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Euroopan parlamentti hyväksyi torstaina EU:n laajuiset terrorismin torjuntaa koskevat säännöt, joilla pyritään vastaamaan uhkiin, joita nousee konfliktialueille terrorismiaikeissa matkustavien vierastaistelijoiden ja iskuja suunnittelevien ”yksinäisten susien” myötä. (Lue lisää: Terrorismin torjunta: säännöt vierastaistelijoita ja "yksinäisiä susia" vastaan )


Euroopan parlamentti hyväksyi torstaina päätöslauselman, jossa se vaatii EU:n laajuisia robotiikkaa koskevia sääntöjä. Parlamentti korostaa päätöslauselmassaan, että nopeasti kehittyvälle alalle tarvitaan yhteisiä sääntöjä vahvistamaan eettisiä periaatteita (Lue lisää: Robotiikka ja tekoäly: Parlamentti vaatii EU:n laajuisia sääntöjä )


Mikäli EU haluaa vahvistaa toimintakykyäänsä, palauttaa kansalaisten luottamuksen ja vahvistaa euroaluetta ulkopuolisten iskujen varalta, EU:n on otettava Lissabonin sopimus täysimääräisesti käyttöön, Euroopan parlamentti korostaa päätöslauselmassaan. Jos halutaan mennä pidemmälle, tarvitaan perusteellisempia uudistuksia. Euroopan parlamentti hyväksyi torstaina kolme päätöslauselmaa, joissa se ottaa kantaa EU:n tulevaisuuteen. (Lue lisää: Euroopan parlamentti esitteli näkemyksensä EU:n tulevaisuudesta )


Kaikkien EU:n alueelle saapuvien tai alueelta lähtevien EU:n ja kolmansien maiden kansalaisten tiedot tarkastetaan tietyistä tietokannoista torstaina Euroopan parlamentin hyväksymän asetuksen myötä. Neuvosto ja parlamentti pääsivät alustavaan yhteisymmärrykseen tästä asetuksesta jo 5.12.2016. (Lue lisää: Pakolliset tarkastukset EU:n ulkorajoille pysäyttämään vierastaistelijat )

Lehdistötiedotteet (toinen osa)

Parliament voices deep concern about the intimidation and harassment of Francesca Ramirez and other human rights defenders in Nicaragua, deplores the recent use of the death penalty in Kuwait and Bahrain, and strongly condemns the murders of human rights defenders and journalists in Guatemala, in three resolutions voted on Thursday. (Read more: Human rights: Nicaragua, executions in Kuwait and Bahrain, and Guatemala )


Low-risk biological pesticides, including those made from bio-organisms, pheromones or essential oils, could replace conventional ones that are suspected of harming the environment and human health. MEPs wonder why some member states hesitate or refuse to approve them and want the EU Commission to propose a revision of the rules to accelerate the approval process. (Read more: MEPs call for fast-track approval of low-risk pesticides )


Plans to boost greenhouse-gas emission curbs through the EU carbon market (EU ETS), so as to bring EU climate policy into line with the aims of the Paris agreement, were backed by Parliament on Wednesday. MEPs supported the Commission proposal to reduce the number of “carbon credits” (emission allowances) by 2.2% each year, and want to double the capacity of the 2019 market stability reserve (MSR) to absorb the excess of allowances on the market. (Read more: MEPs back plans to cut carbon emission allowances and fund low-carbon innovation )


Albania should step up the pace of judicial reform, as a key to starting EU accession negotiations, while Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) needs to overcome its ethnic and political divisions and remain united throughout the EU membership application evaluation process, said MEPs on Wednesday. (Read more: MEPs urge legal reform in Albania, rule of law for all in Bosnia and Herzegovina )


Euroopan parlamentti antoi hyväksyntänsä EU:n ja Kanadan välisen laaja-alaiselle talous- ja kauppasopimukselle CETA:lle keskiviikkona. Sopimus edistää tavaroiden ja palvelujen kauppaa ja kannustaa investointeihin. Sopimus saattaa astua väliaikaisesti voimaan jo huhtikuussa 2017. (Lue lisää: CETA: Parlamentti tukee EU:n ja Kanadan välistä kauppasopimusta )


EU job search aid worth €1,818,750 for 800 former retail workers in the Netherlands was approved in plenary in a vote on Tuesday. The workers were made redundant by six retail trade companies which recently went bankrupt in the Drenthe and Overijssel provinces. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers on 17 February. (Read more: EU job-search aid: €1.8m for 800 former retail workers in the Netherlands )

