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Eiropas Parlamenta sesija

09:00 - 19:00 Santiago Fisas leads an observation delegation for the presidential elections in Tunisia

Eiropas Parlaments komunikācijai ar pilsoņiem izmanto ne tikai šo tīmekļa vietni, bet arī populārākās sociālo mediju platformas. Šī interaktīvā infografika sniedz iespēju ar viena klikšķa palīdzību piekļūt visiem Parlamenta sociālo mediju kontiem. (Lasīt tālāk: Vieglākais veids, kā sekot Parlamenta aktivitātēm sociālo mediju tīklos )

Flying Flag of Georgia. ©BELGA_EASYFOTOSTOCK   Flying Flag of Georgia. ©BELGA_EASYFOTOSTOCK

Eiropas Parlaments ceturtdienas balsojumā atbalstīja asociācijas nolīgumu ar Gruziju. Nolīgums iedibina abu pušu padziļinātu politisku asociāciju un ekonomisku integrāciju, paredzot pakāpeniski izveidot arī brīvā tirgus režīmu. (Lasīt tālāk: EP apstiprina ES asociācijas nolīgumu ar Gruziju )


Parliament passed three resolutions on Thursday, calling on the Venzuelan authorities to withdraw "unfounded" charges against the opposition leader; condemning the arrest of human rights activist Dr Amin Mekki Medani in Sudan; and demanding the immediate release of anti-slavery activist Biram Dah Abeid in Mauritania. (Read more: Human rights: Venezuela; Sudan and Mauritania )


Šodien, 17. decembrī, Eiropas Parlamenta LUX kino balva tika piešķirta Polijas režisora Pāvela Pavļikovskiav filmai "Ida". "Ida" ir stāsts par jaunu bārenei, kas gatavojas kļūt par mūķeni, bet tad iepazīstas ar savu tanti un dodas ceļojumā, lai atklātu savas ģimenes traģisko likteni. Pēc apbalvošanas ceremonijas mēs tikāmies ar filmas režisoru, lai uzzinātu viņa domas par filmas slavas gājienu un Eiropas kino vērtībām. (Lasīt tālāk: Pāvels Pavļikovskis: "Es centos izveidot filmu par universāliem jautājumiem" )

Paziņojumi presei 2

The fees that banks charge retailers to process shoppers’ payments should be capped under uniform rules across in the EU following a deal struck by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and Council negotiators on Wednesday. The cap would apply to both cross-border and domestic card-based payments and should result in lower costs for consumers. (Read more: MEPs secure deal to cap card payment fees )


MEPs from all political groups expressed their concerns over the recent arrests of journalists in Turkey and condemned all actions against media freedom, in a plenary debate on Wednesday afternoon. They agreed that the deterioration in the rule of law and fundamental rights in the country is an issue that needs to be tackled. Parliament will put a resolution to a vote in January. (Read more: MEPs critical of breaches of freedom of expression in Turkey )


Vai esi 16-30 gadus vecs(-a) un piedalies Eiropas mēroga projektā? Izmanto iespēju un piesakies Eiropas jaunatnes Kārļa Lielā balvas konkursam, kura mērķis ir jauniešu vidū veicināt Eiropas apziņas veidošanos. Pieteikšanās sākās 2014. gada 2. decembrī un ilgs līdz 2015. gada 2. februārim. Uzvarētāji iegūst ne tikai atzinību un iespēju iepazīstināt plašāku auditoriju ar savu projektu, bet arī naudas balvu. (Lasīt tālāk: Kārļa Lielā balva: sākusies pieteikšanās 2015. gada konkursam! )

EPIB diskusija 82902.jpg   EP deputāts Artis Pabriks: "Ja vēlamies eksportēt un tirgoties, būtu jocīgi iebilst pret kādu tirdzniecības līgumu – neatkarīgi no tā, vai tas ir ar Kanādu, Ameriku, Ķīnu, vai citu valsti."

