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Pidämme kaikki matkustamisesta, mutta tiedätkö, mitä tehdä, jos jotain menee vikaan? Jos on hätätilanne, jos lentosi on peruttu tai jos kadotat passisi? EU-säännöt helpottavat matkustajien elämää. Tässä muutama muistamisen arvoinen avainseikka. (Lue lisää: Viisi asiaa, jotka sinun pitäisi tietää matkustaessasi ulkomaille )


Valokuvauskilpailu, Ukraina, sosiaalinen media, sukupuolten tasa-arvo ja eurooppalainen integraatio Balkanilla olivat viimeisen puolen vuoden luetuimmat artikkelit Euroopan parlamentin verkkosivuilla. (Lue lisää: Viisi kevätkauden luetuinta artikkelia )


Sisiliassa vierailleet mepit painottivat, että Välimeren yli veneillä tulevan siirtolaisvirran kanssa kamppailevat Italia ja Kreikka tarvitsevat enemmän apua muilta EU-jäsenmailta. "Italia maksaa vuosittain miljardi euroa Välimeren ylittäneiden auttamiseksi. Italian rajat ovat EU-rajat ja siirtolaisvirtojen parempi hallinta on meidän yhteinen vastuumme", valtuuskunnan varapuheenjohtaja Jean Arthuis (ALDE, Ranska) totesi. (Lue lisää: Maahanmuutto: Mepit vierailivat Sisilian vastaanottokeskuksissa )


The three films competing for the 2015 LUX Prize were announced on 24 July in Rome by EP vice-president Antonio Tajani and culture committee chair Silvia Costa, at the Venice Days press conference. The films are: Mediterranea by Jonas Carpignano (Italy, United States, Germany, France, Qatar), Mustang, by Deniz Gamze Ergüven (France, Germany, Turkey, Qatar) and Urok (The Lesson) by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov (Bulgaria, Greece). (Read more: Mediterranea, Mustang and Urok (The Lesson) shortlisted for the 2015 Lux Prize )

Lehdistötiedotteet (toinen osa)

Nykyajan sosiaalisista kysymyksistä, kuten maahanmuutosta, koulutuksesta ja naisten asemasta, kertovat elokuvat Mediterranea, Mustang ja Urok (englanniksi The Lesson) ovat päässeet tämän vuoden LUX-palkinnon finaalivaiheeseen. (Lue lisää: LUX-palkinnon finalistit: Kolme ensiohjausta neljältä nuorelta ohjaajalta )


Kesä on jälleen täällä. Aika lomailla, tavata perhettä, nauttia uimisesta ja pelata pelejä. (Lue lisää: Euroopan parlamentti toivottaa hyvää kesää! )


Parlamentti näytti vihreää valoa kesäkuussa niin kutsutulle Junckerin investointisuunnitelmalle. Mutta kuinka Euroopan strategisten investointien rahasto (EFSI) itse asiassa toimii? EuroparlTV:n animaatiossa selitetään rahaston toiminta pähkinänkuoressa. (Lue lisää: Energiaa Euroopan taloudelle: Junckerin investointisuunnitelma selitettynä )


Ukraina ja EU ratifioivat kahdenvälisen assosiaatiosopimuksen 16. syyskuuta 2014. Lue nyt, miten Ukrainan tilanne on edennyt Euromaidanin mielenosoituksista Krimin tapahtumiin ja sieltä assosiaatiosopimuksen allekirjoittamiseen. (Lue lisää: Ukrainan tilanne aikajanalla )


A draft EU law that would enable any member state to restrict or prohibit the use of EU-approved GMO food or feed on its territory was strongly opposed by MEPs from all political groups in a debate on Wednesday. Members were concerned that the draft did not include an impact assessment, that member state measures might not be compatible with single market or WTO rules and that the proposal might prove unworkable. (Read more: GMO imports: MEPs object to draft law allowing national bans, call for plan B )

