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Ärgem võrdsustagem põgenikke terroristidega, ütles enamik saadikuid täiskogul peetud debatil, kui päevakorral olid hiljutised terrorirünnakud Pariisis. Lisaks kiitis parlament Strasbourgis heaks ELi 2016. aasta eelarve, tagades maksimaalsed võimalikud vahendid migratsioonipoliitikale ja algatustele, mis mõeldud majanduskasvu ergutamiseks. EP iga-aastase filmiauhinna LUX võitis Deniz Gamze Ergüveni linateos Mustang. (Loe lähemalt: Novembri täiskogult õpitu: Pariisi rünnakud, ELi eelarve, filmiauhind LUX )


The Conference of Presidents of political groups has decided today, with the vote in favour of all political groups, to set up a temporary committee to follow up on the work done by the Special Committee on Tax Rulings, which looked into the tax rulings practised by various EU member states. The new committee will last six months. (Read more: Successor to Special Committee on Tax Rulings )


Parliament calls on member states to support the Commission's aim of increasing the share of EU humanitarian funds for the education of children in emergencies to 4% and on all host countries to help integrate child refugees in their national education systems, in a resolution passed on Thursday. It points out that education reduces the risk of young people becoming engaged in extremism. (Read more: Boost children's access to education in emergencies )


Parliament urges Cambodia to drop all charges brought against opposition leader Sam Rainsy and Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) members; calls on the Bangladesh authorities to restore the full independence of the media; and appeals to the government of Afghanistan to intensify cooperation with the government of Pakistan, in three resolutions passed on Thursday. (Read more: Human rights: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Cambodia )

Pressiteated (teine osa)

The EU must take concrete steps to tackle the migration crisis and terrorism, such as building a partnership to this end with Africa, said MEPs in Wednesday’s debate with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Nicolas Schmit, representing the Council Presidency. The debate focused on the outcomes of the EU-Africa summit in Valletta (Malta) on 11-12 November and the G20 one in Antalya (Turkey) on 15-16 November. (Read more: MEPs call on the EU to step up cooperation with Africa after the Valletta summit )


Poliitiliste punktide võitmise huvides põgenike võrdsustamine terroristidega tekitab vaid viha ja pettumust, mis on terroristlike gruppidega liitumise ajendajaks, ütlesid paljud saadikud kolmapäeval toimunud arutelul. Selle asemel, et lubada Euroopa vabaduste ja tolerantsuse õõnestamist, peaksid ELi liikmesriigid tegelema julgeoleku tõhustamisega, parandades koostööd julgeolekuasutuste vahel, ja investeerides terrorismiga võitlemiseks vajalikesse oskustesse ja tehnoloogiatesse. (Loe lähemalt: Saadikud: Ärge võrdsustage põgenikke terroristidega, vaid tõhustage julgeolekut )


Terrorirünnakud Pariisis näitasid veelkord vajadust ELi ja liikmesriikide koordineeritud tegevuse järele, et ära hoida radikaliseerumist ja võidelda terrorismiga, ütlevad saadikud kolmapäeval vastu võetud resolutsioonis. Saadikud reastavad mitteseadusandlikus resolutsioonis konkreetsed ettepanekud ekstremismiga võitlemise strateegiaks, sh meetmed radikaliseerunud vangide eraldamiseks kinnipidamisasutustes ja vaenu õhutava infosisu eemaldamiseks internetis. (Loe lähemalt: Parlament soovib ELi strateegiat noorte radikaliseerumise vastu võitlemiseks )


Kolmapäeval võeti täiskogu istungil toimunud hääletusel vastu resolutsioon, milles parlament edastab omapoolsed soovitused ettevõtete maksustamise õiglasemaks muutmiseks Euroopas. Saadikud kutsuvad liikmesriike üles leppima kokku reeglites, mille alusel peaksid nn. hargmaised ettevõtted kohustuslikus korras esitama andmed teenitud kasumi ja makstud maksude kohta riigiti. (Loe lähemalt: Parlament tegi üleskutse ettevõtete maksustamise muutmiseks )


Rahvusvahelised suurfirmad peavad makse maksma seal, kus teenitakse tulu, seisab EP maksuotsuste erikomisjoni lõppraportis, mille täiskogu kiitis heaks kolmapäeval, 25. novembril. Raportöörid Elisa Ferreira ja Michael Theurer ootavad muutusi ausama maksukonkurentsi suunas, kuid tunnistavad, et komisjoni edukaks toimimiseks vajalike vastuste saamine suurfirmadelt ja liikmesriikidelt ei olnud lihtne. (Loe lähemalt: Raportöörid Ferreira ja Theurer: maksuotsuste erikomisjonis tehtu on teetähiseks )


