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Week van plenaire vergaderingen, commissie- en fractievergaderingen


"De EU moet bestaande rechten doeltreffender maken in de praktijk en de burgers in staat stellen hun rechten gemakkelijker uit te kunnen oefenen nu wij allen ons gehele leven via smartphones regelen,” zegt Giovanni Buttarelli, de nieuwe Europese Toezichthouder voor gegevensbescherming. Hij werkt aan de waarborging van gegevensbescherming van personen en privacy en het behoorlijk omgaan met gegevens in de EU-instellingen en organen. (Lees meer: Buttarelli: "EU moet bestaande gegevensbeschermingsrechten doeltreffender maken" )


Fishermen will have two years to “adapt” before sanctions for failing to comply with the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) discard ban take effect, under a tentative deal struck by Parliament and Council on Thursday, with European Commission help. The agreement amends the “omnibus” regulation setting out detailed arrangements for enforcing the ban. (Read more: Discard ban: MEPs delay enforcement of sanctions on fishermen who fail to comply )


De onderhandelingen over het EU-VS vrijhandelsakkoord (TTIP) worden voortgezet. De deal, die naar verwachting nieuwe banen zal creëren en de economie stimuleren aan beide zijden van de Atlantische Oceaan, raakt ook aan gevoelige kwesties, zoals het oplossen van geschillen. Op 27 januari hielden de commissies Internationale handel en Juridische zaken hierover een gezamenlijke openbare hoorzitting met deskundigen. (Lees meer: Gevoelige onderwerpen EU-VS-handelsakkoord in de schijnwerpers op hoorzitting )


The roadmap to the 21st UN climate conference, in Paris (France) in December, was debated by MEPs, the Latvian Presidency and Commissioner Arias Cañete on Wednesday. The conference of parties (COP21) to the UN Convention on Climate Change aims to deliver a worldwide climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol. (Read more: Climate change: MEPs discuss roadmap to Paris conference )

Persmededelingen (deel 2)

The Commission vice-president for growth and investment, Jyrki Katainen, called on Parliament on Wednesday to do its utmost to ensure the Juncker plan for strategic investment would be up and running by June. He stressed the importance of the plan's three pillars: the fund itself, the project pipeline and the completion of the internal market. (Read more: Juncker plan welcomed by most political groups )


Het Parlement heeft woensdag in het debat met Commissaris Dimitris Avramopoulos van Binnenlandse Zaken gesproken over Europese maatregelen tegen terrorisme. Onder meer de rol van Europol, een betere uitwisseling van inlichtingen, het voorkomen van radicalisering en de Europese Agenda voor Veiligheid kwamen aan de orde. Parlementariërs stemmen tijdens de komende plenaire zitting van 9-12 februari over de betreffende resolutie. De Raad vergadert op 12 februari over anti-terrorismemaatregelen. (Lees meer: Parlement bespreekt anti-terrorismemaatregelen )


The fees that banks charge retailers for processing shoppers’ payments would be capped under draft EU rules endorsed by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs in a vote on Tuesday. The vote confirms an informal deal struck with the Council in December. The cap would apply to both cross-border and domestic card-based payments and should cut costs for card users. (Read more: Capping card payment fees: economic affairs MEPs back deal with Council )


The ultimate owners of companies will have to be listed in central registers in EU countries, open both to the authorities and to people with a "legitimate interest", such as journalists, under a Parliament/Council deal endorsed by the Economic and Monetary Affairs and Civil Liberties committees on Tuesday. The new anti-money laundering directive aims to help to fight money laundering, tax crimes and terrorist financing. New rules to make it easier to trace transfers of funds were also approved. (Read more: Money laundering: company owner lists to fight tax crime and terrorist financing )


EU solidarity should not replace decisions that must be taken in countries suffering economic difficulties, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble told Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs in Tuesday’s special debate on the review of the economic governance framework. His Italian colleague Pier Carlo Paduan, vehemently rejected criticism of measures to bring down Italy’s deficit and stressed the need to better coordinate reform policies. (Read more: “Solidarity should not replace necessary decisions”, Schäuble tells MEPs )


A new, improved EU Transparency Register was launched on Tuesday with the aim of making EU-decision-making and the activities of lobbyists more transparent and more accountable while also giving lobbyists more incentives to register and making the database easier for lobbyists and the public to access. (Read more: Commission and Parliament implement new rules on Transparency Register )

