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Parliament’s President Antonio Tajani, political group leaders and other leading MEPs will meet with Italy’s highest public officials, starting with President Sergio Mattarella on Friday, and take part in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome on Saturday. (Read more: 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome )


Над 1 100 работници загинаха, а още 2 500 души бяха ранени, когато сграда, помещаваща фабрики за облекла, се срути в Дака, Бангладеш, преди близо четири години. Трагедията привлече вниманието към тежките и рискови условия на труд в текстилната промишленост. Тази седмица парламентарната комисия по развитие одобри доклад, призоваващ ЕС да направи повече за защитата на правата на хората, които произвеждат носените от нас дрехи. Научете повече от нашия видеоматериал. (Продължение: Вносът на дрехи: човешката цена на евтините облекла )


New draft rules to make more books available in formats designed for blind and visually impaired people were approved by the Legal Affairs Committee on Thursday. The draft legislation, which brings EU law into line with the Marrakesh Treaty, provides for copyright exceptions for formats such as audiobooks and Braille. (Read more: Plans to adapt more books for blind people backed by Legal Affairs Committee )


The first “security dialogue” with Commissioner Sir Julian King on information sharing in the security field will be held by the Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday from 14.00 to 15.30. (Read more: Security debate with Commissioner King in the Civil Liberties Committee at 14.00 )

Съобщения за пресата (втора част)

„Недопустими“ - така председателят на Европейския парламент Антонио Таяни определи обвиненията на Турция, че Германия и Холандия използват нацистки методи, за да спрат турски министри от участие в митинги на тяхна територия. Кампанията във връзка с насрочения от Анкара референдум за разширяване на правомощията на президента усложнява допълнително отношенията между ЕС и Турция, които въпреки търговските си връзки и сътрудничеството за овладяване на миграционната криза имат сериозни противоречия. (Продължение: ЕС-Турция: анатомия на сложни взаимоотношения )


The new European Solidarity Corps deserves its own budget – it should not be funded at the expense of the Erasmus+ or Europe for Citizens programmes, urge Culture and Education Committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Wednesday. Offering young people an opportunity to take part in solidarity schemes all over Europe would help them to gain experience for future long-term jobs, they add. (Read more: EU Solidarity Corps not to be funded with Erasmus+ budget, urge culture MEPs )


A new, tougher, A to G scale showing the energy efficiency of household appliances should be introduced to keep pace with technological progress, agreed the Parliament’s and Council’s negotiators on Tuesday. (Read more: A to G energy scale for home appliances: EP/Council strike informal deal )


People from across Europe gathered in the European Parliament on Tuesday to share their views on the future of the European Union with MEPs. This event, called the Citizens’ Parliament, contributes to ongoing reflection on the EU as an asset for future, ahead of the EU heads of state or government meeting in Rome on 25 March. (Read more: Citizens’ Parliament: the people say how they see the future of the EU )


Високотехнологични продукти като смартфони, таблети и коли работят благодарение на съдържащите се в тях калай, волфрам, тантал и злато, но добивът и търговията с тези суровини понякога са под контрола на въоръжени групировки, които си набавят така финансиране. На 16 март Парламентът гласува правила, които налагат отговорности на компаниите в ЕС за проследяване на произхода на внасяните от тях полезни изкопаеми. Вижте нашия видеоматериал за повече подробности. (Продължение: Суровини от зони на конфликт: повече отговорност по веригата на доставки )


All EU lobbyists looking to influence legislation, should be required to sign the transparency register before being allowed to enter the European Parliament, says a resolution approved by the Constitutional Affairs Committee on Tuesday. (Read more: MEPs say unregistered lobbyists should be denied entry to Parliament’s premises )

