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Il-Parlament Ewropew qed jiltaqa' f'sessjoni plenarja

Tne 20-10-2014
Konferenzi stampa
16:30 - 17:00 Last minute session briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Kumitati parlamentari
18:00 - 18:30 Committee on Legal Affairs
Strasbourg, Winston Churchill, 200
Kumitati parlamentari
19:00 - 22:00 Hearing of Commissioner-designate for Energy Union - Vice-President
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, S1.4
Kumitati parlamentari
19:00 - 22:00 Hearing of Commissioner-designate for Transport
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N1.4
Kumitati parlamentari
19:00 - 22:30 Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
Strasbourg, Winston Churchill, 200
Kumitati parlamentari
19:00 - 20:30 Committee on International Trade

The external and internal aspects of policies for combatting terrorism, radicalisation and the rising phenomenon of “foreign fighters” will be the focus of a debate between Foreign Affairs and Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committees and Jean-Paul Laborde, Executive Director of the UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) on Thursday at 11:30. (Read more: MEPs to debate counter-terrorism policies with UN’s Jean-Paul Laborde )


EU countries need to do more to put their EU economic policy reform pledges into effect at home, especially in the euro area, urged Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs on Monday. Noting that only 10% of the European Commission's country-specific reform recommendations (CSRs) for 2013 were implemented in full and that little or no progress was made on 45% of them, MEPs also pressed the Commission and the Eurogroup President to see that they are put into practice. (Read more: European Semester: act on your economic policy pledges, MEPs urge EU countries )


Over 3,100 workers made redundant by Peugeot Citroën Automobiles (PSA) in France and crude steel producer Carsid SA Belgium are to get EU aid worth €13.5 million to help them to find or create new jobs. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid, approved by Budgets Committee MEPs on Monday, still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: EU job-search aid for former car workers in France and steel workers in Belgium )


Representatives of UNHCR, the Yezidi federation of Europe and other organizations will assess the human rights situation in Syria, Iraq and neighbouring countries, with a focus on refugees and internally displaced persons, with Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights on Monday at 16.30. (Read more: Syria and Iraq: debate on the human rights situation of refugees )

Stqarrijiet għall-istampa (it-tieni parti)

Commissioner Štefan Füle’s plan to focus on strengthening democratic institutions and public administration in EU accession candidate and potential candidate countries was welcomed by Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs on Wednesday. In a debate following the Commission’s approval of the 2014 EU enlargement package earlier the same day, many also stressed the need to communicate the concrete and visible results of the EU enlargement process better. (Read more: EU enlargement package 2014: MEPs stress need to communicate benefits better )


Ukrainian movement EuroMaidan, Congolese gynaecologist Denis Mukwege and Azerbaijani human rights activist Leyla Yunus are the three finalists for this year's European Parliament Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, as voted jointly on Tuesday by the Foreign Affairs and Development committees. (Read more: Three finalists for the 2014 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of thought )


Over a thousand former workers at firms producing metals in Communidad Valenciana (Spain) and cars around Genk (Belgium) should get EU aid to help them find new jobs, the Budgets Committee recommended on Tuesday. The proposed European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by both Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: EU job-search aid for former metal workers in Spain and carmakers in Belgium )


Figures detailing 2015 budget funding for the EU’s priority growth and jobs policies, education - including the EU's Erasmus+ student mobility programme - and its humanitarian and support work in war-stricken and neighbouring zones were approved by Budgets Committee MEPs on Tuesday. These figures will be put to a vote by Parliament as a whole at the October plenary session. (Read more: Proper funding for EU priorities: Budgets Committee puts figures on 2015 budget )


Extra funds should be added to the EU’s 2015 budget for growth and jobs policies, education, including the EU's Erasmus+ student mobility programme, and EU humanitarian and support work in war-stricken zones, said the Budgets Committee in votes on Monday and Tuesday. It also recommended that the European Parliament as a whole should reverse cuts sought by the Council of Ministers in planned and actual expenses. (Read more: Budgets Committee recommends reversing Council cuts in EU budget for 2015 )


"The priorities of the Italian Council Presidency were outlined to the various parliamentary committees by Italian ministers in a series of meetings held in July and September." (Read more: Italian Presidency priorities discussed by EP committees )

