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MEPs urge the European Commission to take concrete steps to address the permanent handicaps that EU islands face and make full use of their potential, in a resolution voted on Thursday. The text also stresses the unique difficulties that southern insular regions face due to the increased migration flows and asks that special tax regimes should continue. (Read more: EU islands: call for action to overcome permanent handicaps )


MEPs urge the international community to take urgent action to counter the systematic mass murder of religious minorities by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh, in a resolution voted on Thursday. The text wraps up a 20 January debate with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, in which many MEPs called for measures to protect all religious and minority groups against ISIS attacks. (Read more: MEPs call for urgent action to protect religious minorities against ISIS )


Economic disintegration and violence in Libya are worsening its fragility and enabling extremist organisations to flourish there, warned MEPs in Wednesday’s debate with Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders, representing the EU foreign policy chief. Spillovers from Libya’s conflicts are also destabilising the Sahel region, they add. In a resolution voted on Thursday, MEPs urge the EU and international community to be ready to support Libyans’ efforts to implement the Libyan Political Agreement. (Read more: EU must maintain its aid to Libya, say MEPs )

Stqarrijiet għall-istampa (it-tieni parti)

Parliament condemns the unprecedented levels of human rights abuses perpetrated against Crimean Tatars, calls on the Bahrain to grant Mohammed Ramadan a royal pardon or to commute his death sentence, and for the immediate safe release of the five missing book publishers in Hong Kong, in three resolutions voted on Thursday. (Read more: Human rights: Crimean Tatars, Mohammed Ramadan, missing publishers in Hong Kong )


The start of EU accession negotiations with Serbia and the progress made in normalising relations between Serbia and Kosovo was welcomed by MEPs in two resolutions passed on Thursday. They also stressed that these relations would be helped if all EU member states were to recognise Kosovo. (Read more: MEPs call on Serbia and Kosovo to pursue their reform agenda )


MEPs debated the issue of sexual harassment and violence against women in public spaces on Wednesday evening, with Commissioner Corina Crețu. Everything possible must be done to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice, regardless of their culture or origin, they insisted. (Read more: Attacks against women: MEPs call for zero tolerance )


Nhar l-Erbgħa l-MEPs ċaħdu proposta biex jitwaqqaf milli jitwettaq pjan biex b'mod temporanju jiżdiedu l-limiti ta' emissjonijiet ta' NOx (nitrogen oxide) għall-karozzi diesel. Dan wara li l-Kummissjoni wiegħdet li jkun hemm klawsola dwar reviżjoni regolari u ppreżentat proposta leġiżlattiva biex jinbidel il-mod kif it-tip tal-karozzi jiġi approvat fl-UE. Il-Parlament kien għamel pressjoni dwar dan wara l-iskandlu tal-Volkswagen. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Il-Parlament ma jopponix aġġornament tat-testijiet tal-emissjonijiet tal-karozzi )


The European Commission must table a communication on a new strategy for gender equality and women’s rights 2016-2020 as soon as possible and deliver on its political commitments, say MEPs in a resolution voted on Wednesday. The communication should address gender equality issues which is in line with the international agenda, they add. (Read more: Women's rights: MEPs urge Commission to table a new gender equality strategy )


The ongoing talks on a Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), among countries representing 70% of world trade in services, should deliver a deal that eases EU firms' access to international markets but does not force EU, national and local authorities to open up public services to competition, or otherwise restrict their right to regulate in public interest, say MEPs in recommendations approved on Wednesday. (Read more: TiSA must protect EU firms abroad and public services at home, say MEPs )