Седмична програма
Програма за деня Петък 24 III 2017
European Parliament FEMM Mission to the 61th UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) in New York - Делегации (24-03-2017): 09:00
The President's agenda - Дейности на председателя (24-03-2017):
Програма за деня Събота 25 III 2017
The President's agenda - Дейности на председателя (25-03-2017):
Press release: 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome: https://t.co/jrE7pTIvM5 #EU60
United Kingdom flag at half-mast at the European Parliament following yesterday's #LondonAttacks https://t.co/EpL6MSeEbC
Press release: Plans to adapt more books for blind people backed by @EP_Legal Affairs Committee: https://t.co/70ngzpGJqt
.@Europarl_EN will not send observers to referendum in #Turkey. Full statement @davidmcallister @LindaMcAvanMEP https://t.co/8B41BZ6mkn
Roundtable on the crisis of democracy in the Western Balkans: 28 March at 13.00 in @Europarl_EN. Registration… https://t.co/FQzvJ0t5hA
Today @ 2 pm #Euronest conf. to take stock of Eastern partners progress on rule of law and fighting corruption. Liv… https://t.co/1IxKOVZhbl
RT @pressfreedom: Bahraini authorities should immediately release Mohammed al-Shaikh, a photographer who worked for @AFP. https://t.co/dxWv…
.@EP_HumanRights meeting goes on with MEPs debating #humanrights in #Bolivia – LIVE: https://t.co/dUFoyW9dDG https://t.co/tfDi0TKaQ1
STARTING NOW: @EP_HumanRights Workshop: Towards an EU common position on the use of armed drones – LIVE:… https://t.co/PUT8cs4dLX
.@EP_Defence take stock of Japan’s defence reform amid growing regional tensions. Read more https://t.co/VFZWTlWDhk https://t.co/XUVQJKpwpl
EU tools to beef up #cybersecurity - next debate of @EP_Defence. Live https://t.co/wUhuNzjPV7
2nd day of @EP_Defence mtng. Now - debate on maritime rivalry in Asia. Read the study https://t.co/1xHuWjmVRm Live https://t.co/wUhuNzjPV7
What is the human cost of #fastfashion? Watch our video about the case for a binding framework:… https://t.co/Pt8IxDb6We
In 30 min: joint @EP_Development @EP_ForeignAff @EP_Budgets meeting to discuss #EFSD. Follow live: https://t.co/Ps8CoFld4P
#Brexit: What are possible impacts of Brexit on EU development and humanitarian aid policies? Live: https://t.co/vYAib7EHSM
How are #HumanRights protected by European trade policy? Listen to our podcast: https://t.co/aKRpKS0RLs https://t.co/MjAQCwcFeM
Conflict minerals: the bloody truth behind your smartphone. Video w/rapporteur @IuliuWinkler & @Mariearenaps: https://t.co/0MREkdfYr5
In a few minutes: How to make #dualuse reform future-proof? Follow the public hearing live: https://t.co/BUeiMoLQZw https://t.co/HgVnnhk6IL
This afternoon and tomorrow, @EP_BudgControl votes on #EUdischarge2015 - Follow LIVE: https://t.co/jUQwTo9VNa… https://t.co/mrnOdq37yB
#MFF midterm revision: On 27/3 @EP_Budgets votes on more flexibility for the long-term #EUBudget &additional €6bn f… https://t.co/3tgV2rKBMB
STARTING 14:00: Making the rules for EU money simpler & more flexible - The Financial Regulation Reform - Infos:… https://t.co/towtNM1Ujo
#EUDischarge2015 granted to @EU_Commission & its decentralized agencies, 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th #EDF and all Joint Undertakings. #EUBudget
#EUDischarge2015 to @EUCouncil (EU Council and European Council) postponed
...and @Europarl_EN granted #EUdischarge2015, too
Hearing between @EP_ECONOMICS and @ecb Daniele Nouy on now https://t.co/cCTSELlc3V
.@Vestager: high-profile, anti-competition battles to continue, with more likely https://t.co/R3KaQ2ufjm
.@EP_Economics discussion w/ @EU_SRB Elke Konig now https://t.co/1F1n9dsOT6
.@EPSocialAffairs Workshop on #EUYouthGuarantee & #YEI - Follow LIVE https://t.co/CQLLFVlImk
.@EPSocialAffairs Presentation on social security coordination by @mariannethyssen starting now follow LIVE https://t.co/CQLLFVlImk
.@EPSocialAffairs TODAY from 10:45 discussing amendments on #postingofworkers Follow LIVE https://t.co/FsWASRqYZ7
RT @juliegirling: Pleased to host @Europarl_EN @ATAG_aviation event on CORSIA & next steps,as I get to work as EP rapporteur on aviation ET…