Viikon agenda
Päivän ohjelmat torstai 23 helmi 2017
Delegation to Toulouse and Marseille, France - Valtuuskunnat (23-02-2017): 09:00
Civil Liberties Committee visit to Canada - Valtuuskunnat (23-02-2017): 09:00
IMCO mission to India - Valtuuskunnat (23-02-2017):
D-PAL mission to Palestine - Valtuuskunnat (23-02-2017):
DROI mission to Vietnam - Valtuuskunnat (23-02-2017):
AFET mission to India - Valtuuskunnat (23-02-2017):
Päivän ohjelmat perjantai 24 helmi 2017
Civil Liberties Committee visit to Canada - Valtuuskunnat (24-02-2017): 09:00
AFET mission to India - Valtuuskunnat (24-02-2017):
DROI mission to Vietnam - Valtuuskunnat (24-02-2017):
The President's agenda - Puhemiehen päivyri (24-02-2017):
D-PAL mission to Palestine - Valtuuskunnat (24-02-2017):
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Agenda for the Week Ahead (20 - 27 Feb) of EP Delegations: https://t.co/lj4W23S61b https://t.co/pKzEkBrCCC
What is to hide from us?,asks @sylikiotis leading EP Del. 4 rel. w. #Palestine which has been denied access to Gaza: https://t.co/vrq4HD8bUD
Chair of EP's delegation 4 relations with #Palestine @sylikiotis heads cross-party mission to Palestine from 20 to… https://t.co/pPKbcaUdEt
Canadian PM @JustinTrudeau to adress #EPlenary tomorrow at 11 am. More details here https://t.co/2JGNvtN9FU https://t.co/XrvffKfktA
Last Nov. 2016 #EPlenary called on Russian authorities to immediately & unconditionally release Ildar Dadin - MORE:… https://t.co/7gHA7ZIZ5A
.@EP_ForeignAff & @EP_HumanRights Chairs @davidmcallister& @AntonioPanzeri worried by sit.of opposition leader Lopez https://t.co/2Oo2zfqgTq
PR: resolutions on #humanrights & democracy in #Nicaragua, #Guatemala & executions in #Kuwait & #Bahrain adopted > https://t.co/ctKArS7ovM
EU invests almost Eur 400 mln. in cooperation w/ #MENA partners on #counterterrorism. Study https://t.co/KAPgF0wqmt https://t.co/1eTr8uAC51
EU invests almost Eur 400 mln. in cooptn w/ #MENA partners on #counterterrorism. Study https://t.co/kmx8NSNH3C /EXP… https://t.co/bbi5Kfv55D
#Russia post-2014 security and military aims & motives revealed. Check this out https://t.co/HefZA8CpFM
Next Tuesday in @EP_Development: #EFSD, European Investment Plan, #PalmOil, garment sector, EU budget. Agenda:… https://t.co/E0Tfcr3UFZ
RT @TR_Foundation: As #famine is threatening to kill millions in four countries, here are the world's major famines of the last 100 yrs htt…
Tackling the root causes of #migration: how the EU Fund for #sustainabledevelopment works: https://t.co/F7ngbksicr… https://t.co/4cBWkHHgsa
.@EP_Trade delegation&NGOs agree: new EU-Mexico trade deal should be based on rule of law, human rights, transparen… https://t.co/Xyx2nRiBke
Committee Chair @berndlange welcomes the entry into force of @wto #TradeFacilitation agreement. Press release:… https://t.co/9ZrhbUwXGm
RT @wto: The day has come for #easiertrade. The #TradeFacilitation Agreement has now entered into force. Read all about it: https://t.co/s4…
Want to know more about the European Fund for Sustainable Development? Check out our briefing:… https://t.co/FWa1BmJpSW
Investing €44bn in Africa&EUNeighbourhood: @FedericaMog & @jyrkikatainen present draft #EFSD to @EP_Budgets… https://t.co/8IdDQmWqcl
Study: The Budgetary Tools for Financing the EU External Policy https://t.co/hgHLBMcihY #EUbudget https://t.co/J4XPymL1sk
Next wk in @EP_BudgControl - #EUdischarge2015 debate with @edward_scicluna and @GOettingerEU - All infos & agenda:… https://t.co/6TunYPvXwA
MEPs call for EU-wide protection for whistleblowers in #EPlenary vote https://t.co/O8FahVlZQ2 @DdJong
Starting @ 7pm!! Meeting on #EUDischarge2015 (#Ukraine, W #Balkans, #SSM) LIVE: https://t.co/oLsclnQ6CL Infos: https://t.co/aOZVLOFWYY
#PANA MEPs call for increased transparency in Malta’s taxation system as they ended fact finding mission there https://t.co/uTq5q7PTh8
#PANA Committee visit #Malta on fact-finding mission, 20 Feb #panamaleaks https://t.co/hVIVZKG0B6
RT @MarkusFerber: a big step in the fight against food speculation: Parliament confirmed RTS on the introduction of the position limits reg…
.@EPSocialAffairs Votes on #EGF #AGF2017 and initative in #garment sector at 17.00 - follow LIVE https://t.co/yvRGYTte0E
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Limits on exposure to carcinogens and mutagens at work https://t.co/YhkE2bRBT5 @EPSocialAffairs @thaendel @maritaulvskog
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Continuing the legislative fight against causes of #cancer https://t.co/gfua3oICc5 #WorldCancerDay @EPSocialAffairs @thae…
RT @EU_Arauzo: EU environment ministers will try to agree on their position for the review of the #EUETS next 28 February