The Week Ahead of #EP delegations(20-26 July 2015) includes: #migration, #taxation, #Ukraine & #Georgia: Full agenda: http://t.co/zzenRMKrA7
The Week Ahead of #EP delegations(20-26 July 2015) includes: #migration, #taxation, #Ukraine & #Georgia: Full agenda: http://t.co/zzenRN22YH
Press release:#GMO imports: @EP_Environment MEPs object to draft law allowing national bans, call for plan B: http://t.co/32eTPCnP5s
#EU- #China relations now up for a debate: http://t.co/y4jAjL4LbF. Draft text by rapporteur @BasBelderMEP here: http://t.co/X5XNKZx9tI
.@EP_ForeignAff now debates partnership & cooperation agreement with #VietNam. Rapporteur @blochbihler, Draft report http://t.co/yxbBDBo5aw.
Foreign & European Minister Jean #Asselborn presents @eu2015lu priorities on enlargement in @EP_ForeignAff at 15.00: http://t.co/xzsoPSPXmv
Three Spanish journalists disappeared in Syria.@ElenaValenciano expressed serious concern:http://t.co/WvlSFV8XyM
.@ElenaValenciano welcomes the pardon of @NABEELRAJAB by the King of Bahrain: http://t.co/Z4gpnXu3QS
.@EP_HumanRights now debates current human rights situation in #Cambodia: http://t.co/viE5HcaPB9
.@EP_Defence chair Anna #Fotyga concludes the meeting:“We have to think about effective tools and ways to really deter #Russia in the East”
.@ChathamHouse J.#Sherr: frozen conflicts =tools of #Russia policy, often used as preludes to bigger conflicts. #Minsk meant to create one.
J. #Shea: @NATO must share cyber resilience w/ #Ukraine #Georgia #Moldova,who need to boost defce capacities & regional defence cooperation.
Right to food and land: @EP_Development MEPs invite students to submit papers for @EUExpo2015 https://t.co/eLsFY169T3 http://t.co/su0pqt6gwU
PR: Action Agenda adopted @ #FFD3 conf in #addisababa - @EP_Development & EP delegation Chair @LindaMcAvanMEP reacts: http://t.co/wlaGIELBUE
One year since MEPs elected @JunckerEU as @EU_Commission president. Find out how #YourVoteCountedhttp://t.co/oh23oHpHjF
CORRECTION: Trade with #Turkey: now debate on modernizing EU-#Turkey trade relations w/ director responsible #Bercero from @Trade_EU
Trade with #Turkey: now debate on modernizing EU-#Turkey trade relations w/ chief negotiator #Berceras from @Trade_EU http://t.co/MqGIl8vSrI
EU trade priorities for the next 6 months by #EU2015LU live http://t.co/MqGIl8vSrI
.@EP_Budgets & @EP_Justice at #asylum seeker centre C.A.R.A. Mineo #Sicily. More: http://t.co/XRcoAWPQe3 #EUbudget #migration
.@JeanArthuis and @IIotova on #migration to #Italy: presser of @EP_Budget @EP_Justice delegation. Extracts here: http://t.co/fZa6IwtI8T
Follow debate now with Claus Sorensen of @eu_echo about EU funds for #Tindouf #Sahrawi camp @EP_BudgControl . Live: http://t.co/WHupkxPJQq
RT @petrisarvamaa: Sarvamaa report for #CAP controls that make better sense for farmers and all taxpayers adopted 23-1 by @EP_BudgControl
.@EP_Economics MEPs debate #EuroSummit deal with #Greece: http://t.co/cksMAxIXgj
.@gannemans This is no deal - I'm for #Grexit because measures humiliating & degrading for #Greece; taking it into EZ was historic error.
.@JonathanArnott EC & Council said it is all #Greece's fault – now they want to send bill also to UK. #Greece sacrificed on altar of €
#Competition Commissioner @vestager has exchange of views with @EP_Economics committee. Now: http://t.co/Xtb5r8NSrV
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 15 July 9.00-12.30 &15.00-18.30 in JAN 6Q2. Follow EP Live http://t.co/krh4LdXS57
.@EPSocialAffairs next meeting tomorrow, Wednesday15 July 9.00-12.30 &15.00-18.30 in JAN 6Q2. Agenda http://t.co/GTOkHrKY8Q
RT @giovannilavia: The #SummerPackage is an important step to tackle climate change @EP_Environment
RT @MAC_europa: Follow my exchange of views on the #climate & #energy #summerpackage in @EP_Environment at 15:00 CET live streaming: http:/…
.@EP_Industry resumes in 5': debates #EnergyUnion w/ @MAC_europa and @eu2015lu Sec. State Marc Hansen. Live: http://t.co/keGPXBZDd5
