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Das Europäische Parlament tagt am 2. Dezember 2015


Two legislative proposals to tackle the migration and refugee crisis, one on a permanent mechanism for relocating people in need of international protection among EU member states under extreme pressure and another on an EU common list of safe countries of origin, were debated by the Civil Liberties Committee with the EU Commission, Council of Ministers, European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) on Tuesday afternoon. (Read more: Permanent relocation scheme and list of safe countries of origin: state of play )


"I can assure you that Parliament will make its contribution wherever it can to protect Christians," said EP President Martin Schulz, closing Tuesday's conference on inter-faith dialogue and the situation of Christians around the world. The meeting, organised by EP vice-president Antonio Tajani, focused on the persecution of Christians around the globe and specific proposals for tackling it. (Read more: EP President Schulz promises to help protect Christians wherever possible )


Civil Liberties Committee MEP Timothy Kirkhope (ECR, UK), who is leading three-way talks with the Council and Commission on the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) proposal on the use of air passengers' data to fight terrorism and serious transnational crime, briefed the committee on their progress on Tuesday. The rapporteur who listed the key issues in the ongoing negotiations, was optimistic that a deal addressing Parliament’s concerns could be struck by the end of this year. (Read more: EU PNR: lead MEP optimistic on prospects of a deal meeting Parliament's concerns )


The Commission should not authorise the use of glyphosate-tolerant GM maize NK603 x T25 in food and feed, says a resolution adopted by the environment committee on Tuesday. The Commission should suspend any authorisations for GM food and feed as long as the procedure, currently under review, has not been improved, say MEPs. (Read more: Environment MEPs oppose new GM maize authorization )

Pressemitteilungen (zweiter Teil)

The EU Commission is asked to table measures to improve corporate tax transparency, coordination and EU-wide policy convergence in legislative recommendations voted by the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee on Tuesday. These recommendations build on the work of Parliament’s Special Committee on Tax Rulings, set up in the wake of the “Luxleaks” revelations, whose recommendations were approved at the 26 November plenary session. (Read more: Economic affairs MEPs ask EU Commission to table corporate tax measures )


Civil Liberties Committee MEPs negotiating the EU data protection reform (regulation and directive) in three-way “trilogue” talks with the Council and Commission briefed the committee on their progress on Monday evening. Both rapporteurs aim to reach a deal on these files by the end of 2015. (Read more: Data protection reform: lead MEPs optimistic about reaching a deal by year’s-end )


The EU police agency Europol will be able to step up efforts to fight terrorism, cybercrime and other criminal offences and respond faster, thanks to a deal struck by Parliament and Council on new governance rules endorsed by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Monday. The new powers come with strong data protection safeguards and democratic oversight. (Read more: Europol: deal on new powers to step up EU police cooperation and fight terrorism )


More people are generally interested in EU policies (54%, up by 11 points since 2013) and more Europeans feel their countries have benefited from EU membership (60%, up 6% since June 2013), according to the latest Eurobarometer poll, commissioned by the European Parliament and published on Monday. The survey found marked differences among countries on all the issues addressed. (Read more: Interest in EU policies grew, says Eurobarometer poll )


Dieses Jahr hat das EU-Parlament wieder seinen Gastfotografenwettbewerb veranstaltet. Der Wettbewerb lief von Januar bis September und stand im Zeichen des Europäischen Jahres für Entwicklung. Jeden Monat konnten die Teilnehmer ihre Fotos zu Themen wie Bildung, Gesundheit und Migration einsenden. Die Gewinnerinnen des Gastfotografenwettbewerbs 2015 wurden zur Plenartagung in Straßburg im November eingeladen. Welche Eindrücke haben sie gesammelt? (Fortsetzung lesen: Gastfotografenwettbewerb: Impressionen der Preisträgerinnen )


Kriminelle Netzwerke stellen eine Bedrohung für die Sicherheit der EU-Bürger dar. Das Europäische Polizeiamt Europol unterstützt die Mitgliedstaaten dabei, gegen organisierte internationale Kriminalität und Terrorismus vorzugehen. Die EU-Innenminister haben sich darauf geeinigt, Europol mit weiteren Befugnissen auszustatten, um den Terrorismus zu bekämpfen. Die Abstimmung im Innenausschuss findet am Montag (30.11.) statt. Unser Artikel erklärt Zuständigkeitsbereich und Arbeitsweise von Europol. (Fortsetzung lesen: Europol unterstützt EU-Mitgliedstaaten im Kampf gegen internationales Verbrechen )