The House debated anti-dumping measures and sustainable initiatives to support the European base metals industry, including steel, with the Industry Commissioner, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, on Tuesday evening. It will vote in December on a draft resolution prepared by Edouard Martin (S&D, FR). (Read more: EU needs to boost its steel industry, say MEPs )

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The President's diary - Presidendi tegevus (29-11-2015):
Press release: Boost #children's access to education in emergencies:https://t.co/Yr7ghTQ4sd
Press release: #EP calls for joint EU strategy to fight #radicalisation of young EU citizens: https://t.co/OAhksRxCf1 #EPlenary
Press release: Don’t allow #recycling of #plastics that contain toxic phthalate #DEHP, warn MEPs:https://t.co/bX7WUivNAO #EPlenary
The #EU- #China cooperation on global challenges must be boosted, @EP_ForeignAff MEPs say: https://t.co/ghTmDqW8V0 Rapporteur @BasBelderMEP
Watch @RJaureguiA debriefing on #Venezuela exploratory mission to @EP_ForeignAff now live: https://t.co/Scwb5mcPT2
.@EP_ForeignAff meets on Thu 26 Nov at 8.30: debrief on #Venezuela exploratory mission, vote on #China report: https://t.co/6JAxPLG80t
.@ElenaValenciano : " #SaudiArabia authorities must immediately stop the planned executions of 55 people" Statement: https://t.co/eFOrjMHTke
#EPlenary debates on #Afghanistan #Cambodia and #Bangladesh Follow live after 10.00 https://t.co/PawC3PkIwI Votes today at noon
.@ElenaValenciano welcomes the release of #Azerbaijani #humanrights activist Arif #Yunus Full statement here; https://t.co/VMyW9HgwJZ
Anna Fotyga, Chair of @EP_Defence calls for #unity of #Europeans following the #terroristattacks in #Paris https://t.co/KESuwHtBR1
NOW @EP_Defence hearing on #cooperation w/ third countries & organisations in #CSDP - Watch https://t.co/DMcEiMCXDX https://t.co/ycK5gFeqeR
Now on @EP_Defence: EoV with H.E. Amb. Gabor Iklody Head of #CMPD @eu_eeas on #EUMAM RCA mission - Watch live: https://t.co/6z8vcEss3a
RT @LindaMcAvanMEP: Powerful speech by @StylianidesEU :4% target for educating children in emergencies met 3 years ahead of target @UNICEF_…
#EPlenary debates children's #education in emergencies Follow live after 21h15 https://t.co/VKmZUxUmFl Vote tomorrow https://t.co/Y8PRoFIHzl
#WTO #Nairobi talks #MC10: MEPs ask substantive progress in "#Doha round" - press release @berndlange @PabloZalba https://t.co/jHCmx4SNSl
#Ecuador: MEPs support free trade deal but ask for sustainable dvt action plans- press release rapp @HelmutScholzMEP https://t.co/bRwoiHAAur
The #EPlenary resolution on #Ecuador joining EU-#Peru and #Colombia trade agreement will be voted on Thursday, rapporteur @HelmutScholzMEP
RT @KGeorgievaEU: Thanks to all MEPs in #EPlenary following #EUbudget. Your experience and view on the ground in MS is important
RT @euauditorseca: "EU must invest its money better", says ECA pres. Caldeira at #Eplenary @Europarl_EN | speech https://t.co/LN4qdtr9am
Work of #EP #TAXE will be continued, EP's political leadership agreed today. More info: https://t.co/7KSnOX4XSD #luxleaks #TaxTransparency
.@EP_Economics @CvNieuwenhuizen strike a deal on #benchmark Tuesday/Wednesday, details: https://t.co/EU3tCDe1Of
Press conference #EP #TAXE chair @ALamassoure + rapporteurs @ElisaFerreiraEP & @EUTheurer live at 15:00: https://t.co/3LjCOb0v7Q #luxleaks
MEPs endorsed the @EPSocialAffairs resolution on long-term unemployment in the plenary. Press release https://t.co/1VoII9hL1v
Video of recent debate with @gkatr in @EPSocialAffairs already available here http://t.co/kpGrl3R9po
.@EPSocialAffairs Chair @thaendel supports the idea a of monitoring group to look at employment & social conditions in #Greece
Press release: Don’t allow #recycling of #plastics that contain toxic phthalate #DEHP, warn MEPs:https://t.co/dI0PrKl8e4 #EPlenary
#EPlenary adopts resolution against new #DEHP authorisation w. 603 votes to 86 and 5 abstentions
RT @OECD: It's World Antibiotic Awareness Week: see our latest #stats & info on #AntibioticResistance https://t.co/Rvc1yXR5ZK https://t.co/…
#EPlenary: debate on steel industry/base metals in Europe ongoing now: https://t.co/HQyn9YOECI
