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The EU police agency Europol will soon be able to step up efforts to fight terrorism, cybercrime and other criminal offences and respond faster, thanks to new governance rules endorsed by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Thursday. The new powers come with strong data protection safeguards and democratic oversight. (Read more: Europol: MEPs endorse new powers to step up EU police counter-terrorism drive )


Domestic workers and carers, most of whom are migrant women, should be given an official status in the EU. Recognizing their work as "real" jobs would discourage exploitation, forced labour and human trafficking, say MEPs in a resolution voted on Thursday. MEPs recommend establishing easy-to-manage models for legal employer-worker relationships, citing examples in Belgium and France, to end precariousness and undeclared domestic work. (Read more: Recognizing rights of domestic workers and carers in the EU )


The European Commission managed its 2014 EU budget funds according to the rules, so Parliament granted it a “discharge” approval for that year, in a resolution voted on Thursday. Parliament’s own management of EU funds in 2014 was also approved. However, Parliament postponed approving spending by three joint private sector-EU partnerships in technology field, the Council of Ministers and the European Council. (Read more: EU budget management: Commission spending for 2014 approved )


It is children who pay the price when EU member states fail to cooperate and protect children’s best interests in legal proceedings such as cross-border parental custody disputes and adoption decisions, Parliament points out in a non-binding resolution voted on Thursday. MEPs want specialised chambers within EU countries' family courts to ensure that transnational cases are processed faster. (Read more: Kids’ best interests must come first in cross-border custody cases, urge MEPs )

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Benchmark interest rates that are critical to financial market stability across Europe, such as the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR), will become more reliable thanks to a new law voted in by Parliament on Thursday. This law aims to clean up the benchmark-setting process, improve transparency, and prevent conflicts of interest like those that led to the LIBOR rigging scandals of recent years. (Read more: Interest rates: final vote to ensure robust and transparent benchmark setting )


Rules designed to reduce the technical obstacles that differing national standards and procedures create for rail operators and rolling stock manufacturers were approved by the European Parliament on Thursday. The rules agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators on the “technical pillar” of the 4th railway package will cut time and cost of certifying that operators, locomotives and carriages meet safety and technical standards. (Read more: Eliminating technical and administrative obstacles to boost European railways )


The implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement on migration, its legal aspects and democratic control were debated by MEPs, First Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans and Dutch Minister for Immigration Klaas Dijkhoff on Thursday morning. MEPs stressed that there must be no bargaining on visa liberalisation criteria. (Read more: No blank cheque for Turkey, say MEPs in debate on EU-Turkey deal )


President Schulz opened the session by recalling the victims and heroes of Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 30 years ago in what was then the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. The explosion and meltdown of reactor core 4 ejected a vast radioactive cloud that contaminated large parts of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and central Europe as far as the North Cape. This disaster reminds us of Europe’s duty to ensure that its nuclear reactors are safe, he said. (Read more: Opening: remembering Chernobyl )


How European Muslims deal with radicalisation and the role that women can play in countering it and promoting de-radicalisation were discussed in a conference held in the European Parliament on Tuesday. Projects on the ground and what to do to confront the phenomenon at national and EU levels were also debated with leading-edge experts. (Read more: Inter-religious dialogue to defeat radicalisation )


Plans to update EU type approval rules and emission limits for internal combustion engines in non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), such as lawn mowers, bulldozers, diesel locomotives and inland waterway vessels, were backed by the Environment Committee on Wednesday. These plans had already been agreed with the Dutch Presidency of the Council. NRMM engines account for about 15% of all NOx and 5% of particulate emissions in the EU. (Read more: Towards emission curbs for off-road machinery )