#MEPs call for fast-track approval of #biological low-risk #pesticides https://t.co/cM5v2ZtglQ https://t.co/gU8yoIVQRD
#EUETS - #MEPs back plans to cut #carbon emission allowances and fund low-carbon innovation https://t.co/7qN3DEgFbB https://t.co/DbmGA0Tn60
#EPlenary @EP_Industry @JerzyBuzek press release on vote - European Cloud Initiative: https://t.co/n8SzRlUg8J
Consequences of #Brexit: the draft agenda of the @EP_SingleMarket workshop on 28 February is now online https://t.co/Ql7oEkGQ13
RT @vickyford: Very impressed by @NASSCOMStartUps digital entrepreneurs & lunch with Ashank Desai founder of India's earliest software succ…
RT @vickyford: Making the news in India ... European Parliament delegation meets Maha Governor - https://t.co/1VbsZ9Nwsr https://t.co/GwewL…
#EPlenary adopts resolution on #Aviation Strategy for Europe: 397 votes to 99, 49 abstentions, final text soon here: https://t.co/h9SyY9bBqd
Now at #EPlenary: debate on #aviation strategy for Europe, vote at noon, draft resolution: https://t.co/7abaY3vD0U https://t.co/B7GZJlYLe2
#EPlenary debate on Commission's approval of Germany's revised road toll plans to start https://t.co/eAGZY15DJN https://t.co/jQJpcycOLR
RT @EU_Health: Healthy food in schools: valuable new resource 4 public procurement authorities in #EU countries #childhood #obesity https:/…
RT @EU_EESC: The 523 #EESC #Plenary has started, join the debate! 📺Watch live https://t.co/6nMWLLy6UM 📢Opinions in the spotlight https://t…
RT @EU_Regional: BioCentre, tech and innovation campus helps rural regions 2become less dependent on #energy &raw materials https://t.co/M9…
RT @EUauditors: New audit report – EU’s #biodiversity: #Natura2000 needs better management, financing and monitoring https://t.co/AMr4wdEUq…
.@EP_Agriculture debates now w/@EU_Commission #greening aspects of new draft #directpayments rules. Live: https://t.co/4tBY5sdkJy
#EU_Organics, #Omnibus bill & post-2020 #CAP: @EU2017MT priorities debated in @EP_Agriculture. Read more or rewatch: https://t.co/qf5PjQ69GQ
RT @ScotMarineInst: WATCH: Suction cup cameras have recorded the secret life of wild dolphins #saveouroceans #marinescience https://t.co/RD…
RT @EU_MARE: #EUMaritimeYear: Join us in Poole (UK) for the 10th European Maritime Day, The Future of our Seas #EMD2017 18-19 May https://t…
RT @Economist_WOS: We will be live tweeting at 9am tomorrow. Pose your question with #OceanSummit to make sure it reaches to us. https://t.…
#ErasmusPlus: MEPs to call for funding for #youth organisations and #apprenticeships 497/39/60 @MilanZver https://t.co/7XH2N8hm91
#Sport: zero tolerance towards corruption, #MatchFixing or violence – EP resolution voted today 522/76/37 https://t.co/vZsNHaNaAj
Press release on #Robots and #AI: MEPs call for EU-wide liability rules. @mady_delvaux https://t.co/xA7AWq12c6
The resolution in civil law rules or #robotics and #AI was adopted at the plenary by 396/123/85. Press release to follow @mady_delvaux
RT @Frontex: Frontex hosted @EP_Justice to discuss its transformation into the European Border and Coast Guard Agency https://t.co/Hu5IMaW2…
MEPs @EP_Justice travelling this week to #Canada to check #resettlement & #asylum policies & to @Frontex HQ in Wars… https://t.co/BlBy0XJCae
Stopping foreign fighters at EU external borders. Read more: https://t.co/4dd5BvQuTM @MonicaMacovei1
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Options for #euro area reforms to counter asymmetric shocks https://t.co/sRcOq02tOa @EP_Budgets @JeanArthuis @EPInstituti…
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Time to tap the unused potential of the Lisbon Treaty? https://t.co/CqvdVgcObH #EuropeanParliament https://t.co/zIq36XNEt8
Soon in #EPlenary - joint debate on the future of the EU: https://t.co/jHDir5l7A1 #futureEU @PervencheBeres @GuyVerhofstadt
Discussion in #EPlenary on 61 UN Commision on the status of Women #CSW61 @ConstanceLeGrip & @Mariearenaps around 21.30h. Follow live.
RT @unngls: Find out more about 13-24 March @UN 61st session of the Commission on the Status of #Women: https://t.co/IhKeNn6dc0 #CSW61 http…
Follow live #EPlenary debate on #genderequality in mental health&clinical research @beatrizbecerrab around 20.30h. https://t.co/eVAWLsJtyp
Difficulties for EU citizens to get a personal identification number in #Sweden? @EP_Petitions delegation visits Stockholm on Tuesday 21/2.
RT @Claude_Moraes: Me & my colleague @CeciliaWikstrom will propose @EP_Justice @EP_Petitions hearing in European Parliament on EU citizens'…
RT @TheProgressives: Congratulations @VRoziere! Elected as our coordinator for the @EP_Petitions committee 👏👏👏 https://t.co/H29f0KeRlC
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