Open&independent internet and non-discriminatory access to knowledge, asked MEPs #IFG2015 Full declaration: https://t.co/sIBcWsr33y
#Eplenary just adopted ISA2 w 569 votes to 31 & 24 abstentions. More info https://t.co/DKKXQuUnKW @EP_Industry @czorrinho
RT @vickyford: Tonight we negotiate Network& Information Systems Directive - protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.
Starting now - IMCO WG on #DigitalSingleMarket. Debate on online marketplaces & platforms. Webstr https://t.co/PgVUSGZ37D @rozathun
Today's 3 pm @EP_SingleMarket #DigitalSingleMarket WG focus - online marketplaces & platforms. Agenda https://t.co/BNKjtltMyz
Starting now @EP_Transport cttee: contribution of transport to the EU climate and energy objectives, webstreaming: https://t.co/B4viMizAue
Trilogue agreement on technical pillar of 4th railway package approved in @EP_Transport committee this morning
.@EP_Transport at 15h: debates on CEF and opinions on TiSA talks for INTA cttee, Digital Single Market, webstreaming https://t.co/HoymkANKTO
EP approved #REGI recommendations for simplification in Cohesion policy 562 in favor, 10 against, 41 abs - read more https://t.co/ZruDtEwYli
PR on "Cohesion policy & marginalized communities" resolution https://t.co/NnLEupLJdZ
Resolution #REGI drafted by @TerryReintke for better inclusion of marginalized communities in Cohesion Policy adopted in plenary 574-84-36
#AnimalWelfare: MEPs call for a new ambitious strategy and proper enforcement of existing EU rules. More in PR: https://t.co/d6LlF6G5ff
Spanish farm minister in @EP_Agriculture: No doubt, EU needs a law to fight #unfairtrading in #foodchain. More in PR:https://t.co/AFAvmETOOx
.@EP_Agriculture demands an EU law to fight #unfairtrading practices in #supplychain. More in PR: https://t.co/HWqTuyWADf @MaireadMcGMEP
Agendas for 7&10 DEC @EP_Fisheries meetings here: https://t.co/QFnrjn4peJ Focus on External Dimension #cfpreality #Fisheries
Are #Fisheries Partnership Agreements well managed by @EU_MARE ? Answer on #7DEC in #PECH & by @EUAuditorsECA here: https://t.co/S0UJ0em3ku
New study: #Sardine #Fisheries: Resource Assessment and Social and Economic Situation https://t.co/xCJAfA2Z4l https://t.co/T46uRiVqmj
RT @europarlAV: LIVE REPLAY #LuxPrize 2015: VIDEO statement by @DGErguven, the winner #Mustang https://t.co/Mtd94RDe2X https://t.co/0JgCG38…
#Luxprize2015 Award ceremony at 12.00 https://t.co/HOoYFeWiSo Press conference with film Directors at 15.00 live https://t.co/KgOHWdBARc
Today at 15h: Hearing on #WomenOnBoards @EP_Legal and @EP_GenderEqual . Programme: https://t.co/j6C5kkSBkW
New EU rules to ease acceptance of #PublicDocuments backed by @EP_Legal MEPs. Read more: https://t.co/KJ28eZdIw5 @mady_delvaux
RT @TimKirkhopeMEP: EU air traveller terror proposal expected to be widened https://t.co/npXhS70roG
.@EP_Justice #TiSA opinion by @JanAlbrecht, approved on 23 November in the committee, is available here https://t.co/3cqzxgB1Yy
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Security of European citizens is not incompatible with guaranteeing their freedoms https://t.co/ExSFCLSEmB @EP_Justice @U…
Starting now: 2nd part of @EPinstitutional inter-parliamentary debate on future EU institutions. Watch live https://t.co/xJI8kEKr4o
RT @danutahuebner: Minister Schmidt at @EPInstitutional Inter-parliamentary calling today's meeting an example of how our cooperation could…
10:30 in @EPinstitutional: inter-parliamentary talks on future EU institutions. Live: https://t.co/3RvLb7kwjp @mercedesbresso @ElmarBrok_MEP
Press release: Stop violence against women: #EP lit up in orange https://t.co/5Qu4TuZm9T https://t.co/u9yVowbyj7
#europeanparliament in Strasbourg supports #orangetheworld on the International Day #STOPViolenceAgainstWomen https://t.co/a7dT5Aicjd
Make it easier for migrants to complain about #Frontex border guards, @EP_Justice & @EP_Petitions MEPs say. More: https://t.co/NaPzvZMAug
Today at 19.20h @EP_Petitions & @EP_Justice vote on draft report on @frontex https://t.co/yfLbLmjYfV
.@EP_Petitions & @EP_Justice vote on draft report on @frontex on 23/11 at 19.20h https://t.co/yfLbLmjYfV
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