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The European Parliament is in session from 6 to 9 July 2015


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will attend tomorrow morning's key plenary debate on the future of Greece and the conclusions of his summit meeting on Tuesday with EU leaders and of the 25-26 June European Council. Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will join the debate, which starts at about 9.30 in the Strasbourg plenary chamber. (Read more: Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to address European Parliament on Wednesday morning )


From 1 July the rotating six-month presidency of the Council of the EU has been in the hands of one of the smallest, yet most experience member states. On 8 July MEPs hold a plenary debate on the challenges it will have to tackle, including the Greek debt crisis, an increase in irregular migration and the preparation for the climate change conference in Paris in December. Just before the start of the presidency, we asked all of the country's six MEPs for their views. (Read more: Luxembourg takes over Council presidency: MEPs share their expectations )


The EU must do more to help farmers to earn a fair return from the food supply chain, introduce better tools for dealing with market disturbances and help farmers to find new outlets for produce shut out of the Russian market, MEPs say in two non-binding resolutions voted on Tuesday. Member states should help them join forces in producer organisations to boost their bargaining power, they add. (Read more: Milk, fruit, vegetables: help farmers earn fair incomes and resist market shocks )


Integrated ticketing for travel across EU borders using more than one mode of transport would increase the use of public transport, said MEPs on Tuesday. They call on EU countries to improve and connect timetables and on providers to develop multimodal cross-border "journey planners". If there is no progress by 2020 they will call for legislation. (Read more: Boost efforts to provide single ticketing for trips across EU borders, say MEPs )

Press releases (second part)

Three agencies managing migration flows into the EU and two EU funds for migration measures should get a €69.6 million budget boost for extra staff and other expenses for this year, after Parliament backed a European Commission proposal on Tuesday. Parliament has been calling for the bigger budgets in the wake of the April tragedies that cost the lives of around 1,200 migrants. (Read more: Parliament approves an extra €69.6 million to help cope with migrants )


Romania, Bulgaria and Italy will receive €66.5 million in total for compensation to cover part of the cost of emergency measures taken during the 2014 floods, after Parliament approved a Commission proposal for this on Tuesday. The aid is covered by the European Solidarity Fund. (Read more: €66.5 million for flood damage repairs in Romania, Bulgaria and Italy )


Greece and the referendum on the bail-out proposals were the focus of the 7 July plenary debate on the outgoing Latvian presidency of the Council. Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma also discussed the challenges and the achievements of the outgoing Council presidency with MEPs and Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission (Read more: EU response to Greece dominates debate on outgoing Latvian presidency )


The massacre of 8,000 men and boys in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica 20 years ago was commemorated by EP President Martin Schulz in his opening address and in a minute’s silence. (Read more: Opening: remembering Srebrenica )


Parliament is finalising its recommendations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). They will be debated by MEPs on Tuesday and voted on Wednesday. The vote on the EP recommendations was postponed in June due to the large number of amendments. Now it seems a compromise could be possible. We talked to German S&D member Bernd Lange, chair of the international trade committee and responsible for drafting the Parliament's recommendations, to find out more. (Read more: Bernd Lange on TTIP: "We have to be transparent" )


The EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS) was set up to reduce gas emissions and fight climate change, but it is not working as efficiently as it could be. MEPs discuss on 7 July an informal deal with member states to reform the scheme and will then vote on it the following day. The legislation would tackle the imbalances of supply and demand of emission allowances, which is holding back investment in green technologies. Read on to find out what the reform is all about. (Read more: ETS reform: everything you need to know in a nutshell )

