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President Schulz called a minute’s silence for the late Portuguese statesman Mário Soares, who died on 7 January. Mr Soares fought oppression and dictatorship to bring about Portugal’s transition to democracy and accession to the European Community. It is our duty to honour and defend his political legacy, said Mr Schulz. (Read more: Opening – Minute’s silence for Mário Soares )


Poslanci bodo 17. januarja volili novega predsednika Evropskega parlamenta; sedanji predsednik Martin Schulz bo namreč odstopil s položaja. Po izvolitvi novega predsednika bodo poslanci glasovali še o podpredsednikih in kvestorjih. Spremljajte dogajanje v živo na naši spletni strani. (Preberite več: Evropski parlament bo izvolil novega predsednika: kaj morate vedeti )


The priorities of the Maltese Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being outlined to parliamentary committees by Maltese ministers at a series of meetings taking place in January. (Read more: Maltese Presidency priorities discussed in committee )


Following an exchange of views with the members of the Committees on Budgets, Budgetary Control and Legal Affairs, a majority of the committees’ coordinators were satisfied that Commissioner Günther Oettinger is in a position to assume the portfolio that is transferred to him and look forward to a close working relationship. (Read more: Committees satisfied that Oettinger is in a position to assume budget portfolio )

Sporočila za javnost (drugi del)

Od kamene dobe preko industrijske revolucije do dobe interneta: človeštvo se je skozi vso svojo zgodovino izpopolnjevalo v rabi vse bolj zapletenih orodij. Že nekaj časa je v vzponu robotika: igrače, brezpilotna letala, medicinska oprema, avtomobili in težka mehanizacija so naprave, ki jih danes upravljajo tudi roboti. Odbor za pravne zadeve je 12. januarja glasoval o prvi zakonodaji EU za področje robotike. O tem smo se pogovarjali s poročevalko Mady Delvaux (S&D, Luksemburg). (Preberite več: Roboti prihajajo: nam res grozijo izguba služb in nova varnostna tveganja? )


EU rules for the fast-evolving field of robotics, to settle issues such as compliance with ethical standards and liability for accidents involving driverless cars, should be put forward by the EU Commission, urged the Legal Affairs Committee on Thursday. (Read more: Robots: Legal Affairs Committee calls for EU-wide rules )


Obseg proračuna EU - 157,9 milijard evrov za leto 2017 - se giblje okrog enega odstotka skupnega bruto nacionalnega proizvoda držav članic; njihovi prispevki zagotovijo 80 odstotkov vseh njegovih prihodkov. Poslanec Alain Lamassoure (ELS, Francija), eden od avtorjev poročila o virih proračuna EU, meni, da bi se morala EU bolj nasloniti na lastne vire financiranja, kot je davek na dodano vrednost ali na CO2. To poročilo bo 12. januarja poslancem predstavil nekdanji komisar Mario Monti. (Preberite več: Financiranje proračuna EU: Lamassoure za prehod na lastne vire )


Progress in transferring asylum seekers from Greece and Italy to other EU countries under an intra-EU deal and from third countries to EU territory will be assessed by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Thursday. They will also discuss the results of the March 2016 deal with Turkey to improve the management of migration and refugee flows. (Read more: Refugees: MEPs to assess progress on transfers among EU countries )


Oktobra lani je center za obiskovalce Evropskega parlamenta Parlamentarium praznoval pet let svojega obstoja. Obletnico smo obeležili z začetkom fotografskega tekmovanja #ThisIsMy5 na Instagramu. Pošljite nam vaše fotke in morda boste odpotovali v Bruselj. (Preberite več: Fotografsko tekmovanje na Instagramu: pošljite nam fotke na #ThisIsMy5 )


An “effective and comprehensive European whistle-blower protection programme” should be proposed “immediately” by the EU Commission, urged the Budgetary Control Committee on Monday. (Read more: Budgetary Control Committee MEPs call for EU-wide protection for whistle-blowers )

Tedenski razpored
Dnevni spored Ponedeljek 16 jan 2017
Last minute session briefing - Tiskovne konference (16-01-2017): 16:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The President's agenda - Predsednikov dnevnik (16-01-2017):
Dnevni spored Torek 17 jan 2017
Greens/EFA Briefing - Tiskovne konference (17-01-2017): 10:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
ALDE Briefing - Tiskovne konference (17-01-2017): 10:50, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
EPP Briefing - Tiskovne konference (17-01-2017): 11:10, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
GUE/NGL Briefing - Tiskovne konference (17-01-2017): 14:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The President's agenda - Predsednikov dnevnik (17-01-2017):
Dnevni spored Sreda 18 jan 2017
"EU's Civil Protection Mechanism: A European Court of Auditors special report" - Tiskovne konference (18-01-2017): 14:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
“Outcome of the European Parliament President's elections” - Tiskovne konference (18-01-2017): 15:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
How the #EPresident and vice-presidents are elected:
Video of today's press briefing on election of #EPresident & January #EPlenary now available at:
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EU policy for the #Arctic. @EP_ForeignAff & @EP_Environment debate on 12 Jan at 11:15 Draft @Urmaspaet @spietikainen
Press release: #Humanrights resos on #LarungGar, Ilham Tohti, #Rohingya in #Myanmar, mass graves in #Iraq voted:…
Protect mass graves in #Iraq & #Syria &achieve justice 4 #Yazidi victims of ISIS/Daesh, urge MEPs in #EPlenary LIVE:
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3 Committees satisfied that @GOettingerEU is in a position to assume budget portfolio
#Oettinger - Joint letter by 3 committees: Conf. of Presidents took note & @EP_President will send it to @JunckerEU
Electing the European Parliament's President: Background in EN, FR, DE and other languages HERE…
3 Committees satisfied that @GOettingerEU is in a position to assume budget portfolio
#Oettinger - Joint letter by 3 committees: Conf. of Presidents took note & @EP_President will send it to @JunckerEU
.@EP_Economics chair @gualtierieurope welcomes @ECB decision to extend #QE and further ease monetary conditions
.@EP_Economics rejects @EU_Commission list of states at risk of #moneylaundering,terrorism financing @judithineuropa
.@EPSocialAffairs Public hearing on labour market reforms in #Greece ongoing -follow LIVE
At 11.00 @EP_Trade @EPSocialAffairs debate social&labour aspects of trade deals w/ @MalmstromEU & @Michelservoz
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Curbing pollution from #mercury: Environment #MEPs back deal with Council
Details of today's roll-call votes on #mercury and #CETA
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Can technology help remove language barriers in Europe? #LanguageTech Today 14.00
#Oettinger - Joint letter by 3 committees: Conf. of Presidents took note & @EP_President will send it to @JunckerEU
Press release after today's vote at @EP_Legal :"#Robots: Legal Affairs Committee calls for EU-wide rules"
Proper assessment of #PrivacyShield needed, stresses @EP_Justice Committee Chair @Claude_Moraes. Statement:
Debate @EP_Justice with @EU_Commission on #EUTurkeyDeal & relocation of #refugees starting now:
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Today's joint @EPInstitutional & @EP_Defence meeting starts at 10.30. Follow live:
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Starting at 16.00 @EP_GenderEqual meeting, follow Live: Agenda & documents available:
Call on the Polish government to reconsider its intention to withdraw from the #IstanbulConvention
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The report on the annual activities of @EP_Petitions was welcomed by #EPlenary on Thursday 15/12:
Updated press release: environment and justice issues key priorities for EU petitioners in 2015:
.@EP_Petitions to investigate working conditions at @McDonalds, after hearing petitioners today from #France, #Belgium and #UnitedKingdom
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