Environment MEPs oppose new #GMO #maize authorisation https://t.co/uga9e41TGR
RT @WWFEU: An energy efficient Europe! @AdinaValean took #climate action ahead of #EarthHour. And you? https://t.co/vVtcyMl4ss #changeclim…
.@EP_Industry hearing on #cleanenergy ongoing now: https://t.co/mSaIC2erQw
.@EP_Industry @SofiaSakorafa: "R&D in the Medit. area: food and water sustainability up on the agenda": https://t.co/lg6sOHsaVG
RT @Ansip_EU: Digital is to Europe today what coal & steel were in early 1950s, driving force behind successful economy #DigitalDay17 #Futu…
RT @Ansip_EU: We need to continue our work to make Europe a better place. My speech at #DigitalDay17 in Rome #EU60: https://t.co/ECgPvhVDcp
RT @DSMeu: Key digital policy actions & announcements expected tomorrow.Keep an eye on the #DigitalDay17 https://t.co/HQtSlgQ31I #EU60 #HPC…
.@EP_Transport MEPs debate decarbonisation and digitalisation in European transport network w/TEN-T coordinators https://t.co/f9B3rssOMj
.@EP_Transport MEPs discuss rights of passengers in coach and bus transport, webstreaming: https://t.co/f9B3rssOMj
TRAN opinion to BUDG-ECON committees on the implementation of EFSI adopted with 36 votes in favour, 2 against, no abstentions
RT @CoR_President: Pleasure to give Regional Development #MEPAwards17 to @Iskra_Mihaylova-future of EU depends on our joint efforts for #c…
#Brazil #meat scandal dominates @EP_Agriculture debate on EU #trade talks. Read more & re-watch the debate here: https://t.co/H3XXQz2N1b
.@EP_Agriculture debates now also impact of #Brazil rotten #meat scandal on EU consumers w/ @Food_EU. Live: https://t.co/atE8mFvFku
Impact of #trade talks on EU's #agriculture being discussed by @EP_Agriculture & @EU_Agri right now. Follow live: https://t.co/RgqExEQ34f
RT @EU_MARE: . @KarmenuVella "EU hosting next #OurOcean conference, more emphasis on Mediterranean, Atlantic and Indian Ocean" https://t.co…
RT @KarmenuVella: On 29 March I will join @JunckerEU & @JosephMuscat_JM in #Malta for a livestreamed #EUdialogue to discuss #FutureofEurope…
RT @pol_dep_CULT: Presentation of our study on "Minority Languages and Education" in the EP's CULT committee at 11h30 in PHS 1A002: https…
Now: Joint committee meeting @EPCulture & @EPSocialAffairs Debate on #Europass and new #skills agenda https://t.co/uHNwNvGtdu
Press release following to @EP_Legal vote backing the plans to adapt more books for blind people. @MaxAndersson https://t.co/H04otchAGR
Debate on #copyright in the digital single market about to start soon at @EP_Legal. Follow live: https://t.co/o6EdF1TQcG @ComodiniCachia
#PrivacyShield - key deficiencies urgently need to be resolved, @EP_Justice MEPs say. Press release: https://t.co/xzJcshJWy1 @Claude_Moraes
RT @europarlAV: First @EP_Justice security dialogue with @JKingEU. VIDEO available to DOWNLOAD: https://t.co/E3kxQwF5Oj https://t.co/7qfAgH…
#Security in #EU - follow first Security Dialogue with Commissioner @JKingEU in @EP_Justice from 14h. LIVE: https://t.co/RIlQNp2rjI
PR: @EPInstitutional says unregistered lobbyists should be denied entry to @Europarl_EN premises: https://t.co/MAmZQl6JkR #lobbying
Opinion by @danutahuebner & @EPInstitutional on a ''European Deposit Insurance Scheme'' also approved. https://t.co/gT5PWR9Ovx
Transparency resolution by @sven_giegold approved by @EPInstitutional on Tuesday. https://t.co/FXGLcHngzP
RT @UN_CSW: All women need access to education, training, skills, so they can participate in the digital economy https://t.co/5IZOaXRli9 #C…
RT @EUatUN: Welcome @EP_GenderEqual for #CSW61. Join them 22/3 to learn how @Europarl_EN partners on womens economic empowerment https://t.…
.@EP_GenderEqual continues debate w/french minister @laurossignol. Live: https://t.co/E6UxG4foh1
Today's PETI meeting starts with presentation of the study "#AnimalWelfare in the #EU" by Emeritus Professor Donald M. Broom @Cambridge_Uni
From 09.00 - 12.30: @EP_Petitions meeting. Follow live: https://t.co/eglDacsAqm
Now in @EP_Petitions: discussion on the final report of the Working Group on Child Welfare Issues (vote scheduled for April).
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