Weekly agenda
Schedule by day Wednesday 08 Jul 2015
The President's Agenda - The President's diary (08-07-2015): 07:55
"Copyright reform in the EU: What is the way forward?" - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 10:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"Trade Yes, TTIP NO. Why we oppose to this Corporatist Stitch-up" - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 10:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Martin SCHULZ, President of the European Parliament, and Xavier BETTEL, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, on the programme of activities of the Luxembourgish Presidency - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 11:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"Remembering Srebrenica" - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 12:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"Long-term shareholder engagement" - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 14:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
After the vote on EP recommendations to negotiators of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 14:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"A reinforced STOP TTIP campaign" - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 15:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Copyright - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 15:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"Resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy" - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 16:00, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
"Radioactive contamination following a nuclear accident" - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 16:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
Fighting Tax Evasion in developing countries - Press conferences (08-07-2015): 17:30, Strasbourg, Louise Weiss
#Greek PM Alexis #Tsipras to address European Parliament on Wednesday morning: #EPlenary
Greek PM Alexis #Tsipras will be coming to the #EPlenary tomorrow morning
Result of Roll-Call Votes of 7th July 2015 now available at: #EPlenary
With @FedericaMog engaged in #IranTalks in Vienna, @JHahnEU will stand for her in #EPlenary foreign affairs debates tomorrow.
.@EP_ForeignAff now: @gsachdevajnu presents study on Evaluation of the EU- #India Strategic Partnership:
.@Fsijilmassi: #Mediterranean has now address&phone nber. Doesn't mean we'll solve all problems but EU-Med dialogue exists &I'll preserve it
Starts in 15min: Debates on #humanrights in #Angola & Study on Occupation/annexation of a territory Follow live
Debates on #humanrights in #Angola & Study on Occupation/annexation of a territory Follow live from 9 CET
RT @AmnestyOnline: Today is the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: they are never alone, never forgotten!…
.@EP_Defence @EP_Industry @EP_SingleMarket MEPs ask @EBienkowskaEU to move forward on security and defence:
.@EP_Trade & @EP_Defence MEPs debate EU’s dual use export controls at 10.30:
RT @Europarl_EN: First things first: MEPs discuss priorities for #development policy in 2016
RT @WFP: The video to watch, tweet, and watch again: Porters in #Nepal help WFP reach remote areas…
#EPonTTIP: #investor protection compromise amendment is online - see 117 here #ISDS - vote tomorrow 1pm
@berndIange end #EPonTTIP debate: Not all happy w/ #ISDS CAM but this isn't a reso on #ISDS. Let's send strong signal together-vote Wed noon
#EPonTTIP plenary debate, chaired by @MartinSchulz starts around 9h25. Follow live ; live tweets @EuroParlPress
#EPlenary OKs DABs, rapp @EGardiazabal, on #EUbudget 2014 surplus, flood relief 4 #Romania #Bulgaria #Italy, #EFSI funds2015, #migration.
.@EP_Budgets MEPs back #EUbudget 2015 hike for #migration. #EPlenary vote: July. Read more:
Laid-off workers of #Finland Broadcom get €1.36m for job search #EGF aid, said @EP_Budgets. #EPlenary: July. More:
#EPlenary backs nomination of Bettina Michelle Jakobsen as new member of @EUAuditorsECA for #Denmark: @EU_BudgControl
RT @europarlpress: Journalists only:Ask your Qs on #EP Committees before &during Monday's presser use #EPressbriefing
RT @europarlpress: Press briefing on #EP Committees' activities on Monday 22/6 at 11:00 in PHS 0A50. Follow LIVE:
Mandate #EP #TAXE prolonged till end of November. #luxleaks #TaxTransparency
Burkhard#Balz also backs @JHillEU plans #CMU. But no blank check for @EU_Commission! Wants comprehensive analysis of existing obstacles.
.@gualtierieurope backs @JHillEU's #CMU plans: good for growth/diversification of economy, leads to better risk sharing and shock absorption
The joint @EP_Economics/@EPSocialAffairs meeting on #CSR now over. You can watch the recordings of the meeting here
.@gualtierieurope "EP ready for intensified debates EU Semester. Let's try also to achieve 'social triple A' status." #CSR
.@pierremoscovici on #taxe "Will table list of non-cooperative regions or countries on #TaxTransparency. Naming and shaming under way." #CSR
#EPlenary debate on the #EUETS #MSR legislation to start in a couple of minutes. Webstream: @IvoBelet
RT @EUAuditorsECA: Emissions Trading System: framework for protecting #EUETS market integrity & implementation need further improvements ht…
MS approval of #sealban rules allows @EP_SingleMarket to vote on July and pass it on to #EPlenary on September
In a moment @EP_SingleMarket will look at #sealban trialogue resuts and vote on car #emissions. Live
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Consumer protection aspects of mobile payments @EP_SingleMarket @vickyford
Boost efforts to provide single ticketing for trips across EU borders, say MEPs
.@EP_Transport to debate air safety with #EASA following #Germanwings jet crash Follow LIVE at approx. 16:40 #GWI9525
Rapporteurs statements on #RailwayPackage tech pillar informal deal here: @IzaskunBilbaoB @MepMCramer @robertszile
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Get a clearer picture of the issues outstanding and possible compromises in EU-US #TTIP negotiations…
#REGI MEPs want the EU #urban_policy measures to focus on a limited set of major challenges
#EP Regional Development committee urges @EU_Commission to include European Urban Agenda in its annual work programme
#Milk, #fruit & #vegetables: help #farmers earn fair incomes and resist market shocks. More in #EPlenary PR:
.@EP_Agriculture @EP_Industry & @EP_Trade MEPs @EUExpo2015: EU must work harder to enhance global #foodsecurity:
.@toiapatrizia at #Expo2015: Must focus on #foodsafety & #foodsecurity. Right to food is universal, but must be available for fair price.
Now clear legal frame 4 #Venezuela fishers fishing in #EU #FrenchGuiana waters: #EPlenary adopts #Ferreira report
.@luxprize 2015 reveals its official selection @ 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
.@EPCulture demande à la #CE un budget adéquat pour #éducation et la #citoyenneté
Le #patrimoine culturel #europeen doit bénéficier aux communautés locales @EPCulture
#Copyright: non-legislative INI report as adopted by @EP_Legal is now available here: Plenary vote: 9 July (TBC).
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Can EU achieve common minimum standards in civil procedures? @EP_Legal
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: Speaking tonight in Euro Parliament on EU Security Strategy on anniversary of #sevenseven terrorist attacks,read here …
#EPlenary debate on European #SecurityAgenda starting shortly. Follow live:
#EPlenary respects minute of silence for the victims of the London 7/7 #terrorist attacks, 10 years ago
Missed @EPinstitutional meeting yesterday ? Catch up with VOD - Next AFCO meeting ? 15/07 am.
AFCO @7pm: EU 2016 budget @danutahuebner, EU electoral law @danutahuebner @jo_leinen, citizens ini @schopflinMEP live
Meeting docs @EPinstitutional meeting 6/07 (opinion on EU budget 2016, citizens initiative, EU electoral law) here:
Watch reaction @Mariearenaps on withdrawl of #maternityleavedirective in video:
"We need soon a new legislative proposal on #maternityleavedirective & #parentalleave" says @Mariearenaps:
Withdrawal of Maternity Leave Directive is a serious setback @Mariearenaps:
Missed the hearing on the Right to #Petition on 23/06? Video recording is now available here:
RT @EP_ThinkTank: The right to petition the European Parliament @EP_Petitions @CeciliaWikstrom
The Parliament is on...