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Debates on migration summits, Burundi, Georgia and Moldova with Ms Mogherini

25-11-2015 - 11:00

Terrorism, climate change, economic growth and migration, which dominated the 15-16 November G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, will take centre stage in a debate with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Nicolas Schmit, representing the Council Presidency, on Wednesday from 16.00. MEPs will also react to the joint action plan to ease migration pressure, agreed by EU and African leaders at the 11-12 November Valletta summit.


Later in the afternoon, MEPs will also debate the mounting insecurity, continuous violence and human rights violations in Burundi with the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. In subsequent debates, MEPs will assess the recent elections in Myanmar, the tense political situation in Georgia and political instability in Moldova following the government’s recent dismissal.

A resolution on the situation in Burundi is to be voted at the December plenary session.

You can watch the debate in plenary on EP Live and EbS+.


#MigrationEU #VallettaSummit #G20 #terrorism #ParisAttacks

#Burundi #Myanmar #Georgia #Moldova


Předseda Martin Schulz při slavnostním ceremoniálu na zasedání EP ve Štrasburku v úterý v poledne oznámil, že výhercem filmové ceny LUX Evropského Parlamentu za rok 2015 se stal snímek Mustang. Film vypráví příběh pěti sester, které byly slíbeny manželům v rámci nucených sňatků, ale které, rozhodnuty žít vlastní život, prolomí jho tradic. (Přečtěte si více: Vítězem letošní filmové ceny LUX je snímek Mustang )


Chudoba je dnes realitou i ve vyspělých státech Evropské unie. Podle Eurostatu hrozí každému čtvrtému dítěti. Evropský parlament proto dnes přijal usnesení, ve kterém vyzývá členské státy, aby posílily své úsilí v boji proti chudobě a sociálnímu vyloučení. Usnesení bylo přijaté počtem hlasů 569 (pro): 77 (proti) a 49 se zdrželo hlasování. (Přečtěte si více: Parlament přijal usnesení vyzývající členské státy EU k boji s dětskou chudobou )


Buying insurance will be made easier and safer following Parliament's vote on Tuesday tightening EU rules on the information and advice provided by insurance sales staff. The current rules on sales of insurance have been amended to introduce similar information and consumer protection requirements for all insurance distribution channels unless they meet the conditions for exemption. (Read more: EP backs deal on better information, advice and protection for insurance buyers )


The EU’s Frontex border agency should set up a mechanism to process individual complaints about alleged breaches of the fundamental rights of migrants and asylum seekers, say MEPs in a joint resolution voted by the Civil Liberties and Petitions committees on Monday. MEPs want the the European Commission to include provisions for this mechanism in a review of the Frontex regulation, due in December. (Read more: Make it easier for migrants to complain about Frontex border guards, MEP say )

Tiskové zprávy (druhá část)

“Ti, kdo nedokáží sladit svobodu a bezpečnost, nedokáží nic," připomněl v úvodu zasedání předseda EP Schulz krédo německého státníka Helmuta Schmidta, jehož pohřbu se dříve v pondělí zúčastnil. "Je třeba zorganizovat bezpečnost, ale nesmíme dopustit, aby byla naše svoboda omezena těmi, kteří nás chtějí zastrašit," uvedl a dodal, že brutální útoky ve Francii před deseti dny cílily také na hodnoty Parlamentu. Poslanci drželi minutu ticha za oběti teroru všude, včetně Mali, Sýrie a Iráku. (Přečtěte si více: Zahájení zasedání: “Kdo nedokáže sladit svobodu a bezpečnost, nedokáže nic" )


The urgent need to step up information-sharing among EU member states and between them and Europol to fight terrorism, the work on the Passenger Name Records data (EU PNR) proposal and the de-radicalisation of EU citizens joining terrorist organisations were among the topics discussed by MEPs with Europol chief Rob Wainwright and Council and Commission representatives on Thursday. (Read more: Terrorist attacks: MEPs demand more information-sharing and coordination in EU )


MEPs called on Wednesday for more focus on migration and security and more flexibility in the revised European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), after foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and neighbourhood policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn presented their proposals for a new ENP to the foreign affairs committee. (Read more: Revised EU Neighbourhood Policy must focus on security and migration, say MEPs )


Harmonised EU entry and residence rules that will make it easier and more attractive for students and researchers from third countries to study or do research at EU universities were informally agreed by MEPs and ministers on Tuesday. The deal also has provisions to clarify and improve conditions for non-EU interns, volunteers, school pupils and au pairs, so as to facilitate cultural exchanges. These rules still need to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: Deal on new rules to attract non-EU students, researchers and interns to the EU )


MEPs grilled eleven multinational companies on their corporate tax practices in a five-hour debate with the Special Committee on Tax Rulings on Monday. These companies had declined the committee’s first invitation to appear before it, but later changed their minds and accepted its last chance invitation. Of the 13 original invitees, only Fiat Chrysler and Walmart declined the final invitation. The meeting started with a minute of silence for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. (Read more: Tough debate with multinational companies on corporate tax practices )


