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Il-Parlament Ewropew qed jiltaqa' f'sessjoni plenarja

Erb 16-04-2014
Konferenzi stampa
09:00 - 10:00 Ukraine/Russia
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Id-djarju tal-President
09:00 - 15:40 The President's diary
Konferenzi stampa
09:30 - 10:00 Product Safety and Market Surveillance
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
10:00 - 10:30 The electoral marketing at the time of 'Pop Politics'
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
10:30 - 11:00 The position of the delegation of Forza Italia on the main dossier to be voted in plenary
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
11:00 - 11:30 European Youth Event 2014
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
15:30 - 16:00 The Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
16:00 - 16:30 Combating Food Waste in the EU
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
16:30 - 17:00 Non-Financial Reporting
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
17:00 - 17:30 Cancel the debt – stop the imposition of IMF austerity – vote against macro-financial assistance loans for Tunisia
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
17:30 - 18:00 Syria: Situation of certain vulnerable communities
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Konferenzi stampa
19:00 - 19:30 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201

Operating rules for European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) aid to help fishermen to comply with new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) requirements were endorsed by Parliament on Wednesday. EMFF aid will help fishermen to observe the discard ban, e.g. by buying more selective fishing gear, but will also be used to improve safety and working conditions, data collection and port infrastructure. All this will help to make EU fisheries more sustainable. (Read more: New Fisheries Fund, signed and sealed, concludes EU fisheries policy reform)


EU aid to EU and EU candidate countries hit by flooding or other natural disasters should be delivered faster and more efficiently thanks to EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF) rule changes approved on Wednesday. These changes, already agreed with EU ministers, include extending the deadline for applying for natural disaster aid from 10 to 12 weeks, paying 10% of the aid in advance, and simplifying aid approval criteria for smaller, “regional”, disasters. (Read more: EU aid for disaster-stricken countries to arrive faster, with less red tape )


Għadda seklu minn meta l-Ewropa kienet dieħla f'wieħed mill-agħar kunflitti fl-istorja tagħna, kunflitt li biddel il-mappa tal-Ewropa għal dejjem: l-Ewwel Gwerra Dinjija. Waqt dibattitu fis-16 ta' April, li fakkar l-anniversarju ta' din il-Gwerra imminenti, il-membri wissew li l-paċi u l-istabbiltà qatt ma għandhom jiġu meqjusa bħala fatt. Huma sejħu għal aktar integrazzjoni u enfasizzaw l-importanza tal-ġlieda kontra n-nazzjonaliżmu, favur il-paċi, l-istabbiltà u s-sigurtà fl-Ewropa. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Il-paċi u l-istabbiltà qatt ma għandhom jiġu meqjusa bħala fatt.)


Draft rules to simplify re-registering of car or motorbike when the owner moves to a new EU country were referred back to the Internal Market Committee on Wednesday for further discussion, because the Council of Ministers was not yet ready to close a deal on them. (Read more: MEPs refer new rules on re-registering cars back to committee )

Stqarrijiet għall-istampa (it-tieni parti)

Skont regoli ġodda li vvota fuqhom il-Parlament Ewropew nhar l‑Erbgħa, il-pajjiżi tal‑UE jridu jnaqqsu l‑użu tal‑boroż tal‑plastik li jintużaw l‑aktar u li joħolqu l-aktar skart bi 80% sal‑2019. L-MEPs jirrakkomandaw li jkun hemm taxxi u imposti, restrizzjonijiet fuq il-promozzjoni ta' boroż bħal dawn, jew projbizzjonijiet. Il-boroż tal-plastik huma problema ambjentali kbira għaliex iħammġu speċjalment l-ilmijiet u ekosistemi akwatiċi. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: L-MEPs inaqqsu l-ħela tal-boroż tal-plastik)


Il-Parlament approva regoli ġodda dwar it-tfittxija u s-salvataġġ li jikkjarifikaw kif il-gwardji tal-fruntieri li jservu f'operazzjonijiet fuq il-baħar tal-Frontex għandhom jimxu mal-immigranti u fejn għandhom iniżżluhom. Ir-regoli, li diġà ġew maqbula informalment bejn il-Parlament u l-Kunsill, għandhom jidħlu fis-seħħ qabel das-sajf. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Immigrazzjoni: Regoli biex jiġu evitati mwiet fuq il-baħar)


The share of EU member states’ budget contributions that is based on gross national income (GNI) should be cut from 64% to 40% of total EU revenue and replaced by real “own resources”, says Parliament in three resolutions voted on Wednesday. Value-added tax based revenue, which today provides 11% of the EU budget, also needs drastic reform, it adds. (Read more: EU “own resources” should cut member states’ contributions to EU budget)


