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Europos Parlamento plenarinė sesija vyksta 2016 m. Liepos 4–7 d.


Kova su terorizmu ir mokesčių slėpimu, užimtumas, migracija, sienų apsauga ir aplinkosauga turėtų būti svarbiausi Europos Sąjungos prioritetai. Taip mano dauguma respondentų, dalyvavusių Europos Parlamento užsakymu atliktoje „Eurobarometro“ apklausoje. Jų buvo klausiama, kokį vaidmenį – didesnį ar mažesnį – turėtų atlikti ES įvairiose politikos srityse, kur valstybės narės jai suteikė įgaliojimus – nuo saugumo ir ekonomikos iki aplinkosaugos ir žemės ūkio. (Skaityti daugiau: Apklausa: žmonės tikisi didesnio ES vaidmens kovoje su terorizmu ir nedarbu )


Plans for more ambitious national caps on emissions of key pollutants by 2030, including NOx, particulates and sulphur dioxide, were informally agreed by MEPs and the Dutch presidency of the Council on Thursday. Air pollution causes about 400,000 premature deaths in the EU per year. The agreement now needs to be endorsed by the Environment Committee and Parliament as a whole. (Read more: Air quality legislation: MEPs strike deal with Council )


Ekonomiškai stipri Europa, moderni vidaus rinka, tvari migracijos ir prieglobsčio politika bei Europos vaidmuo pasaulyje – tokie bus pirmąkart ES Tarybai ateinančius šešerius mėnesius pirmininkausiančios Slovakijos prioritetai. Be to, šiuo laikotarpiu tikimasi pradėti derybas su JK dėl jos pasitraukimo iš ES. Kitą savaitę plenarinėje sesijoje EP nariai aptars Slovakijos pirmininkavimo programą. Paklausėme šioje šalyje išrinktų europarlamentarų, ko jie tikisi iš savo šalies pirmininkavimo. (Skaityti daugiau: Pirmininkavimas ES Tarybai: ko tikisi Europos Parlamento nariai iš Slovakijos? )


MEPs and ministers struck a deal on a ban on fishing below a depth of 800 meters in the North-East Atlantic. The ban, agreed on Thursday afternoon, will apply to bottom trawling and would also restrict deep-sea fishing to the area where it took place between 2009 and 2011. (Read more: MEPs and ministers strike informal deal to ban deep sea fishing below 800 metres )

Pranešimai spaudai (antra dalis)

The EU needs to update its long-term spending plan to cope with unforeseen crises such as mass migration, terrorism and youth unemployment, says the Budgets Committee in a resolution voted on Wednesday. The text is intended as an input to the forthcoming EU Commission’s proposal to revise the EU’s multiannual financial framework (MFF) for 2014-2020. The update should also tackle the recurring backlog of overdue EU payments, and look beyond 2020, add MEPs. (Read more: Update EU’s long-term spending plan to cope with crises, urges Budgets Committee )


Britų sprendimas išstoti iš ES turi būti įgyvendintas kaip galima greičiau ir Europos Parlamentas turi dalyvauti šiame procese. Tai pažymėjo EP pirmininkas Martinas Schulzas, antradienį kreipdamasis į ES viršūnių susitikimą Briuselyje susirinkusius ES šalių lyderius. „Užsitęsęs netikrumas niekam nebūtų į naudą“, – pabrėžė jis, pridurdamas, kad pati Sąjunga turi pademonstruoti gebėjimą reformuotis. (Skaityti daugiau: M. Schulz apie JK referendumo pasekmes: užsitęsęs netikrumas – niekam ne į naudą )


Pradėdamas neeilinę Europos Parlamento (EP) sesiją Briuselyje, jo pirmininkas Martin Schulz pažymėjo, kad Jungtinės Karalystės (JK) piliečių sprendimas palikti ES neturi precedento. Jis pasveikino sesijoje dalyvavusį ES finansinių paslaugų komisarą J. Hill ir padėkojo jam už darbą Europos Komisijoje. Vėliau sekusiose diskusijose dauguma europarlamentarų apgailestavo dėl JK referendumo rezultatų, nors dalis jais džiaugėsi. (Skaityti daugiau: Europos Parlamente - skirtingos nuomonės dėl JK išstojimo iš ES )


Jungtinė Karalystė (JK) turi visapusiškai gerbti daugumos savo piliečių valią ir kuo greičiau pranešti apie ketinimą išstoti iš ES, kad būtų galima pradėti derybas dėl išstojimo proceso. Nesudarius susitarimo dėl išstojimo, negali būti nuspręsta dėl naujų ES ir JK santykių. Tai pažymima antradienį Europos Parlamento (EP) priimtoje rezoliucijoje, kurioje taip pat pripažįstamas poreikis reformuoti ES. (Skaityti daugiau: Europos Parlamentas ragina nedelsiant pradėti JK išstojimo procesą )


