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The consequences of rising socio-economic inequalities for European citizens will be discussed by MEPs in a debate on Wednesday at 15.00.

Globalisation, technological changes, digitalisation and the economic crisis have increased inequalities in the EU. Over the years, the Parliament has repeatedly called for adequate social protection, particularly for vulnerable groups, such as disabled people, those on low incomes, young people and single parents. In a resolution adopted in November 2017, MEPs stressed that reducing inequalities was a precondition for economic recovery, decent job creation, social cohesion and prosperity in the EU.


The European Pillar of Social Rights, publicly backed by the EU and its member states, aims to directly address some of the root causes of inequalities, while in a broader context, fighting inequalities is also part of the reflection process on the future of Europe.



You can watch the plenary debate via EP Live, and EbS+.