RT @vickyford: Final meeting of U.S. trip talking consumer choice & value & security in payments with @Dan_Schulman of @PayPal http://t.co/…
RT @C_Stihler_MEP: Thanks @todcohen & the team @eBay for good chat on DSM @EP_SingleMarket consumer rights and redress #digitaloptimism htt…
RT @C_Stihler_MEP: So much about Silicon Valley is mindset.This banner today @Stanford sums it up @EP_SingleMarket #digitaloptimism http://…
Now in @EP_Transport: presentation of draft report on safe use of drones in civil aviation, webstreaming: http://t.co/741GefW5uc
Starting now @EP_Transport: presentation of Luxembourg presidency priorities in the field of transport, webstreaming http://t.co/741GefW5uc
Draft report on the implementation of 2011 Transport White Paper adopted in TRAN committee: 38 in favour, 3 against, 5 abstentions
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Get a clearer picture of the issues outstanding and possible compromises in EU-US #TTIP negotiations http://t.co/nTQzXN2s…
#REGI MEPs want the EU #urban_policy measures to focus on a limited set of major challenges http://t.co/KASy2p0Mlz
#EP Regional Development committee urges @EU_Commission to include European Urban Agenda in its annual work programme http://t.co/KASy2p0Mlz
Missed the @EP_Agriculture mtg this week? Watch it all again via VOD here: http://t.co/k2zM6oGNpP MEPs will meet again on 3/9.
.@EP_Agriculture to #eu2015lu: Stabilisation of #agriculture markets must be a top priority. More in the PR: http://t.co/MaLhBZnvu1
.@EP_Agriculture debate w/ #EU_Commission on mandatory indications of origin starts now. Watch it live: http://t.co/tmbAcL5ccd
.@EP_Fisheries members approve new EU- #GuineaBissau #fisheries deal http://t.co/BY9h3WQ89B
Also on the agenda today: Debate on the new #CFP: structure for technical measures &multiannual plans http://t.co/RbvULI6f4y) #CFPreality
Follow live now @EPCulture: debate with Commissioner @GOettinger on #digitalmarket and #copyright http://t.co/Ks508FAqUv
Now @EPCulture : Luxembourg Presidency priorities with Ministers Claude Meisch and Maggy Nagel @eu2015lu http://t.co/GZx0OgTuWr
.@EPCulture meeting today: Luxembourg Presidency priorities with Ministers Claude Meisch and Maggy Nagel @eu2015lu http://t.co/GZx0OgTuWr
.@EP_Legal MEPs discussing now proposal to increase the number of judges at the General Court of #EU. Follow live: http://t.co/7yGextpA7A
Starting now – Discussion with @felix_braz and @EtienneSchneide on #eu2015lu priorities Live: http://t.co/7yGextpA7A
RT @Buttarelli_G: Read the new #EDPS recommendations for #EUdataP: download the free dynamic mobile app from @EU_EDPS to compare texts http…
#EUdataP: @EU_EDPS recommendations on the EU’s options for #dataprotection reform & app to compare proposed texts http://t.co/xyU7DsrhsE
Third-country #migration and European labour markets: Integrating foreigners - briefing by @EP_ThinkTank http://t.co/OLAqVuaLsV #MigrationEU
RT @eu2015lu: .@nicolasschmit2 au PE - @EPInstitutional: #betterregulation, #ECI, droit d'enquête - le résumé du hearing: http://t.co/AgOd9…
Missed @EPinstitutional meeting today ? VOD soon available here http://t.co/WV2Ago1hwY Next meeting 3/09
.@EPInstitutional state of play on Ep right of enquiry file #ramon jauregui atonfo rapporteur live here http://t.co/njr0wYGCrC
.@EP_GenderEqual follow live: http://t.co/5PbfLg9EmM
.@EP_GenderEqual #EU2015LU prioritiy. Follow live.
Report Women’s #careers in science&university & #glassceilings encountered @vozemberg adopted 30 vote in favour, 1 against @_GenderEqual.
Missed the @EP_Petitions meeting this week? Video recording is now available here: http://t.co/vbm39CI0JW Next meeting: 17 Sept.
.@EP_Petitions MEPs discuss petitions on alleged discrimination against EU citizens in Malta. Watch it live: http://t.co/7Pgp8crnI1
Press release: MEPs to quiz Commission on mortgage legislation and risky financial products. Read here: http://t.co/uDN7UAiBeC
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