Antradienio rytą europarlamentarai Briuselyje renkasi į neeilinį plenarinį posėdį, kad aptartų britų referendumo dėl ES rezultatus. Po diskusijos bus balsuojama dėl rezoliucijos šiuo klausimu. Ketvirtadienį EP nariai diskutuos dėl finansinės paramos pabėgėlių krizės sprendimui. Savo ruožtu politinės frakcijos aptars pasirengimą kitą savaitę Strasbūre vyksiančiai plenarinei sesijai. (Skaityti daugiau: Šią savaitę EP: JK referendumo rezultatai, migrantų krizės sprendimas )


EP President Martin Schulz, European Council President Donald Tusk and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte met Friday morning in Brussels at the invitation of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. They discussed the outcome of the United Kingdom referendum and made the following joint statement: (Read more: Joint statement by Schulz, Tusk, Rutte and Juncker on UK referendum outcome )

Press release: #Airquality legislation: MEPs strike deal with Council: https://t.co/7n89iaTm52
The week ahead(4-10 July) incl: #euco outcome, #EU2016SK, #coastguard, #Energyefficiency & more. Agenda: https://t.co/ryeRc4e973
You can watch the Replay of today's pre-session briefing on July #EPlenary at:https://t.co/KZdiVq2N19
MEPs and US law makers pledge to reinforce transatlantic ties on counterterrorism, trade. Concerns over #BREXIT More https://t.co/5iB222nEJ3
Due to extraordinary #EPlenary to take place on 28 June @EP_ForeignAff meeting on 27 June is cancelled
.@EP_HumanRights Chair @ElenaValenciano condemns charges brought agst human rights defender Valentina Cherevatenko: https://t.co/c4h2bSKEyC
F. Rivasseau @eu_eeas Security & Space policies Head of Div. to @EP_HumanRights @EP_Defence : "Still no EU common position on armed drones"
"MS have to define which capabilities they want & which use them make of them" tells @EUDefenceAgency Capabilities Director Peter Round
Now: .@EP_Defence debate on #NATOsummit in Warsaw w/ Jamie Shea from @NATO. What is at stake? Webstr https://t.co/gKEDuWXW0K
Starting now: @EP_Defence & @EP_HumanRights hearing on #drones and human rights. Agenda https://t.co/eX5Pl4yuAX Live https://t.co/SRb0IkDP1Q
RT @eaDevPol: Aid Effectiveness: From commitment to transparency? https://t.co/DhGtxT4hQs https://t.co/qdPrEMXShZ
NOW: Budgetary implications of the #refugee crisis. Hearing w/@georgesoros @cochetel @Frontex @EASO @ecre LIVE: https://t.co/1s0tw8UJwW
Thu 9am: Budgetary implications of the refugee crisis - hearing w/@EP_Budgets @EP_Justice @EP_ForeignAff LIVE: https://t.co/1s0tw8UJwW
#trade #EPlenary next week: 2) evaluation on EU #humanrights #sustainability fight in trade - draft @eleonoraforenza https://t.co/qJRmJDHYOX
#Trade #EPlenary next week: 1) debate & vote on EP requests for future trade deals (#Trade4All) @beghin_t - draft - https://t.co/Vd8ZgT9Zvh
Trade after #Brexit: summary & videorecording of debate @EP_trade had Thursday w/ @MalmstromEU #TTIP #CETA https://t.co/7LeL6HLjSp
#Brexit is a chance to reinvent the #EU, George #Soros to MEPs https://t.co/XXgrASJI0a #MFF #EUBudget @georgesoros https://t.co/z1uNhINgp4
Press points will start soon! Livestream https://t.co/YoOqSy7v0x https://t.co/W8KMKKkgPD
.@EP_BudgControl unanimous vote on trialogue outcome: #Olaf Supervisory Committee secretariat to be independent & provided by @EU_Commission
.@EP_BudgControl meets 13 &14.06 discussions on reports from #AntiFraud Office & @EUAuditorsECA & w/ @EIB, agenda: https://t.co/jCGDH0Nq5V
Plenary backs LT candidate for @EUAuditorsECA Rimantas Šadžius w/ 498/120/53 after @EP_BudgControl recomendation https://t.co/cK7PNrtKvg
New deal on clear rules for cross-border transfer of occupational pension schemes @brianhayesMEP: https://t.co/cN5vHP12oH
New deal on clear rules for cross-border transfer of occupational pension schemes https://t.co/cN5vHP12oH
#EPlenary endorses deal ending EU citizens' bank secrecy in #Monaco. Press release: https://t.co/2HO8V2RTFn #TaxTransparency
.@EPSocialAffairs Debate with @jyrkikatainen in Structured Dialogue starting NOW . follow LIVE https://t.co/mY8B1Ic6I9
Mark Pearson of @OECD_Social presenting historical data on trends of #inequality in the #EU
Reasons for economic inequality in EU: @EP_Economics @EPSocialAffairs debate starting NOW https://t.co/DvGOhDixcN
#airquality legislation: #MEPs strike deal with @EU2016NL https://t.co/7mYJQxGifp
RT @Food_EU: Temporary extension for #glyphosate after #EU MS fail to take responsibility for decision https://t.co/ocMgvSE3rX https://t.co…
Article 50: Withdrawal of a Member State from the EU. Short explanation by @EP_Thinktank https://t.co/Q2ettOtyR1