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Skeda jum b'jum It-Tlieta 03 Mej 2016
The President's Agenda - Id-djarju tal-President (03-05-2016):
European Charlemagne Youth Prize - Avvenimenti speċjali (03-05-2016):
Skeda jum b'jum Il-Ħamis 05 Mej 2016
The President's Agenda - Id-djarju tal-President (05-05-2016):
Skeda jum b'jum Il-Ġimgħa 06 Mej 2016
The President's Agenda - Id-djarju tal-President (06-05-2016):
The week ahead (2-8 May) at the #EP:https://t.co/MSQt8NIojc
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Press release: Recognizing rights of domestic workers and carers in the EU: https://t.co/ow4KIhB1oz #EPlenary
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Starting now: @AndrejPlenkovic & @verkhovna_rada deputy speaker Gerashschenko presser on EU-Ukraine relations. Live https://t.co/z7AnQbhACK
Today 12:45 presser by @AndrejPlenkovic & @verkhovna_rada deputy speaker Gerashschenko on EU-Ukraine relations. Live https://t.co/z7AnQbhACK
Disappearance of the 43 students in #Ayotzinapa: "Mexico to go on w the investigation", says @EP_HumanRights Chair: https://t.co/mQJBD6sAKA
.@EP_HumanRights Chair @ElenaValenciano denounces attack on Al Quds hospital in Aleppo, facility supported by @MSF: https://t.co/etinmbJs7K
Hunger crisis in south #Africa: aid agencies to receive enough funding, say @EP_HumanRights & @EP_Development Chairs https://t.co/sbWRXJCaQk
Starting now: @EP_Defence & @EP_Justice hearing on the security of EU external borders. Live https://t.co/IR2L3h5nRQ
.@EP_Defence to meet on 20/21 April: hearings on the security of EU ext borders, Cyber warfare. Agenda https://t.co/kzhVJU3g5f
Chair of @EP_Defence #Fotyga strongly condemns today’s dreadful terrorist attacks in Brussels. Read more https://t.co/TDIV1oC7gz
MEPs call for an EU arms embargo against countries seriously breaching international humanitarian law.: https://t.co/sPvJNMi00e
How can we lessen the world's humanitarian burden? Op-ed by @UNReliefChief & @RobertGlasserUN in @guardian : https://t.co/AXK6FxNgXz
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If u missed #TTIP public procurement hearing w/@EP_SingleMarket -see presentations https://t.co/4ncUwmzt0z relisten https://t.co/c7dbpNkcV1
rapp @SantiagoFisas: in current #Ecuador circumstances crucial to advance EU ratification - possibly Dec 2016 - live https://t.co/xPapSQRVLj
on top of trade deal, EU should be prepared to give #Ecuador more aid -rapp @HelmutScholzMEP re: #EcuadorEarthquake https://t.co/xPapSQRVLj
.@EP_Budgets MEPs want #MFF 2014-2020 review https://t.co/UlZbXLt3Kp
Don't miss the launch of the #MFF 2014-2020 revision debate from 4pm today in #BUDG https://t.co/sQ4fmWScKN #EUBudget
.@EP_BudgControl MEP Georgi Pirinski report on @EIB adopted by Plenary today https://t.co/tTtSaftwK5
.@EP_BudgControl voted discharge 2014: approved spending by @eu_eeas, EDFs, #EP and @EU_Commission
RT @EUAuditorsECA: EU external #migration spending needs clearer objectives & priorities and better governance https://t.co/0ajIlhiuXQ http…
#TAXE2 MEPs join high level @OECD Paris meeting Monday to discuss impl. @OECD/#G20 #BEPS Action Plan. More https://t.co/DRJSVsbYIb #luxleaks
.@gualtierieurope after mtg @pierremoscovici @ financial asstnce wking gp :#Greece review must be concluded swiftly https://t.co/DvOrnECD0E
#TAXE2 chair @ALamassoure "I'm convinced Mr Deltour acted selflessly, in public interest" Full statement: https://t.co/cCQ91TuIHj #luxleaks
#ZitnanskaMEP Better inclusion of disabled people; question of digital skills in private sector. #EUSkillsAgenda @EPSocialAffairs
.@EPSocialAffairs meeting today and tomorrow cancelled. Next scheduled meeting MON 18APR 15.00-18.30 & TUE 19APR 9.00-18.30
Watch @EPSocialAffairs workshop on collective bargaining in #Troika programme #EU countries LIVE https://t.co/DtRUIogCgr
LIVE - Towards an @icao global Market-Based Measure to reduce #aviation #CO2 emissions: debate w #EC @Bulc_EU 17.15 https://t.co/L7VyL9NQk1
Towards emission curbs for off-road machinery https://t.co/7ECV5xrtUQ #NRMM
Implementation of the @UN #CRPD convention - opinion by @NChildersMEP adopted unanimously. @EPSocialAffairs to vote 30/05 @UN_Enable
2nd phase of #roaming starts on Saturday! Lower surcharges in the EU! https://t.co/NcZBQdcXjC
