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The European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS), which EU countries use to exchange information on the criminal convictions of EU citizens, should be extended to include non-EU nationals, Civil Liberties Committee MEPs said on Monday. MEPs also want the system to be used to check the criminal records of people seeking to work with children. (Read more: Fighting terrorism: share criminal records of non-EU nationals, too, urge MEPs )


The Commission's proposal for a standard EU travel document, to speed up the process of returning non-EU nationals who stay "irregularly" in EU member states without valid passports or identity cards, was endorsed by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Monday. Members highlight that many EU countries are currently facing serious difficulties in returning these residents to their home countries in a safe and lawful way. (Read more: MEPs back new EU travel document to ease return of irregular non-EU residents )


Plans to set up an integrated EU border management system, with a flagship European Border and Coast Guard agency, bringing together Frontex and national border management authorities, were backed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday. They would enable extra border guard teams to be rapidly deployed to EU countries whose external borders are under pressure. National authorities would still manage their borders on a day-to-day basis, but could seek help from the new agency in a crisis. (Read more: Civil Liberties Committee backs new European Border and Coast Guard )


Mere og mere af vores daglige liv er centreret omkring internettet. Selv om der ikke er fysiske grænser, er der stadig mange udfordringer. En af udfordringerne er geoblokering. Når vi ønsker at købe et produkt eller en tjeneste online, bliver vi ofte forhindret heri, fordi sælgeren befinder sig i et andet land. Onsdag debatterede MEP'erne nye forslag fra Europa-Kommissionen, som indeholder regler for at tackle uberettiget geoblokering og bringe os et skridt nærmere et digitalt indre marked. (Læs mere: Et skridt tættere på det digitale indre marked )

Pressemeddelelser (anden del)

Plans for stricter monitoring and certification procedures to ensure that medical devices such as breast or hip implants comply fully with safety and traceability requirements were informally agreed by MEPs and the Dutch Presidency of the Council on Wednesday. MEPs also secured tighter information and ethical requirements for diagnostic medical devices, e.g. those used for pregnancy or DNA testing. (Read more: Safer medical devices: MEPs strike deal with Council )


MEPerne anbefaler metoder til at øge husholdningernes energiproduktion og gøre forbruget mere effektivt. Opfordrer også til EU-støtte til at håndtere energifattigdom. (Læs mere: Forbrugernes magt på energimarkedet skal styrkes, siger MEPerne )


The EU Commission should set up a taskforce to monitor virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, to prevent their being used to launder money or finance terrorism, said Parliament in a non-binding resolution voted on Thursday. (Read more: MEPs call for virtual currency watchdog to combat money laundering and terrorism )


The EU Commission should go on negotiating with the USA to remedy “deficiencies” in proposed “Privacy Shield” protection for EU citizens’ data transferred to the US for commercial purposes, Parliament says in a non-legislative resolution passed on Thursday. (Read more: EU-US “Privacy Shield” for data transfers: further improvements needed, MEPs say )


Parliament approved aid on Thursday worth €6,468,000 for 557 redundant workers from the “Larissa” supermarket in Greece and €5,146,800 for 2,132 former drivers for the road haulage and delivery firm MoryGlobal SAS in France. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid will still need to be approved by the Council of Ministers on 6 June. (Read more: MEPs approve €11.6m in job-search aid for redundant workers in France and Greece )


De nye initiativer, der skal gøre det lettere for forbrugere og virksomheder at købe og sælge produkter og tjenester online i hele EU, blev hilst velkommen af flertallet af MEPerne i en debat med Kommissionens næstformand for det digitale indre marked, Andrus Ansip, onsdag eftermiddag. Parlamentet og Ministerrådet lovgiver i fællesskab om det digitale indre marked. (Læs mere: Nye forslag om det digitale indre marked skridt i den rigtige retning )

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Press release: Fighting terrorism: share criminal records of non-EU nationals, too, urge MEPs: https://t.co/xLF2HgxZxy
Press release: MEPs back new EU travel document to ease return of irregular non-EU residents: https://t.co/YfH0Kvl5VJ
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CULT meeting Today from 15.00 https://t.co/h3twrdtefe
CULT meeting Today from 15.00 to 17.30 Agenda and meeting documents available online https://t.co/YCUODyzvX4 https://t.co/IM6EKDqmPO
Blogging about #Parliament? Find our free material here: https://t.co/7WcK9VMF3G #EPnetwork
STARTING IN 20 mins: #JURI meeting - Debate on #portability of #online content; Civil Law Rules on #Robotics &more https://t.co/DPv7vRbZSI
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Fight against #crime & #terrorism - #ECRIS should be extended to include non-EU nationals, say @EP_Justice MEPs: https://t.co/lwXLOR6WQR
MEPs @EP_Justice back new EU travel document to ease return of irregular non-EU residents: https://t.co/upNwUpiCUO
Press release: @EP_Justice backs new #European Border & Coast Guard: https://t.co/v93DSC4xQX
.@EPInstitutional adopted Pedro Silva Pereira's opinion on the revision of #MFF 2014-2020. #EUbudget @EP_Budgets https://t.co/DzppHj8X1e
Starting 16h: @EPinstitutional votes on #MFF revision, debates #UnionLaw & #BetterLawMaking. Watch live https://t.co/xfuA4DZ07m #EUbudget
30 May in @EPInstitutional: debates #UKinEU, #UnionLaw, #BetterLawMaking & vote #MFF revision. Agenda & documents https://t.co/sgpuKf4ABX
Press release: Fight against female poverty @Mariearenaps : https://t.co/cF5GOnNBaq
#EPlenary Poverty: a gender perspective @Mariearenaps report adopted 325/104/206
Poverty: a gender perspective. #EPlenary debates report tonight around 22.00 @Mariearenaps : Live: https://t.co/eVAWLsrSGR
Next @EP_Petitions meetings on Thursday June 2. Agenda and meeting documents are now available here: https://t.co/4JpB4pug2Z
At 15.00: hearing with @EP_Petitions and @TimmermansEU on #fundamentalrights, implementation of EU law etc... Watch:https://t.co/iJNOHjzlXg
On Tuesday 19/4 from 09h @EP_Petitions will discuss petitions on child protection and the #environment. Follow live: https://t.co/kOF2rkFK8F
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