Videos of @EP_President 's visit to #Greece & meetings with @PrimeministerGR & Party Leaders available now at: http://t.co/47kf2lkwpc
#EP Committees start again today at 09:00. Watch them LIVE at: http://t.co/l9OpMj6745 & follow news on #Twitterlist: https://t.co/MLES7fM4OO
Press release: @JunckerEU plan welcomed by most political groups: http://t.co/SPerapuTKY #EPlenary
#Russia's EU Ambassador Chizhov is in #EP tomorrow for a debate w/#Russia delegation MEPs chaired by @othmar_karas 10-11.30am in room ASP3G2
.@EP_ForeignAff MEPs call for tightening #Russia sanctions after #Mariupol attack http://t.co/V5EgYM2a8z
Follow the rest of #Mariupol shellings #Ukraine #Russia debate in @EP_ForeignAff LIVE at http://t.co/Pwz9MaBFJS
RT @ElenaValenciano: Ni un latigazo más a Raif Badawi. Desde @EP_HumanRights pedimos su liberación #FreeRaifBadawi http://t.co/F27GVlk6Ex
.@ElenaValenciano says: "Unjust and inhumane the punishment of blogger Raif Badawi". Read full statement here: http://t.co/gLcsh73yGu
#EPlenary adopts resolution on #mediafreedom in #Turkey Press release here: http://t.co/3RJPLoqHkf
#NPT Review hearing in @EP_Defence w/ @meier_oliver from @SWPBerlin,R. #Johnson from @AcronymInst & @eu_eeas now LIVE http://t.co/TPwclj6F3P
.@EP_Defence now receives Amb. #Karklins, Director of @NATO StratCom COE http://t.co/Yun5h0hWne http://t.co/TPwclj6F3P
.@EP_Defence now turns to debate security situation in #Ukraine with Ukraine’s Ambassador to the EU #Yelisieiev: http://t.co/yeR9DQ8xZO
Debate w/ @UN Deputy Secretary-General Eliasson Monday 2 Feb 17.30. More info: http://t.co/3hgS4pEs4B Watch live: http://t.co/FtQaXp8OQO
Development MEPs hail the uniqueness of the #ACPEU Joint Parliamentary Assembly http://t.co/1J20k2h0Hz
.@EP_Development now turns to debate the situation of working children with experts LIVE awb://owl.li/HK2DM #childlabour
how to best protect EU investment abroad?alternatives to #ISDS? asks chair @berndlange to experts in hearing ahead of #TTIP talks 8th round
Hearing today - @EP_Trade & @EP_Legal to discuss investor protection #ISDS and regulatory aspects of #TTIP at 3 pm http://t.co/5MnAcsRgK2
Financing EU security and defence policy: discussion in @EP_Budgets & @EP_Defence on Wed am. Agenda, docs: http://t.co/ARgQ8oEB3V
#Junckerplan, budget amendments @EP_Budgets, with @KatainenJyrki @KGeorgievaEU, starting 15:00. Live: http://t.co/bxcH1tFXt0
2016 #EUbudget: discussion on estimates starts @EP_Budgets 10:30. Live: http://t.co/4SnhOxBgjw @JMFernandesEU @gerardeprez
Sharp criticism of some EU-funded airports @EP_BudgControl debate of @EUAuditorsECA report. More here: http://t.co/WDEy5dJyi1 @derekvaughan
.@EP_BudgControl discusses #discharge 2013 to EU agencies. Also @EUAuditorsECA airports report. Live from 3pm: http://t.co/1a89htOCPx
Majority of @EP_Economics @EP_Justice MEPS also backed rules for transparent fund transfers
.@EP_Economics EP_@EP_Justice #moneylaundering deal w/ Council press release + full text in http://t.co/4ng2Pt8cDB
.@EP_Economics @PabloZalba #creditcardfees deal with the Council press release +full text inside http://t.co/LL4eYdImSa
.@EPSocialAffairs wants the #investEU to create quality #jobs More info http://t.co/KNUh4szmhe
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting tomorrow, Thursday 29 Jan, 9.00-12:30 & 15.00-18.30 in JAN 4Q2. Agenda http://t.co/W5bSTLbyRy
.@EPSocialAffairs starting now - follow LIVE http://t.co/PqpGBj0ZVL
Cttee meeting to start with votes on #discharge2013 Webstr http://t.co/1Jp27IQgKp agenda http://t.co/NbNDv9qjVw docs http://t.co/D1Tm5v3xzU
Roadmap to #COP21: #EPlenary debate with @MAC_europa +/- 18.30cet LIVE http://t.co/VRKHjTcvMb #ParisClimat2015
#EnergyUnion: Cttee meeting 15.00cet, exchange of views with @MarosSefcovic Webstream http://t.co/78JJnpt0Xh Docs http://t.co/Hcr1MbglZx
