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The European Parliament is in session from 25 to 26 May 2016


In recent years currencies such as Bitcoin have emerged that are not issued by banks but exist in the digital world only, relying on public and shared databases to have balances and transactions verified. The EU should set up a task force to monitor developments in this area and prepare to step in with regulations if necessary, according to a report to be debated by MEPs on 25 May and voted on the following day. We spoke to report authorJakob von Weizsäcker, a German member of the S&D group. (Read more: Virtual currencies: "The technology is rapidly evolving and we must follow it” )


The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought embodies Parliament's support for human rights. Throughout the year the Sakharov Prize network of former laureates meets to highlight issues. On 23 and 24 May nine former Sakharov laureates met in Brussels to discuss, among others, how to adapt to the challenges facing human rights defenders in the digital era. (Read more: Defending human rights in the digital age )


Every day 315 million Europeans use the internet, but challenges still remain for consumers and companies alike. The European Commission presented its strategy for a digital single market in 2015. In addition Parliament and the Council agreed to ban roaming fees in 2017 and guarantee equal treatment for all internet traffic. On 25 May MEPs debate new Commission proposals to further boost e-commerce in plenary. Read our digital glossary to get up to date with the terminology ahead of the debate. (Read more: From geo-blocking to cloud computing: Parliament’s guide to the digital age )


The European Commission's proposal for an EU anti-tax avoidance directive was welcomed by Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in a resolution voted on Tuesday. MEPs nonetheless advocated stricter limits on deductions for interest payments and an effective corporate tax rate of 15%. (Read more: Anti-tax avoidance: close tax gap with low-tax third countries, say MEPs )

Press releases (second part)

Data on your online activities - from social media to shopping - is regularly sold to American advertisers. Strong data protection standards are in place in the EU to protect your privacy, but this is not the case in the US. The EU is now negotiating a new agreement with the US called Privacy Shield to safeguard your data. MEPs debate whether this deal will offer enough protection in plenary on Wednesday 25 May. Read on for an explanation of the issues involved. (Read more: Safeguarding your privacy: MEPs scrutinise new data protection agreement with US )


WEA and U3A courses empower adult students

Culture / Education − United Kingdom − 24-05-2016 - 11:38

Participants in two adult education groups are showing that every day in life can be a school day if you have the right support to encourage lifelong learning. (Read more: WEA and U3A courses empower adult students )


The rise in jihadist attacks, terrorists' profiles and the special role of women in ISIS, recruitment of young people on social media and ISIS communication strategies, terrorist financing, the links between terrorism and crime and striking the right balance between privacy and security on encryption were among the topics debated by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs and Head of the Europol Counter Terrorism Centre Manuel Navarrete Paniagua on Monday afternoon. (Read more: Security: civil liberties MEPs debate changing trends in terrorist threats )

01) LIBE Delegation to Greece - Nothern border and Hotspots. Visit of the border area around Idomeni with a view to get a picture of the situation at the Greek/FYROM border and how the Greek (and European authorities, if applicable) deal with the situation at the border linked to the closure of the Western Balkan route.   Visit of the border area around Idomeni with a view to get a picture of the situation at the Greek/FYROM border

A delegation from the civil liberties committee visited Greece last week to assess refugees' situation at the EU's external borders and the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal to manage the influx of migrants and refugees. The delegation was led by Hungarian S&D member Péter Niedermüller. Members also met with representatives from the Greek authorities, international organisations and non-governmental organisations. (Read more: MEPs assess refugee camps and call for smoother implementation of EU-Turkey deal )


Budgets Committee MEPs approved €5,146,800 in EU aid on Monday to help 2,132 road haulage and delivery workers, made redundant by road transport company MoryGlobal SAS across France, to find new jobs. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by Parliament as a whole and by the Council of Ministers. (Read more: Budgets MEPs back €5.1m aid for 2,132 redundant road haulage workers in France )


Budgets Committee MEPs approved €6,468,000 in EU aid on Monday to help 557 workers made redundant by the “Larissa” supermarket in Greece to find new jobs. A further 543 young unemployed people should also benefit. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by Parliament as a whole and by the Council of Ministers. (Read more: Budgets MEPs back €6.4 million aid for redundant supermarket workers in Greece )

