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New draft rules to make more books available in formats designed for blind and visually impaired people were approved by the Legal Affairs Committee on Thursday. The draft legislation, which brings EU law into line with the Marrakesh Treaty, provides for copyright exceptions for formats such as audiobooks and Braille. (Read more: Plans to adapt more books for blind people backed by Legal Affairs Committee )


The first “security dialogue” with Commissioner Sir Julian King on information sharing in the security field will be held by the Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday from 14.00 to 15.30. (Read more: Security debate with Commissioner King in the Civil Liberties Committee at 14.00 )


“Inaceptable", así describió esta semana el presidente del Parlamento Europeo, Antonio Tajani, las acusaciones de Turquía a Alemania y Holanda de ejercer “métodos nazis” al impedir que ministros turcos hicieran campaña en sus países a favor del referéndum para dar todo el poder ejecutivo al presidente turco, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Aunque Turquía y la UE cooperan en muchas áreas, como en migración y comercio, su relación se ha tensado en los últimos años. (Más…: UE-Turquía: una relación difícil )


The new European Solidarity Corps deserves its own budget – it should not be funded at the expense of the Erasmus+ or Europe for Citizens programmes, urge Culture and Education Committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Wednesday. Offering young people an opportunity to take part in solidarity schemes all over Europe would help them to gain experience for future long-term jobs, they add. (Read more: EU Solidarity Corps not to be funded with Erasmus+ budget, urge culture MEPs )

Comunicados de prensa (segunda parte)

A new, tougher, A to G scale showing the energy efficiency of household appliances should be introduced to keep pace with technological progress, agreed the Parliament’s and Council’s negotiators on Tuesday. (Read more: A to G energy scale for home appliances: EP/Council strike informal deal )


Estaño, tantalio, wolframio y oro: minerales que para nosotros se asocian con placeres de alta tecnología como teléfonos móviles, tabletas o coches, pero que para los habitantes de la región de los Grandes Lagos en África están vinculados a conflictos y abusos de los derechos humanos. Su explotación minera y el comercio ilegal son a menudo controlados por grupos armados. El Parlamento votó el 16 de marzo a favor de que los importadores de la UE tengan que comprobar su origen. (Más…: Minerales de conflictos: la verdad que esconde su teléfono móvil )


People from across Europe gathered in the European Parliament on Tuesday to share their views on the future of the European Union with MEPs. This event, called the Citizens’ Parliament, contributes to ongoing reflection on the EU as an asset for future, ahead of the EU heads of state or government meeting in Rome on 25 March. (Read more: Citizens’ Parliament: the people say how they see the future of the EU )


All EU lobbyists looking to influence legislation, should be required to sign the transparency register before being allowed to enter the European Parliament, says a resolution approved by the Constitutional Affairs Committee on Tuesday. (Read more: MEPs say unregistered lobbyists should be denied entry to Parliament’s premises )


New powers for national authorities to check whether e-commerce websites geo-block consumers, track down rogue traders or even, subject to safeguards inserted by MEPs, order that websites hosting scams be shut down, were approved by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee on Tuesday. (Read more: E-commerce: EU-wide rules to protect consumers better and stop rogue traders )


Civil Liberties Committee MEPs questioned Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans about the respect of the rule of law in Poland on Wednesday. The Commission began investigating the situation in Poland under the "Framework for addressing systemic threats to the Rule of Law" on 13 January 2016. MEPs discussed the progress of the investigation procedure and possible further developments, including the advisability of otherwise triggering the Article 7 of the Treaty against Poland. (Read more: Rule of law in Poland: Civil Liberties Committee to debate state of play )

