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Parlamentul European este în sesiune

Ma 25-11-2014
Conferinţe de presă
09:00 - 09:30 EPP briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Conferinţe de presă
09:30 - 10:00 GREENS/EFA briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Conferinţe de presă
10:00 - 10:20 S&D briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Activităţile preşedintelui
10:30 - 18:30 The President's diary
Conferinţe de presă
14:00 - 14:20 ECR briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Conferinţe de presă
14:30 - 15:00 GUE/NGL briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Conferinţe de presă
15:00 - 15:30 ALDE briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Conferinţe de presă
15:30 - 16:00 Reborn City of science: The rebuilding of the Science Centre
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Conferinţe de presă
16:00 - 16:30 Father Gruner: Europa, peace and Lady of Fatima
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N -1/201
Conferinţe de presă
16:30 - 17:00 Adoption of the transparency package and transparency in TTIP
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, Ν -1/201

Draft plans to encourage food innovation via a new, simplified authorization procedure for novel foods were approved by the Environment Committee on Monday. MEPs nonetheless amended the text and proposed a moratorium on the use of nanomaterials in food, based on the precautionary principle. They also added provisions for compulsory labelling of cloned food products. (Read more: Novel foods: MEPs call for moratorium on nano-foods and labelling of cloned meat )


În dezbaterea de marți, deputații și-au exprimat dezamăgirea față de lipsa unui acord cu Consiliul privind amendarea bugetului Uniunii pe 2014 și pentru noul buget pentru 2015, cerând voință politică din partea statelor membre pentru a rezolva problema facturilor neplătite care se adună continuu. Discuțiile se vor relua după prezentarea unei noi propuneri bugetare la 28 noiembrie. (Mai mult: Bugetul UE: Parlamentul cere statelor membre să plătească și să încheie un acord )


Președintele Comisiei Europene, Jean-Claude Juncker, va prezenta miercuri de la ora 9.00 pachetul de 300 miliarde de euro pentru locuri de muncă, creștere economică și investiții. Acesta ar urma să contribuie la încurajarea afacerilor și reducerea șomajului în UE. Prezentarea va fi urmată de o rundă de intervenții ale liderilor grupurilor politice. (Mai mult: Președintele Comisiei prezintă pachetul de investiții de 300 miliarde euro )


Migration will be high on the agenda on Tuesday afternoon. MEPs will first debate the need for a holistic EU approach to migration with the new European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and the Italian Secretary of State for European Affairs Sandro Gonzi. Next they will discuss planned changes to Spain’s national law which would allow it to expel clandestine migrants caught entering its North African enclaves Ceuta and Melilla without providing procedural safeguards for them. (Read more: Debates on Mediterranean migrants and their expulsion from Spanish enclaves )

Comunicate de presă (partea a doua)

Asigurarea demnității umane a fost tema principală a discursului susținut marți de Papa Francisc în plenul Parlamentului European. Emigrația, protecția mediului și promovarea drepturilor omului și a democrației au fost temele subliniate într-un discurs care a cerut Europei ”să redescopere cele mai bune părți ale sale”. (Mai mult: Papa Francisc a transmis, la PE, un mesaj ”tuturor cetățenilor Europei” )


The EU-Canada agreement on the transfer of Passenger Name Records (PNR) should be referred to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for an opinion on whether it is in line with the EU treaties and Charter of Fundamental Rights, MEPs said in a vote on Tuesday. This is the first time that Parliament has asked that a PNR agreement be given a preliminary check by the Court before the final vote on the deal. (Read more: MEPs refer EU-Canada air passenger data deal to the EU Court of Justice )


Eradicating poverty, fighting inequalities, protecting human rights, ensuring that health systems are sustainable and making gender equality a stand-alone goal are the key aims that the EU should seek to include in the post-2015 global development agenda, says Parliament in a resolution voted on Tuesday. (Read more: Poverty eradication and human rights in the post-2015 development agenda )


Proposals to provide EU funding to help find or create new jobs for workers made redundant by shipbuilders STX Finland Oy and the GAD abattoir in France were approved by the European Parliament on Tuesday. The EU should provide aid worth The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid worth €2.35 million is expected to be approved by the Council of Ministers on the same day. (Read more: EP approves aid for redundant Finnish shipyard and French abattoir workers )