Did you miss the debate with @MarosSefcovic @EP_Industry yesterday? Catch up here: http://t.co/5JJLeGDun9
.@EP_Industry debate with @MarosSefcovic about #energysecurity starts in 10'. Follow here: http://t.co/n296EpQSDv
Next @EP_SingleMarket: 5 Feb 9 am. Debates on #TTIP, #cableway, economic governance. Docs http://t.co/Sgqd8mbG44
#PackageTravel rules: @EP_SingleMarket approves the mandate for negot'ns w/ @eu2015lv. The mandate dates 12/03/2014 http://t.co/NJHsu8EAA2
Watch live @EP_Transport: debate on recommendations for #TTIP negotiations http://t.co/EcKogmTs8G TRAN draft opinion http://t.co/GPvcRPNSWF
Now @EP_Transport committee: debate on tourism policy Watch live streaming here http://t.co/EcKogmTs8G
Short note on the approval of the agreement on cross-border tracking traffic offences in TRAN yesterday http://t.co/8X7ZUybw4g
New briefing: The international dimension of European #UrbanPolicy http://t.co/gjGP2Q7lXd @WestphalKerstin #CohesionPolicy @EP_ThinkTank
.@eu2015lv priorities discussed by EP committees: Press release http://t.co/nzdjOu80UK
Progress on new #CohesionPolicy OPs; #REGI MEPs warn about low implementation - Debate with @CorinaCretuEU http://t.co/aL9Cgxti1p
End of #milk quotas: EU must do more to help #dairy #farmers adapt to new reality, @EP_Agriculture MEPs say: http://t.co/jleqgrJKXn
.@JNicholsonMEP: @Europarl_EN must make itself involved in finding solutions 4 #milk farmers. Must help solve problems in our constituencies
.@JNicholsonMEP: we have to try to solve problems on #dairy market & ensure better future for #milk farmers
RT @EU_MARE: Landing obligation: Provisional agreement reached on Omnibus Regulation @EP_Fisheries @AlainCadec @eu2015lv @EU_MARE http://t.…
Landing obligation: provisional interinstitutional agreement reached today: Press release http://t.co/IiOhyD4t8M #discards #Fisheries
Press conf w/ @AlainCadec @ 12:00 on landing obligation: link esp. for Mac-users: http://t.co/X0mojjUorm #discards #Fisheries
CULT Members ask @GOettingerEU about the reform of #copyright #digitalskills, pluralism of online #cultural content http://t.co/2nvdezcckK
Exchange of views with Commissioner @GOettingerEU starts now. @EPCulture priorities presented by @SilviaCostaEU http://t.co/miJVUsD3hN
The next TTIP round will focus largely on regulatory aspects says @1PavelSvoboda when introducing the 2nd part of hearing
Hearing on #TTIP, regulatory aspects and #ISDS starting now. Watch live: http://t.co/Vvj5foAObp Programme: http://t.co/82vDHOSr7S
RT @eu2015lv: VIDEO PLAYLIST: if you missed something from Day 1 of the informal #JHA meeting, then here is a recap - https://t.co/HfGGrCuD…
.@EP_Justice agenda for 5 February is available here: http://t.co/aluwfqkNNg. #TFTP, #fairtrials for children, #Eurojust, #foreignfighters
RT @eu2015lv: Informal #JHA in Riga: watch live arrivals, doorsteps and round table starting from 8:50 local time/7:50 Brussels - http://t.…
Next meeting @EPInstitutional should take place on 26/2 - for last meetings here is the link for the VOD http://t.co/x0tdQ8z7uQ
Hearing #equaltreatment of #women and men in matters of #employment and occupation. Live now: http://t.co/NwW0gAg8RP
Exchange of views @VeraJourova at 15.30 @EP_GenderEqual. Live: http://t.co/NwW0gAg8RP
Hearing #equaltreatment of #women and men in matters of #employment and occupation at 16.30h. Live: http://t.co/NwW0gAg8RP
New @EP_Petitions vice-Chairs are Rosa Estarás (EPP, ES), @RobertaMetsola (EPP, MT), @MarleneMizzi (S&D, MT) & Pál Csaky (EPP, SK)
.@EP_Petitions to elect its Chair and 4 vice-Chairs today at 5.15pm - Follow it live http://t.co/oRCwtM8xzF
RT @mvandenbroeke: #EP press team selfie on last day of last session in Strasbourg #EP2014 http://t.co/ROIQm4aEz1
Het Parlement is te vinden op…