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European political parties, the European Parliament's cooperation with other EU institutions and national parliaments, the implementation of European treaties and all general matters related to the work of the EU institutions.


Parliament's contribution to security and justice matters, including data protection, fighting discrimination, granting freedom of movement, border control, migration, asylum, judicial and police cooperation.


EP policies regarding third countries, including accession candidates, EU neighbouring countries and strategic partners. This covers trade, human rights, development policy, as well as security and defence matters.


Parliament input to develop common agricultural and fisheries policies, rural development, animal welfare, quality of agricultural products and conservation of fishery resources.


EP work on the EU's long-term and annual budgets and also on budgetary control (discharge).


Culture, education, youth and sport and aspects of the EU's media policy. Topics include multiannual programmes such as Erasmus, Creative Europe, Europe for citizens as well as the European Capital of Culture programme and the LUX Prize for cinema.


EU economic and monetary policies, including the regulation of financial services, the accountability of the ECB to the EP, taxation and competition, and the free movement of capital and payments.


Parliament's work on employment and social policies, including working conditions, vocational training and the free movement of workers.


EP work in the field of the internal market and consumer protection, including the free movement of people, goods and services within the EU, as well as consumer rights, product safety, recognition of professional qualifications, standardisation and public procurement.


Regional and transport policies, including railways, shipping and road haulage, passenger rights, greener and safer vehicles and regional development policy promoting economic and social cohesion among EU member states.


EP work to develop EU environmental, health and food safety policies, including climate change, curbing pollution and toxic chemicals, rules on medicines and patient rights, as well as legislation on food safety checks and labelling.