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Praegu käib Euroopa Parlamendi täiskogu istung

Presidendi tegevus
09:00 - 18:30 The President's Diary
10:00 - 10:30 The invisible victims of the extreme right in Venezuela
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
14:30 - 15:00 2014-2015 Budget vote
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
15:00 - 15:30 The LUX prize
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
Parlamendi komisjonid
15:30 - 16:00 Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
Strasbourg, Winston Churchill, 200
15:45 - 16:15 S&D Group on the Resolution of the recognition of Palestine
Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak, A050

Euroopa Parlamendi filmiauhinna tänavune laureaat on Poola-Taani koostöös valminud "Ida", mis räägib konvendis üles kasvanud orvust, kes enne nunnaks pühitsemist asub koos oma tädiga uurima perekonna minevikku. Kolmapäeval, 17. detsembril Strasbourgi istungitesaalis auhinna pälvinud režissööri Paweł Pawlikowski sõnul üritas ta teha filmi, mis puudutab universaalseid küsimusi. (Loe lähemalt: "Ida" režissöör Pawlikowski: püüdsin teha filmi universaalsetest küsimustest )


The fees that banks charge retailers to process shoppers’ payments should be capped under uniform rules across in the EU following a deal struck by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and Council negotiators on Wednesday. The cap would apply to both cross-border and domestic card-based payments and should result in lower costs for consumers. (Read more: MEPs secure deal to cap card payment fees )


Karl Suure Euroopa noorteauhind 2015

Noorsugu − Eesti − 17-12-2014 - 18:48

Euroopa Parlament ja Aachenis asuv Rahvusvaheline Karl Suure Auhinnafond kuulutasid välja 2015. aasta noorteauhinna konkursi. Eesmärgiks on noorte projektide kaudu aidata kaasa erinevate rahvuste teineteisemõistmisele ja soodustada ühtse Euroopa identiteedi kujunemist. Projektide esitamise tähtaeg on 2. veebruar 2015. (Loe lähemalt: Karl Suure Euroopa noorteauhind 2015 )


MEPs from all political groups expressed their concerns over the recent arrests of journalists in Turkey and condemned all actions against media freedom, in a plenary debate on Wednesday afternoon. They agreed that the deterioration in the rule of law and fundamental rights in the country is an issue that needs to be tackled. Parliament will put a resolution to a vote in January. (Read more: MEPs critical of breaches of freedom of expression in Turkey )

Pressiteated (teine osa)

Uputamisvõte, seina külge aheldamine, magamatus – USA Senati poolt Luure Keskagentuuri (CIA) piinamismeetodite kohta avalikustatud raporti järgi kasutati kinnipeetavatelt info hankimiseks räiget piinamist. Kolmapäeval, 17. detsembril EP täiskogul raporti tulemusi kommenteerinud saadikud on seisukohal, et võitluses terrorismiga ei saa põhiväärtusi jalge alla tallata ning ELi liikmesriikide seotust piinamistega tuleb uurida. (Loe lähemalt: Saadikud CIA piinamistest: see on vastuvõetamatu, ELi osalus vajab uurimist )


Parlamendi president Martin Schulz tegi kolmapäeval täiskogu saalis toimunud tseremoonial teatavaks 2014. aasta LUX filmiauhinna võitja. Võitjaks valiti Pawel Pawlikowski film „Ida“. (Loe lähemalt: 2014. a. filmiauhinna LUX võitja on "Ida" )


Kolmapäeval kiitis parlament heaks 2015. aasta ELi eelarve eelnõu ja 2014. aasta täiendava eelarve. Eelarves nähakse ette 145.32 miljardit eurot kohustusi ja 141.21 miljardit eurot makseid ning €4.25 miljardit eurot lisavahendeid veel maksmata 2014. aasta arvete tasumiseks. (Loe lähemalt: Parlament kiitis heaks 2014. ja 2015. aasta ELi eelarved )


Kolmapäeval vastuvõetud resolutsioonis "toetab Euroopa Parlament põhimõtteliselt Palestiina riikluse tunnustamist ja kahe riigi lahendust ning on kindlalt seisukohal, et see peaks toimuma koos rahukõneluste edenemisega, mida tuleks soodustada". Selleks, et toetada Lähis-Ida rahuprotsessi, otsustas parlament käivitada algatuse „Parlamendiliikmed rahu eest”, mille eesmärk on koondada eri erakondi esindavaid Euroopa, Iisraeli ja Palestiina parlamendiliikmeid. (Loe lähemalt: Euroopa Parlamendi resolutsioon Palestiina riikluse tunnustamise kohta )


The EU should step up its efforts to help the steel industry out of the crisis, MEPs say in a non-binding resolution voted on Wednesday. They ask the European Commission to ensure that trade deals improve steel export conditions and check that EU competition and state aid rules do not lead to unfairness between EU countries. MEPs also call for investments in workers' education and training as well as in steel research. (Read more: MEPs urge EU to step up efforts to help steel industry out of the crisis )


