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Kamra tal-aħbarijiet

All workers should have their basic rights guaranteed, whatever their form of employment and contract, said MEPs approving their recommendations on Thursday for the forthcoming proposal on the “European Pillar of Social Rights”. (Read more: European Social Rights: workers’ protection needs to be extended to new jobs )


Dikjarazzjoni mill-President tal-Parlament Ewropew Antonio Tajani dwar it-terremoti reċenti fl-Italja u l-valanga li ħakkmet lukanda (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Dikjarazzjoni mill-President Tajani dwar it-terremoti reċenti fl-Italja )


L-MEPs ivvutaw biex ma jaċċettawx il-blacklist tal-Kummissjoni dwar pajjiżi fejn huwa possibbli l-ħasil ta’ flus u l-finanzjament tat-terroriżmu. Huma kkunsidraw li l-lista kienet limitata wisq, u li għandha tiġi estiża biex, pereżempju, tinkludi territorji li jiffaċilitaw atti kriminali fiskali. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: . )


Wara l-elezzjoni tal-Parlament, il-Viċi-Presidenti, u l-Kwesturi, il-plenarja ħatret il-membri ta’ kull wieħed mit-22 kumitat tal-Parlament nhar il-Ħamis. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: Elezzjoni ta’ nofs il-mandat tal-Parlament: Kompożizzjoni tal-kumitati )

Stqarrijiet għall-istampa (it-tieni parti)

Parliament condemns growing intolerance towards ethnic, religious and sexual minorities in Indonesia, attacks against peacekeepers in Central African Republic and breaches of human rights in Burundi, in three resolutions voted on Thursday. (Read more: Human rights: Indonesia, Central African Republic and Burundi )


EU and national authorities should provide emergency aid to help migrants and refugees to cope with freezing temperatures and snow in several parts of Europe, MEPs urged on Wednesday. They also called on EU governments to keep their promises to transfer thousands of asylum-seekers, particularly from Greece, to other countries. (Read more: Refugees: MEPs demand emergency winter aid and transfers to other EU countries )


Wara l-elezzjoni tal-President, l-MEPs eliġew l-14-il Viċi Presidenti permezz ta’ żewġ rounds ta’ votazzjoni nhar l-Erbgħa. Biex jiġi elett kandidat irid jirbaħ maġġoranza assoluta tal-voti validi mitfugħa. Il-Viċi Presidenti l-ġodda jiġu minn sitt gruppi politiċi. L-MEPs eliġġew ukoll il-ħames Kwesturi, permezz ta’ akklamazzjoni. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: L-14-il Viċi Presidenti u l-5 Kwesturi eletti )


Brexit, EU relations with the US and Russia, migration, economic and social progress, and the defence union were the key political challenges for 2017 debated by MEPs, Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen and Council President Donald Tusk on Wednesday. Mr Tusk briefed MEPs on the outcome of the December 2016 meeting of EU heads of state or government. (Read more: Debate with Council President Tusk on putting “Europe first” in 2017 )


L-MEPs iddiskutew il-prijoritajiet tal-Presidenza Maltija tal-Kunsill mal-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat u l-President tal-Kummissjoni Jean-Claude Juncker nhar l-Erbgħa. (Aqra iktar dwar dan: L-MEPs jippreżentaw il-prijoritajiet tagħhom lill-Presidenza Maltija tal-Kunsill )


MEPs will assess political challenges in 2017 with Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen and Council President Donald Tusk in a debate, on Wednesday at 15.00, on the outcome of the European Council meeting of 15 December 2016. (Read more: Debate on EU summit outcome and challenges in 2017 at 15.00 )

