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Press releases


Verheugen: car emission rules could be more specific

EMIS Environment31-08-2016 - 12:24

The inquiry committee on Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector (EMIS) heard Günter Verheugen, Commissioner for enterprise and industry 2004-2010, on how the current legislation on car emissions was drafted during his tenure. MEPs also heard Peter Lakin, vice president of Faurecia, on emission control technologies. (Read more: Verheugen: car emission rules could be more specific )


The EU's budget for next year will be decided over the coming months. Starting this week parliamentary committees adopt their opinion on the budget, while the budgets committee discusses the Council's position on Wednesday 31 August. The committee will then draft a recommendation to MEPs, which will be put to a plenary vote at the end of October. Check out our infographic for all the steps of the budgetary procedure. (Read more: EU's 2017 budget: Parliament starts drawing up its position )


Turkey: handling of aftermath of coup attempt is a crucial test, say MEPs

AFET External relations30-08-2016 - 14:26

The respect of human rights and the rule of law in Turkey in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt will be a crucial test for the state of the country’s democracy, said Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs on Tuesday. They assessed the results of last week’s fact-finding mission to Turkey by the committee chair and rapporteur and stressed the need for constant monitoring. (Read more: Turkey: handling of aftermath of coup attempt is a crucial test, say MEPs )


Dieselgate: MEPs to question former commissioner on car emissions measurements

Others Transport / Environment29-08-2016 - 14:36
infographic illustration  

The investigation into the Volkswagen emissions testing scandal continues on Tuesday 30 August when the Parliament's inquiry committee questions former commissioner Günter Verheugen, who was responsible for enterprise and industry from 2004 to 2010. Parliament is currently working on new legislation to improve the reliability of car testing. Check out our infographic to find out more on how car emissions are tested. (Read more: Dieselgate: MEPs to question former commissioner on car emissions measurements )

Parliament building in Brussels  

Parliamentary committees deal with anything from relations with Turkey to migration and car emissions this week. Parliament President Martin Schulz is due to visit Ankara, while MEPs discuss the EU-Canada trade agreement. In addition former commissioner Günter Verheugen answers questions from the Parliament's inquiry committee investigating car emission tests. (Read more: In Parliament this week: Turkey, EU-Canada trade deal, car emissions )


The ABC of the European Parliament

Others Institutions25-08-2016 - 08:00

MEPs act as the voice of more than 500 million Europeans at the EU level, but how do they work and how do they organise themselves in the European Parliament? Check out our updated infographic for some basic facts about the Parliament. (Read more: The ABC of the European Parliament )


Democratic control: Parliament’s powers of investigation

Others Institutions23-08-2016 - 08:00
Parliament’s powers to investigate: exercising democratic control ©AP Images/ European Union-EP  

Parliament is not just there to amend and approve new laws, but also to scrutinise the EU institutions. One of the tools at its disposal are committees that investigate specific issues. In recent months committees have been set up to look into revelations on car emissions cheating and wealthy individuals stashing money offshore. Read on to find out how Parliament uses its investigative powers to address people’s concerns and put important issues on the political agenda. (Read more: Democratic control: Parliament’s powers of investigation )


Environment: 67% of Europeans want the EU to do more

Others Constitution / Justice and home affairs19-08-2016 - 09:00
Eurobarometre: Environment ©AP Images/ European Union-EP  

The environment is something Europeans care deeply about: 67% of them would like to the EU to do more on environmental protection, according to a Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament. Read our article to find out more about what the EU is already doing and will be doing to protect your health, safeguard biodiversity and fight climate change. (Read more: Environment: 67% of Europeans want the EU to do more )

EP back to work after the summer brake  

From Brexit to the migration crisis: 2016 has proved a very eventful year, but Parliament's work is far from finished. Until the end of the year MEPs will be working on a broad range of issues, from tackling the terrorism threat to improving the digital single market. Read on for an overview of the challenges MEPs will be dealing with the coming months. (Read more: Priorities: what Parliament will be working on for the remainder of 2016 )

Become an EP trainee  

Traineeships at the Parliament offer a unique chance to launch your career, gain valuable insights into how the EU operates and above all have an unforgettable experience. From 15 August you will have two months to apply for the next round of traineeships. Read on to find out more on the traineeships offered by the Parliament and how to apply for them. (Read more: Stepping stone: how to apply for a traineeship at the European Parliament )