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A proposal to grant Spain €856,800 in EU aid to help find new jobs for 250 former car workers who were made redundant by 29 firms making motor vehicle parts in the Valencia region was approved by the Budgets Committee on Thursday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers on 12 December, and by a plenary vote in Parliament planned for 14 December. (Read more: MEPs approve €856,800 in job-search aid for 250 redundant workers in Spain )


The EU Commission and member states will be able to reimpose visa requirements faster and more easily under new rules agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators on Wednesday. (Read more: Visa suspension mechanism: Parliament and Council negotiators strike a deal )

01) #EmergencyLessons EU-Unicef project   During the Emergency Lessons event at the Parliament young people presented their own call for stronger international support for programmes allowing children caught up in emergencies to continue their learning.

Some 462 million children live in countries affected by war or national disasters and about 75 million of them need educational support. The EU and Unicef launched the Emergency Lessons campaign this year to highlight the importance of education for children affected by emergencies. On 6 December children, teachers and volunteers visited the Parliament in Brussels to talk about their experiences. (Read more: Emergency Lessons: the importance of educating children in emergency situations )


Volunteers from the Syria Civil Defence - better known as the White Helmets - risk their lives on a daily basis by serving as the main rescue group operating in besieged eastern Aleppo. Addressing Parliament’s foreign affairs and development committees on 5 December, their chief liaison officer Abdulrahman Al-Mawwas decried the current situation in Aleppo and called for both a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors to prevent a large-scale humanitarian disaster. (Read more: Syria’s White Helmets: “We need a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors” )

Press releases (second part)

Foreign fighters as well as “lone wolves” training and preparing terrorist attacks on European soil will be criminalised under new EU-rules to fight terrorism backed on Monday. (Read more: Clampdown on terrorism -new counter-terrorism law backed by civil liberties MEPs )


All EU citizens and third country nationals entering or leaving the EU will be checked against databases, e.g. of lost and stolen documents, under a draft law informally agreed by MEPs and EU ministers on Monday. (Read more: Mandatory checks at EU external borders: deal done by MEPs and ministers )


Easier access for all rail operators to domestic rail markets should give rail passengers more choice and better quality services under draft rules backed by Transport and Tourism Committee on Monday. (Read more: Transport MEPs back reform of domestic rail services )


EU nationals being radicalised and travelling to fight in Iraq or Syria represent a growing threat. Most of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe were perpetrated by home-grown terrorists, and some of them proved to be returning “foreign fighters”. The civil liberties committee votes today on a new directive on combatting terrorism. The text, drafted in the wake of the November 2015 Paris attacks, proposes the criminalisation of preparatory acts such as travelling for terrorist purposes. (Read more: Terrorism: members to vote on new measures against foreign fighters )


With committees meeting and the final plenary session of the year to prepare for, MEPs have a busy week in store for them in Brussels. MEPs vote on proposals to help member states better fight terrorism and to make the EU more democratic and transparent. The political groups also prepare for next week’s sitting in Strasbourg where the 2016 Sakharov Prize will be awarded to Yazidi survivors and advocates Nadia Murad and Lamiya Aji Bashar. (Read more: In Parliament this week: terrorism, future of Europe, and Syria's White Helmets )

INTRO: Remember #EYE2016? Well it’s not over yet! In the past weeks participants at May’s European Youth Event addressed members of the EP on their ideas for a better Europe.   Over the past weeks participants of May’s European Youth Event told MEPs about their ideas for a better Europe.