Measures to stop invasive alien species of plants animals or insects getting into the EU, or limit the ecological and economic damage caused by those that do, were backed by Parliament on Wednesday. The legislation bans species declared to be of “Union concern” and requires more and better-coordinated action by member states to tackle the threat. (Read more: Parliament backs EU-wide plans to stem the spread of invasive alien species)


Plans to reform the funding arrangements and legal status of European political parties and their affiliated foundations were backed by Parliament on Wednesday. The new rules, informally agreed with Council, will clarify the finances of these bodies and enhance their European character. A method to monitor compliance and impose penalties for breaches is also part of the deal. (Read more: New rules on funding EU political parties and foundations )


The EU should raise anti-dumping tariffs against dumped or subsidized imports from third countries and do much more to help small firms take advantage of EU measures to combat them, said Parliament on Wednesday, confirming its position on plans to update EU trade defence instruments. It also wants tougher tariffs against environmental or social dumping, and against dumping assisted by third country export subsidies. (Read more: MEPs confirm call for tougher measures against unfair imports )

Konferenzi stampa
Ukraine/Russia 09:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Product Safety and Market Surveillance 09:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
The electoral marketing at the time of 'Pop Politics' 10:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
The position of the delegation of Forza Italia on the main dossier to be voted in plenary 10:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
European Youth Event 2014 11:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
The Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 15:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Combating Food Waste in the EU 16:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Non-Financial Reporting 16:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Cancel the debt – stop the imposition of IMF austerity – vote against macro-financial assistance loans for Tunisia 17:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Syria: Situation of certain vulnerable communities 17:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 19:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Press release(15/4/2014 - 12:45 pm): Basic #bankaccounts for all: http://t.co/ZeQsIbSEv1
Press release (15/4/2014-13:02pm): Small #investors to be shielded against reckless risk taking by #investment #funds:http://t.co/imD95ntcRu
Press release (15/4/2014 - 12:40pm): Parliament lifts #bank bailout burden from taxpayers’ shoulders: http://t.co/ImEwJYAdJc
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EP's 1st reading position #TradeDefence intruments will be confirmed by plenary vote on Wed. Rapporteur @Fjellner , http://t.co/vk9237UDqk
other #trade votes this plenary: EU cash aid for #Tunisia Wed, rapp @vitalmoreira09, trade talks w/#Vietnam, debate+vote Thu, rapp @Zahradil
#INTA MEPs backed yesterday (16 votes to 3) rules on dividing EU/MS tasks in disputes w/ 3rd state investors #ISDS. plenary vote in on Wed
187 millions d'euros supplémentaires pour l'aide humanitaire d'urgence approuvés par la @EP Commission des Budgets: http://t.co/OspEqREjgb
#EU humanitarian aid at risk due to lack of 2014 funds to match promises: http://t.co/wSZelrszoU
EU must not let humanitarian aid bills go unpaid, lives are at risk: @Ep_budgets MEPs hear @KGeorgievaEU. More here: http://t.co/GLlk81CUnz
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.@EP_BudgControl granted approved #EC spending in #discharge2012, albeit with political reservations. More to follow.
.@EP_BudgControl MEPs grant discharge to all agencies but electronic communications regulators in Riga. More here: http://t.co/D4kntSBNHu
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5 women & a man - the key MEPs who made the bank single resolution mechanism happen #SRM http://t.co/o7HGxlEPy9
Posting of Workers: Member States' representatives approved deal. More details on the agreement: http://t.co/igP7GimFHB
Posting of Workers: Parliament and Council reach a deal - Read press release:http://t.co/4OCqCmNJqE
Posting of Workers: provisional deal between #EP and Council negotiators. The deal still needs to be approved by Coreper and EMPL.
#AnimalHealth & #Officialcontrols in the #foodchain - #EPlenary adopts report by @mario_pirillo with 565 votes to 51, 29 abstentions