Agenda semanal
Programa por días jueves 23 mar 2017
Committee on Fisheries - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Culture and Education - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
European Parliament FEMM Mission to the 61th UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) in New York - Delegaciones (23-03-2017): 09:00
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Petitions - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Public Hearing with Danièle Nouy - Audiencias públicas (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Joint committee: Committee on Culture and Education adn Commitee on Employment and Social Affairs - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
Committee on Transport and Tourism - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Budgetary Control - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli
Committee on Legal Affairs - Comisiones parlamentarias (23-03-2017): 09:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The President's agenda - Actividades del Presidente (23-03-2017):
Programa por días viernes 24 mar 2017
European Parliament FEMM Mission to the 61th UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) in New York - Delegaciones (24-03-2017): 09:00
The President's agenda - Actividades del Presidente (24-03-2017):
Programa por días sábado 25 mar 2017
The President's agenda - Actividades del Presidente (25-03-2017):
RT @Europarl_Photo: One year ago terrorism stroke the heart of EU. Today we commemorate the victims #BrusselsAttacks.…
Press release: #EUSolidarityCorps not to be funded with #ErasmusPlus budget, urge @EPCulture MEPs:
Members & Staff of the EP hold a minute of silence at 10:00 in front of the Hemicycle to commemorate the victims of 2016 Brussels attacks
TMRW DLAT-DCAM MEPs will debate #Panama w. its Vice-President, Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado – MORE INFO:
Follow LIVE: joint @EP_ForeignAff @EPCulture debate on international cultural relations
Leading EP observation deleg. to #TimorLeste Presid.elect., @AnaGomesMEP impressed by strong engagement of people:
.@EP_HumanRights meeting goes on with MEPs debating #humanrights in #Bolivia – LIVE:
STARTING NOW: @EP_HumanRights Workshop: Towards an EU common position on the use of armed drones – LIVE:…
What could EU do to ease South China Sea tensions? Follow @EP_Defence hearing now Agenda…
.@EP_Defence continues: now debate on Japan's defence reform w/ amb Kodama, @eu_eeas Wiegand & @TheresaAFallon Live
2 days @EP_Defence mtng starts now w/ morning debate on DRC and US defence pol. Agenda Live
In 30 min: joint @EP_Development @EP_ForeignAff @EP_Budgets meeting to discuss #EFSD. Follow live:
#Brexit: What are possible impacts of Brexit on EU development and humanitarian aid policies? Live:
Textile imports: MEPs call for rules to curb worker exploitation. Press Release:…
Conflict minerals: the bloody truth behind your smartphone. Video w/rapporteur @IuliuWinkler & @Mariearenaps:
In a few minutes: How to make #dualuse reform future-proof? Follow the public hearing live:
EU - #SouthKorea trade deal beneficial, but #labourrights lagging behind, say MEPs. Press release…
This afternoon and tomorrow, @EP_BudgControl votes on #EUdischarge2015 - Follow LIVE:…
#MFF midterm revision: On 27/3 @EP_Budgets votes on more flexibility for the long-term #EUBudget &additional €6bn f…
STARTING 14:00: Making the rules for EU money simpler & more flexible - The Financial Regulation Reform - Infos:…
#EUDischarge2015 to @EUCouncil (EU Council and European Council) postponed
...and @Europarl_EN granted #EUdischarge2015, too
#EUDischarge2015 #EPlenary votes scheduled for 27 April
.@Vestager: high-profile, anti-competition battles to continue, with more likely
.@EP_Economics discussion w/ @EU_SRB Elke Konig now
.@EP_Economics adopted @spietikainen report on EuVECA & EuSEF w/ 44/4/1 & gave trialogue mandate
.@EPSocialAffairs Meeting Wed 22 & Thu 23 March: agenda, web-streaming #EMPL