Evropská občanská iniciativa je novinkou v Lisabonské smlouvě a dává občanům možnost požádat EU o přijetí opatření v určité záležitosti. Předpokladem je, že se podaří shromáždit milion podpisů. Za celé tři roky však ani jedna iniciativa nevedla k novému legislativnímu návrhu. Evropská komise připravuje přezkum, avšak 28. října již poslanci EP předložili několik návrhů, jak tento postup vylepšit. Hovořili jsme s autorem zprávy Györgyem Schöpflinem, maďarským poslancem za skupinu PPE. (Přečtěte si více: Občanská iniciativa: S každou zamítnutou inciativou se zrodí milion euroskeptiků )

Týdenní agenda
Denní program Středa 25 XI 2015
On behalf of the EPP Group "TAXE report: European Tax Policy after LuxLeaks" - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 09:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"Presentation of the campaign 'We are all protected'" - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 10:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
International day for the elimination of violence against women - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 11:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Prevention of radicalisation and recruitment of European citizens by terrorist organisations - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 11:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Roundtable to prevent violation of women's rights - Mimořádné akce (25-11-2015): 14:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The 2016 Budget - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 14:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Recommendations for fairer corporate tax competition in Europe - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 15:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"LuxLeaks scandal and special committee on Tax rulings: what is the outcome?" - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 15:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Car emissions - Tiskové konference (25-11-2015): 16:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The President's diary - Činnost předsedy (25-11-2015):
Denní program Čtvrtek 26 XI 2015
The President's diary - Činnost předsedy (26-11-2015):
Denní program Neděle 29 XI 2015
The President's diary - Činnost předsedy (29-11-2015):
#LuxPrize Press Conf at 15:00 with directors of films #Mustang,#Mediterranea & #Urok @SilviaCostaEU @Antonio_Tajani: https://t.co/M28h7ucEIT
Press release: Make it easier for #migrants to complain about #Frontex border #guards, MEP say: https://t.co/ScXnB3S7R8
Press release: #EP backs deal on better information, advice and protection for #insurance buyers: https://t.co/ZIgR3IQcDW #EPlenary
#EPlenary wants a stronger #EU role within a stronger @UN system: https://t.co/6VUuX2jmX8 @kokokansanpaavo
.@UlrikeLunacek welcomes stopping of the violent protests in #Kosovo - statement https://t.co/83FrSuBgUA
CORRIGENDUM PR link to @EP_ForeignAff MEPs telling that revised #ENP must focus on #security & #migration : https://t.co/jCph5LFsJd
.@ElenaValenciano welcomes the release of #Azerbaijani #humanrights activist Arif #Yunus Full statement here; https://t.co/VMyW9HgwJZ
.@ElenaValenciano on #Burundi : the situation is disastrous, catastrophic; we fear the country is spiraling into a situation of civil war
.@EP_HumanRights debate on #humanrights situation in #Burundi has just started. Follow live https://t.co/SXvaVBUnkf
Anna Fotyga, Chair of @EP_Defence calls for #unity of #Europeans following the #terroristattacks in #Paris https://t.co/KESuwHtBR1
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"Access to #education is crucial for children in emergency situations" said @EP_Development in its resolution today https://t.co/DYGNTiOOwq
.@EP_Development adopted its report by Enrique Guerrero Salom MEP on @WHSummit Press release https://t.co/Nz8wARGLbe #WHSummit
The #EPlenary resolution on #Ecuador joining EU-#Peru and #Colombia trade agreement will be voted on Thursday, rapporteur @HelmutScholzMEP
MEPs debate #Ecuador accession to EU-#Peru/#Colombia trade agreement #EPlenary https://t.co/m458kfgNyx #banana imports
#Vietnam: How can EU improve human rights dialogue, what benchmarks will there be?- @berndlange to the @MalmstromEU https://t.co/m458kfgNyx
In #EPlenary around 16:00: debate on #EUbudget 2016 deal. Vote & press conf tmrw. Live: https://t.co/ONbsRB2ISt @JMFernandesEU @gerardeprez
.@EP_Budgets agreed to maximum use of #EUbudget flexibility for #migrationEU #refugeecrisis in 2016. #EPlenary vote: 25/11. @JMFernandesEU
.@EP_Budgets stance on DAB8/2015 adopted in ctee, #EPlenary vote on 25/11. Rapp: @EGardiazabal Text: https://t.co/z9ai5ABpU6
#EPlenary to discuss @EUAuditorsECA annual report on 26/11. Read more about @EP_BudgControl views: https://t.co/bZwYAGRb42 | #discharge2014
Debate today @EP_BudgControl with national Parliaments about use of #EUbudget by MS is CANCELLED due to #ParisAttacks