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Skeda jum b'jum It-Tlieta 09 Fra 2016
BUDG delegation to Turkey - Delegazzjonijiet (09-02-2016): 09:00
TRAN Delegation to Finland - Delegazzjonijiet (09-02-2016): 09:00
Legal Affairs mission to the Netherlands - Delegazzjonijiet (09-02-2016): 09:00
PETI delegation to Spain - Delegazzjonijiet (09-02-2016): 09:00
"Why not vote CETA? Presentation of the study 'Analysis of the conformity of CETA with the European Parliament's 8 July 2015 Resolution on TTIP'" - Konferenzi stampa (09-02-2016): 10:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
PECH Delegation to Guinea-Bissau - Delegazzjonijiet (09-02-2016): 13:00
AFET delegation to Saudi Arabia and Qatar - Delegazzjonijiet (09-02-2016):
SEDE delegation to ROME - Delegazzjonijiet (09-02-2016):
The President's Agenda - Id-djarju tal-President (09-02-2016):
Skeda jum b'jum L-Erbgħa 10 Fra 2016
PECH Delegation to Guinea-Bissau - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016): 08:00
BUDG delegation to Turkey - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016): 09:00
PECH Delegation to Guinea-Bissau - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016): 09:00
PETI delegation to Spain - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016): 09:00
TRAN Delegation to Finland - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016): 09:00
ITRE delegation to Ljubljana - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016):
SEDE delegation to ROME - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016):
AFET delegation to Saudi Arabia and Qatar - Delegazzjonijiet (10-02-2016):
The President's Agenda - Id-djarju tal-President (10-02-2016):
Skeda jum b'jum Il-Ħamis 11 Fra 2016
ITRE delegation to Ljubljana - Delegazzjonijiet (11-02-2016): 08:40
TRAN Delegation to Finland - Delegazzjonijiet (11-02-2016): 09:00
Skeda jum b'jum Il-Ġimgħa 12 Fra 2016
ITRE delegation to Ljubljana - Delegazzjonijiet (12-02-2016): 08:50
Skeda jum b'jum Is-Sibt 13 Fra 2016
The President's Agenda - Id-djarju tal-President (13-02-2016):
If you are covering the #EP this week you can find free multimedia content to download & use:https://t.co/vF8yujvZ3K https://t.co/PUen2xJm9V
The week ahead of EP delegations includes: #Turkey, #refugeecrisis, #humantrafficking & more:https://t.co/9nheT0rSVG https://t.co/0fFO8wCaVh
Press release: EU must maintain its aid to #Libya, say MEPs: https://t.co/6YPr54pCYj #EPlenary
.@EP_ForeignAff delegation to #SaudiArabia & #Qatar to discuss relations with #EU and situation in the region https://t.co/smYp8AajaK
#Egypt remains key actor to solve current regional conflict, say @EP_ForeignAff MEPs visiting the country. Read +: https://t.co/mbTVOVlq6i
.@EP_ForeignAff met w/ Arab League dep. SG, Ahmed Ben Helli to discuss #refugeecrisis, conflicts in #Libya & #Syria https://t.co/6bnDI8nnr8
.@EP_HumanRights Chair @ElenaValenciano calls for international attention to the worsening situation of @raif_badawi https://t.co/DtO1IOw8Fa
#EPlenary Debate on #peaceprocess in #Colombia now with @FedericaMog . FOLLOW LIVE: https://t.co/TsrZWHQjF8
EU must show leadership to address #humanitarian crisis in #Syria, says @EP_HumanRights Chair: @ElenaValenciano: https://t.co/GkiV2IlVtF
Today at 9 am @EP_Defence debates Eurocorps, which will lead #EUbattlegroup 2nd half of 2016. Live https://t.co/7qnGrjJvsU
Starting now: @EP_Defence meeting. ~4 pm debate on security situation in #Ukraine, ~5 pm children in conflicts. Live https://t.co/rkHIdQkBIO
.@EP_Defence meets on 25 Jan at 3 pm to debate security in #Ukraine & w/ @EP_HumanRights children in armed conflicts https://t.co/UFwkY33q02
Next @EP_Development mtng 25 Jan at 3 pm: debate w/ @MimicaEU on EU development programs. Agenda https://t.co/OxDCgTMJxK
RT @EYD2015: Closing ceremony of the #EYD2015 now underway! Stay tuned for live updates.
RT @LindaMcAvanMEP: As Chair of @EP_Development, today I'm in Luxembourg for the European Year for Development closing ceremony #EYD2015 ht…
.@berndlange on #CETA: We might vote in the EP at the end of the year, but the timeline is still blurry - from https://t.co/XLpsrADqBJ
in 10 minutes - #TiSA press conf on vote outcome by rapporteur @VivianeRedingEU live https://t.co/8TpovefLrO or EbS https://t.co/lUKcQCYiXG
#BUDG delegation just arrived in Ankara, working meeting at EU Delegation #Turkey #refugeecrisis https://t.co/DNnYHQEPu5
RT @EuropaJens: #BUDG in Türkei. Runde mit UNICEF, UNHCR, WFD, Roter Halbmond, u. türkischer Katastrophenschutzbehörde AFAD #SPDEuropa #The…
RT @JeanArthuis: Je me rends en Turquie du 8 au 11 février, en mission de la commission des budgets du Parlement européen.
.@EP_BudgControl next meeting on Thu at 9.00 #EP discharge 2014, web streaming https://t.co/ex5lnkmBtd
RT @EUAuditorsECA: Monitoring credit rating agencies after #financialcrisis: good foundations,but risks remain https://t.co/ChqUDeFpUk http…
Fight against fraud: #CONT votes position on 2014 Report on Protection of EU's Financial Interests. Thu 9am LIVE: https://t.co/oehBQMAwxZ