#foodsafety #MEPs to hear @EFSA_EU exec. dir. designate Bernhard Url LIVE 19h webstream http://t.co/HBk3Us6FND docs http://t.co/jFa1UnjDFY
#EUETS #aviation: exemption for long-haul flights (agreement with @gr2014eu) adopted 458 to 120, 24 abs. Lead #MEP @peterliese
#Eplenary just adopted #Innovation investment package/joint undertakings. Final texts & vote results will come here: http://t.co/TLRf5MrB5B
#Eplenary just adopted Herczog report on cutting costs for #broadband deployment: 639/18/20. Final text: http://t.co/OYEZSKuwh9
#EPlenary starting now. Votes on Tuesday #broadband costs & #Innovation http://t.co/APHuUqv9ET live http://t.co/66q2WAZ9BP
Press conf. on #ProductSafety & #MarketSurveillance Wednesday morning at 9.30 with @SchaldemoseMEP, @spietikainen & Malcolm Harbour
#EPlenary backs mandatory "made in" labels to improve #ConsumerSafety - #ProductSafety & #MarketSurveillance adopted: http://t.co/tyK2a6rXWW
#EPlenary calls for stronger #ConsumerProtection in utility services: http://t.co/NV2D0zMmCv - @Weidenholzer resolution adopted 588/68/21
Parliament approves report on weights and dimensions, pushes for safer and greener #trucks http://t.co/7jN8gMLqeK
Informal agreement on the decision for deployment of EU-wide eCall approved in TRAN committee with 23 in favour, 7 against, 2 abstentions
Informal agreement on framework for maritime spatial planning approved in TRAN committee with 26 in favour, 4 against, 2 abstentions
STARTING NOW - Press conf on #EUSF w/ @JHahnEU @danutahuebner & rapporteur Ms Estaràs http://t.co/GMbLipHdrf Info: http://t.co/JvC5zfiHff
TODAY 2pm #EUSF press conf w/ @danutahuebner @JHahnEU & rapporteur Ms Estaràs: http://t.co/nk9yQ6ohG2 More info: http://t.co/qEQ9yEyk3X
European Elections: First TV presidential debate on #15MAY at the #EP http://t.co/kFFhOwRrhO #EP2014 #TellEUROPE http://t.co/3mmkipiC58
#EPlenary approves stronger measures to tackle #animaldiseases & #pests. Read more: http://t.co/X6hDU4f1T3
Pressconf on stronger measures to tackle #AnimalDiseases & tighter controls to fight #foodfraud: Watch live at 15.30: http://t.co/gfStUNvWa4
#EPlenary endorses deal with @gr2014eu on promoting EU farm produce by 557/103/12 votes. Read more: http://t.co/k95Th5qh74
RT @IsabellaLovin: @MariaDamanakiEU says upgraded PECH committee went beyond just saying yes or no. Important legacy. Contributing in impor…
RT @MariaDamanakiEU: Last PECH Committee today.Thanks to @EP_fisheries for commitment to put #sustainability at the core of our #fisheries
Download the presentations from #discard ban hearing in #PECH on #7APR http://t.co/R3nRrWQ0H8 #discards #Fisheries http://t.co/ymddLxvsLI
Vote ce matin en CULT sur la restitution d'objets culturels, vote final à Strasbourg 16/4 - l'essentiel resumé ici http://t.co/t9u3SNDkz4
Plenary debate on Restitution of cultural goods (Vergiat) schedulded 15/4 @19h, final votes on Scurria and Vergiat reports 16/4 noon
Unanimity 15-0-0 decision in CULT on how to select EU capitals of culture 2020-2033 - Scurria report http://t.co/m4VUNoJVul
New rules for non-financial #reporting backed by MEPs. Read more: http://t.co/wyVOWFPbcm
#EPlenary votes next week on #EAPO, non-financial #reporting, number of Judges at General Court... Agenda: http://t.co/YTAuCykSV7
RT @EP_ThinkTank: How to merge maritime surveillance and #FundamentalRights? @Europarl_EN will try to do this tonight: http://t.co/rRsHkja1…
Evaluation of #EU measures to combat #terrorist financing - study carried out for @EP_Justice http://t.co/kZiZnM62mG
#EPlenary will vote #Frontex search & rescue rules to save #migrants lives, #euro #counterfeiting, #fraud, #drugs ao. http://t.co/MFfvqaeA1j
Press release - New measures to encourage lobbyists to sign the EU #TransparencyRegister http://t.co/j2U6q1xS6j
#EP2014: EU elections media coverage: 22% of increase in March. More than 100% since December. http://t.co/cnN7lV5nyG via @jduch
#EP2014 elections: national rules - http://t.co/l5hX4xetk1 - via @EP_ThinkTank
#RomaDay: EU countries must end illegal expulsions & ethnic profiling, MEPs demand http://t.co/4moIqH2Ssb
Watch @EP_GenderEqual @ 10 am live: presentation of study gender mainstreaming: http://t.co/GMRbuHesIW
Hearing live @15h Work-life Balance & Gender Equality. Live: http://t.co/KXTzdGhGGN Infographic shows why http://t.co/GWJnGuZis4
In 30 min: hearing on #Oneofus citizen's initiative. Agenda: http://t.co/JGfcTRWR6Y Watch live http://t.co/eWdCfkmMpH #ECI @EP_Petitions
Reminder: register before 6 April for #EP hearing on Citizens’ Initiative #oneofus (10 April at 9am) http://t.co/IzvpH6Xit7 #ECI
EP hearing on Citizens’ Initiative #oneofus to be organised 10 April. Info & register: @EP_Petitions webpage http://t.co/MGSQfgKEkw #ECI
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