Transatlantiskajiem tirdzniecības līgumiem ir stratēģiska ietekme – tie ne tikai stiprinātu biznesa saites starp abiem kontinentiem, bet arī nozīmētu lielāku drošību ģeopolitiski, – diskusijā par ES ārējiem tirdzniecības līgumiem uzsvēra Artis Pabriks, Eiropas Parlamenta (EP) Starptautiskās tirdzniecības komitejas deputāts un galvenais ziņotājs par ES-Kanādas brīvās tirdzniecības nolīgumu (Eiropas Tautas partijas (Kristīgie demokrāti) grupa/Vienotība). (Lasīt tālāk: Transatlantiskie līgumi – svarīgi uzņēmēju konkurētspējai un arī drošībai )


The EU should step up its efforts to help the steel industry out of the crisis, MEPs say in a non-binding resolution voted on Wednesday. They ask the European Commission to ensure that trade deals improve steel export conditions and check that EU competition and state aid rules do not lead to unfairness between EU countries. MEPs also call for investments in workers' education and training as well as in steel research. (Read more: MEPs urge EU to step up efforts to help steel industry out of the crisis )


The new Internal Security Strategy for 2015-2019 should be "easily adaptable to evolving situations" with a joined-up approach across the Union to tackle foreign fighters, cyber-security, human trafficking, organised crime, money laundering and corruption, , says a resolution passed by Parliament on Wednesday. (Read more: New EU Security Strategy must tackle emerging threats, MEPs say )

