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Un acord comercial între UE și SUA ar trebui să aprofundeze accesul UE pe piața SUA, dar nu trebuie să submineze standardele UE sau dreptul de a reglementa în interes public, au spus deputații din comisia pentru comerț internațional în propunerile de recomandări votate joi. Instrumentele pentru rezolvarea disputelor între investitori și state trebuie reformate și îmbunătățite, adaugă ei. (Mai mult: Acord transatlantic: acces la piața SUA, protecția investițiilor, standarde UE )


Tunisia’s Prime Minister Habib Essid met the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Human Rights and Security and Defence subcommittees on Thursday to discuss the latest developments in his country. Security challenges, fighting terrorism and tackling migration flows were the key issues raised in the debate. (Read more: Tunisia’s Prime Minister Habib Essid on security and migration challenges )


A deal struck by MEPs and Council of Ministers negotiators in the small hours of Thursday morning means the architecture of the Juncker plan to unlock €315 billion public and private investments in the real economy in 2015-2017 can now be put to a European Parliament vote on 24 June and the investment programme can kick off in the summer. (Read more: Juncker plan: MEPs and ministers strike informal deal to bridge investment gap )


Europenii au votat pentru deputații europeni anul trecut, însă alegerea lor a contat, pentru prima dată, pentru selecționarea persoanei care urma să fie la cârma Comisiei Europene. Partidul Popular European a ieșit pe primul loc în alegeri, prin urmare candidatul acestuia, Jean-Claude Juncker, a fost ales președinte al Comisiei. În clipul nostru video, patru dintre candidați își spun opinia asupra alegerilor istorice de anul trecut. (Mai mult: Istoria Spitzenkandidaten: cum a început )

Comunicate de presă (partea a doua)

Europa ar trebui să se concentreze pe salvarea vieților în abordarea imigrației, a spus Secretarul General ONU Ban Ki-moon la Parlamentul European pe 27 mai. În plen, acesta a atras atenția asupra celor 1.800 de oameni care s-au înecat în Marea Mediterană anul acesta. „Europa are un rol important și o responsabilitate colectivă de a reacționa. Salvarea vieților ar trebui să fie prioritară”, a spus domnul Ban. (Mai mult: Ban Ki-moon despre imigrație: „Salvarea vieților ar trebui să fie prioritară” )


Deprinderile de alimentație sănătoasă se formează devreme, de aceea UE și statele membre ar trebui să facă și să investească mai mult pentru a încuraja copiii să mănânce sănătos și de la producători locali, a spus Parlamentul miercuri. Deputații au modificat propunerea legislativă și au aprobat un mandat de negociere cu statele membre, care are în vedere asigurarea unor lecții de alimentație sănătoasă, precum și lapte, fructe și legume în școli din schemele europene. (Mai mult: Fructe și lapte în școli: PE susține deprinderile de alimentație sănătoasă )


Budgets MEPs welcomed next year's "restricted" but well focused draft budget presented by Commission Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva on Wednesday immediately after it was approved by the Commission. (Read more: Budgets MEPs welcome draft budget for 2016 )


"The Central African Republic is doing much better. There is a clear improvement even if it is still very fragile," CAR's interim president, Catherine Samba-Panza, told foreign affairs MEPs on Tuesday. CAR still needs the EU's "multi-dimensional aid", she stressed, calling on member states to redouble their efforts to help the CAR meet its electoral, budgetary and security challenges. (Read more: Still much to be done, CAR president tells foreign affairs committee )


A reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), informally agreed with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, was backed by the Environment Committee on Tuesday. The reform aims to reduce the surplus of carbon credits available for trading in order to support the price of the emission rights. The scheme would start operating in 2019. (Read more: CO2 market fix: Environment Committee MEPs back deal with Council )


Parteneriatul transatlantic pentru comerț și investiții ajunge la votul vital din comisie săptămâna aceasta. În plen, Secretarul General ONU, Ban Ki-moon va vorbi deputaților europeni. Pe ordinea de zi se mai află consolidarea sistemului bancar UE, emisiile de CO2 și securitatea cibernetică. (Mai mult: Săptămâna la Parlament: TTIP, Ban Ki Moon, emisiile de CO2, bugetul )

