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Key debate on Paris attacks and anti-terror measures with Jean-Claude Juncker

24-11-2015 - 18:00

MEPs will discuss the 13 November terrorist attacks in Paris, the subsequent responses and give their feedback on the 20 November Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in a key debate with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Nicolas Schmit, representing the Council Presidency, on Wednesday from 8.30 to 12.00.

The debate is set to focus on current and envisaged anti-terror measures, especially on the conclusions of the EU Council of 20 November.

These include the Passenger Name Record data (EU PNR) proposal (currently being negotiated in three-way “trialogue" talks between Parliament, Council and Commission), strengthening controls at Schengen's external borders - including systematic controls of EU nationals at those borders - preventing access to firearms, stepping up information-sharing among EU member states and between them and Europol, tackling terrorist financing, and enhancing the criminal justice response to radicalisation leading to terrorism and violent extremism.

Ways to counter Daesh in Syria and elsewhere are also expected to be addressed in the debate.

You can watch the plenary debate via EP Live, and EbS+.

Follow the debate, view related documents and see comments live on Storify

Note to editors

A resolution on preventing radicalisation and recruitment of EU citizens by terrorist organisations will be voted at around 13.00, after being debated on Tuesday afternoon (Rachida Dati report).


Mustang won the 2015 Lux Film Prize for its moving story of five Turkish sisters who, determined to live their own lives, break with tradition. "I wanted to say with quite a sense of urgency what it was to be a woman, something which was even more acute and urgent in the case of Turkey," said director Deniz Gamze Ergüven of her film. Describing herself as "immensely honoured" upon receiving the award, the French-Turkish director said Mustang was a film that promoted European ideals. (Read more: Lux Film Prize winner: Mustang is about aspiring to freedom )


Buying insurance will be made easier and safer following Parliament's vote on Tuesday tightening EU rules on the information and advice provided by insurance sales staff. The current rules on sales of insurance have been amended to introduce similar information and consumer protection requirements for all insurance distribution channels unless they meet the conditions for exemption. (Read more: EP backs deal on better information, advice and protection for insurance buyers )


More than one in four children in Europe are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, which will have repercussions for them throughout life. On Tuesday 24 November MEPs adopted a resolution urging EU countries to boost their efforts to combat child poverty and social inequalities. The text was adopted with 569 in favour, 77 against and 49 abstentions. Check out our map for the latest statistics on child poverty. (Read more: One in four children at risk of poverty in Europe )


President Martin Schulz announced that Mustang had won the 2015 European Parliament LUX Prize for cinema at a ceremony in the Chamber in Strasbourg at noon on Tuesday. Mustang tells the story of five sisters who have been promised to husbands through forced marriages but who, determined to live their own lives, break the yoke of tradition. (Read more: Mustang is the winner of this year's LUX Film Prize )

Press releases (second part)

Adopting the European budget takes months of preparation and debate. Almost every parliamentary committee has its say, the plenary vote may last for hours and then there are weeks of tricky negotiations with the Council. The EU's budget for next year should be finalised on 25 November when MEPs vote on an informal agreement reached with member states earlier thismonth. Check out our infographic for an overview of the procedure and follow the plenary debate live on Tuesday 24 November. (Read more: The EU's 2016 budget: how to ensure it all adds up )


The EU’s Frontex border agency should set up a mechanism to process individual complaints about alleged breaches of the fundamental rights of migrants and asylum seekers, say MEPs in a joint resolution voted by the Civil Liberties and Petitions committees on Monday. MEPs want the the European Commission to include provisions for this mechanism in a review of the Frontex regulation, due in December. (Read more: Make it easier for migrants to complain about Frontex border guards, MEP say )


“Those who fail to reconcile freedom and security fail in everything”, said President Schulz, citing the credo of late German statesman Helmut Schmidt, whose funeral he had just attended. “Security has to be organised, but we must not let our freedom be curtailed by those who want to scare us”. The brutal attacks on France ten days ago targeted Parliament’s values too. MEPs held a minute’s silence for terror victims everywhere, including Mali, Syria and Iraq. (Read more: Opening: “Those who fail to reconcile freedom and security fail in everything” )


The winner of this year's Lux Film Prize will be picked by MEPs on Tuesday 24 November. The three films that have reached the final stage of the competition are Mediterranea, Mustang and Urok (also known in English as The Lesson). The Lux Prize is awarded by the European Parliament every year to films that promote European cinematography, values and social issues. Follow the award ceremony live on our website. (Read more: And the 2015 Lux Film Prize goes to... Follow the announcement live online )


The urgent need to step up information-sharing among EU member states and between them and Europol to fight terrorism, the work on the Passenger Name Records data (EU PNR) proposal and the de-radicalisation of EU citizens joining terrorist organisations were among the topics discussed by MEPs with Europol chief Rob Wainwright and Council and Commission representatives on Thursday. (Read more: Terrorist attacks: MEPs demand more information-sharing and coordination in EU )


Organic food is gaining in popularity, but what are the health benefits? MEPs discussed the impact of organic food with experts during a meeting organised by the Parliament's science and technology unit (STOA) on 18 November. They heard further research may be needed to establish organic food's nutritional benefits. In our Twitter poll on the topic, two thirds of respondents said they preferred organic food. (Read more: Organic food: healthier than conventional food? )

Weekly agenda
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Prevention of radicalisation and recruitment of European citizens by terrorist organisations - Press conferences (25-11-2015): 11:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Roundtable to prevent violation of women's rights - Special events (25-11-2015): 14:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
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Make it easier for migrants to complain about #Frontex border guards, @EP_Justice & @EP_Petitions MEPs say. More:
Today at 19.20h @EP_Petitions & @EP_Justice vote on draft report on @frontex
.@EP_Petitions & @EP_Justice vote on draft report on @frontex on 23/11 at 19.20h
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