RT @mvandenbroeke: Topics discussed at #EUCO betw @EP_President & gov leaders: 315bn investment plan, FTT, backlog EU budget payments, PNR …
EP TODAY: @EP_President Martin Schulz participates in the #euco meeting in Brussels in the afternoon. Press conference follows afterwards
EU-#Georgia Association Agreement + #DCFTA ratified in #EPlenary - 490 to 76 and 57 abstentions
President of #Georgia to speak in a pressconf w/EP VP @r_czarnecki & Association deal rapp #Mamikins 10am in EP. live
#Palestine statehood: draft joint resolution online now - follow the vote towards the end of today's voting session!
Press release on persecution of opposition in #Venezuela; arrest of #Mauritanian #Abeid & of Dr. Medani in #Sudan:
Our live Twitter coverage ends here, #EPlenary debate on #Turkey and #mediafreedom goes on: &
.@matteosalvinimi: a joke to say #Turkey can join the EU. It has been occupying EU member #Cyprus & not recognised genocide of Armenians
.EP_Defence #MEPs to continue debates in a few minutes on @NATO Parliamentary Assembly & EU Civilian missions. Live
.@EP_Defence MEPs question plans of high-tech "VAT-free" military equipment & pool acquisitions, quizz #EDA chief on cyber-war,
.@EUDefenceAgency chief on refueling in the airs, remote piloted air systems, certification, cyber security. LIVE
RT @europarltv: EU aid assistance: Up to the challenge of combating #Ebola? @EuroparlTV itvw w. @StylianidesEU
RT @LindaMcAvanMEP: As Chair of @EP_Development will push for EU development work to promote human rights. Tackling violence against women …
RT @LindaMcAvanMEP: Today is #HumanRights Day! Strong reminder to do more to tackle abuses wherever they happen @UNrightswire
#Ecuador goods treatment: #EPlenary takes over Commission proposal by 523 in favour, 39 against, 102 abst. Rapp #HelmutScholz from @GUENGL
duty-free access for #Moldova fruit backed by 551/67/23. "A demonstration of solidarity in the face of hardship", says rapp @sorinmoisa
#Ecuador trade deal: see #EPlenary debate from 21.20
#Italy #Greece #Slovenia #Croatia #Bulgaria #Serbia gets €126.7m natural disaster aid, decided #EPlenary. More here:
#EP resolution on 2014-2015 budgets by @EGardiazabal, Monika #Hohlmeier adopted 443/250/7. Read more:
#EUbudget 2015 procedure ended with #EPlenary adopting the budget for 2015 and top-ups for 2014. Read more here:
#EUbudget 2015 procedure ended with #EPlenary adopting the budget for 2015 and top-ups for 2014. Read more here:
#EUbudget 2015 adopted 27/3/0 in @EP_Budgets. @EGardiazabal #Hohlmeier More to come.
.@EP_Budgets supports €1.89m #EGF job search aid to Whirlpool #Italy. #EPlenary vote next week. Rapp: @danieleviotti
.@EP_Economics MEPs secure deal to cap card payment fees, details:
.@EP_Economics @PabloZalba deal reached w/ Council on capping the card fees
.@EP_Economics @PabloZalba deal reached w/ @EUCouncil capping the card fees
.@EPSocialAffairs & @EP_Trade avec des experts sur le #TTIP - version française
RT @EP_YouthEvent: .@KajaDekleva Member states have not focused on long term solutions. I believe all measures taken so far are short term …
RT @EP_YouthEvent: @KajaDekleva better cooperation between education system and job market. Solution? Dual education system. #EYEHearings
#GMO cultivation: agreement with @IT2014EU adopted w. 42 votes in favour, 17 against, 4 abstentions @Frederiqueries #EPlenary to vote 13.01
#tarsands : No qualified majority (376) for ENVI #FQD motion : 337 for, 325 ag, 48 abstentions
Canadian #tarsands : #EPlenary to vote on #FQD motion from ENVI 12.20 txt Webstream
MEPs urge EU to step up efforts to help steel industry out of the crisis. Press release: #steel #ETS #trade
.@EP_Industry talks on #SME, #ETS, #Energycharter live in 15 min:
.@EP_Industry vote on PRISMA, visit by @Moedas live in 15 min:
RT @C_Stihler_MEP: Congratulations to Liisa Jaakonsaari for the successful trilogue outcome this morning @IT2014EU @EP_SingleMarket http://…
.@EP_SingleMarket negotiators secured a provisional deal with @IT2014EU on fight against customs fraud. Read more
RT @C_Stihler_MEP: First meeting of the Working Group on IPR&Copyright Reform and honoured to represent @EP_SingleMarket Looking forward to…
Starting now: hearing on transport in Central and E.Europe @EP_Transport cttee: agenda:
Hearing on transport in Central and E.Europe @EP_Transport ctte 3pm WATCH LIVE agenda/speakers
Starting at 9.30 - Exchange of views with Commissioner Bulc @EP_Transport committee WATCH LIVE
How many #PoliticalGroups sit in the Parliament? What role do they play? Look here:
.@EP_Agriculture MEPs support @PhilHoganEU plans to simplify #CAP but call for more actions to help #milk farmers:
.@EP_Agriculture debate w/ @PhilHoganEU starts now. Watch it live:
Debate w/ @PhilHoganEU on 2015 budget, #RussianBan, #CAP #greening, #dairy sector & draft laws starts in 15mins.Live:
How many #PoliticalGroups sit in the Parliament? What role do they play? Look here:
Resolution against #Discard plan for the #Baltic rejected: 502 votes against, 131 in favour and 77 abst. #discards
#Fisheries in the outermost regions - Presentations of all participants now available:
Press conference w/ @SilviaCostaEU,Pawel #Pawlikowski, #Céline #Sciamma and Rok Biček on #luxprize 2014 live at 15.00
And the winner is...? #luxprize 2014 award ceremony today at 11.45
RT @EU_Justice: .@VeraJourova: We are now closer to qualified majority in Council on #WomenOnBoards. Latvian presidency to finalise. http:…
RT @EU_Justice: In 2013 the #EU co-funded #EUJustice training for 22 000 legal professionals; the number of trained notaries doubled. http:…
RT @EU_Eurostat: International Migrants Day: #Eurostat article on #migrant integration in the EU Member States #IAmA…
Happy New Year and Best wishes - next AFCO meeting will be end of January
Working document of rapporteur @RCorbettMEP on #EPhearings2014
Afco debate on evaluations #EPhearings2014 @RCorbettMEP rapporteur starting - follow live
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: Chairing @EP_Justice @EP_GenderEqual mtg on #humantrafficking, victims should be at the heart of legislation also note…
.@EP_GenderEqual& @ EP_Justice discussing EU Strategy towards eradication #TraffickingHumanBeings w/@MyriaVass:LIVE:
2nd day of @EP_GenderEqual meeting. Starting with #equalitybetweenwomenandmen in 2013. LIVE:
New @EP_Petitions vice-Chairs are Rosa Estarás (EPP, ES), @RobertaMetsola (EPP, MT), @MarleneMizzi (S&D, MT) & Pál Csaky (EPP, SK)
.@EP_Petitions to elect its Chair and 4 vice-Chairs today at 5.15pm - Follow it live
RT @mvandenbroeke: #EP press team selfie on last day of last session in Strasbourg #EP2014
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