Journalists can use #EPressbriefing to put questions on Committees' work before and during Monday’s briefing https://t.co/XvZyeXospx
Press briefing on #EP Committees Monday 23/1 at 11:00 in PHS0A050: https://t.co/7rLm3UiAyB https://t.co/snGmhaLCQL
The week ahead (23-29 Jan) incl : #CETA, #waste production & #recycling, #CarEmissions & more. Agenda:https://t.co/weSlucBZxT
Following #Inauguration how will EU-US relations evolve? How can EU mitigate foreign pol. risks &enhance cooperatio… https://t.co/HloYFXFYjB
Consult this link for an update https://t.co/NAfQYaDBsL https://t.co/1E2IFAVL9A
Composition of 73 members strong @EP_ForeignAff is available here https://t.co/Bp6N5S9BsN
ON 24 JAN @EP_HumanRights & EP Del. for Rel. with #Iran workshop on #HumanRights in #Iran after the nuclear deal -… https://t.co/xHvVccBcXj
#EPlenary condemns #humanRights breaches in #Indonesia, in #CentralAfricanRepublic & in #Burundi - Full PR here: https://t.co/PioNXeMUOA
Following #EPlenary vote today @EP_HumanRights is composed of 30 members - List available here: https://t.co/P0qbrKSdxW
.@EP_Defence composition updated. Check here https://t.co/WHnmLAE0RK
#Eplenary adopted the composition of 30 members strong @EP_Defence. Available here https://t.co/gnxDmBfjq2
RT @EPPGroup: In @EP_Defence: M. Gahler coordinator, T. Kelam deputy coordinator
Next week in @EP_Development: election of chair&vice-chairs, Consensus on Development, #EU2017MT, garment sector: https://t.co/ftsVOMQw5q
MEPs vote on the revision of the European Consensus on Development next Wednesday, Jan 25. https://t.co/XUtpYgkE5v https://t.co/lkqqB3dY70
Mid-term elections: composition of 28 members strong @EP_Development is available here: https://t.co/UTD4bvCBwl
Jan 23-24 in @EP_Trade: vote on #CETA, mid-term elections, #EU2017MT, anti-dumping methodology, #Iran… https://t.co/bbXg2LA0Xx
Jan 23-24 in @EP_Trade: vote on #CETA, mid-term elections, #EU2017MT, trade defence reform, #Iran… https://t.co/UTsjeasbmT
Mid-term elections: composition of 41 members strong @EP_Trade is available here: https://t.co/ePkWBtvPoR
NEXT WEEK in BUDG: Election of Chairs&Vicechairs, Vote on budgetary capacity for the €zone, &more! All info here:… https://t.co/Mwu7K9Segc
Proposal for appointments to committees 2017-2019: up for an #EPlenary vote tomorrow https://t.co/qrDMWyM1Ox
RT @EPPGroup: Our team budgets stays the same. @JMFernandesEU reelected coordinator and @JanOlbrycht reelected deputy coordinator in @EP_Bu…
Proposal for appointments to committees 2017-2019: up for an #EPlenary vote tomorrow https://t.co/7bgUsVzsSD
RT @EPPGroup: In @EP_BudgControl: @petrisarvamaa elected coordinator and @TomZdechovskyEP deputy coordinator
#EPlenary vote this morning: @EP_BudgControl will have 30 members in 2017-2019 term - no change from 2014-16 https://t.co/79c1Vh94Kd
#EPlenary rejects @EU_Commission blacklist of states @ risk of #moneylaundering led by @judithineuropa #PanamaPapers https://t.co/JfoTXe4jya
Text of financial transaction tax ready mid-2017, say @EUCouncil's @followianborg @EU_Commission's @mariannethyssen https://t.co/LrChlkVdCE
Today #EPlenary adopted @EP_Economics numerical composition: 61 members.
Interview with @MJRodriguesEU on #EPSR report adopted by #EPlenary here https://t.co/ZSMBQExqgO
RT @EU_EESC: #EPlenary voted the report of @MJrodrigues on #SocialRights. Looking forward to our debate on 25/01! https://t.co/nqgVQXchol #…
.@EPSocialAffairs Report on #EPSR by @MJRodriguesEU adopted at STR Plenary on 19 January - Press release https://t.co/zK8hoRYLHb
RT @EUauditors: Combating #FoodWaste: opportunity for #EU to improve resource-efficiency of the food supply chain | special report https:/…
.@EP_Environment committee composition adopted in #EPlenary today is available here: https://t.co/zdh2eAszqm
.@EP_Environment committee to have 69 full members in the second half of the legislature https://t.co/CnlgIlp79h
#EPlenary adopted a composition of 67 members for @EP_Industry. The list of MEPs will be published tomorrow.
