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Euroopa Parlamendi täiskogu istung 1. – 2. Märts 2017


Kolmapäeval toimunud arutelul andsid parlamendi fraktsioonide eestkõnelejad oma hinnangu Euroopa Komisjoni valgele raamatule ELi tuleviku kohta, mida komisjoni president tutvustas saadikutele täiskogu istungil. Osa saadikuid tervitas Euroopa Komisjoni otsust esitada viis võimalikku stsenaariumit, osa aga kritiseeris komisjoni selle eest, et ei esitatud selget teejuhist või konkreetseid näiteid. (Loe lähemalt: ELi tulevik: saadikud arutavad Jean-Claude Junckeri esitatud stsenaariumeid )


MEPs called for safe environments for unaccompanied refugee children, including immediate appointment of guardians, hotlines and increased cross-border cooperation, in Wednesday’s debate with Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos on the disappearance of migrant children in Europe. (Read more: Missing refugee children: MEPs call for better protection )


MEPs led a debate with Commission representatives and the Maltese presidency of the Council on Wednesday afternoon regarding the upcoming European Council of 9-10 March. Many stressed the need to continue focussing on an ambitious EU, whereas some decried the EU’s current direction and track record. (Read more: MEPs delve into priorities for upcoming European Council )


Täiskogu istungi avamisel lisati päevakorda arutelu Euroopa Komisjoni Euroopa tuleviku teemalise valge paberi teemal. (Loe lähemalt: Istungi avamine: päevakorras ka Euroopa Komisjoni avaldus Euroopa tuleviku kohta )

Pressiteated (teine osa)

Ukrainian citizens will be able to travel to the EU visa free under an informal deal struck by Parliament and Council negotiators on Tuesday. Once the change enters into force, and provided they have biometric passports, they will be able to enter the EU for up to 90 days in any 180-day-period for business, tourist or family purposes. (Read more: MEPs and Council negotiators agree to waive EU visa requirement for Ukrainians )


Volkswageni skandaali ajendil loodud parlamendi uurimiskomisjon on jõudnud oma tööga ühele poole ning saadikud asuvad seal teisipäeval, 28. veebruaril, hääletama lõppraportit ja soovitusi vältimaks autotööstuses heitkoguste mõõtmisega seotud pettusi tulevikus. „Oleme võtnud õppust ja teeme nüüd ära kodutöö, et see skandaal enam kunagi ei korduks,“ lausub raporti üks autoritest Jens Gieseke (EPP, DE) EuroparlTV videolõigus. (Loe lähemalt: Heitkogused autotööstuses: uurimiskomisjonis tuleb hääletusele lõppraport )


Montenegro is the most advanced EU accession candidate country, which in 2016 had to face Russian attempts to discredit its achievements, noted Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs on Tuesday. They also reviewed last year’s reform efforts in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, urging the future government to step up the pace of reform and stay on the EU track. (Read more: MEPs’ 2016 reform review of Montenegro and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia )


The recent progress in normalising relations between Belgrade and Pristina, after months of little or none, was welcomed by MEPs on Tuesday. However, in two resolutions they call on both countries to show more commitment and sustained political will to achieve this goal, which is a condition for their accession to the EU. (Read more: Foreign Affairs MEPs encourage Serbia and Kosovo to do more to improve ties )


EU citizens could access registers of beneficial owners of companies without having to demonstrate a “legitimate interest,” and trusts would have to meet the same transparency requirements as firms, under amendments, agreed by MEPs on Tuesday, to the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. (Read more: Citizens should get access to data on firm owners to fight money laundering )


Civil Liberties MEPs voted on Monday for stronger protection and a shorter retention period for data stored in the new EU entry/exit system, which is designed to modernise and step up checks on non-EU nationals travelling to the European Union. (Read more: EU borders: Civil Liberties MEPs vote to step up checks and data protection )

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The President's agenda - Presidendi tegevus (03-03-2017):
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