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The possible effects of an EU member state decision to reintroduce the death penalty, including those on its rights and status as a member state, will be debated in the Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday at 16.30. (Read more: Civil liberties MEPs to debate how return to death penalty could hurt EU status )


A lively debate on the proposal for “reformed system” to resolve disputes between foreign investors and states in the Transatlantic Trade and investment partnership (TTIP) deal, currently being negotiated between the EU and the United states, took place between Trade Committee MEPs and EU Trade Commissioner Malmström on Wednesday afternoon. (Read more: Investor-state dispute settlement proposals debated with Commissioner Malmström )


The proposed Digital Single Market strategy is needed to build trust in the online world, boost growth and protect the rights of citizens, creators and companies. These were among the first reactions from the chairs of the three committees that will work intensively on today's Commission proposal. This afternoon and tomorrow morning, the Commissioners responsible will visit Parliament to discuss the proposal with MEPs. (Read more: Digital single market – committee chairs welcome proposal )


EU asylum applications for unaccompanied minors should be processed in the EU country where the child is present, even if this is not where the child first applied, said Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Wednesday. Processing where children are present is usually in their best interests, and avoids moving them unnecessarily between member states, say the committee’s amendments to the Dublin Regulation, which determines which member state should examine asylum applications. (Read more: Unaccompanied minors’ asylum applications: process where the kids are, say MEPs )

Persmededelingen (deel 2)

People who are suspected or accused of a crime, or are named in a European Arrest Warrant, but cannot afford a lawyer or court proceedings, should have access to EU member state funding and assistance for both “provisional” and "ordinary” legal aid, say Civil Liberties MEPs in amendments, voted on Wednesday, to a proposed EU directive on fair trial rights. (Read more: Fair trials: MEPs strengthen EU-wide standards for legal aid )


A draft law to reform the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), by reducing the surplus of carbon credits available for trading into order to support the price, was informally agreed upon by MEPs and the Latvian Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers on Tuesday. The surplus reserve would start operating in 2019. (Read more: ETS market stability reserve: MEPs strike deal with Council )


Wij nodigen u uit om deel te nemen aan onze nieuwe fotowedstrijd, geïnspireerd door het Europees Jaar voor Ontwikkeling. Elke maand tot en met september zullen wij een onderwerp gelieerd aan ontwikkelingssamenwerking aankondigen. Stuur ons uw foto, geïnspireerd door het thema van die maand, samen met het aanmeldingsformulier en u maakt de kans om te worden uitgenodigd in Straatsburg om een fotoreportage te maken. (Lees meer: Gastfotograaf: 'De vreugde van de gezondheid' winnende foto in april )


EU rules on payment services would be updated to improve security, widen consumer choice and keep pace with innovation under an informal deal struck by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs and the Latvian Presidency of the Council on Tuesday. The updated rules aim to stimulate competition to provide payment services and foster innovative payment methods, especially for online payment services. They still need to be endorsed by Parliament as a whole and the Council. (Read more: Updating payment service rules: MEPs do deal with the Council )


Het conflict en humanitaire crisis in Irak waren het gespreksonderwerp van een ontmoeting tussen Voorzitter Martin Schulz en vertegenwoordigers van de yezidi in het Parlementl. Na zijn ontmoeting met het Iraakse parlementslid Vian Dakhil en een delegatie slachtoffers van IS, omschreef de Voorzitter zichzelf als "zeer geraakt" en zei: "Wij ondersteunen hun zaak en niet aflatende strijd tegen de straffeloosheid". (Lees meer: Yezidi's vragen om hulp in strijd tegen Islamitische Staat )


Elke dag gebruiken 315 miljoen Europeanen het internet. We lezen het nieuws, bekijken filmpjes, winkelen en spreken vrienden. Om te zorgen dat de mogelijkheden van het digitale tijdperk worden benut om groei en werkgelegenheid over de grenzen heen aan te jagen, presenteert de Europese Commissie op 6 mei de strategie voor de Digitale Eengemaakte markt. De industriecommissie bespreekt de strategie met Andrus Ansip, Vicevoorzitter van de Commissie voor de interne digitale markt. (Lees meer: Van geoblocking tot cloudcomputing: gids voor het digitale tijdperk )