European Cloud Initiative: a way to attract world leading research - press release: https://t.co/hXp8gqSxzP
.@EP_Industry meets on Thu. Agenda and meeting documents: https://t.co/YmMHjh0DCn
Digital Economy: Perspectives on transatlantic cooperation, briefing by @EP_ThinkTank https://t.co/TCysD0WBCe
Application of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: Overview of the Commission's guidance document https://t.co/TC0J5W6wdd
#Digital skills in the EU labour market, by @EP_ThinkTank: https://t.co/VnnglVt9Rx
.@EP_Transport committee composition adopted in #EPplenary today available here https://t.co/YGqdl7PYsy
.@EP_Transport committee will have 49 members for 2017-2019 as confirmed by #EPplenary today https://t.co/T7bVWiCrf5
Watch now @EP_Transport: MEPs debate Commission work programme 2017 transport priorities with Commissioner Bulc https://t.co/uPvY979g3t
#EPlenary adopts a composition of 43 members for @EP_Regional More info here: https://t.co/Ww0dp39SDF …List of MEPs to be published tomorrow
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Unlocking private investment through the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) https://t.co/jOECOpFVxV Iskra #MIH…
RT @EP_ThinkTank: #EFSI – what impact on EU #regional policy territorial cohesion? https://t.co/jOECOpFVxV @EP_Regional Iskra #MIHAYLOVA
New composition of 46 MEPs strong @EP_Agriculture is available here: https://t.co/9AKZKuf0kv Vote on committee chair & vice-chairs 25/01
Proposal for appointments (full members) to committees 2017-2019: up for #EPlenary vote 19/01 at noon: https://t.co/Lo4VOpHwbe
.@EP_Agriculture to have 46 full members in 2nd half of 5y EP term. Composition to be voted by #EPlenary 19/01, cha… https://t.co/nWSSkRhtEy
RT @EU_MARE: NEW fisheries webpage: the landing obligation in practice, with examples of projects, trials or research #CFPreality https://t…
#EPlenary adopts a composition of 27 members for @EP_Fisheries More info here: https://t.co/VzCmXUXGIA List of MEPs to be published tomorrow
RT @Oceana: Want to help save sea turtles? Try these five simple steps https://t.co/QCapZBiXkK https://t.co/tt6O0qZqge
Members of @EPCulture appointed at #EPplenary https://t.co/LJtLHCmlox Vote on committee chair&vice-chairs 23/01
RT @Parlamentarium: Have you participated in Erasmus+ programme or are you planning to? Stop by Parlamentarium on 26 January from 12h for m…
#EPlenary adopted a composition of 31 members for @EPCulture. Mid-term election of Chair and Vice-chairs on 23 Jan
Second term of @EP_Legal will have 25 members. Chair and vice-chairs to be elected on Jan 24.
3 Committees satisfied that @GOettingerEU is in a position to assume budget portfolio https://t.co/NG9DTgfubc
Check list of @EP_Justice members here: https://t.co/4hXFyPozQu Election of Chair & Vice-Chairs Monday 23 Jan at 15.00
#EPlenary: MEPs demand emergency winter aid for #refugees and transfers to other EU countries: https://t.co/g22nWG90Gf
Debate in #EPlenary on emergency aid for #refugees facing cold snap will start around 20.30. You can follow live: https://t.co/0pBUA4cmzV
Today #EPlenary adopted @EPInstitutional numerical composition: 25 members.
RT @TeresaKuchler: Kristdemokraten Tajani ny talman i EU-parlamentet https://t.co/ZDwJvfPUni via @SvD
Today's joint @EPInstitutional & @EP_Defence meeting starts at 10.30. Follow live: https://t.co/CK8fIQecDA
Check list of @EP_GenderEqual members here: https://t.co/AqPLyiFkJK Election of Chair & Vice-Chairs Wednesday 25 Jan at 09.00
#EPlenary adopted a composition of 37 members for @EP_GenderEqual . The list of MEPs will be published tomorrow.
Starting at 16.00 @EP_GenderEqual meeting, follow Live: https://t.co/CyKmWyoWrK Agenda & documents available: https://t.co/1pDRXn8JJP
Today #EPlenary adopted @EP_Petitions numerical composition: 36 members.
RT @ecas_europe: #freemovement is increasingly being put under pressure across the #EU. Find out more at https://t.co/fokOUSfSsf @EP_Petiti…
The report on the annual activities of @EP_Petitions was welcomed by #EPlenary on Thursday 15/12: https://t.co/i1K1HcNFBI
Sib il-Parlament fuq…