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  • Afghanistan is still facing a serious conflict
  • Need for internal reconciliation and Afghan-led peace process
  • EU urged to back Afghan efforts to disarm, demobilise and reintegrate insurgents

Political and economic progress in Afghanistan is visible, but still very fragile. It could be reversed by growing security challenges, MEPs warned on Thursday.

Per capita GDP has grown fivefold, life expectancy has increased by almost 15 years and the number of girls attending schools has also risen. But this progress is very fragile and reversible, MEPs point out. 

The resolution stresses that despite major international efforts, Afghanistan is still facing a serious conflict. The security situation has deteriorated and the number of terrorist attacks has multiplied, resulting in the highest number of casualties since 2009, says the text.


MEPs are alarmed by the Taliban’s ongoing territorial expansion and by the recent strengthening of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups

They say that internal reconciliation and Afghan-led and -owned peace process is the only way forward. MEPs urge the Afghan government to pursue further reforms and stable relations with neighbours, and to fight corruption, radicalisation, terrorism and its financing.


The resolution welcomes EU efforts to promote peace and stability, to strengthen democracy and the rule of law, to promote good governance and women’s empowerment in Afghanistan. It calls on the EU “to actively support an Afghan-led disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programme for former insurgents”.