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The EU Commissioner in charge of Budget and Human Resources to face questions from Budgetary Control MEPs on the appointment of Martin Selmayr, on Tuesday 14:30.

The conclusions of the public hearing will contribute to a resolution to be voted on by the whole European Parliament on 19 April in Strasbourg. MEPs will discuss the draft resolution immediately after the hearing, which will build on a series of written questions to which the European Commission has replied.


When: Tuesday, 27 March, 14.30-16.00


Where: room József Antall (JAN) 6Q2 of the European Parliament in Brussels


You can follow the meeting live here.   




The procedure used to appoint Mr Selmayr as the Commission’s Secretary-General from 1 March lacked integrity and transparency, said several MEPs in a 12 March plenary debate in Strasbourg.


Further to the plenary debate, Parliament’s Conference of Presidents (President and political group leaders)  asked the Budgetary Control Committee to draft and table a resolution, to be put to a vote at a forthcoming plenary session in Strasbourg (provisionally 19 April), together with the vote on the budgetary discharge to the European Commission.