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Environment MEPs put forward a number of possible measures to cut the EU 88 million tonnes per year food waste by half by 2030 on Tuesday. MEPs called on the European Commission to lift existing restrictions on food donations and stressed a solution is needed for the confusion created for many consumers by the “best before” and “use by” labelling. (Read more: Proposals for cutting food waste )


Recent proposals to expedite the return of migrants who are not entitled to refugee status will be debated in the Civil Liberties Committee on Tuesday morning. (Read more: Migration: MEPs to debate EU return policies )


New rules allowing the US National Security Agency (NSA) to share private data with other US agencies without court oversight, recent revelations about surveillance activities by a US electronic communications service provider and vacancies on US oversight bodies are among the concerns raised by MEPs in a resolution passed on Thursday. (Read more: Data Privacy Shield: MEPs alarmed at undermining of privacy safeguards in the US )


Ukrainian citizens will be exempted from EU short-stay visa requirements, after Parliament endorsed an informal deal with the Council on Thursday. (Read more: Parliament approves Ukraine visa waiver )

Lehdistötiedotteet (toinen osa)

The new EU Solidarity Corps (ECS) initiative, which aims to create 100,000 volunteering and job placement opportunities for young people, needs proper legislation and funding, say MEPS in a resolution passed on Thursday. Its funding should under no circumstances be at the expense of the Erasmus+ or other EU programmes, they add. (Read more: European Solidarity Corps needs proper funding, urge MEPs )


Mepit poistivat viimeiset esteet roaming-lisämaksujen lakkauttamisen tieltä torstaina. (Lue lisää: Roaming-maksujen loppu: viimeiset esteet poistettu )


Euroopan parlamentti kehottaa Venäjän viranomaisia vapauttamaan oppositiopoliitikko Alexei Navalnyin ja muut pidätetyt mielenosoittajat. Päätöslauselma hyväksyttiin äänin 494 puolesta, 39 vastaan, 91 tyhjää. (Lue lisää: Parlamentti vaatii Venäjää vapauttamaan oppositiopoliitikko Navalnyin )


Euroopan parlamentti hyväksyi suurella enemmistöllä (516 puolesta, 133 vastaan, 50 tyhjää) keskiviikkona päätöslauselman, jossa määritellään Euroopan parlamentin periaatteet ja ehdot Britannian EU-erosopimukselle. Lopullinen sopimus Britannian EU-erosta edellyttää Euroopan parlamentin täysistunnon hyväksyntää. (Lue lisää: Brexit-neuvottelujen reunaehdot )


MEPs worry about the proliferation of hate speech and fake news, particularly in social media, they said in a debate on Wednesday. But they disagreed on how best to respond. Ideas aired included removing false and defamatory content, imposing fines to non-cooperative companies and fostering media literacy. (Read more: Hate speech and fake news: remove content, impose fines, foster media literacy? )


Parlamentti hyväksyi keskiviikkona uudet säännöt, joilla pyritään takaamaan lääkinnällisten laitteiden jäljitettävyys ja varmistamaan, että ne noudattavat EU:n potilasturvallisuusvaatimuksia. Tällaisia lääkinnällisiä laitteita ovat mm. rintaimplantit ja lonkkaproteesit. Mepit hyväksyivät myös uudet säännöt, joilla tiukennetaan esimerkiksi raskaus- ja DNA-testeissä käytettyjen diagnostisten lääkinnällisten laitteiden eettisiä vaatimuksia. (Lue lisää: Lääkinnälliset laitteet: enemmän turvallisuutta ja jäljitettävyyttä )