2nd phase of #roaming starts on Saturday! Lower surcharges in the EU! https://t.co/m0baVeLks6
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Proposing mandatory regional action to prevent #energy emergencies https://t.co/H22bM2lW6o @EP_Industry @MarosSefcovic
New EU rules for a simpler, faster and safer #CustomsUnion come into force this Sunday 1 May 2016. More info https://t.co/v6ytvTIa9g
RT @vickyford: Hard work late evening in EP @AxelVossMdEP & @Senficon in deep discussion on details of data & digital downloads. https://t…
Contracts for the online & other distance sales of goods: @EP_SingleMarket rapporteur is @PASCALARIMONT. #DigitalContracts
Press conf w #4thRail technical pillar rapporteurs @robertszile @IzaskunBilbaoB @MepMCramer at 14:30 webstreaming https://t.co/EHkxP7ciLS
EP plenary approves #4thRail "technical pillar" https://t.co/Y77eZWuGWU Press conf. w rapporteurs at 14.30 https://t.co/EHkxP7ciLS
Now at EP plenary: debate on #4thRail railway reform. webstreaming: https://t.co/sDH6rZXXvz
RT @EU_Commission: EU provides €83 million to improve conditions for refugees in #Greece: https://t.co/8inuEeuRxO #RefugeeCrisis https://t.…
.@EP_Regional MEPs adopt resolution on the need to accelerate the implementation of #CohesionPolicy More info here: https://t.co/QEstbkULHl
Today votes on #CohesionPolicy implementation,RIS3, SMEs, debate w/ @EUROCITIEStweet Live from 9:00 https://t.co/KclQWTHbht
#Mercosur: #MEPs write to #Juncker to protect sensitive #farm products. More here: https://t.co/sIT0wVkbTs
Now: @EP_Agriculture debate w/#Agri Markets Task Force chair C.Veerman on ways to strengthen #farmers in #foodchain: https://t.co/pJ1jQGOwXu
.@EP_Agriculture debates #CAP's role in creating #ruraljobs: https://t.co/pJ1jQGOwXu Study: https://t.co/goqQ6kkCvz https://t.co/tq5wAhTNDK
RT @EP_ThinkTank: A net to catch abusive flagging and other fisheries practices https://t.co/d8sIOOOzSz @LinneaEngstrom
Agreement w/ Council on #BalticMAP multiannual plan endorsed today by @EP_Fisheries More info here: https://t.co/ScARjruXzM @WalesaMEP
First #EU-#Liberia #fisheries agreement approved today by @EP_Fisheries Find out more here: https://t.co/Ab3G3xL4Ur
Press release: Inter-religious dialogue to defeat #radicalisation: https://t.co/x8T0KM3oPc#ReligiousDialogue
Report on Follow-up of the strategic framework for EU cooperation in #education & #training adopted @EPCulture 22/3/3 -@ZdzKrasnodebski
CULT meeting today from 15.00 Discussion on the cross-border #portability of #online content & Use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band
Check out the latest #JURI report on this wk's meeting: https://t.co/FRbhz0X7LN Homepage: https://t.co/hhSJUAAjNq https://t.co/lsXy1d4h1c
#JURI Hearing 21 Apr: Legal & ethical aspects of #robotics and #ArtificialIntelligence #AI https://t.co/W8IBtSWZ77 https://t.co/qHbWMhIHhW
Starting now, presentation of draft report by @sylvieguillaume on #SafeCountries of origin #migration #refugees https://t.co/JtWbqW31WS
Report by @LFerraraM5S calling for a public e-register of EU documents & mandatory register for lobbies endorsed by #EPlenary 523/37/46
New rules for entry & residence for researchers, students endorsed by @EP_Justice 40/5/1. Vote in #EPlenary in May. @CeciliaWikstrom
Starting at 16: votes on #ECJ & #subsidiarity, debates #RuleOfLaw & more. Watch live: https://t.co/wOigDKs1Lo
10h in @EPInstitutional, debates #transparency, revision of #EUbudget and more. Watch live: https://t.co/S8F2303sVU
Press release: Recognizing rights of domestic workers and carers in the EU: https://t.co/kOXMnYQHyu #EPlenary @kkuneva
At 15.00 press conference on women #domesticwork and care with @kkuneva & @TaniaGonzalezPs. Live: https://t.co/gDsgUSs9I3 #MakeThemVisible
RT @kkuneva: Εγκρίθηκε η έκθεση Κουνεβα για το οικιακό προσωπικό και προσωπικό φροντίδας στην ΕΕ. #MakeThemVisible https://t.co/g6xJ1v315k
At 15.00: hearing with @EP_Petitions and @TimmermansEU on #fundamentalrights, implementation of EU law etc... Watch:https://t.co/iJNOHjzlXg
On Tuesday 19/4 from 09h @EP_Petitions will discuss petitions on child protection and the #environment. Follow live: https://t.co/kOF2rkFK8F
From 16.30h @EP_Petitions meeting with petitions on the #environment and #ConsumerRights. Follow live: https://t.co/a2K8brQHto
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