Agenda săptămânală
Program zilnic vineri 29 Mai 2015
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - Comisii parlamentare (29-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Conference on the Democratic oversight of Intelligence services in the European Union - Evenimente speciale (29-05-2015): 09:00, Brussels, Jòzsef Antall
Press release:#TTIP:more US #market access,reform #investment protection,retain #EU standards:
Press conference on #TTIP vote continues with Q&A from journalists. LIVE: &
Press conference on #TTIP vote to start soon. Twitter coverage: @EP_Trade. LIVE &
Tunisia PM @habib_essid concludes to @EP_ForeignAff MEPs: Tunisia is a young democracy. We are still much counting on the support of the EP.
Tunisia PM @habib_essid on #Libya: we are against any military intervention. The conflict in Libya is a political one. We help politically.
Tunisia PM @habib_essid: the best way to prevent #migration flow is to find solutions locally, then to reintegrate migrants. This is crucial
RT @europarlAV: Debate on #Tunisia's transition to democracy with Prime Minister Habib #Essid at @EP_ForeignAff | Download VIDEO: http://…
C. Dan Preda: women in #Egypt are living with the threat of physical and sexual violence. Laws supporting these practices to be abolished
Cristian Dan Preda: je rappelle aux autorités d'#Egypte l'appel répété de @ONU_fr pour un moratoire sur l'utilisation de la peine capitale
#CSDP: Watch the press conference of EP rapporteurs @ArnaudDanjean @EduardKukan @indrektarand in 10 mins here
Watch the rest of #Eplenary debate on Common Security and Defence Policy w/ @FedericaMog LIVE #CSDP
#EPlenary tomorrow: #BanKiMoon at 15:15 CET #UNSG @UN_Spokesperson #UN, Debate on #G7 #g7summit Agenda:
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Press release: @EP_Trade on #TTIP: More US market access, reform investment protection, retain EU standards #EPonTTIP
Press conference on #TTIP vote continues with Q&A from journalists. LIVE: &
.@beghin_t:Today is a bad day,of citizens' defeat who don't want #ISDS.Certain was not the end.Complete markets' opening wont benefit SMEs
RT @ep_budgets: First look at 2016 #EUbudget draft, presented by @KGeorgievaEU @EP_Budgets, at 10. Live here:
Follow debate with @KGeorgievaEU on #tobacco agreements at #EP plenary. From 19.25. Live:
#EP #TAXE in Ireland today. Netherlands next #luxleaks @ALamassoure @elisaferreira @EUTheurer Irish MinFin #Noonan
#EFSI #Junckerplan press conference extracts
.@EP_Economics @ghokmark #banking sector reform report rejection, comments from the rapporteur & shadow MEPs
.@EPSocialAffairs meeting tomorrow, Thursday 28 May 9.00-12.30 & 14.00-17.30 in JAN 6Q2 follow EP Live
.@EPSocialAffairs meeting tomorrow, Thursday 28 May from 9.00-12.30 & 14.00-17.30 JAN 6Q2. Agenda
Changes to ESF for frontloading #YEI approved Press conference @emorinchartier @ 14:30 Live
#EPonTTIP: Committee vote on #TTIP recommendations this morning. Follow @EP_Trade for updates
#EUETS #MSR: Environment Committee #MEPs back deal with Council
#EUETS #MSR: ENVI supports agreement with @eu2015lv with 49 votes to 8 and 2 abstentions. Plenary vote July @IvoBelet
.@EP_Industry debate w/@GOettingerEU on the roadmap for completing the #digitalsinglemarket. Live here:
.@EP_Industry starts in 5 min. Live here:
.@EP_Industry meets at 9.00: debate w/@GOettingerEU; #energysecurity #digitalsinglemarket Agenda and Mtg docs:
Next @EP_SingleMarket meeting 4 June morning. Vote on trade in #seal #sealban. Agenda Live
Starting now: #DigitalSingleMarket WG debate on #DSM strategy. Live Agenda @rozathun
Today at 3 pm @EP_SingleMarket #DigitalSingleMarket working group meeting.Agenda Webstreaming
.@EP_Transport 15h: social inclusion in public transport, transport and climate policy,TEN-T Coordinators, streaming
Now @EP_Transport: presentation of draft report on sustainable urban mobility webstreaming
.@EP_Transport: debates on 2011 Transport White Paper and sustainable urban mobility, webstreaming:
What does an #AgeingEU mean for your region? See the @ecfin interactive map here #euregions
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#Cod plan: @EUCouncil acted unlawfully, says #ECJ Advocate General @EUCourtPress #Fisheries
#BalticMAP: This is the text MEPs will defend in negotiations with @eu2015lv @WalesaMEP #Fisheries
#Fisheries committee meeting continues this morning - watch live: Agenda:
#EPonTTIP: @EP_Trade committee votes on draft #TTIP report this morning. More about EP's role:
Ce soir à Strasbourg : le #PE reçoit le projet #Commenius "L'Europe est servie"
#EPlenary adopted new rules on cross-border #insolvency proceedings. Read more:
#EPlenary debate on #insolvency proceedings starting now. Live:
RT @VeraJourova: Debate on Data protection reform
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Second panel @EPInstitutional debates democracy, accountability & instit set up of the EU #EUfuture hearing live
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Ending child marriage, early marriage and #ForcedMarriage for #genderequality @EP_GenderEqual
MEPs to call for end to early and forced marriage of girls today evening #EPlenary:
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RT @EP_ThinkTank: Recognising the human right to #water and universal access @EP_Petitions @CeciliaWikstrom
Hearing on #ECI #StopVivisection starting at 3pm: Follow via @EP_Agriculture, webstreaming:
Parlamentul este pe…