flexibility: €6bn more for jobs, growth and tackling migration )


MEPs vote to close loopholes for exploiting EU and third country tax differences

ECON Economic and monetary affairs27-03-2017 - 18:29

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs have voted to close loopholes which allow some of the world’s largest corporations to avoid paying tax on profits by exploiting differences in the tax systems of EU and third countries. (Read more: MEPs vote to close loopholes for exploiting EU and third country tax differences )

Celebration of the ' 60 years of the Treaty of Rome ' in Campidoglio  

“The dream of a united Europe has offered a way of putting the nightmare of war behind us forever,” said Parliament President Antonio Tajani on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, which paved the way for the EU. He and several other MEPs visited Rome on 24-26 March to mark the anniversary. “We should be proud of the legacy passed onto to our children: the freedom to travel, study, work, set up a business, innovate,” he said. (Read more: President Tajani on EU anniversary: “We should be proud of the legacy” )


Security: committee debate with French and German ministers on Monday at 17.00

LIBE Justice and home affairs27-03-2017 - 13:13

German federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière and French Minister of the Interior Matthias Fekl will debate EU measures to improve the security situation in Europe and future challenges in the field with the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday from 17.00 to 19.00. (Read more: Security: committee debate with French and German ministers on Monday at 17.00 )

Parliament building in Brussels. Photo of glass wall with large EU flag  

A debate on security issues with the German and French interior ministers and visits by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and London Mayor Sadiq Khan are on the agenda of this week. In addition the UK is expected to formally start the process to withdraw from the EU by triggering article 50, while committees vote on measures to stop tax evasion by multinationals as well as on a mid-term revision of the EU's long-term budget. (Read more: In Parliament this week: security, tax evasion, EU's long-term budget )