wekelijkse agenda
Programma per dag donderdag 07 mei 2015
Committee on Legal Affairs - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Subcommittee on Human Rights - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on International Trade - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Development - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Fisheries - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - Parlementaire commissies (07-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
The President's agenda - Werkzaamheden van de voorzitter (07-05-2015): 10:00
EEA-Switzerland: Obstacles with regard to the full implementation of the internal market - Openbare hoorzittingen (07-05-2015): 11:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
The European Commission's public consultation on the international Minamata Convention - Persconferenties (07-05-2015): 11:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Programma per dag vrijdag 08 mei 2015
The President's agenda - Werkzaamheden van de voorzitter (08-05-2015): 12:30
Programma per dag zaterdag 09 mei 2015
The President's diary - Werkzaamheden van de voorzitter (09-05-2015):
.@MalmstromEU presents at 16:30 in @EP_Trade new proposals for #ISDS in #TTIP talks.Twitter coverage:@EP_Trade. LIVE: http://t.co/0sKdEiHxM8
Press release: #Digital #singlemarket – Committee chairs welcome proposal: http://t.co/zoUQ8LZVR9 @EP_Industry @EP_SingleMarket @EP_Legal
Press release: #Fairtrials: MEPs strengthen EU-wide standards for #legal aid: http://t.co/WuJeOOH1Gr @EP_Justice
.@EP_ForeignAff MEPs & national parliamentarians urge to strengthen EU defence: http://t.co/fv1mVlDoj4
#Lybia: hearing on security strategy with experts and #EEAS: live now http://t.co/XmUFKfPhrO
Is EU able to pay for security it needs? Will June Defence #EUCO deliver? - MEPs wonder in the debate live now http://t.co/XmUFKfPhrO
MEPs say #humanrights should be key factor when choosing host countries for sports events Full press release http://t.co/jatX5sktPT
Recording of One World HumanRights Festival @UlrikeLunacek @aliferzat Watch here http://t.co/jqPvC3e52H
Starts in 15min: Debate on #humanrights in Central Asia. Follow live: http://t.co/9PdTvlPlG3
#Non-proliferation & #disarmament: @EP_Defence now debates w/ @eu_eeas Joelle #Jenny: http://t.co/djqm6bC9Qi #iTrace #landmines
#ConflictPrevention: @EP_Defence debates security research w/ @EU_Commission & A. #Liberatore @ERC_Research http://t.co/q3OKCHTzVX
#EUCO June security summit: now debate w/ ForeignAff committees of MS parliaments & #EEAS Alain Le Roy - http://t.co/rM5zHZaQ4B
.@EP_Development MEPs discuss outcome of #Nigeria election observation mission. Press release http://t.co/TAjVHwFwx9
Debates on Private sector and development and #Ebolacrisis will start in a few minutes. Follow live http://t.co/3Xwk82B8v0
Debate on humanitarian response to #NepalEarthquake starts now. Follow live: http://t.co/3Xwk82B8v0
RT @europarlAV: #ISDS: MEPs statements on the investment protection in #TTIP at @EP_Trade | Download VIDEO: http://t.co/dcYNIcEjsb
MEPs ask @MalmstromEU what the #US think of the new concept & what are benefits of keeping #ISDS in #TTIP? See reply http://t.co/wscEiHuLDk
RT @MalmstromEU: "We want a system that is more effective & ultimately more responsive to concerns" Speech in @EP_Trade http://t.co/EBmUu1E…
DAB3-4/2015 #EUbudget & payment plan debate to start now @EP_Budgets. Live: http://t.co/cBerco2f7r
Issues to overcome in the #EUbudget own resources reform discussed @EP_Budgets @EP_BudgControl 5/5. Read more: http://t.co/qIAgacu4zg
3pm @EP_Budgets: budgeting 2014 surplus #EUbudget, #EUSF for #Romania #Italy #Bulgaria, payment plan. Agenda, docs: http://t.co/A41WkGseQ2
Issues to overcome in the #EUbudget own resources reform discussed @EP_Budgets @EP_BudgControl 5/5. Read more: http://t.co/jL0GPxvcAa
.@EP_Budgets @EP_BudgControl hearing on control of #EUBudget own resources collection now http://t.co/YnowZn33Vz @J_Lewandowski #AyalaSender
15:00-18:30 today @EP_Budgets & @EP_BudgControl hearing on control of #EUBudget own resources collection in MS. http://t.co/FDj2XCRuCq
#TaxRulings Committee next week: Kick off visits BE/LUX/IE/NL/UK + Public hearing investigative journalists. More: http://t.co/uTA5ssjs8n
.@EP_Economics #PSD2 Updating payment service rules: MEPs do deal with the Council http://t.co/tnhWlNyjfg
.@EP_Economics @Antonio_Tajani deal on payment services directive PSD2: reduced costs, increased security, new players on payments market
Changes to ESF for frontloading #YEI approved http://t.co/7lJ2KWe6pl Press conference @emorinchartier @ 14:30 Live http://t.co/o5Rsjk4frS