Weekly agenda
Schedule by day Wednesday 25 May 2016
" Renewable energy progress report" - Press conferences (25-05-2016): 09:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
''ENF publication 'Beyond Brussels'" - Press conferences (25-05-2016): 11:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
"Results of public counter-consultation on MES China" - Press conferences (25-05-2016): 14:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
"Regional and European Values for Sustainable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe" - Press conferences (25-05-2016): 15:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
"The relaunch of the peace process in Middle East" - Press conferences (25-05-2016): 16:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
New exceptional market measures limiting milk production - Public hearings (25-05-2016): 19:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Committee on Regional Development - Parliamentary committees (25-05-2016): 19:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
The President's diary - The President's diary (25-05-2016):
Schedule by day Thursday 26 May 2016
"Migration, Civil Liberties Committee: hotspot visit in Greece" - Press conferences (26-05-2016): 10:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
"Agricultural Crisis in the diary sector after the Extraordinary audition in the Agriculture Committee with European Institutions and stakeholders" - Press conferences (26-05-2016): 10:30, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
"Mobilizations for a Democratic Europe" - Press conferences (26-05-2016): 11:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
"Single Market Strategy" - Press conferences (26-05-2016): 13:00, Brussels, Paul-Henri Spaak
The President's diary - The President's diary (26-05-2016):
Schedule by day Saturday 28 May 2016
Open days in Brussels - Special events (28-05-2016): 10:00
Schedule by day Sunday 29 May 2016
The President's diary - The President's diary (29-05-2016):
Press release: Anti-#tax avoidance: MEPs call for minimum corporate tax rate of 15%: @EP_Economics
Press point of Mr Anas al-Abdah,President of Syrian Opposition Coalition at 13:30. LIVE:
RT @europarlAV: Counter #terrorism: @EP_ForeignAff @EP_Development exchanged views w/ EU Coord G de Kerchove https:…
Rewatch statmt by @EP_ForeignAff Chair @ElmarBrok_MEP & Pdt of #Syrian Opposition Coalition:
AT 15.00 #SakharovPrize conference on #HumanRights concludes with a closing session - LIVE:
.@EP_HumanRights Chair welcomes release of #HR activists Biram Ould Dah Abeid & Brahim Bilal Ramdhane in #Mauritania
NOW #SakharovPrize Network Conf f4 Stronger #HumanRights Action with "What human rights challenges in digital era?"
EU Monitoring Mission in #Georgia should be prolonged, say @EP_Defence deleg visiting #EUMM on 17-20 May. Read more
Starting now: @EP_Defence & @EP_Justice hearing on the security of EU external borders. Live
.@EP_Defence to meet on 20/21 April: hearings on the security of EU ext borders, Cyber warfare. Agenda
The 1st-ever World Humanitarian Summit to reshape aid started in Istanbul today. Watch LIVE:
RT @LindaMcAvanMEP: Disappointment in @EP_Development with @europeaid #garments plan. 3 yrs after #RanaPlaza & still no concrete steps @Fai…
MEPs call for an EU arms embargo against countries seriously breaching international humanitarian law.:
.@EP_Trade also recommended- 30 to 3 & 4 abst- consent to #WTO ITA deal to remove custom duties for 200 IT products,such as GPS navigators
Interventions on #digitaltrade future by @Trade_EU P Meltzer of @Brookingsinst @Eurodigdg from #DigitalEurope Joe McNamee (@why0hy) of @EDRi
Do current trade rules still make sense in digital world? - @berndlange opens the #Digitaltrade hearing. Follow live
Future #EUBudget: Today @ 16:30, #BUDG MEPs discuss #MFF mid-term revision. Watch live:
Starting @ 10:00: #BUDG committee meeting - Follow LIVE: AGENDA: #EUBudget
#BUDG approuve 5,1 millions € pour aider 2132 travailleurs licenciés du transport routier en #France #EUBudget #EGF
.@EP_BudgControl endorsed LT candidate for @EUAuditorsECA Rimantas Šadžius w/ 16 votes in favour & 3 votes against
.@EP_BudgControl 24.05, 15.00 "Protection of Financial interests of the EU: the role of investigative journalism @javorbenedek @IAyalaSender
.@EP_BudgControl, 23 & 24.05 on: European #AntiFraud Office, LT nomination @EUAuditorsECA @WHO protocol on #tobacco