Konferenzi stampa
Last minute session briefing 16:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
S&D briefing 10:10  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Greens/EFA briefing 10:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
ALDE briefing 10:50  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
EPP briefing 11:10  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
ECR briefing 11:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
GUE/NGL briefing 14:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Closure of the Coca Cola factories in Greece and the worker's strike which has lasted for more than a year 15:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
The position of the Forza Italia delegation on the main dossiers in plenary 16:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
European Citizens Initiative "One of us" 10:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Martin SCHULZ, President of the European Parliament, and Claude JUNCKER, President-elect of the Commission 12:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Result of the budget votes 14:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  A050
The Single Seat Campaign 14:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  A050
Ebola outbreak: facing the emergency 15:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  A050
European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2014 priorities 15:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
The vote on the college of Commissioners 17:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
The Week Ahead (20-26 October) includes: #EPhearings2014, #EUbudget, #Europeansemester & more. Full agenda at: http://t.co/FWlCHaoq4i
NOW:Pre-session briefing at A.Politkovskaya (0A050).LIVE: http://t.co/aOEWl2jIij & http://t.co/L8OsPIQ1Ak #EPlenary http://t.co/XDtlXI9HqE
Pre-session briefing at 11:00 at A.Politkovskaya (0A050). LIVE at: http://t.co/aOEWl2jIij & http://t.co/L8OsPIQ1Ak #EPlenary
The new chairman of #EP delegation for relations w/ #Moldova is MEP #AndiChristea from @TheProgressives http://t.co/6EUbmKT0VC
MEP Sajjad Karim @SHKMEP of the @ECRGroup selected as new chair of EP delegation to #Armenia, #Azerbaijan & #Georgia http://t.co/iHQ6E1IO9U
.@davidmcallister of the @EPPGroup elected chairman of the EP delegation for relations w/ the #US http://t.co/6DARlyKYn6
Decision on #SakharovPrize 2014 laureate postponed to next Tuesday due to administrative reasons
Laureate of the #SakharovPrize 2014 to be announced today after 13.00.
#CSDP missions: how can EU neighbours take part? @EP_Defence now live w/ @eu_eeas & repr. of #Georgia #Ukraine : http://t.co/iLWqwq6wAt
.@EP_Defence now discusses CSDP related research w/ @EUDefenceAgency & @EU_Commission http://t.co/eVPGOzXUdH
.@EP_Defence debates #CSDP related research & participation of EU neighbours in CSDP missions at 3pm: Livestream:http://t.co/Bl0Ih46D9o
3 #Sakharov Prize 2014 finalists chosen: EuroMaidan, Denis Mukwege & Leyla Yunus. The laureate will be chosen on 16 October.
Watch the recordings (w interpretations available) of the hearing of #Stylianides #EPHearings2014 @ http://t.co/an6TlyNMH9 (click on 30/9)
Watch the recordings of the hearing of #Stylianides #EPHearings2014 @ http://t.co/WiFLsRgzg3
Better late than never: @EP_Trade chair @berndlange on publication of #TTIP negotiating mandate http://t.co/8j3EIsPS1c
vote to extend trade preferences to #Ukraine Oct20 #Strasbourg @EP_Trade & plenary same week.Current law expires Nov1 http://t.co/U7a7htlDWT
CORRECT (new link): #EGF aid to #France #Belgium, voted today in @EP_Budgets http://t.co/XmFF8nzkbi Plenary vote to follow next week.
Details on #EGF aid to #France #Belgium, voted today in @EP_Budgets: http://t.co/baIYkXHh18 Plenary vote to follow next week.
€12.7m #EGF help for PSA #France, €0.9m for Carsid, #Belgium workers to find new jobs, @EP_Budgets voted. More to follow.
If you have problems with @ep webstream of @EP_BudgControl meeting, let the webmaster@europarl.europa.eu know.
How has EC followed @EP recommendations in #discharge 2012? @ASemetaEU in @EP_BudgControl. Live at 9: http://t.co/zlFZ2PStmb
.@ASemetaEU on follow up on #discharge 2012, #OLAF supervisory cmtee in @EP_BudgControl at 9. Agenda: http://t.co/EkwmeZRlzm
European Semester: act on your economic policy pledges, @EP_economics MEPs urge EU countries. Press release: http://t.co/cHjbFJbI42
.@EP_economics 15:30 today, i.a. to vote recommendations European Semester. The whole agenda + meeting docs here: http://t.co/hGDPXvCfG5
RT @daniel_koster: #EPhearings2014 votes 2day #Canete 18:30, #Bratusek 18:30, #Katainen 19:30, #Hill 20:00, #Moscovici 20:30, #Dombrovskis
