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Note di background


EU rules on awarding concession contracts - Q and A

Competition14-05-2013 - 10:50
Construction site  

On 15 January 2014 MEPs will vote on draft rules setting out minimum EU requirements for the award by public authorities of "concession" contracts to procure works or services from private suppliers. These contracts are typically high-value, complex and long-term. These Q&A deal with certain aspects of the draft text which was negotiated with the Council in June 2013 and confirmed by EP Internal Market Committee on 5 September. (Read more: EU rules on awarding concession contracts - Q and A )


EU Bank Capital Requirements Regulation and Directive

Economic and monetary affairs15-04-2013 - 19:25

The EU Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and Directive (CRD) aim to stabilise and strengthen the banking system by making banks set aside more and higher quality capital as a cushion against crises. The new rules should also foster a convergence of supervisory practices across the EU. Banks that are better able to withstand future crises should be more capable of financing investment and growth. (Read more: EU Bank Capital Requirements Regulation and Directive )


Economic governance "two pack" background note

Economic and monetary affairs07-03-2013 - 13:23

The "two pack" is the latest piece of the EU's economic governance revamp. It joins other instruments such as the European Semester, the "six pack" and the Fiscal Compact in ensuring that the EU's economic and monetary union is less fragmented and that its component countries run fiscally sound policies. (Read more: Economic governance "two pack" background note )


The EU's Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) sets out spending ceilings for each policy category or "heading". The MFF, also known as the "Financial Perspectives"), helps to ensure that EU spending takes place in an orderly fashion and remains within the limits of the EU's "own resources" income. It also limits overall spending to a percentage of EU Gross National Income (GNI). (Read more: An introduction to the EU's Multi-annual Financial Framework )


EU farm policy reform - the current state of play

Agriculture20-12-2012 - 10:20

More than a year after the Commission unveiled its proposals for new legislation, and following passionate debates, public hearings and expert workshops, Parliament's agriculture committee is preparing to vote on four core regulations that should pave the way for a fairer, greener, more efficient and more competitive EU farm policy. (Read more: EU farm policy reform - the current state of play )


The new EU unitary patent - Q&A

Competition06-12-2012 - 18:13

After over 30 years of trying, Parliament and the Council have agreed on how to create an EU-wide patent regime to protect inventions better, cut costs and boost competitiveness. This Q&A paper details how the new regime will work, and how it will improve on the current one. It also shows how Parliament helped to shape the regime and tailor it to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. (Read more: The new EU unitary patent - Q&A )


Single Market Week Launch Event press kit

Free movement of capital / Free movement of goods / Free movement of persons / Free movement of services04-10-2012 - 19:54

The single market's 20th anniversary celebration (15-20 October), will enable citizens, businesses and politicians to debate the challenges it faces in the 21st century. This press kit looks at five examples of how citizens and businesses have gained from recent single market legislation, draft laws now being worked on by the Internal Market Committee and MEPs' predictions for the future. (Read more: Single Market Week Launch Event press kit )


ACTA before the European Parliament

External/international trade04-07-2012 - 15:23

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) was rejected by the European Parliament on 4 July 2012, by 478 votes to 39, with 165 abstentions. Parliament could not amend the ACTA, but only approve or reject it. Its rejection means that neither the EU nor its individual member states can join the agreement. (Read more: ACTA before the European Parliament )


European Parliament Press Kit: 28/29 June European Council

European Council28-06-2012 - 14:32

A new deal with the Council on a major overhaul of the EU standardisation system was unanimously endorsed by Internal Market Committee MEPs on 21 June. Standardisation helps to drive growth, by enabling firms to reduce paper work, cut production costs and get innovative products to market faster. It also ensures that these products are compatible and safe for consumers to use. (Read more: Q&A on faster and more effective standardisation for economic growth )