.@EU_Commission anti-tax avoidance proposals prove "Washington must also move forward on international tax reforms". https://t.co/OX0LH3mIq9
.@EUAuditorsECA not very positive on @EU_Commission's handling of financial crisis... https://t.co/53XQUyPPnn
WATCH the interview with @EPSocialAffairs rapporteur Georgi #Pirinski on EU Platform to tackle #Undeclaredwork https://t.co/nv5PcvnyVa
EU Platform to tackle #Undeclaredwork adopted at plenary: 619 votes FOR, 69 against, 7 abstentions - Press release https://t.co/7ds2mL1Ym9
.@EPSocialAffairs meeting with IT @PCPadoan starting now - follow live https://t.co/iZJK5hGhra
#MEPs object to three #GMO soybean authorisations https://t.co/jTL8F9JcCM #glyphosate
#Caremissions - press conf on today's #RDE vote w. @giovannilavia and @EBienkowskaEU 15h Webstream https://t.co/V6cFV3cNjc
#Biodiversity: #MEPs call for stronger implementation of #EU law https://t.co/rVUbzIUiVE
.@EP_Industry meets on Thu: debates w/@BERECeuropaeu, @Moedas, @EUAuditorsECA. Full agenda: https://t.co/km51oY7Z43
#EPlenary: ”Stop geo-blocking and boost e-commerce and digital innovation”, #DigitalSingleMarket vote Press release: https://t.co/sKx5dxmeEb
RT @safeinternetday: Save the date: Tuesday: 9 Feb - join Safer Internet Day for a better internet! https://t.co/4uJi0O0Wig #SID2016
RT @EBienkowskaEU: Opening discussions with EU Ministers on #geoblocking, #services, #collaborative economy, #startup. #EU2016nl https://t.…
RT @VeraJourova: Our joint-statement w/ @Ansip_EU on #EUDataP Day is here: https://t.co/R6m7xBGxYV
Voting list & compromise AMs Port Services @knufleckenstein https://t.co/pDk9We0uRj - vote in @EP_Transport - LIVE https://t.co/Ng1ZoNSG1f
Now @EP_Transport: hearing on competition in intl aviation, webstreaming: https://t.co/r7IgZ2GVnm speaker list: https://t.co/9iZnnDx7Yh
Starting @EP_Transport: discussion on #Uber, with representatives from Uber, IRU, ETF and Commission, webstreaming: https://t.co/gj8Ww6j7hv
#EPlenary adopts resolution on " #EUislands: call for action to overcome permanent handicaps" Read more: https://t.co/eRDu3ZWfpf
#EPlenary debate & vote on tackling problems faced by #EUislands. Live now: https://t.co/ffiIjePskB
RT @EU_CoR: A successful #EUUrbanAgenda needs input from all levels of gov incl #EUregions. See more: https://t.co/SvnVy70MaZ https://t.co/…
.@EP_Agriculture to debate w/@PhilHoganEU @ 7.30pm #CAP #simplification, #WTO deal, #agri market crisis &more. Live: https://t.co/jJPIinafvI
#School #milk, #fruit and #vegetable: @EP_Agriculture MEPs endorse a deal to promote #healthyeating. More in PR: https://t.co/jSzYlYABV4
.@EP_Agriculture debate w/ @martijnvdam on #agriculture priorities of #EU2016NL starts now. Watch it live here: https://t.co/7zJm4R5XcJ
Resolution "A new CFP" by @GabrielMatoA adopted w/ large majority #CFPreality #Fisheries https://t.co/uPjhO8RURt https://t.co/TvcLkZaJb9
Check out this page for a complete list of #Fisheries background docs https://t.co/wbNuRcVYo5 #CFPreality #PECH
RT @EP_ThinkTank: How does #Erasmus+ work? One of the most well known EU policies, find out in EPRS #podcast @EPCulture @youth_eu https://t…
Charlemagne Youth Prize #ECYP2016: application deadline extended until 15 February @EUyouthPrize https://t.co/UHOQeJqzha
RT @luxprize: Géza #Röhrig did you have any doubt whether to accept the role given your personal history? - Not a single one” ##SonOfSaulEP
Next @EP_Legal meeting on Monday 1 February in Strasbourg. Agenda is now available here: https://t.co/n7PZ5MnK8l
Now @EP_Legal: Hearing on Administrative Procedure for the EU. Programme:...
.@EP_Justice chair @ClaudeMoraesMEP calls for urgent clarity on the new #SafeHarbor agreement. Read more: https://t.co/CChnJESoe6
RT @VeraJourova: My remarks in @EP_Justice Committee are available here https://t.co/aRsuUZU3ce
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: @maxschrems yes - the 'agreement' has no political force and there needs to be accountability
Statements by #EP group leaders on @eucopresident proposals on #UKinEU: https://t.co/rbld9wncNL Plenary debate tomorrow at 9.00
Starting shortly: @EPInstitutional debates UK-EU relation and talks on #Betterregulation. Watch live https://t.co/Wyr9uEO153
#EPlenary debate on how to end sexual harassment & violence against women in public spaces: Follow live around 20.40 https://t.co/eVAWLsrSGR
RT @guardian: Women of the world – price equality is in your hands | Anne Perkins https://t.co/MpEAEh0R3e
Press release: #Women's rights: MEPs urge Commission to table a new #genderequality strategy:https://t.co/dsBgBpP1cv #EPlenary
MEPs call on member states to speed up the ratification of the #MarrakeshTreaty. Read more: https://t.co/i1UL35A9Sw
.@EP_Petitions welcomes @EUombudsman's efforts for greater transparency within the EU institutions. Read more: https://t.co/92OUbN0hdB
.@EP_Petitions at 15h: Petitions on social affairs, agriculture & more. Agenda: https://t.co/m2PgQ338jh Live: https://t.co/GR1gEU1Ke9
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