Viikon agenda
Päivän ohjelmat sunnuntai 23 huhti 2017
The President's agenda - Puhemiehen päivyri (23-04-2017):
Lifting Immunity #EP: plenary notified, @EP_Legal appoints rapporteur, hearing opt., vote in cttee. Final vote in plenary(simple majority)
RT @jduch: Demande de levée d'immunité députées Le Pen & Boutonnet (assistants) notifiée au Parlement européen. Prochaine étape: annonce en…
Press release: Proposals for cutting #foodwaste: https://t.co/5Z1sKOkqUz @EP_Environment
European Parliament and Verkhovna Rada extend their cooperation. Full statement https://t.co/xJ2vlRBuu5… https://t.co/BXeNQIaPso
.@EP_ForeignAff conveys solidarity with stateless people. Read more https://t.co/CyIcBSbI7B @AmjadBashirMEP @EP_HumanRights
Bosnia & Herzegovina: @EP_ForeignAff debate w/ FM Crndak starts now. Flwd by debate w/ @UN HR Inzko. Live… https://t.co/19EwvHGagJ
#Bolivia: @EP_HumanRights MEPs acknowledge significant progress in access to education, health care & drinking wate… https://t.co/SpV8E53Aiw
Starting now: MEPs on @EP_HumanRights debating #humanrights & #EU actions w. @SJLambrinidis - Follow LIVE:… https://t.co/7vTiQevlAz
#Syria: @EP_HumanRights & @EP_ForeignAff Chairs condemn use of chemical weapons & call 4 restarting negotiations: https://t.co/tYCluMhTq2
Want to know more on EU military planning upgrade? Follow now @EP_Defence debate w/ @eeas Deane & rear adm Gluszko https://t.co/gSLpMuIzjc
.@EP_Defence resumes to debate the EU arms export control system. Live https://t.co/gSLpMuqXUC https://t.co/jB3UFDhhbX
.@EP_Defence 2 days meeting starts now: arms control in Europe w/ @rjmosiko #OSCE & Alberque #NATO. Live https://t.co/3Doamvj1HZ
RT @eaDevPol: UK doubles funding to fight tropical diseases in developing world https://t.co/Ktcmv1Y3OT https://t.co/yK3xOK2t49
#Humanrights & suspending EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements - how will it work after 2020? New study:… https://t.co/PsiqzLqnxI
RT @unwomenEU: This #HDR2016 infograph illustrates the many ways in which women are still discriminated against globally https://t.co/mP8lx…
Head of INTA delegation @berndlange & National Assembly of #cotedivoire holding a presser on implementation of inte… https://t.co/C1friVeyrm
#Humanrights & suspending EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements - how will it work after 2020? New study:… https://t.co/S9r7UfYJNf
.@EP_Trade working hard to hold the Commission to account on trade deals, says @berndlange in @Parlimag:… https://t.co/7R0NP5Bc4B
#EUBudget 2018 rapporteur @SMuresan tours all EP's committees, starting w/ @EP_Economics on Mon 10/04 @ 16:30 LIVE:… https://t.co/iACbiOA53J
€60 million in EU aid for UK, and €11m more for Cyprus & Portugal after natural disasters approved in #EPlenary https://t.co/vOkAaFqpUM
At 14:30 PRESS CONFERENCE with @JanOlbrycht & @Isabel_thomasEU on the vote on the #MFF revision package https://t.co/QbPQFBm3WO #EUBudget
Mission to Poland 18-21/4: MEPs will visit EU-financed projects & CONT’s national parliamentary counterparts +national Courts of Auditors
Press release - Court of Auditors: CONT members endorse Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz as member for Hungary https://t.co/soSfkpIn9P @EUauditors
MEPs endorse EP VP Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz as @EUauditors member for #Hungary with 16+/2-/2°. #EPlenary vote 27/04
.@EP_ECONOMICS Week Ahead 24-30 April:hearing on sovereign investment funds and more. #PANA:impact on Member States https://t.co/E7fr0Axff2
.@EP_Economics MEPs discussed @ecb Annual Report 2016 w/ vice President Victor Constâncio https://t.co/4xk9XdIohs
.@EP_ECONOMICS The Week Ahead 10 - 16 April: European Central Bank Annual report and more @ECB @Berndlucke https://t.co/TrtsWwbcX8
RT @EP_ThinkTank: EU support for social entrepreneurs https://t.co/MEjcEGy6UO @EPSocialAffairs
.@EPSocialAffairs April 2017 Newsletter with information on topics of EMPL meetings this month available here https://t.co/2IooOEiZrY
.@EPSocialAffairs Hearing on coordination of #socialsecurity systems 15.00-17.30 Info https://t.co/gZQFS50r3a LIVE https://t.co/qgfEdf8viZ
Proposals for cutting #Foodwaste https://t.co/LbY4x9HuGx
A longer lifetime for products: opinion by @SchaldemoseMEP to @EP_SingleMarket adopted unanimously
#foodwaste - report by @BiljanaBorzan adopted unanimously
RT @EP_ThinkTank: EU #space programmes provide strategic independence https://t.co/kSAb7k5sZn @EP_Industry
