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New challenges require the strengthening of Africa’s economic and social resilience as well as its security and cooperation with the EU, DEVE MEPs say in a resolution adopted Tuesday.

Emerging global economic, migratory and social patterns and protracted crisis call for fresh responses and an enhanced cooperation between the African Union and EU. In order to achieve these goals and boost an inclusive and sustainable prosperity, MEPs put forward a series of proposals aimed at strengthening the resilience of African countries.

Key suggestions:

  • A frank dialogue on promoting good governance, democracy, the rule of law, human rights and combat corruption by extending the conditionality of development aid on their strict respect,
  • European peace and security actions need to be stepped up in cooperation with African and international partners,
  • the barriers to funding and technology transfer must be lowered to combat climate change,
  • a joint EU-Africa charter on sustainable management of natural resources is to be drawn up,
  • scale up EU assistance to sustainable agriculture, agro-forestry and agro-ecological practices, support small-scale producers/farmers,
  • African national education systems to be strengthened by investing at least 20% of national budgets and scaling up the EU’s support in such global funds,
  • a minimum universal coverage needs to be introduced,
  • stepping up the Africa-EU dialogue before negotiations for the two global compacts on migration and refugees in 2018 by the UN,
  • development aid should not be made conditional on cooperation in migration matters and
  • Member States must step up their financial contribution to trust funds and other instruments aiming to foster sustainable growth and stimulate job creation.

The resolution was backed by 19 votes to 5 with 3 abstentions.


Rapporteur Maurice Ponga (EPP, FR) said: “In order to tackle our common challenges we need a more reciprocal and enhanced partnership. This should focus on building resilience with a special attention to young people who are our future. To achieve resilience we must focus on all its dimensions, set our priorities straight and also see migration and mobility as an opportunity in promoting sustainable solutions for both continents. We believe that the EU-Africa partnership can be a win-win relationship based on mutual respect."

Next steps

The full House is set to vote on the resolution during the November plenary session in Strasbourg.