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Journalists with inter-institutional accreditation (yellow badge) may access Parliament’s Press Centre in the Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) building via the general visitor’s entrance.

The entrance is also suitable for camera crews carrying large AV equipment.

After passing through EP security checks, journalists will be able to access the Press Centre on the left-hand side via a door which opens with a special key card (obtained individually) and only valid in combination with the inter-institutional press badge issued to accredited journalists.  Please be aware that, for security reasons, the second door leading to the Press Centre can only be opened once the first door has closed.


The key card can be collected at the media accreditation office (room PHS -1C029, to the left of the visitors/ press entrance) and is operational within 5 minutes.  The card is valid for the same duration as the inter-institutional press badge.


Journalists with an inter-institutional press badge can continue to access Parliament's buildings through other entrances.


Opening hours of the media accreditation office


The media accreditation office is open Monday - Thursday from 08:30 to 17:45, and until 13:00 on Fridays and until 19:00 during part Sessions in Brussels. It is closed during Strasbourg weeks and in weeks when there is no parliamentary activity.


Outside regular opening hours, media accreditation can be obtained in the main accreditation centre on Esplanade Solidarność.


Recording permits


Recording permits will continue to be issued by the media accreditation office.