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The Week Ahead 23 – 29 January 2017

20-01-2017 - 16:17

Committee meetings, Brussels

CETA. International Trade Committee MEPs will vote on whether or not to approve the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) negotiated with Canada. The full house will vote on the trade agreement in February. CETA can only enter into force with MEPs’ approval. (Tuesday)


Waste reduction and recycling. More ambitious EU targets aiming to boost recycling of waste, packaging waste, vehicles, batteries and e-waste, and for reducing landfilling, will be up for a vote in the Environment Committee. Almost a third of EU municipal waste is still landfilled and less than half is recycled or composted, with wide variations among member states. (Tuesday)


Car emissions/EP inquiry. Meanwhile, Parliament’s Special Committee on Emission Measurements in the car sector (EMIS) will continue its inquiry by hearing representatives of car manufacturer Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen Group. (Tuesday)


Taxation/EP inquiry. The Special Committee on Money Laundering, Tax avoidance and Tax Evasion (PANA) will continue its inquiry by looking into the role played by banks, accountants and lawyers in the setting up of secret offshore financial vehicles for their clients. (Tuesday)


Firearms. The provisional deal with the Council on the updated EU firearms directive, setting out the conditions under which private persons may lawfully acquire and possess guns or transfer them to another EU country, is up for a vote in the Internal Market Committee. (Thursday)


Euro/budgetary capacity. Reforms to create a more stable and resilient monetary union will be voted by the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. MEPs are keen to complete the banking and financial union, make progress towards more convergent economies in the Eurozone and prevent unsustainable risk-sharing in order to protect taxpayers and restore trust. (Wednesday)


Committee chairs and vice chairs. Several EP committees will elect their chairs and vice chairs, following the election of a new Parliament President, 14 Vice-presidents and five Quaestors in Strasbourg. (Monday to Thursday)

Maltese Council Presidency. Maltese Ministers will present the priorities of the Council Presidency in a series of meetings with committees. (Monday to Thursday)

President's diary. EP President Antonio Tajani will meet Spanish Minister of Health Dolors Montserrat on Monday and Pakistan Minister of Trade Khurram Dastgir Khan on Tuesday. On Wednesday he will deliver a speech at the opening of a ceremony for the International Holocaust Day (27 January). Finally, President Tajani will meet Montenegro  Prime Minister Duško Marković, on Thursday.

Press briefing. The EP Press Service will hold a press briefing on the week's activities at 11.00 on Monday, in the “Anna Politkovskaya” EP press conference room, Brussels. Ask #EPressbriefing @EuroParlPress questions on committees' work.

EP Press Service contact 21 and 22 January


Mobile:  (+32) 498 98 35 91

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