Preşedintele Schulz a condamnat atacurile în care au murit cinci persoane şi altele au fost rănite săptămâna trecută, într-o sinagogă din Ierusalim. El a făcut un apel către toate părțile implicate să pună capăt acestor "ucideri fără sens" şi să înceapă dialogul. Acesta a fost un "atac la adresa păcii", a spus Preşedintele. (Mai mult: Deschidere: Schulz condamnă atacurile din Ierusalim şi cere discuţii pentru pace )


The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) will meet from 1 to 3 December 2014 in Strasbourg (France) to debate the Ebola virus outbreak and terrorism in Africa. The plenary debates will be preceded over the weekend by meetings of the JPA standing committees and the women’s forum. (Read more: Ebola outbreak and terrorism in Africa on ACP-EU parliamentary meeting agenda )

Conferinţe de presă
EPP briefing 09:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
GREENS/EFA briefing 09:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
S&D briefing 10:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
ECR briefing 14:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
GUE/NGL briefing 14:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
ALDE briefing 15:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
Reborn City of science: The rebuilding of the Science Centre 15:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
Father Gruner: Europa, peace and Lady of Fatima 16:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
Adoption of the transparency package and transparency in TTIP 16:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  Ν -1/201
Putting human rights at the heart of Europe again! A human chain in solidarity with immigrants 10:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
European Citizens Initiative One of Us 10:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
Investing in Europe 11:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  Ν -1/201
Martin SCHULZ, President of the European Parliament, and the 2014 Sakharov Prize Laureate, Mr Denis MUKWEGE 12:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
European Citizens' Initiative STOP VIVISECTION 14:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
Citizens and local administration: targeted victims of the crisis spiral 15:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
Position of Forza Italia Delegation on the key dossiers in plenary 16:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N -1/201
#PopeFrancis addresses the #EP tmrw at 11:15. LIVE tweeting via @EuroParlPress & streaming: &
RT @Europarl_Photo: Team @JunckerEU during debate on #LuxLeaks in #EPlenary. Vote to take place on Thursday. #EPhoto #POD…
Review VOD #EPlenary debate with .@JunckerEU on motion of censure #luxleaks
#Bahrain elections:no official European Parliament observation delegation-any MEPs there only speak on their own behalf @eu_eeas @EUintheGCC
MEPs debate on #Ukraine peace and reform plans with @Ukraine_MFA @PavloKlimkin: short summary & videolink
Today’s Foreign Affairs @EUCouncil now debriefed in @EP_ForeignAff by @eu_eeas Pierre #Vimont:
Starts in 15min:@EP_HumanRights,@EP_Development,@EP_ForeignAff meet #SakharovPrize 2014 laureate @DenisMukwege Live:
.@ElenaValenciano: Le 3 décembre @EP_HumanRights organisera une réunion sur les enfants soldats #ChildrenNotSoldiers
.@EP_Defence now turns to #MaritimeSecurity Strategy Action Plan with @eu_eeas @EU_Commission @IT2014EU
.@EP_Defence MEPs debate security situation in #Baltic sea basin with @NCSS_Poland LIVE
Delegation for relations w/ @natopapress meets on Thu13Nov @15:00:PA annual session& debate w/SG #Hobbs. See mtg docs
Starts in 15min: #EPlenary debate on #post2015 development agenda @davorstier. Watch live:
Today after 18h: #EPlenary debate on #post2015 development agenda @davorstier. Watch live:
.@Stilianides briefed @EP_Development on his visit to WestAfrica.Pr soon available: Recording:
RT @MalmstromEU: First EP debate as trade commissioner. Important issue of export control of dual use items. Soon in plenary with members o…
how to prevent EU-produced "dual-use items" abuse by authoritarian regimes: MEPs to debate with @MalmstromEU from 8pm
#TTIP: a transparency boost expected tmrw. Follow @berndlange + @MalmstromEU press conf after college meeting in #EP Sxb Tue 4.30pm
.@EP_Budgets support #EGF aid to laid off workers of Finnish shipyards and French abattoir. Read more:
.@EP_Budgets agrees to #EGF aid of €1.43m for Rauma #Finland, €0.92m for GAD #France. #EPlenary 25 Nov. More to follow.
#EGF aid to #Italy #Poland #France #Greece discussed @EP_Budgets around 11am. Vote #Finland, FR after. Agenda, docs:
How is MS GNI data checked by Commission? Rapp @BartStaes says not fully reliably. Watch @EP_BudgControl debate here:
.@EUAuditorsECA M M #Cvikl and @KGeorgieva joins debate @EP_BudgControl at 9. Watch live:
9am: bank supervision, MS GNI data check, #OLAF supervisory cmt on agenda today @EP_BudgControl. Agenda, docs here
.@EP_economics meeting @pierremoscovici on 24 November in Strasbourg CANCELLED. @EU_Commission only to decide on Tuesday on MS budget plans.
.@EP_Economics Raporteur @othmar_karas comments #ECJ Attonery General report on bankers' #bonus cap
.@EP_economics “No time for complacency”, #Draghi tells economic and monetary affairs MEPs. Press release:
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting on Thursday, 20 November from 9.00 to 12.30 in PHS 3C50. Agenda
.@EPSocialAffairs calls for better focus on employment and social aspects of the EU2020 Strategy
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting on Tuesday, 4 November from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 19.00 in JAN 4Q2. Agenda
#NovelFoods: draft report by James #Nicholson adopted w. 57 votes to 4 and 2 abstentions. Negotiations with @IT2014EU opened 61/0/1
#Plasticbags: agreement w. @IT2014EU adopted w. 60 votes, none against, 3 abstentions @MargreteAuken
9h in @EP_Industry: #biobased industries in #H2020 & study on EU leadership in manufacturing. Follow live:
#energysecurity hearing in @EP_Industry at 9.00. Program: Watch live:
#IPCC chair #Pachauri presents 5th assessment report at 17h. Info: Press conf 16h.Web stream:
MEPs will debate #DigitalSingleMarket at #EPlenary on Wed, 26 Nov at around 7 p.m. & vote on Thu midday. Follow live
Europe's high tech future presented to #DigitalSingleMarket MEPs. Read here Video
Video recording of the hearing on European road toll systems for private vehicles in @EP_Transport now available here
WATCH LIVE Hearing on European road toll systems in @EP_Transport today at 15h30 programme
Video of debates on TEN-T projects and int'l train connections in @EP_Transport committee this morning now available
Tonight in #EPlenary: Debate on delays in #CohesionPolicy implementation Follow live here:
Interested in the next week’s #Eplenary agenda? Don’t miss the briefing! Live in 30’:
Delays in start-up of #CohesionPolicy 2014-2020: Debate in #EPlenary Monday evening Agenda:
RT @EP_President: .@FedericaMog key role in coordination of Trade, Intl Cooperation, Development, Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Management, Neig…
RT @EP_President: We've helped ensure that the quality and identity of our foods is protected, certified and recognisable @Expo2015Milano
RT @EP_President: In 2015: renewal of Millennium Development Goals; UN Climate Change Conference in Paris; European Year for Development. E…
Interested in the next week’s #Eplenary agenda? Don’t miss the briefing! Live in 30’:
Over 50m work in #industry across the #EU. More on the matter in our @EP_ThinkTank briefing:
Next #PECH hearing on #4DEC: #Fisheries in the #outermost regions - programme here:
The Parliament works in 24 #languages but how many of them do you recognise? Play our game!
FashionArtEU Exhibition -#Parlamentarium 20th November 15.00 to18.00
Hearing on future development of copyright in Europe starting now. Programme: LIVE:
.@EP_Legal meeting continues in few minutes with discussion on #tradesecrets. Watch live:
Study requested by @EP_Justice on police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters #UK opt out and opt back in:
EP VP & @EP_Justice #antidiscrimination rapporteur @UlrikeLunacek spoke at #LGBTI conference #Tirana today.Interview:
Tuesday #EPlenary will vote on whether the EU #Canada #PNR deal should be referred to the European Court of Justice
Next AFCO meeting 4/12 tbc.Video on demand of 6/11 meeting w/ VP EC #timmermans & Workshop on Constit. challenges see
Workshop continues #afco: EU democracy - political parties & groups + first lessons #citizen's initiative: live
EC VP #timmermans in #afco for debate with MEPs now see
Tomorrow is International Day for the Elimination of Violence. Read European Commission statement here:
RT @Parlimag: EU needs strategy for tackling gender-based violence, says @IratxeGarper @EP_GenderEqual @TheProgressives…
New @EP_Petitions vice-Chairs are Rosa Estarás (EPP, ES), @RobertaMetsola (EPP, MT), @MarleneMizzi (S&D, MT) & Pál Csaky (EPP, SK)
.@EP_Petitions to elect its Chair and 4 vice-Chairs today at 5.15pm - Follow it live
RT @mvandenbroeke: #EP press team selfie on last day of last session in Strasbourg #EP2014
Parlamentul este pe…