.@EP_Industry meets on Monday July 4 in Strasbourg. Agenda here: https://t.co/55buHBS7zk
#EPlenary voted on #energyefficiency #renewableenergy; press release here: https://t.co/rtzLkcfmBL
#EPlenary debate on #energyefficiency #renewableenergy starts in 10 min: https://t.co/Pnn2fvqlei
#Cybersecurity: on 6 July #EPlenary will vote on the #NIS directive. The text is available here https://t.co/t0vJlXRrlz. @Andreas_Schwab
RT @eu2016sk: Game on! Let's have best possible results for #Europe. And chapeau to @EU2016NL.
A longer lifetime for products: benefits for consumers and companies - study for @EP_SingleMarket https://t.co/4llgXLji29
EP and Council NL presidency negotiators reach agreement on ports regulation https://t.co/ik2PxwN81t
Starting now: Transport MEPs discuss draft report on promoting ferry transport https://t.co/2oAmMFC3jI webstreaming: https://t.co/W3YUMbljs2
Now @EP_Transport: MEPs discuss Motorways of the Sea work programme https://t.co/R8KcrQ4sCc webstreaming https://t.co/W3YUMbljs2
RT @EUAuditorsECA: EU #education objectives: programmes match objectives, but not always link with #employment https://t.co/JT4wjxYl7A http…
RT @EUAuditorsECA: Strengthening admin capacity in former Yug Rep of Macedonia: limited progress │audit report https://t.co/Pwrnya2g1q http…
RT @EU_Commission: New global initiative of cities & local govs to fight against climate change https://t.co/kiXILQtXkY #Cities4Climate htt…
#Organics reform talks: Good progress so far, momentum must be kept, chief EP negotiator @MartinHaeusling says: https://t.co/fPilSJcEcO
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Medicated feed legislation - we follow the review of the legislation: https://t.co/YCqPvKLNml #animalwelfare https://t.c…
#ClimateChange: EU #farming must be part of solution but 2030 goals must be fair, @EP_Agriculture tells @MAC_europa: https://t.co/mLERURF52o
RT @Isabel_thomasEU: Réglementation de la pêche profonde : accord trouvé en trilogue avec @EU2016NL, avec interdiction sous 800m https://t.…
Agreement reached on #deepsea #fishing rapporteur @Isabel_thomasEU Trilogues finished today. Read press release: https://t.co/7PVCZEWbG8
RT @EU_MARE: NEW infographic: Small-Scale Coastal Fleet in the EU, other key data: scroll down #SSF https://t.co/O6noKK3Iye https://t.co/dA…
Free #portability of legally acquired #online services when abroad @EPCulture @sabineverheyen https://t.co/I2Do1GODpc
Votes @EPCulture: #portability of online content , use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band. First debate on #AVMSD https://t.co/sxBGMeD1c6
Barbara Lison, @fhuysmans @Dan_Mount on the role of #PublicLibraries in local communities,information literacy, e-lendind #EuroParlLibraries
Judiciary in #Ukraine: keep up reforms, say @1PavelSvoboda and @AndrejPlenkovic: https://t.co/BCdCyqE6as after yesterday's @EP_Legal hearing
STARTING SOON! PRESS CONF on #Ukraine judiciary reform https://t.co/zMZrz0AH6W https://t.co/82x46ygw89
.@EP_Justice to vote on Monday deal with @EUCouncil on new EU Border guard. Vote in #EPlenary on Wednesday | @Pabriks
Monday 4/07 at 19h @EP_Justice votes new counter terrorism directive. Presser w/ rapporteur @MonikaHohlmeier Tuesday at 9h30
RT @EUAuditorsECA: Audit report on Roma integration: siginificant progress, but obstacles & dilemmas remain https://t.co/fGGGMjUbUl https:/…
In 10 min: press conference w @EPInstitutional chair @danutahuebner on constitutional effects of UK's #EUref LIVE: https://t.co/ZabSLSe2qM
15h today: press conference w @EPInstitutional chair @danutahuebner on constitutional effects of UK's #EUref LIVE: https://t.co/ZabSLSvDik
.@EPInstitutional rejects @gannemans opinion to @EP_Legal on monitoring application of union law. https://t.co/xVypvhvoM0
Both #EU & Member States need to ratify #IstanbulConvention to maximise the imapct. Stop #violenceagainstwomen
Check which countries have signed/ratified the @coe’s #IstanbulConvention on #violenceagainstwomen https://t.co/jovKKieEM8
Hearing on ratifying #IstanbulConvention to fight #violenceagainstwomen today at 15.00 @EP_GenderEqual. Live: https://t.co/QVS7609vNa
From 15:00 @EP_Petitions meeting. Presentation of a study on #SolarEnergy and petitions on the same topic. Watch: https://t.co/LP24gv0SNO
Today at 09:00 - public hearing with @EP_Petitions on transparency within the EU institutions. Follow live: https://t.co/52wew6Dd9V
Today at 16:30 the #EUOmbudsman will present her annual report 2015 to @EP_Petitions. Follow live: https://t.co/QUGdIcPHcW
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