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De yazidiska företrädarna Nadia Murad och Lamiya Aji Bashar är årets mottagare av Europaparlamentets Sacharovpris för tankefrihet, efter beslut den 27 oktober av talman Martin Schulz och de politiska gruppledarna. Prisceremonin kommer att hållas i Strasbourg den 14 december. (Läs mer: Nadia Murad och Lamiya Aji Bashar vinner Sacharovpriset 2016 )


The EU needs a better coordinated policy on volunteering, to give volunteers a proper legal status and help them join programmes, say MEPs in a resolution voted on Thursday. Almost 100 million EU citizens have taken part as volunteers in education, culture or arts, sport events, humanitarian and development aid work. Young people should take advantage of volunteering schemes to develop skills and acquire experience that helps them to find jobs afterwards, stresses the text. (Read more: European volunteering: remove remaining barriers, urge MEPs )


Worsening relations between nuclear-armed states, such as Russia and the US or India and Pakistan, but also Russia’s threats to use nuclear weapons or to deploy them to more territories in Europe, are making the EU’s security environment ever more tense, say MEPs in a resolution voted on Thursday. They call on these states to reduce nuclear weapons, move them away from deployment into storage and to diminish their role in military doctrines. (Read more: MEPs sound wake-up call on nuclear threats )


"Release journalists being held without compelling evidence of criminal activity", MEPs urge the Turkish authorities in a resolution voted on Thursday. Since the failed coup d’état on 15 July, the Turkish government has arrested at least 99 journalists and writers, revoked the press credentials of at least 330 journalists, and closed the offices of more than 100 media outlets, leaving over 2,300 media workers without jobs. (Read more: Set Turkish press free, urge MEPs )

Pressmeddelande (del 2)

The Iraqi operation to liberate Mosul from jihadi group ISIS/Daesh was backed by MEPs on Thursday. They called on Iraqi authorities to make every effort to protect civilians, hospitals and schools, as they progress towards Mosul. Daesh atrocities and genocide against Christians, Yazidis and other minorities should be referred to International Criminal Court, added MEPs. (Read more: MEPs back operation to liberate Mosul )


EU bör införa obligatoriska gränser för mängden industriella transfettsyror som tillåts i livsmedel. Det skriver ledamöterna i en resolution som kammaren antog på onsdagen. Ett för stort intag av transfetter kan leda till ökade risker för hjärt- och kärlsjukdomar, infertilitet, Alzheimers sjukdom, diabetes och fetma hos konsumenterna, enligt texten. Den största mängden transfetter intas genom konsumtionen av härdade oljor. (Läs mer: Skärpta kontroller av industriella transfetter i livsmedel )


På onsdagen antog parlamentet sin ståndpunkt till EU:s budget för 2017. Ledamöterna kräver också mer pengar, bland annat för att hjälpa fler ungdomar inom unionen att skaffa sig ett jobb, för att skjuta på den ekonomiska tillväxten, samt för att hjälpa tredjeländer som kämpar med den pågående flyktingkrisen. Parlamentet röstade också för att minska de nedskärningar som rådet vill se i budgeten. (Läs mer: Parlamentet vill ha mer pengar till ungdomar och jobb under 2017 )


The threats, violations and restrictions faced by journalists in Turkey will be debated with Commissioner Corina Creţu, representing EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, late on Wednesday afternoon. Since the 15 July failed coup d’état, which left 241 people dead and thousands injured, 90 journalists have been jailed, more than 2,500 have lost their jobs and arrest warrants have been issued against hundreds of media workers in the country. (Read more: Press freedom in Turkey up for a debate late on Wednesday afternoon )


New rules to curb the growing influx into the EU of plant pests, such as olive grove killer Xylella fastidiosa, and better equip member states to tackle their spread, were endorsed by the Parliament on Wednesday. The new regulation introduces preventive and rapid response mechanisms for suspect plant imports, steps up pest surveillance efforts in the EU and requires all member states to draw up outbreak contingency plans. (Read more: Plant health: MEPs step up fight against influx of pests to the EU )


Parliament backs the EU Commission case for investing in innovation, growth and job creation, pursuing socially-balanced structural reforms, and encouraging responsible public finances, in a resolution on EU economic priorities for 2017, voted on Wednesday. (Read more: MEPs set out their stance on EU economic priorities for 2017 )