.@EPSocialAffairs Calls for EU rules on reprotoxins & lower carcinogen limits by wide majority MORE with xtra links
.@EPSocialAffairs Votes on #EGF #AGF2017 and initative in #garment sector at 17.00 - follow LIVE
RT @juliegirling: Pleased to host @Europarl_EN @ATAG_aviation event on CORSIA & next steps,as I get to work as EP rapporteur on aviation ET…
Environment MEPs oppose new #GMO #maize authorisation
RT @WWFEU: An energy efficient Europe! @AdinaValean took #climate action ahead of #EarthHour. And you? #changeclim…
.@EP_Industry hearing on #cleanenergy ongoing now:
.@EP_Industry @SofiaSakorafa: "R&D in the Medit. area: food and water sustainability up on the agenda":
RT @DSMeu: Key digital policy actions & announcements expected tomorrow.Keep an eye on the #DigitalDay17 #EU60 #HPC…
RT @rozathun: Online Platforms:How to adapt regulatory framework to the digital age?#DSM #WorkingGroup Online: @E…
.@EP_SingleMarket @EP_Legal discuss at 9.00 changes to proposal on contracts for the supply of digital content. Live
Now @EP_Transport: hearing on low-emission mobility, programme/speakers' list: webstreaming…
Speakers' list for the debate @EP_Transport now on visa rules and ways to boost tourism
Starting:@EP_Transport MEPs debate visa rules and ways to boost tourism sector webstreaming…
RT @EU_Commission: #investEU: Juncker Plan agreement provides €93 million for new transport infrastructure in Kraków, #Poland 🇵🇱 https://t.…
RT @EU2017MT: Min @edward_scicluna spks on #Ecofin results on #structuralreforms, #VAT 4 e-publications - unlocking the potential of #Digit…
RT @EIB: #Poland: €93mln #EFSI loan to finance new ring-road and tram line in #Krakow #InvestEU…
#Brazil #meat scandal dominates @EP_Agriculture debate on EU #trade talks. Read more & re-watch the debate here:
.@EP_Agriculture debates now also impact of #Brazil rotten #meat scandal on EU consumers w/ @Food_EU. Live:
Impact of #trade talks on EU's #agriculture being discussed by @EP_Agriculture & @EU_Agri right now. Follow live:
Hearing on management of #fishing activities in #Natura2000 starts at 15h. Follow live here:
"A new financial instrument for the Outermost Regions #fisheries should be examined",report by @UlrikeRodust adopted
Vote on #fishing fleets in Outermost Regions, debate on #NorthSeaMAP @UlrikeRodust Follow live @EP_Fisheries @ 9h30:
Resolution on #EuSolidarityCorps adopted 18/3/0 @EPCulture
#Copyright reform to be debated tomorrow in @EP_Legal. Hearing on copyright exceptions the same day. @ComodiniCachia
Press release following to the plenary vote: Stronger rights for shareholders in EU companies. @Cofferati
Starting at 16h45, MEPs @EP_Justice debate with @TimmermansEU on #RuleOfLaw in Poland. Follow live:
Debate on Romania starting now w/ Justice min Toader, L. Avram of @Adevarul V. Alistair of @TI_Romania prof G. Liiceanu & journalist A. Biro
.@EP_Justice MEPs observe minute of silence for the victims of the 2016 terrorist attacks in Brussels. Meeting is temporarily suspended.
PR: @EPInstitutional says unregistered lobbyists should be denied entry to @Europarl_EN premises: #lobbying
Opinion by @danutahuebner & @EPInstitutional on a ''European Deposit Insurance Scheme'' also approved.
Transparency resolution by @sven_giegold approved by @EPInstitutional on Tuesday.
RT @UN_CSW: All women need access to education, training, skills, so they can participate in the digital economy #C…
RT @EUatUN: Welcome @EP_GenderEqual for #CSW61. Join them 22/3 to learn how @Europarl_EN partners on womens economic empowerment https://t.…
.@EP_GenderEqual continues debate w/french minister @laurossignol. Live:
Now in @EP_Petitions: discussion on the final report of the Working Group on Child Welfare Issues (vote scheduled for April).
Follow the second part of today's @EP_Petitions meeting (15.00-18.30) here:
At 10.30: #EU Citizenship Report 2017: @EP_Petitions will debate citizens’ rights in a Union of Democratic Change:
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