Diese Woche
Tagesprogramm Mittwoch 02 Dez 2015
"Latest developments in tobacco control" - Pressekonferenzen (02-12-2015): 11:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The President's diary - Terminplan des Präsidenten (02-12-2015):
Tagesprogramm Donnerstag 03 Dez 2015
Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Transport and Tourism - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Budgetary Control - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Legal Affairs - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Culture and Education - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:30, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Budgets - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 09:45, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Constitutional Affairs - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 10:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Petitions - Ausschüsse (03-12-2015): 10:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The use of private security companies in the context of European security and defence - Öffentliche Anhörungen (03-12-2015): 10:45, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Member States' active labour market policies - Öffentliche Anhörungen (03-12-2015): 14:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU - Öffentliche Anhörungen (03-12-2015): 15:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
The President's diary - Terminplan des Präsidenten (03-12-2015):
Tagesprogramm Sonntag 06 Dez 2015
The President's diary - Terminplan des Präsidenten (06-12-2015):
Press release: Permanent relocation scheme and list of safe countries of origin: state of play:
Press release:#EUPNR: lead MEP optimistic on prospects of a deal meeting Parliament's concerns:
Press release: @EP_Environment MEPs oppose new #GM #maize authorization
The #EU- #China cooperation on global challenges must be boosted, @EP_ForeignAff MEPs say: Rapporteur @BasBelderMEP
Watch @RJaureguiA debriefing on #Venezuela exploratory mission to @EP_ForeignAff now live:
.@EP_ForeignAff meets on Thu 26 Nov at 8.30: debrief on #Venezuela exploratory mission, vote on #China report:
.@EP_HumanRights MEPs now debate w/ F. Leggeri, @Frontex chief on tool to process complaints from #migrants against #Frontex border guards
.@EP_HumanRights EoV on #Yemen w/@BMuscheidt, EU Ambassador & w/@hrw representative is now over. Rewatch (soon):
NOW: @EP_HumanRights debate on #humanrights situation in #Yemen to start. Follow LIVE:
.@EP_Defence now: implications of activation of art.42.7 TEU (#mutualdefence clause) w/ @ATJMattelaer @IES_Brussels
#Migrant smuggling & its implications for #EU ext. security: @EP_Defence LIVE now w/ @EU_ISS @RoderickParkes
Watch @EP_Defence now w/ #Georgia Def.Min. @tinakhidasheli live: @EP_Defence to send a mission to #Georgia in 05/16
"Investing in #development is also investing in #security" said @FedericaMog to @EP_Development MEPs
.@EP_Development debate w/ @StylianidesEU on @eu_echo 2016 work programme starts at 17.00 Follow live
.@EP_Development debate w/ @FedericaMog on #development cooperation has just started. Live:
Hearing on Trade with #Australia & #NewZealand starts now - live
.@EP_Trade restarts 4h30pm with hearing on potential free trade w/ #Australia & #NewZealand - interesting speakers
Discussion with @TimmermansEU on #transparency and simplification on 3/12 at 11.30. Follow live: | #revolvingdoors
How was #EUbudget for #research spent in 2014? @Moedas will explain to @EP_BudgControl on 3/12 at 9am | #discharge2014 @Mdlabajova
MEPs request clear rules and transparency about former Commissioners´ new jobs | #revolvingdoors, #lobbytransparency
.@EP_ThinkTank background briefing on 2016 Annual Growth Survey & Alert Mechanism Report:
.@EP_Economics & @EPSocialAffairs joint meeting on #AGF2016 and #AMR in PHS 3C50 today 16:45-18:30 Follow live
"Eurozone governance needs parliamentary oversight and public debate", @EP_Economics MEPs say:
EP DG IPOL briefing on joint @EPSocialAffairs & @EP_Economics meeting on #AGF2016 and #AMR available