Parlamentet denna vecka
Program per dag torsdag 27 okt 2016
Press point - EP President Martin SCHULZ statement on the Sakharov Prize winner 2016 - Presskonferenser (27-10-2016): 12:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
The President's Agenda - Talmannens program (27-10-2016):
EP TODAY: #EPlenary debates in the morning a resolution proposing a better coordinated policy on volunteering
EP TODAY: After the failed coup d’état in Turkey EP adopts resolution calling to end threats, violations,restrictions of media freedom
EP TODAY: The CoP selects this year’s #SakharovPrize winner.The laureate will be announced by @EP_President in the #EPlenary (around noon)
Next in #EPlenary: debate on situation of journalists in Turkey: https://t.co/NjeKOBMQBu https://t.co/7TYYNzQmZt
Next in #EPlenary: @EP_ForeignAff debates on Iraq/Mosul, Afghanistan, Belarus, Journalists in Turkey, nuclear sec. https://t.co/hp0NECheG7
MEPs call for fresh efforts to foster EU-Iran relations. Read more https://t.co/dCqLgp5mc9 @richardhowitt #EPlenary
2016 #SakharovPrize laureate is announced today at 12.00. Until then find out more about finalist Mustafa Dzhemilev… https://t.co/rKZY0X6Yeu
2016 #SakharovPrize laureates announced today at 12.00. More about finalists @NadiaMuradBasee & Lamiya Aji Bashar →… https://t.co/BWOBFOwoIk
2016 #SakharovPrize laureate is announced today at 12.00. Until then find out more about finalist @candundaradasi →… https://t.co/k7iRvOxgiV
.@EP_Defence resumes w/ workshop on EU - #SaudiArabia relations. Agenda https://t.co/SZIoNnSbFX Webstr… https://t.co/sUc77BJhuX
Full day @EP_Defence mtng starts now: European Defence Union, hearing on combating IS. Webstr… https://t.co/6SbiT0NY12
.@EP_Defence to meet on 12/13 Oct to debate EU Defence Union, EU-SaudiArabia relations, efforts to combat IS, implm of #EUGlobalStrategy
#EUBudget Funding for the EU refugee deal with Turkey shouldn't come at the expense of development policy, say MEPs https://t.co/lgQl1Sj6j5
RT @europeaid: Don't miss today at 12:45PM CET ➡️ conference on 1st #EUdev Results Report https://t.co/rkKBZzrGzA #AidTransparency #global…
RT @eaDevPol: Fighting climate change needs multi-dimensional capacity building https://t.co/ST9TxJeQK3 https://t.co/xo3eumHJFm
RT @eucopresident: Together with PM @JustinTrudeau, we think Thursday's summit still possible. We encourage all parties to find a solution.…
RT @EurActiv: Belgium cannot sign CETA, PM Michel admits https://t.co/qQ1oEAHW2N https://t.co/Y1895kIjTK
RT @Trade_EU: 💡♻️ We're negotiating a deal with 16 other @WTO members to scrap customs duties on green goods.📗😇 See our proposal 👉🏿https://…
Watch the video of the press conference on the #EUBudget 2017 and #MFF revision: https://t.co/YzeRiyjVOI
PRESS RELEASE More funds needed for young people and jobs in 2017 to honour EU’s pledges, say MEPs https://t.co/3n2gpFoG0u #EUBudget
STARTING SOON 14:15 Press conference on the #EUBudget 2017 and #MFF revision with all rapporteurs https://t.co/YzeRiyjVOI
RT @EUAuditorsECA: Commission’s reforms address “silo” culture, but it does not fully adhere to intl best practice │ audit report https://t…
.@EP_BudgControl on Thu, 9-12.30, 5G3, Discharge 2015 w/ @KGeorgievaEU, @joachimzeller, https://t.co/vp6Hyb7v78
#EPlenary: MEPs set out their stance on EU economic priorities for 2017. Report by Alfred Sant (S&D, MT): https://t.co/coXWGGCtkQ
9am, 2nd hearing of #EP #PANA committee on int. anti-money laundering and tax avoidance standards. Watch live: https://t.co/L0TY32tKMD
Inter-parliamentary meeting on #PostedWorkers ENDS - committee debate on draft report scheduled for 8 November
.@mariannethyssen @emorinchartier @a_jongerius & @thaendel reply to MEPs & national MPs in debate on #PostedWorkers https://t.co/kWG4qLcNWE
Debate with national parliaments at #EMPL meeting on #PostedWorkers revision starts - 30 speakers until 17:45, LIVE https://t.co/pZ7EkAEThw
#EPlenary adopts resolution calling for EU-wide limit on #transfats in #food with 586 votes to 19, 38 abstentions
#transfats - #EPlenary to vote 12h on ENVI resolution. Webstream & docs here: https://t.co/ppHlY8ZYaR
#EPlenary: #LNG and gas storage report adopted. Press release: https://t.co/03E6uONpLq
