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Denis Mukwege, den congolesiske gynækolog og vinder af Sakharovprisen 2014, besøgte torsdag (d. 26/3) Europa-Parlamentet i Bruxelles. Her mødtes han med Underudvalget for Menneskerettigheder. De diskuterede vold mod kvinder, det kommende valg i den Demokratiske Republik Congo og landets fremtid. Mukwege behandler ofre for seksuel vold i sit hjemland. Vi talte med ham efter mødet. (Læs mere: Denis Mukwege: Samfundet må stå sammen )


D. 25 marts godkendte Europa-Parlamentet en finansiel hjælpepakke på €1,8 mia. til Ukraine. Pakken er den største nogensinde til et ikke-EU land. Forud for afstemningen mødtes vi med den litauiske ordfører Gabrielius Landsbergis fra EPP-gruppen. Vi talte med ham om, hvordan pengene skal fordeles, om sanktionerne mod Rusland samt hvilken rolle Europa-Parlamentet skal spille. (Læs mere: Gabrielius Landsbergis: "Sanktionerne mod Rusland er effektive" )


Dr Denis Mukwege, the 2014 Sakharov Prize laureate, described political problems in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his difficulties in tackling the problem of sexual abuse of women and even small children, in a Human Rights Subcommittee debate on Thursday. MEPs discussed how the EU could best support Dr Mukwege’s work, and some called for legally-binding rules on trade in conflict minerals. (Read more: Democracy and values are problematic in DRC, says Denis Mukwege )


Energiunionen, Grækenland og hvordan man sætter skub i økonomien blev debatteret under en diskussion om sidste uges topmøde i Det Europæiske Råd på plenarforsamlingen den 25. marts. MEP'erne hilste planer for et tættere samarbejde om energispørgsmål velkommen, men gjorde også opmærksom på den alvorlige situation i Grækenland. (Læs mere: Rådets topmøde: MEP'er debatterer energiunion og situationen i Grækenland )

Pressemeddelelser (anden del)

The question of whether Germany’s minimum pay rules should apply to foreign lorry drivers using its roads divided MEPs evenly in a debate with transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc on Wednesday evening. The European Commission is still assessing the implications of these rules, which the Germany partially suspended (for transit drivers) early this year, but they must in any event comply with EU law, she said. (Read more: Commission to clarify whether minimum wage may apply to foreign lorry drivers )


The 18 March terrorist attacks on the Tunis Bardo museum were clearly directed against Tunisia’s transition to democracy, as the “lone success story of the ‘Arab Spring’”, said MEPs in a debate with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Wednesday evening. All speakers insisted on the need to maintain or beef up EU support for Tunisia, so to in encourage it to pursue its democratic transition and not be intimidated by attempts to cause anarchy and chaos. (Read more: Terror attacks targeted Tunisia's democratic path: MEPs call for more EU support )


Tackling tax evasion should be a top EU priority. EU countries and the European Commission should play a leading role in discussing how to fight tax fraud and aggressive tax planning in the OECD and other relevant fora, says Parliament in its resolution on tax, voted on Wednesday. (Read more: EP takes stance on tax transparency, burdens, avoidance and evasion )


EU member states must be more transparent about their national tax rulings, because unfair tax competition distorts competition among companies and could lead to a “race to the bottom”, warned many MEPs in Wednesday’s debate with taxation Commissioner Pierre Moscovici. (Read more: Moscovici debate: MEPs make the case for fairer taxation )


EU plans to lend Ukraine €1.8 billion to help plug its short-term balance of payments gap were approved by MEPs on Wednesday. The EU will borrow the money externally and lend it on to Ukraine with the same interest rate. The disbursement will be tied to Ukraine pledging structural reforms to tackle problems that contributed to the current crisis. (Read more: European Parliament approves €1.8 billion EU loan to Ukraine )


More than 2,000 workers made redundant in Greece and Ireland in 2014 will receive EU aid worth €11.3 million to help them find jobs, Parliament decided on Wednesday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid has already been approved by the EU Council of Ministers. (Read more: Parliament approves EU aid for redundant workers in Greece and Ireland )

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2/2 Full agenda: http://t.co/vePjQK6Dfu Webstream: http://t.co/TYqfWSgTQ9 Meeting docs: http://t.co/RJHCn8iODu
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.@EP_Industry in 5 min: debate on energy policy and #climate w/ @MAC_europa: http://t.co/QtZtFYehgi
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Debate on prospects for EU #dairy sector after end of #milk quotas w/ rapporteur @JNicholsonMEP live now here: http://t.co/io6m7fZtFe
New study: small-scale #Fisheries and the zero discard target http://t.co/SlMzQ1hks9 #discards #CFPreality http://t.co/rDN3W15hMz
The new CFP requires MS to use transparent & objective criteria when allocating TACs & quotas http://t.co/BitNjfWQpS http://t.co/4RgPdmIj4F
Discard ban & Selectivity: Hearing on #13APR in @EP_Fisheries Details: http://t.co/S8GG4iU3w5 #discards #Fisheries http://t.co/xqfmBU3Qxl
#EP Study on Religious fundamentalism and radicalisation http://t.co/oNaYVTfZnD
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Hearing “Towards a high degree of accountability, transparency and integrity in the EU Institutions” on Thu 26/03: http://t.co/HOA3ctZ8gN
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