Management of #EUbudget by MS. Debate @EP_BudgControl with national Parliaments & @EUAuditorsECA on 16/11 at 16h| #discharge2014 @Mdlabajova
.@EP_Economics negotiation team @CvNieuwenhuizen reached deal on #benchmarks after long and difficult negotiations tonight #LIBOR
Wrap-up of #EP #TAXE debate with 11 multinationals + video extracts + background here: https://t.co/96x3AK46NU #luxleaks #TaxTransparency
.@EP_Economics quizzes Chairs of #EBA, @eiopa_europa_eu, @ESMAComms today, live: https://t.co/diBfmtPrvx
MEPs endorsed the @EPSocialAffairs resolution on long-term unemployment in the plenary. Press release https://t.co/1VoII9hL1v
Video of recent debate with @gkatr in @EPSocialAffairs already available here http://t.co/kpGrl3R9po
.@EPSocialAffairs Chair @thaendel supports the idea a of monitoring group to look at employment & social conditions in #Greece
RT @OECD: It's World Antibiotic Awareness Week: see our latest #stats & info on #AntibioticResistance https://t.co/Rvc1yXR5ZK https://t.co/…
RT @francediplo: .@LaurentFabius: la #COP21 est une action absolument indispensable contre le dérèglement climatique, elle se tiendra.https…
#EPlenary: debate on steel industry/base metals in Europe ongoing now: https://t.co/HQyn9YOECI
Open&independent internet and non-discriminatory access to knowledge, asked MEPs #IFG2015 Full declaration: https://t.co/sIBcWsr33y
#Eplenary just adopted ISA2 w 569 votes to 31 & 24 abstentions. More info https://t.co/DKKXQuUnKW @EP_Industry @czorrinho
RT @vickyford: Tonight we negotiate Network& Information Systems Directive - protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.
Starting now - IMCO WG on #DigitalSingleMarket. Debate on online marketplaces & platforms. Webstr https://t.co/PgVUSGZ37D @rozathun
Today's 3 pm @EP_SingleMarket #DigitalSingleMarket WG focus - online marketplaces & platforms. Agenda https://t.co/BNKjtltMyz
Starting now @EP_Transport cttee: contribution of transport to the EU climate and energy objectives, webstreaming: https://t.co/B4viMizAue
Trilogue agreement on technical pillar of 4th railway package approved in @EP_Transport committee this morning
.@EP_Transport at 15h: debates on CEF and opinions on TiSA talks for INTA cttee, Digital Single Market, webstreaming https://t.co/HoymkANKTO
PR on "Cohesion policy & marginalized communities" resolution https://t.co/NnLEupLJdZ
Resolution #REGI drafted by @TerryReintke for better inclusion of marginalized communities in Cohesion Policy adopted in plenary 574-84-36
#TISA opinion drafted by @MonikaVana approved in #REGI (incl Compromise AMs 1-9) by 35 +, 3-, 1 abst.
Spanish farm minister in @EP_Agriculture: No doubt, EU needs a law to fight #unfairtrading in #foodchain. More in PR:https://t.co/AFAvmETOOx
.@EP_Agriculture demands an EU law to fight #unfairtrading practices in #supplychain. More in PR: https://t.co/HWqTuyWADf @MaireadMcGMEP
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Are #Fisheries Partnership Agreements well managed by @EU_MARE ? Answer on #7DEC in #PECH & by @EUAuditorsECA here: https://t.co/S0UJ0em3ku
New study: #Sardine #Fisheries: Resource Assessment and Social and Economic Situation https://t.co/xCJAfA2Z4l https://t.co/T46uRiVqmj
RT @europarlAV: LIVE REPLAY #LuxPrize 2015: VIDEO statement by @DGErguven, the winner #Mustang https://t.co/Mtd94RDe2X https://t.co/0JgCG38…
#Luxprize2015 Award ceremony at 12.00 https://t.co/HOoYFeWiSo Press conference with film Directors at 15.00 live https://t.co/KgOHWdBARc
New EU rules to ease acceptance of #PublicDocuments backed by @EP_Legal MEPs. Read more: https://t.co/KJ28eZdIw5 @mady_delvaux
Now @EP_Legal: Discussion on Interinstitutional agreement on #BetterRegulation with @GuyVerhofstadt . LIVE https://t.co/ctLdJlEbcR
Wednesday at 8.30 am #EPlenary debate on #terrorism #ParisAttacks: follow what is being said on @Storify https://t.co/nv28cVqipw #EPonTerror
RT @datirachida: Suivez en direct les débats au Parlement européen à propos de mon rapport sur la prévention de la radicalisation : https:/…
RT @Avramopoulos: Will very soon propose directive to strengthen framework on criminalisation of #terrorist offences: travel & financing. @…
Starting now: 2nd part of @EPinstitutional inter-parliamentary debate on future EU institutions. Watch live https://t.co/xJI8kEKr4o
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10:30 in @EPinstitutional: inter-parliamentary talks on future EU institutions. Live: https://t.co/3RvLb7kwjp @mercedesbresso @ElmarBrok_MEP
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Make it easier for migrants to complain about #Frontex border guards, @EP_Justice & @EP_Petitions MEPs say. More: https://t.co/NaPzvZMAug
Today at 19.20h @EP_Petitions & @EP_Justice vote on draft report on @frontex https://t.co/yfLbLmjYfV
.@EP_Petitions & @EP_Justice vote on draft report on @frontex on 23/11 at 19.20h https://t.co/yfLbLmjYfV
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