#EPlenary: #LNG and gas storage report adopted 415 / 223 / 55. Press release will follow
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Towards an EU strategy for #LNG and #gas storage https://t.co/5CEmBNalj3 @EP_Industry @JerzyBuzek
Press release: Online public services to be made more accessible for the disabled & elderly https://t.co/Ndr9nLcmJc #Access4All @charanzova
RT @C_Stihler_MEP: Thanks @TheProgressives @EP_SingleMarket for nominating me to write the legislative opinion on copyright. Looking forwar…
Study on #portability of online services as part of the modernisation of #copyright in the EU https://t.co/yv2xhvOyOI @EP_Legal
Starting @EP_Transport: MEPs discuss the Benelux report on freight transport https://t.co/N7MM8F6Nbb webstreaming: https://t.co/Fzwp4dgs9w
Starting @EP_Transport: Hearing on transport noise, agenda&speakers https://t.co/Mvlzmp84Ul webstreaming:… https://t.co/SwIvw4GX2f
.@EP_Transport now: logistics in the EU,multimodal transport in TEN-T corridors https://t.co/IOSmm9pLvw Draft repor… https://t.co/QxmqVxbIdK
RT @EU_Regional: Why do #Regiostars projects need to be more known and acknowledged by everyone in Europe? by @regglez https://t.co/J9dvj4I…
Green light to prolong top-up in #EU funding for projects in #Greece and #Cyprus More info here:… https://t.co/LiGmtHBw1Q
RT @EU_Regional: Commitments to reach global targets in sustainable urban development: https://t.co/rTMueeOYNb https://t.co/u2Xni1ATMC #Ne…
#PlantHealth: MEPs step up fight against influx of #pests https://t.co/8nTUSz7MfM Press conf w/@anthea_mcintyre @2pm https://t.co/iyvND9Nnsd
Live @2pm: Press conference w/@anthea_mcintyre on #EPlenary approval of new #PlantHealth rules to fight #PlantPests https://t.co/iyvND9Nnsd
RT @Isabel_thomasEU: Le Parlement adopte très largement mes recommandations pour harmoniser les contrôles de pêche en Europe. À la Commissi…
#EPlenary asks for a uniform fair treatment for #EU #fishermen More on the report by @Isabel_thomasEU here: https://t.co/6YbmzzoXXz
Assesment of the #Youth Strategy: debate and vote in EP plenary today https://t.co/pFcnPR047g
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Take a break, listen to our podcast on that most rewarding of social activites: #volunteering https://t.co/vZPRhGJ9zZ @EP…
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Volunteering has evolved at a different pace across the EU https://t.co/0dgOSwGWnW https://t.co/kikpqm1OxN
.@EP_Legal on Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, 17.10, 15.00, 6Q2, w/ experts & national parliaments,… https://t.co/xcWa6XWbc9
.@EP_Legal report on application of the EU Law 2014 adopted on Monday 16/2/1 https://t.co/T8YWcalYDz
MEPs @EP_Justice urge @EUCouncil to open talks on a #visa waiver for #Georgia “without any further delay”: https://t.co/MKEt8T3TqO
#Schengen: @EU_Commission proposes extending internal border controls in #Austria, #Denmark, #Germany, #Sweden & #Norway for 3 more months
#EPlenary calls for EU democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights watchdog - Press release: https://t.co/KOMbEyf07I
RT @danutahuebner: Meeting with @MichelBarnier to lay ground for future cooperation on #Brexit @EPInstitutional @EU_Commission https://t.co…
Opinion by @MrMesserschmidt adopted 17/1/0
Vote: @MrMesserschmidt opinion on ''The role of whistle-blowers in the protection of EU's financial interests''. Lead cttee @EP_BudgControl
Follow public hearing on #Daesh crimes against women at 11.00-12.30 ASP 3E2 live: https://t.co/gR1CyFvO5d… https://t.co/VqLFcCrwuT
Follow hearing at 15.00: EU Funds for Gender Equality @EP_GenderEqual live: https://t.co/705uBfELAN
.@EP_GenderEqual continues with #genderequality in #trade agreements. Follow live: https://t.co/TnoW1BaaEB
.@EP_Petitions fact-finding visit to Taranto in #Italy, 2-4 Nov, has been cancelled - @Europarl_IT - Read more: https://t.co/qPbuVxi9Ij
Soon petitions on the #environment and competition.
Now: @EP_Petitions debates prel oral report on the fact-finding visit to #Slovakia @CeciliaWikstrom @EP_Bratislava - https://t.co/LaR4pVCBKs
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