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A new draft text on an EU system for the use of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data, tabled by lead MEP Timothy Kirkhope (ECR, UK), was discussed in the civil liberties committee on Thursday morning. (Read more: Changes to planned European Passenger Name Record (PNR) system discussed by MEPs )


The EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS) was set up to reduce gas emissions and fight climate change, but it is not working as efficiently as it could. On 24 February MEPs approved draft legislation to tackle the imbalances of supply and demand of emission allowances, which is holding back investment in green technologies. Read on to find out what the reform is all about. (Read more: ETS reform: everything you need to know in a nutshell )


They are the ones who make Europe a better place: 47 people and organisations from all over the EU received the European Citizen's Prize at a ceremony in Brussels on 25 February as an award for their contributions to European cooperation and the promotion of common values. This included anything from defending the rights of vulnerable groups in society, to working to improve knowledge of EU law and policies, fighting extremism and promoting tolerance and dialogue. (Read more: European Citizen’s Prize: acknowledging people’s contributions to Europe )


Some 3,000 workers made redundant in Belgium, Germany and Poland in 2013-2014 should receive EU aid worth €6.3million to help them find jobs, the Budgets Committee recommended on Thursday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: EU job-search aid for redundant workers in Belgium, Germany and Poland )

Press releases (second part)

Development plays a crucial role in improving people's lives around the world, but what is the best way to finance it? On 24 February the EP's development committee held a public hearing on how to mobilise all available means and types of financial resources for sustainable global development and poverty eradication over the next 15 years. The hearing, led by committee chair Linda McAvan, was attended by representatives from UN agencies, companies and civil society. (Read more: Financing development: making every euro count )


Next year’s EU budget priorities should be fostering growth by helping employment, enterprises and entrepreneurship, showing solidarity both within the EU and with countries outside it and putting EU finances in order by tackling the overdue payments backlog and reforming the EU revenue system, say Budgets Committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Thursday. (Read more: Growth, solidarity and paying the bills: budget MEPs vote 2016 budget priorities )


Parliament’s newly-established Special Committee on Tax Rulings elected Alain Lamassoure (EPP, FR) as its chair at its constituent meeting on Thursday morning. As vice-chairs, the committee elected Bernd Lucke (ECR, DE), Marisa Matias (GUE/NGL, PT) and Eva Joly (Greens/EFA, FR). Rapporteurs will be appointed on 9 March. (Read more: Alain Lamassoure elected chair of Special Committee on Tax Rulings )


Debating the activities of the ECB with MEPs, ECB President Mario Draghi pledged to work towards a genuine Economic Union. "Economic convergence has not been as sustainable as it was hoped for at the outset. This still puts at risk the long-term success of the monetary union when faced with an important shock", he said. (Read more: Draghi to Parliament: deeper Monetary Union needed to deal with important shocks )


The violations of the Minsk II Ukraine-Russia ceasefire agreement, the deal reached with Greece, a Passenger Name Record (PNR) system to fight terrorism and the worrying situation in Libya were among the issues addressed in a debate with European Council and Commission presidents Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday. (Read more: Ukraine, Greece, terrorism, Libya: highlights of debate with Tusk and Juncker )


President Schulz announced that the laureates of the 2014 European Citizen's Prize were visiting Parliament and attending the sitting and a ceremony for them would be held in the Paul-Henri Spaak Building at 17.30. (Read more: Opening of February II session: European Citizen's Prize, Venezuela debate )

