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Il terrorismo continua a rappresentare una minaccia per l'Europa e i cittadini si aspettano che l'UE intervenga: secondo un sondaggio Eurobarometro commissionato dal Parlamento, l'82 % dei cittadini europei vuole che l'UE faccia di più, mentre il 69 % ritiene che le attuali misure siano insufficienti. Dal sondaggio è emerso inoltre che la maggioranza dei cittadini ritiene che la lotta contro il terrorismo dovrebbe essere la principale priorità dell'UE in termini di un maggiore intervento. (Seguito: Terrorismo: l'82 % degli europei vuole che l'UE faccia di più per combatterlo )


Con la disoccupazione che nell'UE rimane sopra l'8 %, il 77 % degli europei vuole che l'UE faccia di più per affrontare il problema, secondo il sondaggio Eurobarometro. In risposta ai risultati dello studio condotto in tutta l'UE, Thomas Händel, presidente della commissione per l'occupazione, ha esortato i leader dell'UE ad "adoperarsi per assicurare investimenti e un'occupazione sostenibile e di qualità". Leggi oltre per saperne di più sul ruolo dell'UE nella lotta contro la disoccupazione. (Seguito: Disoccupazione: tre cittadini europei su quattro vogliono che l'UE faccia di più )


La crisi migratoria ha evidenziato che non si può avere uno spazio Schengen di libera circolazione senza forti frontiere esterne. Stando al più recente sondaggio Eurobarometro, il 71% degli europei vuole che l'UE faccia di più per proteggere tali frontiere. Il Parlamento è impegnato in una serie di iniziative per rafforzare questi controlli. (Seguito: Sicurezza delle frontiere: come mantenere al sicuro l'Europa )


L’UE ha registrato un afflusso di migranti senza precedenti nel corso degli ultimi anni. Il 74 % dei cittadini europei vuole che l’UE faccia di più per gestire la situazione, secondo l’ultimo sondaggio Eurobarometro commissionato dal Parlamento europeo. Inoltre, due terzi degli intervistati hanno affermato che l’azione dell’UE in materia di migrazione è insufficiente. Leggi oltre per scoprire quali sono le misure che il Parlamento europeo sta elaborando. (Seguito: Crisi migratoria: Il 74 % dei cittadini europei vuole che l’UE faccia di più )

Comunicati stampa (seconda parte)

Chair of the European Parliament’s Human Rights committee MEP Elena Valenciano (S&D,ES) expressed on Monday her concern and solidarity with Cuban human rights activist and Sakharov Prize Laureate 2010 Guillermo Fariñas and other Cuban human rights activists on hunger strike. Mr Fariñas is on a hunger and thirst strike to protest against the torture and mistreatment of political prisoners by the Cuban Government. (Read more: Valenciano: concerns on hunger strike by Sakharov Laureate Fariñas )


The European Parliament aims to become the first 100% carbon neutral EU institution, as decided at the end of last year by the Bureau (President, Vice-Presidents and Quaestors). In order to fulfil this commitment, a call for tender was opened on 16 July 2016. (Read more: European Parliament to offset its 2015 carbon emissions )


Jean Arthuis (ALDE, FR), Chair of the Committee on Budgets, travelled on Tuesday to the Gaza Strip. He visited EU-funded projects aimed at promoting sustainable economic development and empowerment of women as well as infrastructure projects in the water sector, such as the North Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment Plant NGEST and recently inaugurated Water Desalination Plant in Deir Bala, next to Khan Yunis. (Read more: Budgets committee Chair visits EU-funded projects in Gaza )


Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee discussed the motives and the possible consequences of Turkey’s recent attempted coup with Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn and representatives of the European External Action Service on Tuesday morning. MEPs emphasized that to ensure further accession talks, Turkey must stick to democracy, the rule of law and human rights. (Read more: Joint statement - committee chair Elmar Brok and rapporteur Kati Piri on Turkey )


Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee will discuss the motives and the possible consequences of Turkey’s recent attempted coup, which claimed hundreds of lives and pushed the country in a turmoil, with Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn and representatives of the European External Action Service on Tuesday morning. MEPs are likely to emphasize the need to protect democratic freedoms and assess the future of the EU-Turkey relations too. (Read more: Foreign affairs MEPs to debate attempted coup in Turkey )