The new Internal Security Strategy for 2015-2019 should be "easily adaptable to evolving situations" with a joined-up approach across the Union to tackle foreign fighters, cyber-security, human trafficking, organised crime, money laundering and corruption, , says a resolution passed by Parliament on Wednesday. (Read more: New EU Security Strategy must tackle emerging threats, MEPs say )

The invisible victims of the extreme right in Venezuela 10:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
2014-2015 Budget vote 14:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
The LUX prize 15:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
S&D Group on the Resolution of the recognition of Palestine 15:45  Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak ,  A050
Roll Call Votes of 16th December 2014: http://t.co/cH16ctWOkR #EPlenary
Live coverage of #EPlenary debate on #CWP2015 ends,debate still on: http://t.co/5Sy5qQTsxk & http://t.co/KnTmXeKM5H (press release out soon)
.@gannemans: I think we need to avoid introducing too much new legislation, things have gone too far already #CWP2015 #TeamJunckerEU
shortage of food funding for #Syria refugees - follow now the #EPlenary debate with the EU Commission & Council http://t.co/cXM8Cbe9gu
#Palestine statehood recognition: #EPlenary to vote tomorrow Wed 17Dec 1pm-ish. Deadline for pol.groups to reach joint text is today 11pm
soon @EP_ForeignAff MEPs will exchange w MPs from @Bundestag on EU neighbourhood policy live http://t.co/Mcr6Lvfto1
#EPlenary debate on funding shortage for @WFP aid to #Syria'n refugees today @ 19.30. Live: http://t.co/cZL8HFwc1y http://t.co/9c8nUH5IHj
Meeting on NGOs in #Russia, 17 Dec in Strasbourg at 15h (room SDM-S5). Find all meeting documents here: http://t.co/Of6psDnXkb
.@ElenaValenciano on today's #Council conclusions on #post2015 agenda: "The #EU action must now live up to the declared objectives."
.EP_Defence #MEPs to continue debates in a few minutes on @NATO Parliamentary Assembly & EU Civilian missions. Live http://t.co/TRa728n9mq
.@EP_Defence MEPs question plans of high-tech "VAT-free" military equipment & pool acquisitions, quizz #EDA chief on cyber-war,
.@EUDefenceAgency chief on refueling in the airs, remote piloted air systems, certification, cyber security. LIVE http://t.co/TRa728n9mq
RT @europarltv: EU aid assistance: Up to the challenge of combating #Ebola? @EuroparlTV itvw w. @StylianidesEU http://t.co/vYaqQf8rkT
RT @LindaMcAvanMEP: As Chair of @EP_Development will push for EU development work to promote human rights. Tackling violence against women …
RT @LindaMcAvanMEP: Today is #HumanRights Day! Strong reminder to do more to tackle abuses wherever they happen @UNrightswire
#Ecuador trade deal: see #EPlenary debate from 21.20 http://t.co/eUY1QaOO4z
duty-free access for #Moldova grapes,apples & plums to EU market (rapp @sorinmoisa) up for debate 8h40 in #EPlenary http://t.co/rYkrYUn8Es
MEPs argue that voluntary certification might not be enough to stop trade of "blood" minerals. Watch debate live http://t.co/E78GOVRnJP
Final #EPlenary debate on #EUbudget 2014 & 2015 starting around 16:30 here: http://t.co/xwfWcZMkKO . Votes at midday tomorrow.
RT @EP_ThinkTank: #EUBudget compromise establishes payment plan to reduce level of unpaid bills + closer monitoring http://t.co/Y7oaIf2jxt
#EPlenary approved #EGF aid to #airfrance, Whirlpool #Italy, Fiat #Poland, Odyssefs Fokas #Greece. More here: http://t.co/XYh6ORpJIe
#EUbudget 2015 adopted 27/3/0 in @EP_Budgets. @EGardiazabal #Hohlmeier More to come.
.@EP_Budgets supports €1.89m #EGF job search aid to Whirlpool #Italy. #EPlenary vote next week. Rapp: @danieleviotti
Discussion w @MimicaEU on #EU-intl' coop Thu 9:00. Also #EU support to #Haiti, wine sector. Watch @EU_BudgControl : http://t.co/eh4HNfPcFw
.@EP_Economics & @EP_Justice deal reached on anti money laundering rules, more details to follow in the morning
.@EP_Economics approved nominees Single Resolution Board today. Confirmation vote in plenary tomorrow. #BankingUnion
Hearing with candidates #SRB continues in @EP_Economics this morning. Schedule and next steps: http://t.co/DCQur65noE
.@EPSocialAffairs & @EP_Trade avec des experts sur le #TTIP - version française http://t.co/N39PS9Kp5p
RT @EP_YouthEvent: .@KajaDekleva Member states have not focused on long term solutions. I believe all measures taken so far are short term …