Some 7,500 young people came to the Parliament in May 2016 to come up with ideas on how the improve the situation in Europe as part of the European Youth Event (EYE). In recent weeks a number of these participants were invited to present their ideas on anything from asylum policy to e-voting to Parliament committees. Thanking participants at the end of the hearings this week, Vice-President Mairead McGuinness said: “Your future is determined by politics, make sure you are involved in it." (Read more: EYE hearings: empowering young people )

Weekly agenda
Schedule by day Thursday 08 Dec 2016
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 08:45, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Budgets - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Subcommittee on Security and Defence - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Subcommittee on Human Rights - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Constitutional Affairs - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 09:00
“New study of tax avoidance” - Press conferences (08-12-2016): 11:15, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Budgetary Control Committee - Parliamentary committees (08-12-2016): 14:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Fundamental Rights Implications on Big Data - Public hearings (08-12-2016): 14:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The President's Agenda - The President's diary (08-12-2016):
Schedule by day Friday 09 Dec 2016
Pre-session briefing - Press conferences (09-12-2016): 11:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The President's Agenda - The President's diary (09-12-2016):
Press release: Clampdown on terrorism - new #counterterrorism law backed by @EP_Justice MEPs:
Press release: Mandatory checks at EU external borders: deal done by MEPs and ministers: @EP_Justice
Press release: @EP_Transport MEPs back reform of domestic #rail services: more choice for better services:
.@EP_ForeignAff back EU partnership agreement with #Mongolia. Next: Feb 2017 #Eplenary. Read more @HelmutScholzMEP
.@EP_ForeignAff continues with a debate on #Syria w/ @SyriaCivilDef. Live
NOW @EP_ForeignAff @EP_Development hearing on Great Lakes region w. Prof. Gérard Prunier & @eu_eeas Patrick Spirlet…
.@EP_HumanRights Chair denounces consqces of Russia & China vetoing #UN Security Council Reso on #Aleppo ceasefire:
Watch the interview of Abdulrahman Al Mawwas from @SyriaCivilDef calling for the creation of a humanitarian corrido…
Tmrw from 10.00 @EP_HumanRights conf on Conflict areas in Eastern Partnership & situation of #humanrights - AGENDA:
8 Dec at 9 am. @EP_Defence to debate EU global strategy and transatlantic relations. Follow live
.@EP_Defence to meet 8 Dec at 9 am: debates on #Syria, EU global strategy and transatlantic ties. Live
The momentum to move towards a working European Defence Policy has come, say @Urmaspaet. Read full statement…
#WorldAIDSday2016: @EP_Development reaffirms its commitment in the fight against AIDS. Full support to patients & o…
Starting now @EP_Development hearing on good governance & implementation of SDG16: - Agenda…
Starring NOW: @EP_Trade afternoon mtng on Sri Lanka GSP+, wildlife trafficking. Live Agenda
Next @EP_Trade to meet 5 Dec afternoon: Sri Lanka GSP+ application, wildlife trafficking. Agenda
IN 30MIN @EP_Trade @EP_Agriculture debate effects for agriculture of trade deals w/ @MalmstromEU & @PhilHoganEU
.@EP_President signs #EUBudget 2017 into law, framed by negotiating team @JeanArthuis @indrektarand @EuropaJens (fr…
#EUbudget 2017 approved: better support for youth and growth initiatives @EuropaJens @indrektarand
#EPlenary approves #EUBudget 2017 with 438 votes in favour, 194 against, 7 abstentions @EuropaJens @indrektarand
1/2 Tomorrow's @EP_BudgControl meeting: @CorinaCretuEU to be quizzed in view of #EUDischarge2015. Agenda pts 3&4 (v…
MEPs endorse former PM Juhan Parts as @EUauditors member for #Estonia with 15+/5-/1°. #EPlenary vote next Wed.
.@EP_Economics @JezekCZ deal reached w/ @eu2016sk & @EU_Commission on #prospectusregulation
EU list of tax havens likely by end 2017, @EU_Commission's @pierremoscovici tells #Pana Committee #PanamaLeaks
.@EPSocialAffairs Public hearing on labour market reforms in #Greece ongoing -follow LIVE