CORRECTION .@EPSocialAffairs next meeting on Thursday, 16 October from 10.00 to 12.30 in JAN 4Q2. Agenda http://t.co/a7Bm7N22c5
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting on Thursday, 10 October from 10.00 to 12.30 in JAN 4Q2. Agenda http://t.co/9mgqelZxm5
Find the summaries, quotes, photos & videos of the #EPhearings2014 of #Katainen on Storify: https://t.co/OA78uJi85p #EPhearings2014
#Novelfoods - missed last week's workshop? You can watch it here http://t.co/CEtNajfhsa
Cttee meeting 15h: #novelfoods, #GMO, #biocial products - Webstr http://t.co/BFXkqTNVTT Docs http://t.co/vvoXLjeAhR
RT @giovannilavia: I'm sure Mr. Canete will carry out his role cleverly and in a close cooperation with the @Europarl_EN #EPhearings2014
Check @EP_ThinkTank briefing on Commissioner-designate #Sefcovic ahead of tomorrow's hearing: http://t.co/eYDJ7jZ5DN #EPhearings2014
#Infographic: how to elect @EU_Commission step by step - #EPhearings2014 http://t.co/RKUivVsRSz #Sefcovic will be in @EP_Industry on Mon
Press kit with background, procedure & history of #EPhearings2014: http://t.co/PxCHpAOBqe #Sefcovic will be in @EP_Industry on Mon
RT @Parlimag: Committee guide | IMCO : Single market 'key' to boosting #EU growth, says @vickyford @EP_SingleMarket https://t.co/08ooFS5Qoz
RT @DigitalAgendaEU: We've just published the #AskAnsip Storify with @Ansip_EU, @Senficon, @RiccardoLuna, @evapaunova & many more! https://…
Decision to enter into inter-institutional negotiations on statistics of goods transport by #inlandwaterways adopted in TRAN committee
Decision to enter into inter-institutional negotiations on #rail transport statistics adopted in TRAN committee
Decision to enter into inter-institutional negotiations on weights and dimensions of #trucks adopted in TRAN
Additional #EPhearings2014 for Commissioners-designate? Check out this background note: http://t.co/Y53aORMhCq #EP
#REGI Chair #Mihaylova announces thorough checks to make sure new #CohesionPolicy delivers http://t.co/ffYcK9HQZU #EUOpenDays
#Katainen hearing has started - follow live http://t.co/uSq0wm2uEF & http://t.co/7zE7amcURQ #EPhearings2014
.@EP_Agriculture today: Debate on #novelfoods, #CAPreform competition issues & #AfricanSwineFever. LIVE from 9am: http://t.co/jgyv7x1Gqu
Study: EU member states in agri-food world markets-current competitive positions&perspectives: http://t.co/ShyAKQIAeu http://t.co/xzEcpxIj8M
Debate with outgoing Commissioner #Ciolos starts now. Watch it live: http://t.co/2KzqkdL3Ze
Watch live: tomorrow's #Fisheries committee meeting http://t.co/qk7fY4064x More info: http://t.co/VGkABQUOtu http://t.co/hQLhrysnt3
#Discards and #Driftnets bans on tomorrow's #PECH agenda: http://t.co/T1SUwwHOKj Afternoon session cancelled, pt. 8 last item on agenda
#Discards ban: Draft report by @AlainCadec on the landing obligation now available in all languages: http://t.co/sKXHYK7jhI #CFPreality
#LuxPrize finalists: coming soon in a cinema near you http://t.co/sv0JW962AY http://t.co/v66PXNhRkc
#Parlamentarium turns 3 y.o today. Almost 1 million people have visited it so far: http://t.co/EeJsTQsl1E
.@EP_Legal meeting starting now. Watch live: http://t.co/FqUch21vr8 JURI Newsletter now available: http://t.co/rOsm1jOO3M
.@EP_Legal meeting today at 15h. Agenda and meeting documents: http://t.co/4LPHzqtojO Live webstreaming: http://t.co/FqUch21vr8
RT @EU_Commission: Today is EU #antitraffickingday. RT to say no to human traffic! Every victim is a victim too many...
.@EP_Justice MEPs quiz candidates for @EU_EDPS on Monday. Vote on Tuesday. Read more: http://t.co/IWQzXjytX5. #EUdataP
Audiovisual material on #Timmermans hearing now available here: http://t.co/X1igeBlB6R #EPhearings2014
Missed the press point with #Timmermans? Watch it back here:http://t.co/18XP9Rwpzl EPhearings2014
Watch the recording of #Timmermans hearing here: http://t.co/6ahM2B3dOX EPhearings2014
First exchange of view on The EU strategy for equality between women and men post 2015. Watch live:...
C.#Menne from EU Trade Union:#gendermainstreaming in public policy is powerful concept.Need double strategy:GM+ #genderequality policy.
#Tisheva from Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation:#violenceagainstwomen an area of competence with full span of the Due Diligence of EU.
New @EP_Petitions vice-Chairs are Rosa Estarás (EPP, ES), @RobertaMetsola (EPP, MT), @MarleneMizzi (S&D, MT) & Pál Csaky (EPP, SK)
.@EP_Petitions to elect its Chair and 4 vice-Chairs today at 5.15pm - Follow it live http://t.co/oRCwtM8xzF
RT @mvandenbroeke: #EP press team selfie on last day of last session in Strasbourg #EP2014 http://t.co/ROIQm4aEz1
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