EPSocialAffairs & @EP_Economics joint meeting on #AGF2016 and #AMR in PHS 3C50 today 16:45-18:30 Follow live
MEPs endorsed the @EPSocialAffairs resolution on long-term unemployment in the plenary. Press release
#Environment #MEPs oppose new #GM #maize authorization
Opinion by @NChildersMEP on #transparency, accountability in EU institutions adopted unanimously. Lead Cttee @EPInstitutional vote 22 Feb
ENVI objects to draft union list of #invasive alien species with 51 votes to 16 and 1 abstention. Plenary vote 14-17 December
.@EP_Industry: debate w/@Bienkowska_EU on single market strategy now:
.@EP_Industry meeting live:
.@EP_Industry draft report on #energyunion @marekgrobarczyk to be presented in #EPlenary by @EvzenTosenovsky
Starting now: joint IMCO/ITRE debate on compromise AMs for #DigitalSingleMarket report. Webstr @kajakallas #Gebhardt
Today at 3 p.m.: @EP_SingleMarket & @EP_Industry debate on #DigitalSingleMarket report - compromise AMs. Webstr
Next week 1 Dec @EP_SingleMarket & @EP_Industry to debate compromise AMs on #DigitalSingleMarket report. Agenda
Starting now @EP_Transport cttee: contribution of transport to the EU climate and energy objectives, webstreaming:
Trilogue agreement on technical pillar of 4th railway package approved in @EP_Transport committee this morning
.@EP_Transport at 15h: debates on CEF and opinions on TiSA talks for INTA cttee, Digital Single Market, webstreaming
EP approved #REGI recommendations for simplification in Cohesion policy 562 in favor, 10 against, 41 abs - read more
PR on "Cohesion policy & marginalized communities" resolution
Resolution #REGI drafted by @TerryReintke for better inclusion of marginalized communities in Cohesion Policy adopted in plenary 574-84-36
.@EP_Agriculture MEPs to @USDA Secretary Vilsack: #TTIP must respect EU standards & be mutually beneficial. Read PR:
Hearing on new techniques & future for #PlantBreeding now on in @EP_Agriculture. Live:
.@EP_Agriculture debates now ongoing #organic, zootechnical & #pests trilogues w/ chief EP negotiators. Live:
Agendas for 7&10 DEC @EP_Fisheries meetings here: Focus on External Dimension #cfpreality #Fisheries
Are #Fisheries Partnership Agreements well managed by @EU_MARE ? Answer on #7DEC in #PECH & by @EUAuditorsECA here:
New study: #Sardine #Fisheries: Resource Assessment and Social and Economic Situation
RT @europarlAV: LIVE REPLAY #LuxPrize 2015: VIDEO statement by @DGErguven, the winner #Mustang…
#Luxprize2015 Award ceremony at 12.00 Press conference with film Directors at 15.00 live
.@EP_Legal meeting on 3 December: #Trademarks, #DigitalSingleMarket (opinion) & more. Agenda and meeting documents:
Workshop "Adoption - cross-border legal issues" on Tuesday 1 Dec, from 15.00 to 18.30. Programme:
#EPlenary to discuss #fundamentalrights in #Hungary & vote report calling for #fundamentalrights mechanism @Frontex
#EUPNR: lead MEP optimistic on prospects of a deal meeting Parliament's concerns
RT @EURightsAgency: FRA @EP_Justice: Consider excluding categories of applicants at risk from the presumption of safety in Safe Cntry https…
In @EPInstitutional this Thursday: @TimmermansEU, EU #transparency, UK-EU talks, #BetterRegulation & more. Agenda:
Starting now: 2nd part of @EPinstitutional inter-parliamentary debate on future EU institutions. Watch live
RT @danutahuebner: Minister Schmidt at @EPInstitutional Inter-parliamentary calling today's meeting an example of how our cooperation could…
69% of registered victims #trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Read more in @EP_ThinkTank briefing:
Next @EP_GenderEqual meeting on 3/12.Female entrepreneurship, domestic workers, women in digital age & more..Agenda:
Hearing: "The situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU" on 3/12: Programme:
Workshop "Adoption - cross-border legal issues" starting now. Follow live:
Next @EP_Petitions meeting on 3.12. Petitions on employment contracts, child custody, heath, food safety & more.
Workshop: "Adoption - Cross-border legal issues" on Tuesday 1.12.2015. Programme and briefing notes:
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