At 11.00 @EP_Trade @EPSocialAffairs debate social&labour aspects of trade deals w/ @MalmstromEU & @Michelservoz
.@EPSocialAffairs conference with @eurofound starts at 9.00. Programme Follow LIVE #6EWCS
#Wildlife trafficking: report by @catherinemep adopted with 567 votes in favour, 5 against, 39 abstentions #EPlenary
RT @catherinemep: The paperwork is done. Now its time for action. EU governments must treat wildlife trafficking as a serious crime. https:…
#EPlenary opposes re-authorisation of #Bentazone #herbicide with 361 votes to 289, 28 abstentions
Energy agreements: informal deal on more support from the European Commission: @EP_Industry
Video statement @JerzyBuzek @EP_Industry on Clean Energy Package:
Clean Energy Package – statement of @JerzyBuzek w/ @EP_Industry:
RT @EU_Growth: Business using online platforms?💻 We want to hear from you. Share your experiences here📝: #B2B #Digi…
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Does everyone get an equal share in the so-called ‘sharing economy’? #CollaborativeEconomy https:…
Watch now @EP_Transport: MEPs debate Commission work programme 2017 transport priorities with Commissioner Bulc
.@EP_Transport MEPs adopt opinion fo r the lead IMCO committee on type approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles: 34/6/1
.@EP_Transport committee approves own-initiative report on logistics in the EU and multimodal transport
RT @EU_Commission: D-1: EU Solidarity Corps to be launched 07 December. #EUSolidarityCorps to provide volunteering and job opportunities fo…
RT @KGeorgievaEU: #EUSolidarityCorps helps you give something back to those who most need it. Tomorrow I will launch the initiative: https:…
RT @jyrkikatainen: #OECDPISA results remind us that high quality education is one of the best investments any society can make. https://t.c…
.@EP_Agriculture debates now #CAP related Omnibus proposal w/rapporteurs Albert Dess (EPP,DE) & @paolodecastro. Live
.@EP_Agriculture 5/12: #CAP related budget rules (Omnibus), farmland concentration & greenhouse gas emissions. Live
.@EP_Agriculture 5/12: #CAP related budget rules (Omnibus), farmland concentration & greenhouse gas emissions.Agenda
RT @EU_MARE: The Commission proposes additional catch limits for the #NorthSea and Atlantic for 2017…
RT @FishKnigge: 22:1 - Important step taken to improve transparency & accountability for EU vessels fishing outside the Union.…
RT @EPinUK_edu: What's in 2017 for @EUErasmusPlus & @europe_creative? EC presents annual work programmes to @EPCulture. Live shortly https:…
.@TNavracsicsEU @EPCulture exchange of views with CULT MEPs
.@TNavracsicsEU @EPCulture exchange of viens with CULT MEPs
.@EP_Legal holds hearing on Intellectual Property Law/Biotech Directive on 29.11 at 15.00 @1PavelSvoboda
.@EP_Legal on 29.11 ,at 16.30 Workshop on Implementation of Mediation Directive @1PavelSvoboda
Reform of @EASO: vote @EP_Justice tomorrow at 11h. Check draft report by @NiedermullerMEP & amendments:
.@EP_Justice votes tomorrow at 8.55 deal w/ @EUCouncil for mandatory checks at EU borders. Follow: | @MonicaMacovei1
Implications of #bigdata on #fundamentalrights - follow the @EP_Justice hearing on 8/12 at 14.30. Read more:
The agenda for Thursday's extraordinary @EPInstitutional meeting can be found here:
RT @CER_Grant: Was happy to give evidence to @EPInstitutional today. Said that I thought Brexit might end up a bit less hard than most in B…
Future constitutional relationship between #UnitedKingdom and #EU? Debate in @EPInstitutional at around 16:45
RT @eurogender: #16days Find out what is being done to combat gender-based violence in your country #SayNoStopVAW h…
RT @eurogender: More #Genderstatistics are needed: 31 % women & 29% men with disabilities are at risk of poverty/social exclusion in the EU…
RT @eurogender: More women and men are living on the edge of poverty & social exclusion today compared to 2010, according to EIGE's new stu…
Updated press release: environment and justice issues key priorities for EU petitioners in 2015:
.@EP_Petitions to investigate working conditions at @McDonalds, after hearing petitioners today from #France, #Belgium and #UnitedKingdom
RT @Jude_KD: Clear call from McDonald's workers for #fastfoodrights in @EP_Petitions & good to hear Commission say 0 hours workers have ful…
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