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting tomorrow, Thursday 16 April. Follow EP Live 9.20 http://t.co/6ZWFe2qD6d 15.00 http://t.co/QFEwPUWULI
.@EPSocialAffairs meeting tomorrow, Thursday 16 April from 9.20-12.30 & 15.00-18.30 PHS 3C50. Agenda http://t.co/82NBcPVscg
Medium combustion plants: report by @GrzybAndrzej adopted 60/8/1. Negotiations with Council opened 61/3/5
Report by @EGardini on #EU ratification of the Doha Amendment adopted w. 60 votes to 3. #Kyotoprotocol
Cttee meeting to resume, w. votes on medium combustion plants and Doha amendment. Webstr. http://t.co/mJhFuarrDb Docs http://t.co/SrQ35la5fH
Discussion on #DigitalSingleMarket between @Ansip_EU & @EP_Industry just finished. Watch highlights http://t.co/EVOpqcCTZA
.@EP_Industry: debate with @Ansip_EU starts now. Live: http://t.co/uqEbaOyPhD
RT @EBienkowskaEU: Very good debate with the @EP_SingleMarket to be continued on a regular basis for deeper&better #singlemarket http://t.c…
Now @EP_SingleMarket debate with Cssr @jyrkikatainen. Webstreaming http://t.co/p26EICBv2K
In a moment @EP_SingleMarket will debate next internal market initiatives with Cssr @EBienkowskaEU. Live http://t.co/nBZusGsJT8
Now @EP_Transport: discussion w/Commissioner @Bulc_EU on transport aspects of Commission Work Programme 2016 http://t.co/8jngQz0oYr
Starting now: @EP_Transport hearing on road haulage market and its social dimension http://t.co/8jngQz0oYr programme http://t.co/CBq5nPOWz6
TEN-T Coordinators' progress report presented @EP_Transport yesterday available here http://t.co/Jh3vTgKzLh debate: http://t.co/k2od3OMh99
.@EP_Regional Comm. Chair: Need to ensure complimentary and synergy between the #JunckerPlan #EFSI and the #CohesionPolicy funds...
.@EP_Regional Committee Chair: @EU_Commission should provide more training on #financial tools for various types of actors involved #EBS2015
.@EP_Regional Committee Chair: #smartpecialisation is all about learning what a country or #region does best #EBS2015
#Fruit & #vegetable sector: @EP_Agriculture MEPs want to step up support 4 #fruitandveg growers organisations: http://t.co/7mOT6QTWpX
Missed @EP_Agriculture hearing on #CAPsimplification? Read about it & re-watch it here: http://t.co/PlYGRnfNC8 http://t.co/FGh1ILboou
.@EP_Agriculture MEPs to debate now trade in #seal products. Watch it live: http://t.co/6ExhfhL4fu
Tune in to #Fisheries committee's afternoon session: http://t.co/2eSJ4sN9z5 #Madagascar FPA and #tuna study http://t.co/rU9tALzcUZ
Vote on #driftnets postponed to ask for opinion of @EPInstitutional on admissibility of amendments to reject Commission proposal
Today's #Fisheries cttee meeting starting soon! Watch live: http://t.co/2eSJ4svyav Agenda: http://t.co/BnrDclam28 #PECH
MEPs say #humanrights should be key factor when choosing host countries for sporting events - Full PR @EPCulture http://t.co/nYW9lJo6kd
RT @EC_AVService: #DigitalSingleMarket to be adopted today.@Ansip_EU & @GOettingerEU press conf. at 12hCET Live:http://t.co/zo1KW41EH2 htt…
Debate on #humanrights and large sporting events continues Follow live http://t.co/eljCYPeKeo http://t.co/eJtm6PMxnD http://t.co/eot3NELrxv
Now @EP_Legal: discussion with Farida Shaheed, #UN special rapporteur on #copyright policy. Live: http://t.co/Y0pnl3tuMN
.@EP_Legal meeting starting with debates on geographical indication protection and application of #EU Law. Live: http://t.co/Y0pnl3tuMN
Next @EP_Justice debate on strategic report on #migration will be in the meeting on 26 May.
RT @Refugees: #Italy: Reception centres under strain from thousands rescued at sea http://t.co/EVaCqRUE5X #Mediterranean http://t.co/jm5GrZ…
RT @RobertaMetsola: .@moas_eu Director Martin Xuereb: "We cannot be bystanders to what is happening. No-one deserves to die at sea". #migra…
Lessons learned from last Hearings of EC candidate commissioners to follow @EPInstitutional @RCorbettMEP
AFCO Chair during joint @EPInstitutional @EP_Economics hearing this morning https://t.co/AoSWhJ510j
Press invited to join the event tonight in the EP Librairy https://t.co/ANNjWPM3JZ
Hearing Women’s careers in science and university and glass ceilings encountered @_GenderEqual at 15h. Live: http://t.co/dkhqwy5FzI
#Maternityleave - #EP final push: calling @EU_Commission & @EU_Council to assume their responsibility. Read more: http://t.co/kdct1YdQeK
Now @EP_Petitions: Petitions on #Jugendamt, German agency for children and youth issues. Live: http://t.co/tl3Keb7NXR
One shared objective for stronger Europe for its citizens @EP_Petitions and @TimmermansEU
.@EP_Petitions reflect concerns of citizens
Het Parlement is te vinden op…