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"This time it's different" - Parliamentary hearings

Institutions12-09-2014 - 11:41
Anointed as Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker lays out the EU's priorities and commitments for the coming years with a focus on energy, welfare and prosperity.  

Before the commissioners-designate as presented by incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker can take office and start work, members of the European Parliament will exercise their power of democratic scrutiny enshrined in the Treaty by holding hearings to quiz the 27 candidates on their skills and their qualifications for the posts proposed to them. (Read more: "This time it's different" - Parliamentary hearings )


The first act of the newly-elected European Parliament when it meets on 1 July will be to elect its President. The acting President, Gianni Pittella, who has been re-elected to Parliament, will preside over the election of the new President, under Rule 14 of Parliament's Rules of Procedure. (Read more: Election of new EP President, 14 Vice-Presidents and five Quaestors )


The 26-27 June European Council will discuss inter alia the nomination of a candidate President for the European Commission, on whom the European Parliament is to vote at its 14-17 July plenary session in Strasbourg. The Council will also discuss this issue with Parliament’s acting President Gianni Pittella on Friday morning in Brussels. (Read more: European Parliament press kit for the 26-27 June European Council )


MEPs’ plans to tighten up single market product safety rules and market surveillance include mandatory "made-in" labelling to improve the traceability of non-food goods, a sharper focus on goods that appeal to kids, an EU blacklist of firms that repeatedly breach EU safety rules and tougher penalties for selling dangerous goods. On 15 April, Parliament will put a mandate to negotiate these plans with member states to a first reading vote. (Read more: Tightening up product safety requirements and market surveillance rules - Q&A )


Q&A on Posting of Workers

Employment policy10-04-2014 - 14:48
The sector that most commonly uses posted workers is construction  

Workers posted abroad temporarily will get more protection under a draft law informally agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators and to be voted on Tuesday. Parliament's negotiators strengthened the draft to clarify the rules for companies, by distinguishing genuine postings from attempts to circumvent the law, but also gave EU member states some flexibility in carrying out inspections. (Read more: Q&A on Posting of Workers )


Background note on banking union and bank common rules

Economic and monetary union09-04-2014 - 16:59
Banking union and bank common rules  

The last plenary session of this legislature will see votes on three key deals to ensure that banks themselves, and not taxpayers, are first in line to pay the costs of their misfortunes. On Tuesday MEPs will vote to approve two laws dealing with restructuring and winding up troubled banks and an update to the scheme which guarantees deposits under €100,000. This note details these three pieces of legislation, which together move the EU many steps closer to completing banking union. (Read more: Background note on banking union and bank common rules )


27th ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly session

External relations17-03-2014 - 10:39

TWO PARLIAMENTARY MEETINGS From 17-19 March the 27th plenary session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly takes place. This session will be formally opened by its co-presidents Louis Michel for the European Parliament and Fitz A. Jackson (Jamaica) for the ACP. The Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Evangelos Meimarakis will be present at the opening. (Read more: 27th ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly session )


Parliament wants to extend "package" holiday traveller protection

Industry / Information society11-03-2014 - 15:14
Parliament wants to extend "package" holiday traveller protection  

Holidaymakers putting together their own “package” holidays from travel services sold on the internet or elsewhere need extra protection, as they are unlikely to get the same “all-in” cover as those buying from traditional travel agents, say MEPs. A draft law to be voted on 12 March aims to ensure that travellers are not stranded if an airline or travel operator goes bankrupt, protect them against sharp price increases or flight time changes and specify their rights in unforeseen circumstances. (Read more: Parliament wants to extend "package" holiday traveller protection )


Q&A on Parliament's inquiry into mass surveillance of EU citizens

Fundamental rights10-03-2014 - 16:34

The plenary vote on Parliament’s inquiry into mass surveillance of EU citizens concludes a 6-month investigation by its Civil Liberties Committee. MEPs looked into alleged spying by the US and some EU member states, assessed its impact on EU citizens’ rights (e.g. data protection, freedom of expression, presumption of innocence and effective remedy), recommended ways to prevent further breaches, explored redress mechanisms and suggested how to improve the IT security of EU institutions. (Read more: Q&A on Parliament's inquiry into mass surveillance of EU citizens )


Q&A on EU data protection reform

Citizens' rights / Fundamental rights04-03-2014 - 09:04 (European Parliament's Elections)

The growing globalisation of data flows, via social networks, cloud computing, search engines, location-based services, etc, increases the risk that people can lose control of their own data. On 21 October 2013, Civil Liberties MEPs voted on a major overhaul of current EU data protection rules which aims to put people in control of their personal data, build trust in social media and online shopping and upgrade the protection of data processed by police and judicial authorities. (Read more: Q&A on EU data protection reform )