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The European Parliament in Brussels will be the central hub for journalists covering the European Elections in May.

Media are invited to indicate their needs for working spaces and other facilities for the Presidential Debate - EU Elections 2019 on 15 May and for the days around the European Elections 23-26 May 2019.

Broadcasters and journalists who would like to work from within the European Parliament’s premises on any of these dates are invited to express their interest and communicate their preferences to by 15 April 2019.

Presidential Debate - EU Elections 2019 on 15 May

Journalists holding an annual inter-institutional badge do not need to request special accreditation to access Parliament’s premises.

The hemicycle will be transformed into a TV studio to host the Eurovision Presidential Debate. The Debate will take place from 21:00 - 22:30 and will be broadcast live on EBU (Eurovision) and via EbS (Europe by Satellite) distribution in 23 languages and offered free of charge to broadcasters and online distribution platforms.

Journalists who wish to be part of the hemicycle audience need to reserve a place (subject to availability) by sending an email to the above address. However, hemicycle seats cannot be used as workplaces and the audience will need to remain seated throughout the debate.

Workspaces and listening rooms will be made available nearby for journalists wishing to work whilst following the debate. The audio-visual infrastructures of the European Parliament will also be available throughout the events.

Election Days 23-27 May

Journalists (including those holding an annual inter-institutional badge) need to request special accreditation to access Parliament´s premises during the election period 23-26 May and on 27 May when all facilities will still be in place.

Detailed information on accreditation procedures will be provided after Easter.

On election night, more than 1000 media workspaces will be set up in the hemicycle and in listening rooms nearby equipped with continuous live web streaming from the hemicycle.

Specific provisions for audio-visual media

Election Days period of 23-27 May

EP audio-visual services will be dedicated to production feeding into the EbS signal pool (ENG teams, editing, stand-up).

TV and radio studios remain available, subject to reservation.

Audio-visual media crews need to contact their usual service providers for direct position requests. If you intend to bring your own means of production (OB van, cameras, decor, etc) or transmission (4G devices, SNG cars, etc) please indicate the type of assistance you need from Parliament’s audio-visual services (access pool, IP lines, phone lines, parking for your vehicles, set size, etc.).

There will also be the possibility to accommodate stand-ups (on reservation and subject to availability) in the hemicycle, nearby and outside on rue Wiertz.

Please send your specific requests to