Anti-tax avoidance: close tax gap with low-tax third countries (minimum 15%) say @EP_Economics MEPs: @OECDtax #BEPS
Anti-tax avoidance directive: @EP_Economics MEPs call for minimum 15% corporate tax rate: @OECDtax #BEPS #LuxLeaks
.@EP_Economics backs #MiFIDII and #MIFIR quick-fix by 43 votes for, 8 against. Now to #EPlenary
.@EPSocialAffairs meeting with Commissioner @mariannethyssen starting now in PHS 3C50 Follow LIVE
.@EPSocialAffairs meeting with @mariannethyssen starts at 15.00 in JAN 4Q1. Agenda LIVE
#ZitnanskaMEP Better inclusion of disabled people; question of digital skills in private sector. #EUSkillsAgenda @EPSocialAffairs
Environment #MEPs object to herbicide-resistant #GMO carnation and maize authorisations
#circulareconomy - draft report on #waste package by @simonabonafe published debate in ENVI 15-16 June, vote 7-8 Nov
Objections to the authorization of #GMO #carnation and #maize adopted respectively 39/23/1 and 39/24/0 plenary vote in June
.@EP_Industry rapporteur on #renewableenergy Lopez Bermejo holds a presser tomorrow at 9.30. Follow live here:
.@EP_Industry adopted 34/25/1 draft @markuspieperMEP on #energyefficiency
RT @EP_ThinkTank: 20 yrs later, a considerable number of non-tariff barriers persist in EU #SingleMarket #MEPs http…
.@EP_SingleMarket hearing on contracts for the online sales of goods starting now Programme
RT @vickyford: Packed meeting to discuss online contracts for consumers @beuc @BUSINESSEUROPE @EDiMA_EU
From 15h: TRAN debates on opportunities for transport SMEs, postal services, port reception facilities, webstreaming
Starting now: @EP_Transport MEPs discuss aviation strategy and drones, webstreaming
Now @EP_Transport: exchange of views with @Bulc_EU on Commission work programme and EFSI/CEF transport projects
"The European Territorial Cooperation has proven its added value" say @EP_Regional MEPs More info here: #Interreg
.@EP_Regional debate with @jyrkikatainen has just started #investEU Follow live now:
Today @EP_Regional: Vote on #Interreg at 15h Debate w/ @jyrkikatainen at 16h30 Follow live:
.@EP_Agriculture debating now state of play of on-going trilogue talks on #organic reform w/@MartinHaeusling. Live:
.@ph_loiseau to @PhilHoganEU: While #RussianBan kills #farmers EU negotiates #tradedeals. #CAP inspections must become fairer & less fearful
J.S. #Agnew to @PhilHoganEU: EU ban on #glyphosate could have impact on imports of farm outputs from 3rd countries produced w/ #glyphosate
RT @EP_ThinkTank: A net to catch abusive flagging and other fisheries practices @LinneaEngstrom
Agreement w/ Council on #BalticMAP multiannual plan endorsed today by @EP_Fisheries More info here: @WalesaMEP
First #EU-#Liberia #fisheries agreement approved today by @EP_Fisheries Find out more here:
Pictures, videos & podcasts from 1st day of #EYE2016: Follow today's events via
European Youth Event #EYE2016 starts at 10h: young people from 39 countries debate Europe. More info & live links:
Press release: Inter-religious dialogue to defeat #radicalisation:
STARTING IN 20 mins: #JURI meeting - Debate on #portability of #online content; Civil Law Rules on #Robotics &more
NEW STUDY: Cross-Border Restitution Claims of Art Looted in Armed Conflicts and Wars
Starting now @EP_Justice hearing on #EPPO & #Eurojust. Follow live:
#VisaWaiver agreement w/ #Peru backed by @EP_Justice 50 in favour, 1 against. #EPlenary likely to vote in July | @GabrielMariya
RT @EU_EDPS: .@Buttarelli_G Thank you @EP_Justice for close cooperation as privileged interlocutor on general #EUdataP themes & specific me…
Starting at 16: votes on #ECJ & #subsidiarity, debates #RuleOfLaw & more. Watch live:
10h in @EPInstitutional, debates #transparency, revision of #EUbudget and more. Watch live:
Now mapping of NGO's working for women's rights in selected EU Member States @EP_GenderEqual Live:
Continuing at 15.00 @EP_GenderEqual discussion on #FGM with @Naayosuwa @forwardUK. Live:
Now @EP_GenderEqual: creating labour market conditions favourable for work life balance: Live:
At 15.00: hearing with @EP_Petitions and @TimmermansEU on #fundamentalrights, implementation of EU law etc... Watch:
On Tuesday 19/4 from 09h @EP_Petitions will discuss petitions on child protection and the #environment. Follow live:
From 16.30h @EP_Petitions meeting with petitions on the #environment and #ConsumerRights. Follow live:
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