RT @EP_YouthEvent: @KajaDekleva better cooperation between education system and job market. Solution? Dual education system. #EYEHearings
RT @IanDuncanMEP: My reaction 2 deal agreed @LimaCop20 - What made the text and what made the shredder? http://t.co/jnfrWUtC1L @BBCDavidMi…
RT @giovannilavia: #COP20 in #Lima: we are not completely satisfied, but the deal is a good step on the way to a global climate agreement i…
RT @UN: Lima Call for Climate Action puts world on track to Paris 2015 global climate agreement http://t.co/q74pOUS28H #COP20 http://t.co/5…
.@EP_Industry talks on #SME, #ETS, #Energycharter live in 15 min: http://t.co/hw9gx0GhOD
.@EP_Industry vote on PRISMA, visit by @Moedas live in 15 min: http://t.co/FNZZ14vR6Q
PM session EP_Industry started. Change in Thu agenda: debate on the opinion on #ETS moved to Thu afternoon as 2nd point
RT @OlgaSehnalova: #eCall emergency system endorsed by IMCO committee: http://t.co/78541yAnHa Thanks for support!
.@EP_SingleMarket backs a deal with @IT2014EU on life-saving #eCall system in cars (vote 30 to 1 & 2 abs). Read here http://t.co/pcxQWtaa3f
Today at 9:45 am @EP_SingleMarket votes on #eCall system in cars @OlgaSehnalova Livestream http://t.co/JOXuUPVOoE
Starting now: hearing on transport in Central and E.Europe @EP_Transport cttee: http://t.co/UcSeaJX5Oj agenda: http://t.co/6PZaZ96IZQ
Hearing on transport in Central and E.Europe @EP_Transport ctte 3pm WATCH LIVE http://t.co/UcSeaJX5Oj agenda/speakers http://t.co/6PZaZ96IZQ
Starting at 9.30 - Exchange of views with Commissioner Bulc @EP_Transport committee WATCH LIVE http://t.co/Jo0yWUkJfF
Last 2014 #EPlenary starts with debates on: endangered species #CITES & #transport operators: http://t.co/0xM2TvizvP
Best chance to find out about the #EPlenary agenda! Watch the pre-session briefing now: http://t.co/pNYZSXmFnh
.@EP_Agriculture MEPs support @PhilHoganEU plans to simplify #CAP but call for more actions to help #milk farmers: http://t.co/PuygKKrisQ
.@EP_Agriculture debate w/ @PhilHoganEU starts now. Watch it live: http://t.co/1JTaJV561z http://t.co/mfWTngSQ7f
Debate w/ @PhilHoganEU on 2015 budget, #RussianBan, #CAP #greening, #dairy sector & draft laws starts in 15mins.Live: http://t.co/1JTaJV561z
#Fisheries in the outermost regions - Presentations of all participants now available: http://t.co/NprNTyiQSj
Last 2014 #EPlenary starts with debates on: endangered species #CITES & #transport operators: http://t.co/5sewuuKqaV
Best chance to find out about the #EPlenary agenda! Watch the pre-session briefing now: http://t.co/CvdXvuOXaG
RT @luxprize: Less than 24 hours left to announce the winner of the LUX FILM PRIZE 2014!#luxprize#luxfilmdays
#CULT meeting starts now. Watch live the debates http://t.co/kF5JFDWZ6D
RT @EU_Justice: In 2013 the #EU co-funded #EUJustice training for 22 000 legal professionals; the number of trained notaries doubled. http:…
Hearing: The revision of the shareholders' rights Directive, today at 15:00. Follow live: http://t.co/FRefUBHwCJ
RT @VeraJourova: I welcome the political agreement reached on a stronger framework to combat #moneylaundering. #EUJustic
Deal reached on anti #moneylaundering directive #AMLD between EP and Council negotiators. Press release to follow.
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: Speaking as @EP_Justice rapp on EU #ISS, we need a holistic approach centred on #fundamentalrights to balance security…
Working document of rapporteur @RCorbettMEP on #EPhearings2014 http://t.co/Owf9zOE1jQ
Afco debate on evaluations #EPhearings2014 @RCorbettMEP rapporteur starting - follow live http://t.co/siIpHVg2dz
#Afco debates on EU electoral law follow the hearing here http://t.co/YwgkLFJx5u
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: Chairing @EP_Justice @EP_GenderEqual mtg on #humantrafficking, victims should be at the heart of legislation also note…
.@EP_GenderEqual& @ EP_Justice discussing EU Strategy towards eradication #TraffickingHumanBeings w/@MyriaVass:LIVE: http://t.co/QQwRJKZj0X
2nd day of @EP_GenderEqual meeting. Starting with #equalitybetweenwomenandmen in 2013. LIVE: http://t.co/Ap2sJTsXKC
New @EP_Petitions vice-Chairs are Rosa Estarás (EPP, ES), @RobertaMetsola (EPP, MT), @MarleneMizzi (S&D, MT) & Pál Csaky (EPP, SK)
.@EP_Petitions to elect its Chair and 4 vice-Chairs today at 5.15pm - Follow it live http://t.co/oRCwtM8xzF
RT @mvandenbroeke: #EP press team selfie on last day of last session in Strasbourg #EP2014 http://t.co/ROIQm4aEz1
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