Un maggior interventismo dell’Unione europea in materia di lotta al terrorismo, contrasto alla disoccupazione ed evasione fiscale, ma anche un Unione europea che faccia di più per risolvere la crisi dei migranti, per proteggere le proprie frontiere esterne e per la tutela dell’ambiente. Queste le risposte degli intervistati in un recente sondaggio Eurobarometro. Ai cittadini è stato chiesto se fossero favorevoli o contrari a nuovi interventi da parte dell'UE in 15 aree tematiche. (Seguito: I cittadini per più azioni contro terrorismo, disoccupazione ed evasione fiscale )

Press release: MEPs at #UNCTAD14: "Trade has to work for development": @EP_Trade
Press release: Joint statement - committee chair @ElmarBrok_MEP and rapporteur @KatiPiri on Turkey:
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RT @FRANCE24: Colombia reaches historic peace agreement with FARC rebels
Joint statement of @EP_ForeignAff committee chair @ElmarBrok_MEP and rapporteur @KatiPiri on #Turkey:
.@ElmarBrok_MEP: 2/3 of foreign direct investment comes from Europe, let's not give the impression that we depend on #Turkey.
.@EP_HumanRights chair @ElenaValenciano calls for alleviation of humanitarian crisis in #Aleppo #Aleppo
.@EP_HumanRights Chair statement on #Turkey: awb://
RT @France24_fr: VIDÉO. Tentative de coup d'État en #Turquie : "Le président #Erdogan est invisible depuis 1 semaine"…
This week: @EP_Defence visiting #Mali and EU missions helping to Malian armed & security forces @eutmmali1 @EucapSahelMali
Chair of @EP_Defence #Fotyga condems terrorist #NiceAttack. Deepest condolences to the families of victims
Security challenges in #Iraq. @EP_Defence resumes to take a look what is at stake. Live
RT @europeaid: Results of evaluation on Cotonou Partnership Agreement announced ➡️
Sept 1: joint meeting w/@EP_ForeignAff on migration&refugees ahead of UN Summit. @KarenAbuZayd to address MEPs
Next week in @EP_Development: vote on post-Cotonou, 2017 budget, debates on disaster risk reduction, refugees:
EU requests WTO panel over spirits dispute with Colombia via @ReutersUK
RT @POLITICOEurope: The fight over Italian tinned tomatoes that is threatening the relations between the EU and Australia…
RT @eaDevPol: UK aid minister promises to keep 0.7% target post-Brexit
.@EP_Budgets Chair @JeanArthuis visits EU-funded projects in #Gaza (photo: arrival in Gaza)
Next #BUDG meeting on #31AUG - Debate on Draft #EUBudget 2017 w/ @EuropaJens & @indrektarand
#BUDG gearing up to #EUBudget 2017 negotiations in the autumn - all docs and videos here:
EU #YouthGuarantee scheme in Italy: Good start, structural problems remain, says @Mdlabajova
.@EP_BudgControl fact-finding mission to Southern Italy 18-19 July @Mdlabajova details:
.@EP_BudgControl MEPs @MarianMarinescu propose to grant discharge 2014 @iterorg @fusion4Energy, ARTEMIS, ENIAC
.@EP_Economics meets on 31.08 & on 1.09, full agenda:
.@EP_Economics lawmakers urge further EU-US cooperation on financial regulation:
Press release @eu2016sk prio's now updated with economic ones, presented by @KazimirPeter in @EP_Economics on 13/7:
.@Europarl_EN report on social inclusion of refugees by @brandobenifei PRESS RELEASE
.@Europarl_EN adopted report on social inclusion of refugees by @brandobenifei PRESS CONFERENCE at 15:30
.@EPSocialAffairs Debate with @jyrkikatainen in Structured Dialogue starting NOW . follow LIVE
Access to #medicines: press conference by rapporteur @SoledadCabezon today 12.30 Webstream
#airquality - #health committee endorses deal with Council
Towards beefed up official #food checks from farm to fork
.@EP_Industry meeting live now with @eu2016sk:
.@EP_Industry vote on @AdamGierek: more renewables & consumers' awareness . Press release:
#CleanerCars: draft report on overhaul of EU type-approval rules is now available @EP_SingleMarket @ep_emissions
RT @EC3Europol: #Onlineshopping is quick, easy and convenient, but not always safe. Stay away from #cybercriminals w/ these 8 tips! https:/…
RT @EU_Consumer: One week to take part in our consultation on #EUConsumerLaw & marketing law. #EUHaveyourSay https:…
Now @EP_Transport: EU funding and investment in tourism: speakers:
From 15h00 @EP_Transport: Central and Eastern Europe transport connections and investment in tourism, webstreaming
.@EP_Transport at 16h00: EU funding and investment in tourism, agenda and webstreaming
" #Cohesionpolicy has a positive impact on all #EU regions, say @EP_Regional MEPs". More info here:
Deputy PM for #investment P.Pellegrini presents to @EP_Regional the #Slovak Presidency @eu2016sk priorities. Live:
RT @EU_Regional: .@eprc_eu On Wed S Kah present findings of @EP_Regional report on synergies btwn #esifunds &other instruments #h2020 https…
#Dairy crisis: @EP_Agriculture MEPs give new aid package a cautious welcome in a debate w/@PhilHoganEU. More here:
.@EP_Agriculture debate w/@PhilHoganEU on new package to help #dairyfarmers starts now Live:
.@EP_Agriculture will debate 19/7 @ 8h30 w/@PhilHoganEU new package to help #dairyfarmers. Live: #agricrisis #milk
.@EP_Fisheries MEPs debate today w/ Minister Gabriela Matecna @eu2016sk Live at 15h00:
11-12 July: Committee vote on #deepsea Presentation of @EU2016SK Agenda: Live:
RT @Isabel_thomasEU: Réglementation de la pêche profonde : accord trouvé en trilogue avec @EU2016NL, avec interdiction sous 800m https://t.…
RT @EU_Eurostat: For International #YouthDay #Eurostat data visualisation and facts & figures…
RT @EPinUK_edu: Apply for the #CulturalHeritage @Europanostra awards 4 your heritage projects & initiatives: https:…
RT @luxprize: Congratulations to the 3 films competing in the #LuxPrize2016 Official Competition!
#JURI meeting starting NOW! With Lucia Žitňanská, Justice Minister on SK presidency priorities & @mariannethyssen
.@EP_Legal @HeidiHautala vote on Monitoring EU law application in 2014 postponed till September
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: New UK Commissioner on #SecurityUnion anti-terrorism must be approved by EP @EP_Justice Hearing will take place soon h…
RT @ckyenge: Conferenza stampa con la delegazione di europarlamentari che ho guidato in missione a Malta @EASO @EP_Justice…
RT @ckyenge: Visitando la sede di @EASO a #Malta con il Direttore José Carreira e la delegazione deputati UE @EP_Justice…
Now: @EPInstitutional discusses future of EU. Draft reports by @GuyVerhofstadt, @ElmarBrok & @mercedesbresso here:
In 10 min: @EPInstitutional debate EP rules of procedure, then future of EU institutions & Lisbon treaty. LIVE
Starting 15h: @EPInstitutional debates #NL presidency w Pieter de Gooijer, then #defence union & #EUbudget. LIVE:
Press release: #worklifebalance: action needed at EU and national level to improve it, say MEPs @EP_GenderEqual & @EPSocialAffairs
Report on creating labour market conditions favourable for #worklifebalance adopted 50/4/9 @EP_GenderEqual & @EPSocialAffairs
Vote to start on creating labour market conditions favourable for #worklifebalance @EP_GenderEqual & @EPSocialAffairs. Follow live.
Next @EP_Petitions meeting (Thu 14/7) continues at 09h. Read more: Follow live:
At 15.00h @EP_Petitions meeting continues with petitions on #energy & #agriculture. Follow live:
Water management in #Spain should comply better with EU law, say @EP_Petitions. Read more:
Il Parlamento è su…