#EPlenary adopted last step to end roaming charges @miapetrakumpula @EP_Industry. Press release: https://t.co/DlVJOmpXXg
#EPlenary adopted last step to end roaming charges 549/27/50 @miapetrakumpula @EP_Industry
.@EP_SingleMarket Newsletter with info on the next committee meeting on 24-25 April https://t.co/t80JPbBchD
RT @EU_opendata: What needs to be done to further boost #dataeconomy in Europe? Tell us before 26 April https://t.co/5s1wsRDQLu #opendata h…
.@EP_SingleMarket MEPs visit Tallinn from 19 to 21 April: digital #Estonia, start-ups and innovation on the agenda https://t.co/YzNeLZ13W8
Starting @EP_Transport: MEPs discuss draft opinion on A Space Strategy for Europe: https://t.co/p7OuW0423P https://t.co/bfQsjHy5O9
Now @EP_Transport: MEPs discuss ways to boost multimodal transport, short-sea shipping and maritime transport https://t.co/bfQsjHy5O9
Starting @EP_Transport: Hearing on Women and Transport, programme/speakers: https://t.co/ozs0A0uqPz webstreaming:… https://t.co/sQo4Cfw3RM
.@EP_Regional mtng 24/25 April: Omnibus, technical assistance, Urban Agenda. Meeting docs: https://t.co/WPhwfDC7tZ
RT @EU_Regional: "It is about #Europe; about you and your future. Let's talk about it!" @CorinaCretuEU #EUdialogues More on Greece: https:/…
RT @CCRECEMR: "When looking at the future, we must be more creative, more open-minded" Commission VP @jyrkikatainen on #futurecohesion | #E…
New EU #organics law: EP chief negotiator @MartinHaeusling briefs now @EP_Agriculture on state of play of trialogues https://t.co/4llT4ygGkt
.@EP_Agriculture debates w/Mr Wynn Owen @EUauditors report on #ClimateAction spending:https://t.co/4llT4ygGkt Report:https://t.co/yI5F2nXvaJ
Missed today's @EP_Agriculture debate w/ @jhuitema on marketing rules for #fertilisers? Watch it all again here: https://t.co/A8Mt4VWwzD
.@EP_Fisheries mtng 24/25 April: #ICCAT, #Mediterranean #MedFish4Ever, #landing obligation, #fishing quotas. Agenda: https://t.co/LtmaR1taYc
RT @pewenvironment: Very large marine reserves “make it possible to reconstruct entire ecosystems,” says @bricelalonde https://t.co/RHf8Gsd…
RT @OceanaEurope: The North Sea has provided us with treasures for centuries. It's about time we gave some back. Together we can #StopOverf…
RT @EP_ThinkTank: More than 60 million CVs created in Europass, but it’s time to update https://t.co/Jf5gr0O89c @EPCulture @SilviaCostaEU
RT @EP_ThinkTank: #Erasmus students at 50% lower risk of long-term unemployment than non-mobile students https://t.co/jgDUX6kBRG @EPCulture
RT @pol_dep_CULT: Commentary on CULT Committee report https://t.co/kS5FQfFGM7
On @EP_Legal agenda today: debate on 3D printing, hearing on environmental liability directive. Watch live: https://t.co/MqCbFZOvPh
EP approved international convention on maritime liability in plenary. @EP_Legal @1PavelSvoboda https://t.co/cqltnxQGHl
Mission to Italy: MEPs @EP_Justice demand urgent reform of the Dublin #asylum system and effective relocation https://t.co/JhLbcZ94NP
RT @EURightsAgency: .@CoESR_migration @PACE_Migration @EP_Justice @migpolgroup @fidh_eu @ecre Harrowing evidence of unaccompanied #childmig…
RT @EURightsAgency: Just out: FRA's latest report on the #fundamentalrights situation of newly arrived #migrants in 14 #EU member states ht…
RT @Parlimag: .@EPInstitutional will have a crucial role to play in how #Brexit unfolds and beyond, writes @danutahuebner https://t.co/hlrh…
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Views diverge on whether EU #CitizensInitiative generated debate bridges citizen/decision-maker gap https://t.co/2EJPHBqs…
Missed yesterday's @EPInstitutional meeting? Watch it again https://t.co/bNEn9HIZYe #AFCO
Starting at 9.00 joint @EP_GenderEqual & @EP_Justice debate on #IstanbulConvention. Follow live: https://t.co/mxNymzwvad
Tomorrow at 9.00 joint @EP_GenderEqual & @EP_Justice debate on #IstanbulConvention. Draft report: https://t.co/ttevoijqoq @AnnaMariaCB
Vote on oral question @EP_GenderEqual on human rights in Gaza especially situation of women&girls at 17.15. Live: https://t.co/HCpbvO1pxL
Next week: @EP_Petitions meetings on Monday 24/4 & Tuesday 25/5. Agenda and meeting documents here: https://t.co/AF1L6EYOmz
RT @Parlimag: .@EP_Petitions strives to address citizens' concerns & foster constructive dialogue, writes @PalCsakyMEP https://t.co/XTjBheK…
Today's PETI meeting starts with presentation of the study "#AnimalWelfare in the #EU" by Emeritus Professor Donald M. Broom @Cambridge_Uni
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