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The civil liberties committee will debate the current situation at the borders inside the Schengen area in the wake of the temporary reimposition of border controls by some member states with Commission representatives on Thursday morning. The Commission is required to monitor the situation closely and keep Parliament and the Council fully informed under the Schengen Borders Code. (Read more: Civil liberties committee to debate situation at Schengen internal borders )


Council cuts in EU 2016 budget funding for refugees and agencies dealing with migrants were reversed by Budgets Committee MEPs in votes on Monday and Tuesday. MEPs also added funding for youth employment programmes, the Erasmus + student mobility programme and for research, transport and energy networks. (Read more: EP adds funds for migration, jobs, youth to draft EU budget 2016 )


Germany, Belgium and Italy should get over €14.6 million in EU aid to help more than 7,300 workers made redundant by three firms get back on to the job market, following a vote by the budgets committee on Tuesday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by Parliament as a whole and by the Council of the EU. (Read more: Budget MEPs approve EU aid for redundant workers in Germany, Belgium and Italy )


Car emissions: MEPs push for “real-life” test protocol

ENVI Environment / Public health24-09-2015 - 14:46

The environment committee on Wednesday adopted an update of EU car emission rules, setting limits on certain pollutants including NOx. They call for a new, real-life, emissions test procedure to be enforced by 2017. They also want fuel consumption meter and gear-change indicators fitted to all new cars by 2019. (Read more: Car emissions: MEPs push for “real-life” test protocol )


"We will not hesitate to act if inflation outlook weakens", Draghi tells MEPs

ECON Economic and monetary affairs23-09-2015 - 18:25
EP Economics chair Roberto Gualtieri and ECB President Draghi pictured before the start of the Monetary Dialogue  

ECB President Mario Draghi painted a somewhat downbeat picture of economic developments in the Eurozone but assured Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs that the ECB "will not hesitate to act if some of the downward risks weaken the inflation outlook over the mid-term more fundamentally than we project at present". He hinted at the possibility of adjusting the size, composition and duration of the ECB’s asset purchase programme, to add monetary policy impetus if necessary. (Read more: "We will not hesitate to act if inflation outlook weakens", Draghi tells MEPs )


COP 21: environment MEPs adopt mandate for Paris climate talks

ENVI Environment23-09-2015 - 17:30

The environment committee said on Wednesday that Parliament's delegation to the COP 21 climate talks in Paris must call for a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a 40% energy-efficiency target and a binding 30% target for renewable energy. (Read more: COP 21: environment MEPs adopt mandate for Paris climate talks )


During a first debate the state of play on Volkswagen's emission "defeat devices" with the European Commission in the Environment Committee, many MEPs highlighted the need to speed up the introduction of automotive test procedures that better reflect vehicle emissions in real driving conditions, while others compared the EU's decentralized “type-approval” system unfavourably with the US one. (Read more: MEPs discuss Volkswagen emission "defeat devices" with EU Commission )


Il-Premju Sakharov: nomini għall-2015 żvelati

Oħrajn Drittijiet tal-bniedem23-09-2015 - 11:54
Sakharov Prize 2014: Meet the nominees  

In-nomini għall-Premju Sakharov 2015 tal-Parlament tħabbru nhar il-Ħamis 10 ta' Settembru. Il-premju jingħata kull sena biex jagħti ġieħ lil individwi eċċezzjonali li jiġġieldu kontra l-intolleranza, il-fanatiżmu u l-oppressjoni. In-nomini jiġu ppreżentati formalment nhar it-Tnejn 28 ta' Settembru waqt laqgħa konġunta tal-Kumitat għall-Affarijiet Barranin u l-Kumitat għall-Iżvilupp u s-Sottokumitat għad-Drittijiet tal-Bniedem. Ir-rebbieħ jitħabbar f'Ottubru. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Il-Premju Sakharov: nomini għall-2015 żvelati )


Tax competition as such cannot be avoided, but today’s system has reached its limits and led to unwanted side effects. Small firms should not have to bear the tax burden of multinationals that pay very little. Action is needed to harmonise corporate tax practices across Europe, so as to make tax competition clearer and fairer. This was the key sentiment voiced at Tuesday’s meeting of the Special Committee on Tax Rulings with finance ministers from Luxembourg, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. (Read more: Corporate taxation system has reached its limits, say ministers and MEPs )


Ska Keller: "Jeħtieġ noħolqu sitwazzjoni li fiha jirbaħ kulħadd"

Seduta plenarja Immigrazzjoni / Politika dwar il-kenn politiku22-09-2015 - 18:13
Interview with Ska Keller  

Kuljum, mijiet ta' rifuġjati qed jaslu fil-fruntieri esterni tal-UE. Fid-9 ta' Settembru l-Membri tal-PE approvaw pjan biex 40,000 migrant jiġu rilokati mill-Italja u l-Greċja lejn Stati Membri oħra. Wara l-vot tkellimna ma' Ska Keller, il-membru tal-Grupp tal-Ħodor/ALE mill-Ġermanja responsabbli mit-tmexxija tal-pjan fil-PE, dwar il-kriżi tar-rifuġjati u l-iskema ta' rilokazzjoni. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Ska Keller: "Jeħtieġ noħolqu sitwazzjoni li fiha jirbaħ kulħadd" )