Weekly agenda
Schedule by day Thursday 26 Feb 2015
Committee on Culture and Education - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Subcommittee on Human Rights - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Constitutional Affairs - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
The European Citizens' Initiative - Public hearings (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Budgets - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Regional Development - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Workshop on cross-border activities in the EU - making life easier for citizens - Special events (26-02-2015): 09:30, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Legal Affairs - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 09:30, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Subcommittee on Security and Defence - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 10:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Freedom of religion or belief: Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East - Public hearings (26-02-2015): 10:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Presentation of Passenger Name Records report - Press conferences (26-02-2015): 11:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Women domestic workers and carers in the EU - Public hearings (26-02-2015): 11:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Valencia Metro Accident Victims Association - Press conferences (26-02-2015): 12:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Implementation of the regulation on the Citizens' initiative - Press conferences (26-02-2015): 13:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The President's diary - The President's diary (26-02-2015): 13:30
Committee on Budgets - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 14:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Petitions - Parliamentary committees (26-02-2015): 15:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
The reform of the educational systems in Europe as a way to fight early school leaving, child poverty and youth unemployment - Public hearings (26-02-2015): 15:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Twitter wrap-up of the 1st group of speakers on the #EPlenary debate on #ECB activities:
Twitter wrap-up of the 1st group of speakers on the #EPlenary debate on last #euco summit:
The Twitter coverage is now over. You can watch the rest of the #EPlenary debate at: &
Speaker of @verkhovna_rada of #Ukraine calls for MEPs’ support for delivery of “defensive” weapons:
RT @europarlAV: .@EP_ForeignAff discusses with Volodymyr #Groysman,Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of #Ukraine. VIDEO & SHOTLIST…
1st meeting of #EU-#Ukraine MPs cooperation committe. Opened by @EP_President & @verkhovna_rada speaker #Groysman
Tomorrow @EP_HumanRights Hearing on Freedom of religion at 10.00 Programme: Watch live:
Tomorrow @EP_HumanRights debate on #humanrights & technology at 09.00. Agenda:
"Full accountability for crimes against #children during conflicts" says @ElenaValenciano Full press statement:
.@EP_Defence @EP_Budgets debate CommonSecurity&DefencePolicy financing on Thu at9.00.Draft @EduardKukan @indrektarand
#NPT Review hearing in @EP_Defence w/ @meier_oliver from @SWPBerlin,R. #Johnson from @AcronymInst & @eu_eeas now LIVE
.@EP_Defence now receives Amb. #Karklins, Director of @NATO StratCom COE
.@EP_Development opinion on #TTIP adopted by 16/7/1 Press release:
Hearing on Financing for Development w/ @MimicaEU & others. Follow live #EYD2015 Programme:
Vote on #TTIP opinion starts in 10 min. Draft opinion & amendments: Follow live:
#TTIP in the EP: all dates, links, drafts, timelines & other details you've been asking about in one place
#TTIP talks: MEPs work on their recommendations for negotiators/ @EP_trade debate & @EP_Development vote summarized
Debate on trade deal with #Vietnam, rapporteur @ZahradilJan live now
Tmrw am votes on #Belgium #Germany #Poland #EGF aid applications @EP_Budgets. Agenda, docs:
Tmrw am vote on #EP priorities for 2016 budget, debate on MFF change, #Greek #EGF applications. Agenda, docs:
Commission shld check spending of #EU funds better and claw back more lost money, says @EP_BudgControl. Read more:
Fight against #EUbudget fraud vote @9, then debate continues on #discharge 2013 @r_czarnecki @AndersVistisen. Live:
Vote on fight against fraud on #EUbudget, debate on #discharge 2013 to EU instits, agencies Tue @9:00. Docs, live:
EP Special Committee on #tax rulings will have its constituent meeting tomorrow from 08:30 to 09:00 in ASP 1G3. #luxleaks
Plenary debate with Mario #Draghi not expected before 18:30. We will tweet live from the debate from @EP_Economics
Parliament's Special Committee on #tax rulings meets for 1st time on 26/2 to select chair and vice-chairs. Next meeting on 9/3. #LuxLeaks
.@EPSocialAffairs February 2015 Newsletter
.@EPSocialAffairs & @EPCulture Joint Hearing on early school leaving: Thu, 26 Feb, 15.00-17.30 Follow on EP Live
.@EPSocialAffairs and @EPCulture Joint Hearing on early school leaving. Thu, 26 Feb, 15.00-17.30 Draft agenda
#EUETS #MSR: report by @IvoBelet adopted 58/10/1 negotiations with @eu2015lv opened 57/10/1
#Biofuels: report by @NilsTorvalds adopted 39/26/4 negotiations opened 46/20/2 #ILUC
2/2 Lead #MEPs: @IvoBelet (@EPPGroup, Belgium) on #EUETS #MSR and @NilsTorvalds (@ALDEgroup, Finland) on #Biofuels #ILUC
In a few minutes, MEPs will give their first reactions to today's proposed #energyunion. Watch live: #EPlenary
"Energy union can help to boost economic growth and jobs." Interview with @EP_Industry chair @JerzyBuzek #energyunion
.@MarosSefcovic & @MAC_europa just presented #energyunion. At 15h, MEPs will give first reactions. #EPlenary live:
RT @C_Stihler_MEP: Enjoyed discussions @EP_SingleMarket on my opinions on copyright and IPR and my report on gas appliances. Thank you. htt…
.@EP_SingleMarket mtng resumes w/ debates on #IPR, #copyright & gas appliances @C_Stihler_MEP. Follow live
Starting now @EP_Transport: debate on new financial schemes for European transport projects, streaming:
In 10min @EP_Transport: presentation of ECA report on effectiveness of EU-funded urban transport projects, streaming
In TRAN at 16h Christophersen-Bodewig-Secchi report on fin.instruments for transport streaming
#UrbanAgenda, #EFSI and #MFF revision: Don't miss tomorrow's #REGI meeting: Highlights:
Highlights of next #REGI meeting (Thu): #UrbanAgenda, 6th #Cohesion report, #EFSI and #MFF revision #CohesionPolicy
Check out all briefings, studies & analyses on #CohesionPolicy here: and here:
Missed yesterday's joint hearing w/ @EP_Environment on #Cloning of animals for farming purposes? Watch it here:
Today in #AGRI: Debate on #TTIP & other topics. Watch live: Agenda:
Extraordinary #Fisheries cttee meetg in #Strasbourg on 9/3 @ 19:00 to vote on "Omnibus" regulation #discards
#Fisheries committee vote results from 24/02/2015:
#Fisheries PA EU- #Mauritania: No progress unless MR "shows flexibility on the financial issues" says @KarmenuVella
#LuxPrize laureate #Ida winning #Oscar2015 best foreign language film
CULT Members ask @GOettingerEU about the reform of #copyright #digitalskills, pluralism of online #cultural content
Workshop "Cross-border activities in the EU - Making life easier for citizens" on Thursday 26/02. Read more:
Debates on #TradeSecrets and enforcement of #IPR postponed, next @EP_Legal meeting on 9 March in Strasbourg.
.@EP_Justice newsletter nr 7 is now online
#EUPNR new draft report @TimKirkhopeMEP available It will be discussed tmw at 9am @EP_Justice
.@EP_Justice MEPs restart discussions on #surveillance programmes & go to #Washington in March #EPinquiry #NSA #GCHQ
Agenda AFCO 26/02 here #EPHearingonECI & institutional set up of the EU @ElmarBrok @mercedesbresso @GuyVerhofstadt
Tomorrow at 13.00 press conference on #EPHearingonECI w/ @danutahuebner & @CeciliaWikstrom
Make sure you use the right hashtag #EPHearingonECI for hearing on European Citizens’ Initiative @EP_Petitions and @EPInstitutional tomorrow
Hearing @EP_GenderEqual tomorrow at 11h: Women domestic workers and carers in #EU. Programme:
Tomorrow at 9 @EP_GenderEqual meeting: #EU strategy for #equality between women and men,#maternityleave &more.Agenda:...
RT @EP_ThinkTank: 3 years of the EU citizens initiative - what went wrong? #EPHearingonECI @EPInstitutional @EP_Peti…
Tomorrow at 13.00 press conference on #EPHearingonECI w/ @danutahuebner & @CeciliaWikstrom
Make sure you use the right hashtag #EPHearingonECI for the hearing on European Citizens’ Initiative tomorrow.
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